Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory
"Home values have fallen 26 percent since their peak in June 2006, worse than the 25.9-percent decline seen during the Depression years between 1928 and 1933, Zillow reported." More HERE.

Translated From Russian: Obama: Do Not Let Us Quarrel
Obama gave a speech where he stated it was not merely the absence of civilized discussion that caused this tragedy.

I tell you that's what I would say. Obama didn't find the time to communicate this idea three days ago - before our media, left-wing politicians and left-wing bloggers sucked every possible variant of slander. Obama found time to give this a thought before it became clear that this slander is not really working, and can play good for the other party. No, he didn't condemn those bastards who for several days tried to score political points with his party on foreign blood .

Of course, if he had been Clinton - he would have realized as early as Monday that it was the "Sister Souljah moment, if he was a decent man, he would thrown up already Sunday .

On Wednesday,

I'm sorry - too little, too late.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference Ex-Chair Indicted

"Rome remained free for four hundred years and Sparta eight hundred, although their citizens were armed all that time; but many other states that have been disarmed have lost their liberties in less than forty years."
-- Niccolò Machiavelli, The Art of War
Staff photo by Jan Underwood/The Rev. Raleigh Trammell is escorted from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Dayton chapter office by a federal agent Thursday, Feb. 11.
"The former national chairman of Atlanta-based Southern Christian Leadership Conference has been indicted in Ohio on 51 charges that include grand theft, forgery and tampering with government records."

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“Glory Enough For All”

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"Artillery demonstrations will kick off the sesquicentennial with a bang. Throughout the day re-enactors in period costume will bring history to life with Confederate artillery demonstrations, including the site’s 32-pound heavy artillery piece, and Union infantry impressions, with small arms firings."

Representative Allen West: No Plans To Change Rhetoric

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Asked if he had any regrets about his choice of words in the past, West said, “No I don’t, because I think when you look at the president saying don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and the fact that the president talked about if the Republicans were to win in the midterms we’re going to have hand-to-hand combat.”

Devastating ATF Video

Background at Sipsey Street Irregulars


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Recognizing an opportunity to seize on the 2011 Sesquicentennial of the war and to control the agenda, a small group of known left wing academics, in league with some liberal media and some individuals known as professional race profiteers and hate industry leaders, asserted themselves as the leaders of the Sesquicentennial.

They were on their way when they ran into a group of volunteers known as the Sons of Confederate Veterans.Read the rest HERE.

Excellent Video: The Total Collapse Of The U.S. Economy Is Inevitable

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European Abortion Data Map


About That Civil War: (Sic) Getting The Story Right Does Matter++

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
--Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishment, quoted by Thomas Jefferson in Commonplace

William T. “Bloody Bill” Anderson  (1838?–1864)

About that Civil War: Getting the story right does matter

The Kansas irony: Jayhawk abolitionists have their say

Caution: Civil War ahead ...


Fauquier Heritage Institute Presents WBTS Lecture Series

Christine & Bonnie
WARRENTON, VA – "The 2011 edition of the annual Fauquier Heritage Institute Lectures in American History features distinguished local historians and nationally acclaimed scholars to address a variety of topics of local and national significance pertaining to the momentous 1861-65 War Between the States on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the epic struggle."

"Mosby Country" Friends
Fauquier Heritage Institute Presents WBTS Lecture Series

We Are Descended From Monkeys. There Is No Other Explanation

"We can pretend that the current recession is temporary, and not a manifestation of dying opulence, just as a fading beauty can pile on the make-up and hope that men don’t notice. We can spend while others grow, buy their goods on credit—for a little while longer. The monkey can’t let go."

Palin Replies

"The United States and its leaders are stuck in their own Catch-22. They need the economy to improve in order to generate jobs, but the economy can only improve if people have jobs. They need the economy to recover in order to improve our deficit situation, but if the economy really recovers, long-term interest rates will increase, further depressing the housing market and increasing the interest expense burden for the US, therefore increasing the deficit.

A recovering economy would result in more production and consumption, which would result in more oil consumption, driving the price above $100 per barrel, therefore depressing the economy. Americans must save for their retirements as 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, but if the savings rate goes back to 10%, the economy will collapse due to lack of consumption.

Consumer expenditures account for 71% of GDP and need to revert back to 65% for the US to have a balanced sustainable economy, but a reduction in consumer spending will push the US back into recession, reducing tax revenues and increasing deficits. You can see why Catch-22 is the theme for 2011"
-- Jim Quinn

Franklin Graham Defends Palin on Arizona Shootings


Most Voters View Arizona Shootings As Random Act of Violence, Not Politics

We Are A Different People
Confederate General D.H. Hill's letter to Yankee General French in 1863: (Excerpt)

"In regard to your first communication touching the burning of Plymouth you seem to have forgotten two things. You forget, sir, that you are a Yankee and that Plymouth is a Southern town. It is no business of yours if we choose to burn our own towns. A meddling Yankee troubles himself with everybody's matters but his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own. We are a different people. Should the Yankees burn a Union village in Connecticut or a codfish town in Massachusetts we would not meddle with them but rather bid them God-speed in their work of purifying the atmosphere."

"After the War"
(from Sam Ward, King of the Lobby, pp. 303-304)

(Complete letter below. BT)

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 2, vol 5, Part 1 (Prisoners of War) p. 389-390
GOLDSBOROUGH, N. C., March 24, 1863.

Major General J. G. FOSTER, Federal Army.


Two communications have been referred to me as the successor of General French. The prisoners from Swindell's company and the Seventh North Carolina are true prisoners of war and if not paroled I will retaliate five-fold.

In regard to your first communication touching the burning of Plymouth you seem to have forgotten two things. You forget, sir, that you are a Yankee and that Plymouth is a Southern town. It is no business of yours if we choose to burn one of our own towns. A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own. We are a different people. Should the Yankees burn a Union village in Connecticut or a cod-fish town in Massachusetts we would not meddle with them but rather bid them God-speed in their work of purifying the atmosphere.

Your second act of forgetfulness consists in your not remembering that you are the most atrocious house-burner as yet unhung in the wide universe. Let me remind you of the fact that you have made two raids when you were weary of debauching in your negro harem and when you knew that your forces outnumbered the Confederates five to one.

Your whole line of march has been marked by burning churches, school-houses, private residences, barns, stables, gin-houses, negro cabins, fences in the row, &c. Your men have plundered the country of all that it contained and wantonly destroyed what they could not carry off. Before you started on your freebooting expedition toward Tarborough you addressed your soldiers in the town of Washington and told them that you were going to take them to a rich country full of plunder.

With such a hint to your thieves it is not wonderful that your raid was characterized by rapine, pillage, arson and murder. Learning last December that there was but a single weak brigade on this line you tore yourself from the arms of sable beauty and moved out with 15,000 men on a grand marauding foray.

You partially burned Kinston and entirely destroyed the village of White Hall. The elegant mansion of the planter and the hut of the poor farmer and fisherman were alike consumed by your brigands. How matchless is the impudence which in view of this wholesale arson can complain of the burning of Plymouth in the heat of action!

But there is another species of effrontery which New England itself cannot excel. When you return to your harem from one of these Union-restoring excursions you write to your Government the deliberate lie that you have discovered a large and increasing Union sentiment in this State. No one knows better than yourself that there is not a respectable man in North Carolina in any condition of life who is not utterly and irrevocably opposed to union with your hated and hateful people.

A few wealthy men have meanly and falsely professed Union sentiments to save their property and a few ignorant fishermen have joined your ranks but to betray you when the opportunity offers. No one knows better than yourself that our people are true as steel and that our poorer classes have excelled the wealthy in their devotion to our cause.

You knowingly and willfully lie when you speak of a Union sentiment in this brave, noble and patriotic State. Wherever the trained and disciplined soldiers of North Carolina have met the Federal forces you have been scattered as leaves before the hurricane.

In conclusion let me inform you that I will receive no more white flags from you except the one which covers your surrender of the scene of your lust, your debauchery and your crimes. No one dislikes New England more cordially than I do, but there are thousands of honorable men even there who abhor your career fully as much as I do.

Sincerely and truly, your enemy,


Major-General, C. S. Army