Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump Budget Would Abolish 19 Agencies, Cut Thousands of Federal Jobs

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President Trump met with his Cabinet on Monday prior to the release of his budget proposal.

With the aim of “making government work again,” the Trump White House on Thursday unveiled a $1.1 trillion budget blueprint for discretionary spending in fiscal 2017 and 2018 that would abolish 19 agencies and eliminate thousands of agency jobs.

The 54-page “America First” document, focused primarily on fiscal 2018, would boost the Defense Department and related programs at Energy by $54 billion, and Homeland Security by $2.8 billion. It would offset such increases by cutting the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development by $10.1 billion (28 percent) and the Environmental Protection Agency by $2.6 billion (31 percent). The latter cut would eliminate approximately 3,200 positions, according to the document.

GOP Kicks Off Effort To Roll Back Obama’s Monument Designations

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NEWPORT, WALES - SEPTEMBER 05:  US President Barack Obama listens to speeches at the NATO Summit on September 5, 2014 in Newport, Wales. Leaders and senior ministers from around 60 countries are meeting on the final day of the two day summit with Afghanistan and Ukraine at the top of the agenda.  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid - WPA Pool /Getty Images)

House lawmakers kicked off their effort to push back against national monuments designations, targeting the large swaths of ocean the Obama administration made off limits to fishing.

“I don’t believe the Antiquities Act should have ever been applied to oceans,” Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young said during a Wednesday hearing on marine monument designations. “There was never intent of that.”

Republicans on the House Committee on Natural Resources have long criticized former President Barack Obama’s use of the Antiquities Act to put millions of square miles off limits to commercial fishing with little to no input from locals.

State Legislatures Consider More Voter ID Law Proposals Since Sessions' Action

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A voter casts his ballot on November 8, 2016 at Sibley Community Center in Sibley, Missouri. (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

State legislatures have begun pushing voter identification proposals since Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the Justice Department to withdraw from its legal fight against Texas’s voter ID law.

The move by Sessions is a reversal of the previous administration’s DOJ six-year legal battle against the Texas law.

Officials from the Justice Department contacted liberal activist groups on board with the lawsuit against Texas, including the Brennan Center for Justice, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the NAACP, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund about the change in policy at the DOJ, Salon reported.

Video shows Mormon missionary beat back would-be attacker

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The Facebook video begins with two Mormon missionaries on the tough streets of Manaus, Brazil, perhaps just trying to bear a little testimony about the LDS gospel with some passers-by.

Then, two men ride up on a motorcycle. One leaps off, approaches the white shirt and tie-wearing pair, appears to pull a gun from his belt and threatens the missionaries as he tries to rifle their pockets.


The taller and heftier of the Mormon emissaries grabs the gun out of the surprised street thug's hand. When the second suspect darts into the fray trying to reclaim the weapon, the missionary throws it over a fence.

House to Vote Soon on Repealing Veterans Gun Ban

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It has been one of the most contemptible chapters in American history.

Over 257,000 veterans -- fresh from putting their lives on the line for American freedom -- have returned to our country, only to be stripped of their constitutional rights without due process.

But this chapter is about to come to an end.

Tomorrow, on the House floor, the House will consider H.R. 1181 -- a bill to restore the rights of veterans to keep and bear arms.

So here is the current situation:  over 257,000 veterans who have experienced trauma in Vietnam, or Sarajevo, or Kabul, or Mosul, have made the mistake of seeking counseling from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA psychiatrists, with no due process whatsoever, then proceeded to appoint a “guardian” over the finances of these law-abiding veterans -- and have used this appointment as an excuse to send their names to the NICS secret “gun ban list” in West Virginia.

In some cases, police have arrived at their homes to take away the guns they already have.

And those veterans who have kept a single gun for hunting or self-defense risk a felony conviction and a decade in prison.

All for honorably serving their country.  And all at the behest of cowards like Barack Obama who wouldn’t have thought of risking their lives for America’s freedom.

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Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records Related to Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch Speaks At White House Conference On Historically Black Colleges And Universities

Meeting occurred days before Clinton was interviewed about her private email server

Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice after the agency failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request related to the infamous tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton just days before Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI about her private email server.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States Court for the District of Columbia and seeks to retrieve records the group attempted to gather through a June 2016 FOIA request. According to U.S. Postal Service records, the agency received the request in early July. In December, request numbers were assigned to the FOIA. However, the agency did not determine if they would accept or deny the request within the allotted amount of time applicable under FOIA.

U.S. nuke 'killing power' boosted by factor of 3

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A little-known change in the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal has boosted the killing power of the W-76 warheads used on submarine-based missiles by a factor of three, prompting concern that Russia will “undertake countermeasures that would increase the already dangerously high readiness of Russian nuclear forces,” according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

A report published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Hans M. Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie and Theodore A. Postol explains how a “modernization program” has implemented “revolutionary new technologies that will vastly increase the targeting capability of the U.S. ballistic missile arsenal.”

“This increase in capability is astonishing – boosting the overall killing power of existing U.S. ballistic missile forces by a factor of roughly three – and it creates exactly what one would expect to see, if a nuclear-armed state were planning to have the capacity to fight and win a nuclear war by disarming enemies with a surprise first strike,” they said.

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Some More Thoughts on Automating Populism

Here's some more thinking on how Trump (with Bannon's help) could (~will) use social networking to turn the populist insurgency that got them into the White House into a dynamic (or extremely dangerous, depending on your perspective) political force.
A transition to a networked political party is likely to happen first in populist movements like Trump's.  The rest of the political spectrum will follow quickly thereafter.

Within a handful of years after its emergence, all political parties will be networked parties. 

The South’s Gonna Do It Again

A few days ago I ran into an old friend, an historian, who started in on the Partisan. “I’ve lived all my life in the South,” he grumbled, “but I don’t see what makes Southern life so wonderful that you and your friends want to impose it on the rest of the country.” I did my best to reassure him that nothing was further from our intention than any form of standardization—whether making the South like New England or vice-versa. He seemed somewhat mollified. Still, his remark set me to thinking about the great gulf between educated Southerners (like my friend the historian) and those plain folks we have learned to despise as rednecks, grits, and crackers. (Speak for yourself)

Rule by Thieves: One Week in the Life of the American Kleptocracy

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Image result for H. L. Mencken     The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself
“The first and most important thing to understand about politics is this: forget Right, Left, Center, socialism, fascism, or democracy. Every government that exists — or ever existed, or ever will exist — is a kleptocracy, meaning ‘rule by thieves.’ Competing ideologies merely provide different excuses to separate the Productive Class from what they produce. If the taxpayer/voters won’t willingly fork over to end poverty, then maybe they’ll cough up to fight drugs or terrorism. Conflicting ideologies, as presently constituted, are nothing more than a cover for what’s really going on, like the colors of competing gangs.” — Author L. Neil Smith
The American kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves) continues to suck the American people down a rabbit hole into a parallel universe in which the Constitution is meaningless, the government is all-powerful, and the citizenry is powerless to defend itself against government agents who steal, spy, lie, plunder, kill, abuse and generally inflict mayhem and sow madness on everyone and everything in their sphere.

Case in point: in the same week that Wikileaks dropped its bombshell about the CIA’s use of spy tools to subject law-abiding Americans to all manner of government surveillance and hacking—a revelation that caused barely a ripple of concern among the citizenry—the government quietly and with little fanfare continued to wage its devastating, stomach-churning, debilitating war on the American people.

Incredibly, hardly anyone noticed.

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Islamic Jihad and the European Elections: The Battle for a Free Europe

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Islamic Jihad and the European Elections: The Battle for a Free Europe

On June 18, 1940, Winston Churchill, who had been Great Britain’s Prime Minister only a few months, had to inform the British people that Hitler’s Germany had conquered most of Western Europe in less than three months, and on the previous day, June 17, France had officially capitulated to the Germans. Now Germany would throw its full weight and military might against Great Britain.

In bracing the British people for what would come next, he summarized with these famous words:

The Battle of France is over. I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin.”

An even more serious battle for the survival of European Civilization has been steadily gaining in importance and intensity for over a generation. The Battle for a Free Europe is a battle against the Islamization of Europe and a battle against the dimwitted and totalitarian European establishment policies that have brought much of Europe to the brink of social, fiscal, and public safety ruin.

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ICE targets 'sanctuary city' Philadelphia in arrest of 248 criminal illegals

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ICE Photo

Making good on the president's campaign pledge to target illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tuesday announced the arrest of 248 in just three states, including 50 previously deported.

ICE officials said that the arrests by Enforcement and Removal Operations were in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. They occurred Monday, Feb. 27, 2017 through Friday, Mar. 10, 2017.

"ICE officers make extraordinary efforts to keep our communities safe, and this operation is just a small example of what they do every day. ERO officers took oaths to protect the homeland and to arrest individuals in violation of immigration laws," said ERO Philadelphia Acting Field Office Director Jennifer Ritchey in a statement. "This operation resulted in multiple arrests of individuals with violent criminal arrests or convictions in the three-state region," she added.

Hungary's Orban makes rallying call to European nationalists

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 Hungary's right-wing populist prime minister Viktor Orban called on European nationalist leaders on Wednesday to revolt against an "unholy alliance of Brussels bureaucrats, the liberal world media and insatiable international capitalists".

The European Union is facing a period of upheaval following Britain's vote to leave the 28-member bloc, with nationalist parties poised to gain support in Dutch and French elections.

Orban, whose Fidesz party faces elections in 2018 after two consecutive terms in office, called on nationalist leaders to bring about a "deep but peaceful" transformation of Europe.

Right-wing leader Geert Wilders' PVV (Party for Freedom), which is anti-Islam and anti-EU, could win the largest number of votes in the Dutch polls on Wednesday, but is widely seen as being unable to form a coalition government.

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Congress Demands Investigation Into Obama Admin Meddling in Foreign Elections (Soros)

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Obama admin gave taxpayer money to Soros to spark leftist political revolution

A group of leading senators is calling on newly installed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to immediately launch an investigation into efforts by the Obama administration to sway foreign elections by sending taxpayer funds to "extreme and sometimes violent political activists" that promote leftist causes, according to a copy of the letter.

The lawmakers disclosed multiple conversations with foreign diplomats who outlined active political meddling by the Obama administration's State Department, including the use of taxpayer funds to support leftist causes in Macedonia, Albania, Latin America, and Africa.

Lou Dobbs: Paul Ryan Should Resign

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Bill Kristol Suggests Maddow is a Double Agent Using Trump’s Tax Returns to Distract From CBO

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Rachel Maddow stepped on a rake last night after she released Trump’s 1040 tax return form from 2005. All she proved was that President Trump paid millions in taxes; he paid a higher tax rate than Obama and Sanders

Rachel Maddow wasn’t the only one who came unhinged last night. The liberal meltdown after her epic failure was a beautiful thing to watch. Never Trumper, Bill Kristol went off the deep end suggesting Maddow is perhaps a double agent, turned by Steve Bannon. Her tax return stunt was perhaps a way to distract from the news cycle battering the CBO scoring on the new healthcare proposal.

John McCain accuses Rand Paul of 'working for Vladimir Putin'

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Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on Wednesday accused Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., of "working for Vladimir Putin" after Paul blocked consideration of a treaty that would allow Montenegro into NATO.

McCain tried to call up the treaty and warned that anyone blocking it would be helping Russia maintain its influence over the small country across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.

"If there's objection, you are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin," McCain warned. "If they object, they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin, and I do not say that lightly."

Tax returns 'scoop': Anti-Trump queen Maddow goes from coronation to catastrophe

 Image result for Tax returns 'scoop': Anti-Trump queen Maddow goes from coronation to catastrophe

Tuesday night’s release by MSNBC Anchor Rachel Maddow of President Donald Trump’s tax returns felt like a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out … in mockery.

Maddow’s “historically unprecedented” and “potentially historic” release of the top two pages of the 2005 Trump taxes revealed that Trump paid $38 million in taxes that year. The event was a disaster not seen on TV since the last “Star Wars” rerun showing the Death Star blowing up Alderaan.

Maddow unwittingly disproved Hillary Clinton’s 2016 claim that Trump might have paid no taxes.

Trump’s $38 million tax hit was more tax than 672 households earned in the entire 2016. Drudge summed up the math: “TRUMP PAID HIGHER TAX RATE [25%] THAN MSNBC COMCAST [24%]... MUCH HIGHER THAN OBAMA [19%]... AND BERNIE [13%]!”

Maddow was skewered by conservatives and liberals for the needless hype and by journalists who claimed she had damaged the profession.

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