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Eastern North Carolina's Homeschoolers Costume Ball Slideshow

If this was publix sckool, these two boys would be banished to the nether ends of the earth. BT

2009 Eastern North Carolina's Homeschoolers Costume Ball

2010 Eastern North Carolina's Homseschoolers Costume Ball

Vote On The Patriot Act (Sent To Your Congressman)

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Virginia’s Jeffersonian Peacemaker, John Tyler

He was also Governor of Virginia 1825-27, a U.S. Senator 1827-36, and served in the provisional Confederate Congress being elected to the permanent Confederate Congress, but died before he could take his seat. BT

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Sherwood Forest


Former President John Tyler forewarned his countrymen in February 1861 of the result of a fratricidal war, though his vivid description of war and bloodshed did not inspire his Northern friends toward peaceful settlement of the issues. Born in 1792 during Washington’s presidency, Tyler exhibited a knowing perspective of the Founders’ understanding of the Union to combat Northern revolutionary doctrines. His father was also a good friend of Jefferson, a frequent guest to the Tyler household.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
The War Between the States Sesquicentennial

Virginia’s Jeffersonian Peacemaker, John Tyler:

“After a few days’ rest…Tyler returned to Washington in time to be present at the opening session of the Peace Convention [on February 4]. He was anxious, he said, to win the honor of a peacemaker and a healer of the breach in the Union. He had worn all the honors of office through each grade to the highest and no wanted to crown his career with the distinction of having restored the “Union in all its plenitude, perfect as it was before the severance.”

[He] regretted that the Virginia Assembly in its call had included all the States. As the seceded States would not send delegates, the convention would be dominated by the Northern States. His plan was to have a convention of the border States – six slave and six free. To this convention two delegates each should be sent from the Northern States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, and the Southern States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee , and Missouri.

These twelve States were in a better position than any others to act as arbiters of the dispute, and their recommendations would probably be accepted by both sides. If an agreement could not be reached, peaceable separation might be agreed upon. This would be preferable to a fratricidal war. For if one section should conquer the other in that war it would not gain anything.

“The conqueror will walk at every step over the smoldering ashes and beneath crumbling columns. States once proud and independent will no longer exist and the glory of the Union will have departed forever. Ruin and desolation will everywhere prevail, and the victor’s brow, instead of a wreath of glorious evergreen such as a patriot…wear[s], will be encircled with withered and faded leaves bedewed with the blood of the child and its mother and the father and the son. The picture is too horrible and revolting to be dwelt upon.”

If the recommendations of this smaller convention were not accepted by both sides, this would prove that the restoration of peace and concord was impossible. In that event the Southern States should hold a convention as a last resort. This convention should take the Constitution of the United States and incorporate into it such changes as would be necessary to safeguard the rights of the South. These guaranties, however, should not go “one iota beyond what strict justice and the security of the South require.” The Constitution so amended should be adopted by the convention and then an invitation issued to the other States to join them under the old Constitution and flag.”

(John Tyler, Champion of the Old South, Oliver Perry Chitwood, American Historical Association, 1939, pp. 439-440)

Kimber's .45 Caliber 1911 Pistols @ $1,055 Unreliable

"Little more than a year after buying 150 collector-grade handguns, officials at the N.C. Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement say the $1,055 pistols were so unreliable they had to get rid of them.

ALE Director John Ledford said the Kimber pistols repeatedly suffered such problems as rounds jamming during training exercises, broken sights and the weapon's safety button sometimes falling off."

New Information Concerning American Revolution & The Secession Of Southern States

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American Revolution & The Secession Of Southern States

Dear Brock,

Regarding your recent posting of my essay entitled "The American Revolution and the Secession of Southern States," I want to say that this was originally submitted to an e-mail list of lawyers, college professors, retired military officers, and other so-called intellectuals along with a challenge for any on the list to prove that secession was either un-Constitutional or illegal. Two responded but were unable to refute my argument. The moderator of that list subsequently suggested that I should expand the essay into a more extensive treatise on the subject. And so for more than a year I have been doing just that and will later this year have a book of at least thirteen chapters ready for submission to a publisher. I will let you know when the book is available and in the meantime will appreciate your notifying your list that it is in the process of being written.

Many thanks,

Kenneth Bachand
Hendersonville, North Carolina

EDL's Tommy Robinson & Documentary



Newsnight - 1st February 2011 - Full length version

1st video via The Bonnie Blue Blog

Virtual Sistine Chapel Tour

Here is an amazing bit of technology that gives you a view that you would never see in person. First of all, you would never be alone in the room, it is always very crowded and of course you can't see Michelangelo's artwork close up as you can here. This is especially spectacular if you have a large high-definition screen!


Use the wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out. Choir plays at upper left.

Apparently done by Villanova at the request of the Vatican .


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1933 Volvo Venus Bilo


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