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Kids Play With Toy Gun, Parents Lectured by Local Cops

The Truth About Guns
A near pants-soiling situation for local law enforcement took place on the highways of Southern California earlier this week when a motorist spied what turned out to be a toy M16 in a passing minivan. Seven – yes, seven – police and sheriff’s department units soon took up the chase. One can only assume the local SWAT unit was already engaged on another call…

From the blog:

When authorities caught up to the vehicle in a park-and-ride in Chino Hills, they saw two boys in child safety seats. On the lap of one of the boys was the plastic green-camouflage rifle, its orange tip flagging it as a replica.

But simply chalking the situation up to a call by an overly-sensitive onlooker in another vehicle wasn’t in the cards. No, the local yokels had to make sure the innocent kids and their parents knew they were the real problem.

With no real weapon to worry about, the responding officers gave the parents a lecture about how their children need to be careful when playing with a pretend firearm.

Yes, indeedy. Never mind that it’s perfectly legal, even in California, to own an actual AR. As long as you have the properly neutered magazines, that is. Also never mind that that the two tikes were perfectly within their rights to play with their plastic gun in their parents’ car if they damned well pleased.

“We take that pretty serious,” said Deputy Warren Toy, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “We definitely educated [the parents] not to point even a toy gun at somebody because you never know if the other person had a real gun and would seek to engage.”

Thanks, Deputy Dawg. We’re quite sure mom and dad will be careful to keep junior’s toys safely hidden at home from now on so as not to offend polite society and prompt another full-on cavalry charge. Maybe now you can run along and dig up a sense of humor.

"Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for Liberty,

Via Survival

but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People in a greater Measure than they have it now, They may change their Rulers and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting Liberty. They will only exchange Tyrants and Tyrannies."
-- John Adams, Letter to Zabdiel Adams, as quoted in Letters of Delegates to Congress: Volume 4 May 16, 1776 - August 15, 1776, (21 June, 1776, page 279 )

Congress and Secrecy

Taki's Magazine

You know this story. Congress cannot get its act together, again. It is facing a government shutdown by this Saturday, again. It has retreated to secrecy, again. It seems redundant and ridiculous to say “here we go again,” and yet that’s what’s happening.

Congress, which is charged and authorized by the Constitution to write the federal laws and to decide how to spend the people’s money and to keep public records of all its deliberations, has simply declined to do so. In establishing the debt supercommittee—which consists of six representatives and six senators—Congress is violating the Constitution by keeping its work and deliberations from you. Every hour at Fox News, our intrepid Capitol Hill producers inform us of who is meeting with whom to discuss what—not among members of the House or Senate, but among members of the supercommittee. Try to find that in the Constitution, and you won’t succeed.

This is what has become of the world’s greatest deliberative body. It is hiding from you. Its members are supposed to be working for you. The government is the servant of the people. As revolutionary as that sounds, it is the principle underlying both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

“Both political parties stand for Big Government.”

Some of you have sent me very funny emails asking why I often ask if the government works for us or if we work for the government. Now, you have the answer. The government calls the shots. Both political parties stand for Big Government. Few in government really want it to be subservient or transparent. The government treats us as if we have unending piles of cash from which it can extract what it wishes; and it treats us as if we work for it.

It is the height of arrogance and of disrespect—for you, for the Constitution and for basic principles of personal liberty in a free society—for the government to work in the dark. Indeed, the Founders feared secret government because they had suffered so heavily under the Privy Council.

The Privy Council was not the king, and it was not the Parliament. It consisted of a dozen of the king’s most trusted advisers—some of whom were members of Parliament—who really ran the British government when we were its colonies; and the Privy Council met in secret. To assure that the new government here would not do to Americans what the British had done to the colonists, the Founders wrote into the Constitution the obligation of Congress to meet in public, to keep a public journal of all it does, and to be the only entity in the new government that can write laws, regulate behavior or tax events.

Our representatives in the House and in the Senate have made a mockery of our Constitution. The secret supercommittee—around which have swirled all sorts of rumors about raising taxes and increasing regulations—has effectively become the Congress. Once it reports whatever it has agreed to, Congress cannot debate that report. Congress cannot publicly discuss that report. Congress cannot amend that report. Congress can only vote that report up or down. This modern-day Privy Council has robbed you of your representation in government and the transparency guaranteed by the Constitution.

What can we do about this? We can continue to challenge the government, and we can throw out of office any member of Congress who favors secrecy over freedom.


The chart brings it all too clearly into perspective.

Jaded Haven

The unconstitutional Super Committee failed to reach a reasonable consensus, massive partisan convulsions ensued.

Tissue paper discussions were ripped to thin shreds behind a privileged set of closed doors, cutting a significant slice of the budget or shorting tax revenue were never up for serious consideration.

Philip Klein writes it best.

As the clock ticks toward next Wednesday’s deadline for the “super committee” on deficit reduction to come up with $1.2 trillion in savings, it’s looking increasingly likely that the panel will fail. Though that’s theoretically supposed to trigger automatic cuts in defense and Medicare spending, those won’t kick in until 2013. In other words, lobbyists for defense manufacturers, hospitals, drug companies, etc. will have a year to fight any cuts.

Just to give you a sense of how pathetic a “super committee” failure would be, I created this chart, which shows how small the $1.2 trillion in cuts members are having so much trouble finding would be relative to the $44 trillion the federal government is projected to spend over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The super committee was never intended to be more than a pretty show horse.

Grifting the american taxpayer is how these people earn their living.

See If YOU Can Spot The Common Denominator.....

Difficult, I know........

The Feral Irishman
About 50 people (liberal newspeak) simultaneously shoplifted from a Silver Spring, Md., 7-Eleven Saturday night. "STORY"

Week 7 of flagging the VMFA

Today marked the 7th week of flagging the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the grand opening of “Mummy – Secrets of the Tomb” at the museum. The crowds were large, especially in the afternoon, and we had the opportunity to speak with more people than ever. In fact, often several of us were engaged with different folks at the same time! Response was overwhelming positive, with most people we talked to in favor of returning the flags.

First time flaggers Brian Atkins and Douglas Whitehair drove in from Hadensville and received a warm welcome!

It was a busy week for us, with a new blog post on Monday, which led to a TV interview Tuesday and much publicity for our efforts! Eight flaggers came out today and flags were flying in the breeze for all to see! The weather was a bit chilly, but did not deter those who were standing for our ancestors and our flag!

Nine year old Virginia flagger Grace Lewis shares a flagging story here.

Our cause is gaining momentum, but we need to keep up the pressure,
PLEASE…call (804) 340-1500,
email: director@ (without the space),
or write: Alex Nyerges, Director
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
200 N. Boulevard
Richmond VA 23220-4007,
and tell theVMFA to return the flags to the Pelham Chapel, and if you are able, join us on the Boulevard!

Contact Susan Hathaway vaflagger@ (without the space) for more information.


Carolina Beach Music: Lee Dorsey - Holy Cow

Russian News Anchor Gives Middle Finger Salute While Mentioning Obama

Charleston Voice

During a news broadcast on Russian TV, an anchor was speaking about Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s appearance at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. Shortly after, the anchor mentions U.S. President Barack Obama’s involvement with APEC — the only odd thing to note, however, is that she says Obama’s name while simultaneously saluting with her middle finger.

Did your Congressman sign the anti-tax increase pledge?

"Wake Up America."

Via hefferman1

The Carolina Dog – aka: The Native American Dog

BELLA (in foster care): Carolina Dog, Dog; Newport, NC

Fascinating. I had never heard of this breed until yesterday.
During the last thirty years, the capture and study of free-ranging dogs in remote areas of South Carolina and Georgia has revealed the existence of dogs of primitive appearance fitting the typical long-term pariah (i.e. primitive dog) morphotype. Their physical appearance suggests a dog created by and preserved through natural selection to survive in the remote lowland swamp and woodland areas of the southeastern United States. They closely resemble types of dogs first encountered by Europeans near Indian settlements in the region as is evidenced by paintings, drawings and written descriptions made by these early explorers and settlers.

........we may have in the Carolina Dog a domestic dog that evolved in North America from crosses of the aboriginal dogs that came across the Bering Strait (with the Paleolithic hunter bands) with North American wolves and/or coyotes. This could be a type of dog domesticated solely from North American wild canids, developed free of Asian or European genetic composition up until the introduction of Eurasian domestics by European settlers.

..........The Carolina Dog would represent domestication in reverse. This would be a situation where a completely domesticated animal would have turned its back on modem human society and fled to the wilds to evolve as a completely new type (breed) free of direct human intervention and/or supervision. Long dormant instincts would have reemerged in the wild to aid/allow their survival. Those domestic physical and behavioral traits not suited for survival in the wild would have been selected against and removed from the gene pool. This would represent a reemergence of the "original dog type" which first emerged over 12,000 years ago. Should this hypothesis prove true, we would have in our midst a dog unique in the world in that it would represent a case study of domestication/evolution in reverse, i.e., a return to the original dog type. No other breed of dog could/can make that claim.

New York bomb suspect Jose Pimentel not a serious terror threat: FBI sources

Via Atlas Shrugs

The FBI did not pursue a case against an alleged al-Qaida sympathiser accused of plotting to blow up police and military personnel because it believed he was mentally unstable and incapable of pulling it off, officials said on Monday.

Investigators from the New York Police Department, which announced the arrest of Dominican-born US citizen Jose Pimentel, 27, at a press conference late on Sunday night, sought to involve the FBI at least twice.

But both times the FBI concluded he wasn't a serious threat, according to officials who spoke to the Associated Press.

Pimentel "didn't have the predisposition or the ability to do anything on his own," said one of the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The FBI's New York office declined to comment when asked about the case on Monday.

The absence of the FBI from the case was significant because terrorism-related charges are generally prosecuted in federal rather than state court.

Details of the agency's doubts emerged as Pimentel's mother, Carmen Sosa, apologised for her son.

Alabama Law Pays Off: Unemployment Down Sharply After Crackdown on Illegal Aliens

Via Rebellion

The war against Alabama’s immigration law has intensified in recent weeks, with a Justice Department lawsuit, visits by DOJ officials, and a showdown over illegal alien children who have been pulled from Alabama schools. Eric Holder sued Alabama, trying to block every aspect of its enforcement provision.

Why has the Administration and their ACLU and La Raza allies frantically tried to stop Alabama’s law from being enforced?

Because it’s WORKING – and putting legal Alabamans back to work. As illegals have fled the state by the tens of thousands, the jobs they took – particularly in poultry processing, building trades and transportation – are being filled once again by Alabama citizens. And the unemployment rate in the state has dropped as a result.

Alabama’s unemployment rate fell a half percentage point last month – five times more than the national average of 0.1%. And the drop is not seasonal because it is also a far larger drop than in surrounding states.

To further support this trend, in one heavily Hispanic county with one of the highest percentages of illegal alien labor, the drop has been far more dramatic. Alabama House Majority Leader Rep. Micky Hammon, (R-Decatur), said the huge drop in Marshall County showed the power of Alabama’s H.B. 56:

Hammond pointed to Marshall County, which he called “a known hotbed for illegal immigrant labor.” He said the rate there was 8.1 percent for October, down from 8.8 percent in September and 10 percent in June, when the immigration law was signed. “When Marshall County’s unemployment rate drops almost a full 2 percent since the law was signed, it’s difficult to deny the law is having a positive effect on employment,” Hammond said in his statement.

The New York Times Calls The Obama Deception "An Antigovernment Film"

The Excavator
"It's a bad paper." - Gore Vidal, referring to the New York Times.

"Mr. Chapman, 21, said he had not heard Mr. Ortega talk of taking violent action. But more than a year ago, he recalled, Mr. Ortega and others watched an antigovernment film on the Internet called “The Obama Deception,” which was written, directed and produced by Alex Jones, a Texas-based conservative talk show host who has espoused a number of conspiracy theories involving the federal government." - The New York Times, "White House Shooting Suspect’s Path to Extremism," November 20, 2011.
The Establishment media is at it again: Calling anti-treason speech "anti-government."

The New York Times is using a violent act by a nutcase to demonize the American truth and justice movement, make Alex Jones look bad, and censor political speech.

These lying bastards are getting desperate. They hate the fact that "conspiracy theorists" are truthful, honest, generous, kind, honourable, and peaceful, so they are using every excuse and event to make us look like deranged mental patients.

But, ironically, the only people who are buying their propaganda are deranged mental patients.

The NY Times is the most popular paper in mental hospitals.

Little Noticed Provision Kills ATF Shotgun Ban Plans

Via Don

Awww, just breaks my heart.....

Saiga 12’s, Benelli M4’s and virtually any other tactical/military shotgun can no longer be banned from import by the ATF.

A little noticed provision tucked into a large appropriations bill obviously flew under the radar of the “Brady Bunch” and the “Illegal Mayors.”

The new law effectively kills ATF’s plan to stop tactical/military shotgun imports by way of abusing the “sporting purpose” requirement and their agency rulemaking powers.

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina........
Side bar: Interestingly Section 219 of the same appropriations bill forbid funds to be used to provide working firearms to a drug cartel member. A year ago before Fast & Furious came to light, that would have seemed like common sense?

Outrage as Berlin issues tax demands to Belgians deported to Germany in WWII to work as slaves for Nazis

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

Germans want to tax compensation settlements and pensions agreed in 2005

Belgians deported to Nazi Germany in World War II to work as slaves for the Third Reich have now received tax demands from Berlin.

Belgium's finance minister Didier Reynders has vowed to confront Germany over the 'morally indefensible' tax demands which have been arriving in the mailboxes of elderly war survivors over the past few weeks.

'It is shocking that people who during World War II were forced to work by the Nazis have now received tax demands from the authorities related to the compensation eventually paid for that work,' he said.

Good Lord! Liberalism must cause cancer of the brain

Via The Scottcarp Dream

Zuccotti Love

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Urban warfare, use the terrain

American Mercenary
Urban warfare is not just "Close Quarters Battle" and "Enter and Clear a Room" that many people seem to think. That 14.5 inch M4gery with a red dot on top? Fine for that sort of thing, but if you wanted a 300 meter gun why not just get an AK?

Urban terrain has very long fields of fire along roads, from rooftops to street level, from storm drains to hill tops. Would you put a machine gun on a rooftop or on street level? If you said "rooftop" I'm not saying that you are wrong, only that you have now limited yourself to plunging fire. There may in fact be very good reasons for putting a machine gun on a roof top, but there are equally good reasons for street level.

As our Jewish Resistance Fighters in alternative 1960 Germany are finding out, terrain is your best asset when you can't win in a stand up fight.

Joseph, the leader of our resistance band has found some military manuals listing the characteristics of the offense and the defense. The German Army has for centuries tried to break down warfare into an exact science. But Joseph has some insight of his own, and realizes something very important. The purpose behind military lists isn't to get you to follow the list, it is to get you to THINK about the effects you want to achieve with the assets you have available. If you have a few rifles and a fair sized town it is different than a backpack full of RPG's and a road running through a canyon. Joseph begins to take stock of his assets, and of the complex urban terrain that has hid his little band for the last month.

Urban terrain has sewers, tunnels, basements, and sometimes even buildings tall enough to BASE jump off of (as seen in any good heist movie).

Next time you are in a city, stop, look around. How far can you see in any given direction? Can you use those lines of sight to set up a snipers firing solution to those distances? The longest shots in Iraq were not taken in the desert, they were taken in cities. Cities are challenging terrain for an occupying force, and they are a rats nest haven for an insurgent. Joseph can walk freely in the city most days, he doesn't look "Jewish" and is known as a hard working handyman. It is common to see him with his toolbox fixing pipes or replacing an electrical outlet.

Joseph uses his mind like a weapon, analyzing everything around him. How long does it take to get from Avenue A to Intersection Z? Where are the police stations, and how often do they patrol?

Joseph is using the "human terrain" to blend in and mask his reconnaissance efforts. And Joseph is planning to use the physical terrain to his advantage in setting up a long range ambush in an area of the city that isn't his safe house. By making the Nazi's crack down on a neighborhood that contains no hidden Jews he thinks he can win sympathy for his cause.

Use the terrain, it is like the force, it surrounds us. If you can't shoot 600 meters you need to learn how, and you need to start thinking in terms of angles of intersections, how to coordinate multiple teams from multiple angles. Imagine four teams stationed 500 meters from the center of a major intersection. With accurate fire, how much terrain do they now dominate? A simple land line phone system and a conference call could let them act as scouts for each other.

And what would the Nazi response be to such an act, a squad of Stormtroopers laying dead in a pool of their own blood? Would they crack down on that area? Would they increase restrictions on civil liberties? Would they alienate the populace?

FBI "undercover" snitch in the "white supremacist movement"

You just have to read this one for yourself and all the BS will reveal itself... What a crock! Tom Stedham

John Matthews had long been a shadowy presence in his son Dan’s life. Every six months it was a new city, a new state, a new apartment. Dan, who lived with his mother, suspected something illegal was going on. He was estranged from his father and even used his stepfather’s last name, Candland. Once, when Dan was 16, Matthews called him from a pay phone to say he was going underground and might appear on the television show America’s Most Wanted one day. Months later, when they reconnected, neither brought it up.

Matthews, who is now 59, recognized how he must have looked to his son: a troubled Vietnam veteran, a paranoid man who wandered between jobs and marriages, despised the government, and always kept a camouflage backpack filled with food, water, and clothing by his bedroom door. “Danny always figured I was trash,” Matthews says. “Or a bad person.”

Guest Post: A Message To The $PLC From A Montana "Extremist"

Via The Bonnie Blue Blog

I’ll be the first to admit, people who refuse to compromise their principles under any circumstances can be utterly terrifying. Defiance, in its purest form, requires fearlessness; a brand of fearlessness we have little experience of today. For many in our society, fearlessness in the face of immeasurable opposition is unthinkable, and (unjustly) considered a sign of “madness”, or of “extremism”. To go against the tides of a culture, a collective, and point out its crimes and inconsistencies, is so counter to what they have been conditioned to expect, any sign of dissent triggers in them feelings of confusion and fury.

The Liberty Movement, and all it’s more specific and specialized branches, represents a resurgence of the immovable ideal. We refuse to set aside the truth. We refuse to relinquish our freedoms. We refuse to be silent. We refuse to negotiate. Regardless of the consequences, and despite contrary impositions of so called “national security”, we simply will not go away. This kind of philosophy is a serious obstacle for any establishment system which seeks to maintain or even expand its base of power. If you cannot buy off a person, if you cannot co-opt a person, and if you cannot frighten him into compliance, then all that is left to do is to demonize his public character, lock him up, or kill him. Men of conscience force the agents of centralization to expose their inherent tyranny before they are ready for the citizenry to know who they really are. Frankly, the Liberty Movement is a considerable pain in the neck for those who would see the American dynamic distorted to the benefit of a select few.

We wear this distinction like a badge of honor. If we were not a threat to the globalist corporatist strategy, then they would not consistently go out of their way to attack us. They attack us, because we are doing something right.

Only days ago the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the most prevalent propaganda think tank tied to the wretched tentacles of the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS), released yet another hit piece article slandering not just the Liberty Movement in general, or specific spokesmen like Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship, or James Rawles of Survivorblog fame, but also a specific action the movement has taken, namely, the relocation projects now gaining steam in the northwest Rocky Mountain regions of the U.S. You can read that disparaging editorial, called “A Gathering Of Eagles: Extremists Look To Montana”, here:

"PATCON will get you killed."

Going into this weekend, I knew these three things to be certain.

1. Newsweek had a story about a paid confidential informant enlisted under PATCON, an FBI program that spanned many years, including the years that Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing happened. PATCON is shorthand for "Patriot Conspiracy."

2. I also knew from sources, living and dead, that PATCON was the worst scandal that the FBI ever perpetrated. PATCON could sink the FBI, perhaps permanently, and along with the Gunwalker Scandal, totally discredit the teflon coating that the Bureau has excreted around its corrupt core and thoroughly debunk the myth that the FBI is anything but an agency of arsonists posing as firemen.

3. Finally, I knew that Newsweek would run the story tomorrow. I have been hinting about this story for weeks, and now it was about to happen.

The only thing was, I heard yesterday, that there was a better than even chance that as a result of intervention by Tina Brown, Newsweek's editor, there might not even be any mention of PATCON, Waco or Oklahoma City -- no mention, in fact, of a lot of things.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Bunk in $700-a-Night NYC Hotel

Two Occupy Wall Street protesters, one a key leader of the movement, stayed at a swanky, $700-per-night New York City hotel while their fellow protesters camped out in Zuccotti Park, the New York Post reported.

Peter Dutro, a member of Occupy Wall Street’s finance committee, and Brad Spitzer, a California-based analyst who attended demonstrations during a business trip, both stayed in the W New York Downtown Hotel last week, with Spitzer reportedly opening his room up to other protesters as well.

According to its website, the W calls itself “the ultimate urban extravagance” with a state-of the-art entertainment system and 350-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, goose-down comforters and pillows. It even invites guests to unleash their “inner Gordon Gekko” in the fitness center, a reference to Michael Douglas’ character in “Wall Street.”

The Post reported:


Now it's time to answer 'Where's the REAL Birth Certificate?'

When Barack Obama announced last spring that he was finally releasing his birth certificate after two-and-a-half years of battling court cases and ridiculing requests to prove his presidential eligibility, he declared it was time to "get serious" and move on.

It was no accident that one week before the April 27 release, some of the startling findings of two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi's then-upcoming blockbuster book declaring Obama ineligible for the White House, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" were leaked on the most influential news and political page on the Internet, the Drudge Report.

The publicity drove the book immediately to No. 1 on one month before its scheduled release and obviously caught the attention of the White House.

But now, the White House declared in April, the issue had finally been put to rest, and the public could see the document that served as "proof positive" that Obama was born in Honolulu and fulfilled the constitutional requirements for the presidency.

Not so fast, said more than 20 document and computer imaging specialists who examined the online image and either questioned its authenticity or declared it outright to be fraudulent.


Outlawing resilience

Global Guerrillas

Sydney Morning Herald. Outlawing resilience on the West Bank. Using the future is already here but it's not evenly distributed yet line of thinking: Israel is pioneering the legal methods by which a capitalist democracy can repress or cleanse unwanted groups from valuable areas. One method, as seen in this article, is to deny connections to national infrastructure (particularly energy) and then prevent (using zoning/etc. regulations and legal maneuvers) the use of resilient technology.

This tactic is also central to efforts to eliminate Occupy camps. We, in the US/EU, are going to see this lawfare on a grand scale in the future as IN/OUT groups (if you think you will be on the IN group, you are probably wrong) develop due to prolonged economic failure.

Homework for global guerrillas: think of the ways to defeat this method of attack (is there any method besides counter-lawfare?). I'll post the best answers.

Bear Climbs Tree Stand

Via Craig

Import Teachers Who Can’t Speak English—Alienate Reagan Democrats

Via Matthew

Last week, the Washington Post ran an amusing story on a new public school teacher in suburban Maryland's Prince George's County who can't speak English very well.

Sixth-grade teacher David Colon, who was recently recruited from Puerto Rico, admitted:

“'My mother, her English: excellent. My father, excellent,' Colon said. 'Pero me, eh, regular.'

"A friend helped him translate this point: 'I try to tell the kids that my English is limited, so I hope you don’t judge me. In this class, we don’t judge each other—we help each other.’'"

[With Hispanic students on the rise, Hispanic teachers in short supply, by Robert Samuels, November 15, 2011]

It's important to note that SeƱor Colon's struggles with English aren't a mistake—they're a triumph of government policy.

Why hire teachers who are bad role models for speaking English? According to the Washington Post’s Samuels: