Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"France is no longer France" - Refugee crisis in EU

Via Mike

At only 10-12 percent of the population, Muslim immigration and political infiltration in France is beginning to look like a terminal phase of Western Civilization.  It helps to have a "moderate" (liberal) EU-compliant [wimp] like Emmanuel Macron as the new French President. 

The  10 minute video below shows incredible attacks on French police by mobs of young Muslim men, some masked, others not.  Molotov cocktails thrown at them, into the police cars, beserk rushes with pipes and clubs smashing into the cars, on and on.  And the cops just run, leaving victory to the mob.

The Islamic Fifth Column may dominate French politics altogether by the next French Presidential election. Beyond that, Sharia Law may be the only enforced law in France.

In Europe, the "middle road" now leads to Left-Green (Marxist-Islamic) tyranny. Germany and Sweden may be next to taste the bitter fruit of accomodationist political folly and politically correct compliant (wimp) leadership. Unless they change quickly and forcefully, they will never see peace and freedom again.

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