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NRA Promotes Federal Firearms Regulations

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One self-described Second Amendment advocacy group claims that opposition to a gun control nullification bill currently being considered by the North Carolina legislature is coming from an unlikely source: sheriffs.

The National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) reported on May 6 that the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association (NCSA) is trying to scuttle House Bill 562 because of a provision in the measure that would repeal “the requirement that law-abiding citizens must obtain permission from their local sheriff before acquiring a handgun.”

It is sad that sheriffs — the counties’ highest elected constitutional officers — would stand between North Carolinians and their natural right to keep and bear arms, especially when that stance places the lawmen in direct defiance of if not the letter then the spirit of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

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CNN Promotes Sharia Blasphemy Laws (Alisyn Camerota vs. Pamela Geller)


Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Stupid Party Cedes Working Class to Democrats—Setting Up Next Defeat


It’s not enough for the GOP Congressional Leadership to refuse to act on the issues that got them elected. They actually have to go out of its way to antagonize their constituents, as if to mock them for being stupid enough to believe the Republican campaign rhetoric.

Thus, the Republican Party didn’t just surrender on all efforts to stop President Barack Obama’s disastrous and unconstitutional Executive Amnesty on immigration. It has used the opportunity to support giving the President expedited powers to negotiate the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership “free trade agreement,” in the form of the proposed Trade Promotion Authority [TPA]. A key vote is expected on Tuesday (Obama’s Pacific Trade Push Faces a Senate Vote This Week, by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Jonathan Weisman, New York Times, May 10, 2015).

From a constitutional point of view, the proposed TPA powers are a nightmare. They allow the Executive Branch to create ever-shifting binding agreements with foreign powers that will not be subject to Congressional approval. Congress will only be able to vote agreements up or down, instead of being able to offer amendments.

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Slippery slope of historical revisionism

“First, if any opinion is compelled to silence, that opinion may, for aught we can certainly know, be true. To deny this is to assume our own infallibility. Secondly, though the silenced opinion be an error, it may, and very commonly does, contain a portion of the truth; and since the general or prevailing opinion on any subject is rarely or never the whole truth, it is only by the collision of adverse opinions that the remainder of the truth has any chance of being supplied.”
― John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

The idea of a mayoral panel removing or rewriting the inscription on the century-old Confederate memorial in Forest Park seems at best to be just another good intention on the proverbial path to hell and at worst to be an action that reeks with an Orwellian stench.

As one who has spent a lifetime fighting for civil rights and racial reconciliation, it is also my civil right to raise my voice in memory of my many Confederate ancestors, who deserve to be fully understood in the context of their times and to be honored for their efforts to repair the nation in the years after Appomattox.

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Education system’s slanted view of history


In my more than two decades of writing newspaper columns, there have probably been fewer than five times where I felt the need to write a follow-up column in order to respond to the responses of the original work.

This is one of those times.

A few weeks ago, I rightly demonstrated that President Abraham Lincoln destroyed the America created by the Founders and began our long slide into the leviathan welfare state that is 21st century America. Oh, and as a bonus, killed 800,000 Americans in the process.

Afterward, on these pages, the Internet and on talk radio, several called me a racist who supports slavery.

Of course, these accusations are just the nonsensical ramblings of unthinking people. After all, the War for Southern Independence was a fight between two slave-owning nations. How can supporting one side or the other get you labeled as a racist and pro-slavery?

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Dillon M134 Firing 3000 Rounds at 1000 Meters

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The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun is the finest small caliber, defense suppression weapon available. It is a six barreled, electrically driven machine gun chambered in 7.62mm NATO and fires at a fixed rate of 3,000 shots per minute. Gatling Guns typically feed from a 3,000 or 4,000 round magazine. They are capable of long periods of continuous fire without threat or damage to the weapon making them an excellent choice for defensive suppression.

Dillon Guns are reliable. The M134D has system life in excess of 1,500,000 rounds and an average time between stoppage greater than 30,000 rounds. In the unlikely event of a stoppage the weapon can be serviced and made operational again in under one minute. The multi barrel design means that each barrel only experiences a 500 round per minute rate of fire. This allows for repeated long bursts of fire and a barrel group life of 200,000 rounds.

Dillon Gatling Guns are in service with the US and Allied Armed Forces. The standard application is as helicopter crew served and fixed forward fire installations. In addition to their more traditional roles, Dillon Gatlings are supplanting M2 50 cal. Heavy Machine Guns and M240’s on a number of the US Army’s vehicles. Dillon M134s are also in service with the US and British navies in the fleet protection role and Special Operations fire support role.

Dillon M134 Gatling Guns are entirely new production weapons. Dillon guns are sold as complete weapon systems or as component upgrade packages for older GE M134 systems.

Part Number: M134D

NSN: 1005-00-903-0751


Fixed Forward Fire: 56.9 lbs

Crew Served Gun: 66.1 lbs

Check out the Dillon Aero Gatlings at

How Five Republicans Let Congress Keep Its Fraudulent Obamacare Subsidies

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Senator Rand Paul
The rumors began trickling in about a week before the scheduled vote on April 23: 
Republican leadership was quietly pushing senators to pull support for subpoenaing Congress’s fraudulent application to the District of Columbia’s health exchange — the document that facilitated Congress’s “exemption” from Obamacare by allowing lawmakers and staffers to keep their employer subsidies. 
The application said Congress employed just 45 people. Names were faked; one employee was listed as “First Last,” another simply as “Congress.” To Small Business Committee chairman David Vitter, who has fought for years against the Obamacare exemption, it was clear that someone in Congress had falsified the document in order to make lawmakers and their staff eligible for taxpayer subsidies provided under the exchange for small-business employees.

NORTH CAROLINA County Commissioner: “Only Christian prayers are welcome at county meetings”

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 Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem. Read more at:

“I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying. If they don’t like it, stay the hell away.”


 Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem told WBTV that any prayer from a “minority religion” would not be heard before county meetings if he has a say in the matter.

“Other religions, or whatever, are in the minority. The U.S. was founded on Christianity,” Mitchem said. “I don’t believe we need to be bowing to the minorities. The U.S. and the Constitution were founded on Christianity. This is what the majority of people believe in, and it’s what I’m standing up for.”


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Is the largest military exercising in American history about impending martial law? Or is it really the prelude to war with IRAN? Globally the top story right now, if you are paying attention, is JADE HELM. The domestic military exercise that has america very concerned. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, the Governor of Texas and even Chuck Norris are raising concerns.

A few days ago, Chuck Norris wrote, “Concerned Texans and Americans are in no way calling into question our brave and courageous men and women in uniform. They are merely following orders. What’s under question are those who are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington. The U.S. government says, “It’s just a training exercise.” But I’m not sure the term “just” has any reference to reality when the government uses it.”

We’ve been covering it for weeks now, our main investigation JADE HELM DECODED was even featured on the CBS National News ( The pushback from the people is continuing to grow. Some say the whole exercise may be scrapped altogether.

When we report stories here we wait until there are multiple sources before we take any action. That is why this specific report is so important. It revolves around why certain states were selected to participate and why they were labeled as hostile.

JADE HELM can serve multiple purposes - 2 of which are worst case scenarios.

The 1st is to acclimate troops to performing clandestine actions against US citizens in the event of total societal breakdown - economic collapse - civil uprising - or catastrophic natural disaster. What we covered in JADE HELM DECODED linked here:

The 2nd is the focus of this report and equally disturbing.

In our report titled “JADE HELM Preparing for Armageddon” we proposed that the US Military was training for expanding operations in the middle east in coordination with their NATO Allies fulfilling an apocalyptic prophecy:

Lets look now at the publicly available and verifiable information.

The military has been out in the public openly saying they are training for overseas deployment. If we accept that on its face, and it is true. then a covert invasion and takeover of foreign nations is definitely in play and multiple outlets have connected the dots in a startling way. Sputnik News did a great job dissecting this information and much of what follows is based on their research.

Starting with the map of the JADE HELM states we see various colors and designations. Note the Hostile states and their locations.

Once you turn the map slightly the hostile nations line up with what the US may consider hostile nations in the Middle east. Most notably Texas as Iran and California as Israel.

Analysts propose that the simulated invasion of Iran (or Texas) would be launched and coordinated across the Gulf of Mexico at Elgin Air Force Base. The Gulf of Mexico would be playing the role of the Atlantic Ocean or perhaps the Persian Gulf. Camp Shelby Mississippi would play the role of a Saudi Base.

New Mexico, labeled as a brown or Uncertain / Leaning Hostile state would play the role of Iraq. Geographically next to Texas it shares similar terrain as well as similar military bases that could offer staging and materiel support for an invasion of Iran.

Utah is colored Red and labeled a hostile nation - geographically on the map it falls into the same region as syria and follows a similar mixed terrain of flat lands and mountains. A simulated battle will occur in a remote area of Utah. Investigators propose the opposing force will represent the Syrian Army during an LSE or Large Scale Exercise. The state capitol is believed to be playing the role of Damascus as two Covert ops detachments will be deployed there.

Turkey is a NATO ally that is why experts believe Colorado is labeled a blue “permissive state/” Colorado and Turkey also share similar mountains terrain.

Arizona is labeled as a neutral leaning friendly state colored light blue. Experts believe Lebanon would be neutral should war break out with Syria. Nevada is permissive solid blue likely playing the role of Jordan sharing the geography.

California shares many of the same features of Israel through its terrain and coastal climate. The hostile area in red likely represents the West Bank or Gaza Strip - both would be hostile if an invasion of Iran occurred.

If this layout is accurate and the various states are in fact playing the roles revealed here then two things are certain.

ONE: The US Military planners who drafted JADE HELM are tremendously stupid for revealing their entire invasion plan for the world to see.
TWO: America is truly preparing for War with Iran.

Do you think this is the case? Do you believe the Military planners when they say this exercise is for use abroad? I’d love to hear what you have to say on this matter in the comments section.

Beck: We're Being Set Up (Ya think?)

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Glenn Beck closed out his radio program yesterday with a 10-minute monologue warning his audience that everything that is happening in Baltimore and Ferguson and elsewhere is all a giant set-up, designed to create instability so that the federal government can take control of police departments all over the nation … but nobody will listen to him.

Ongoing: SC Sheriff's Dept Violates Posse Comitatus With Special Forces Joint Drill

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Only a year after the joint drills of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department and the US military raised eyebrows, the RCSD has once again announced that the department will be conducting drills that involve the joint training of civilian law enforcement and the US military.

On May 8, it was reported by WLTX that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department will be conducting drills in conjunction with the 3rd Special Forces Group out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The exercises will take place at late-night and pre-dawn and will run from May 8 until May 15.

Racism Is at the Root of Baltimore’s Riots

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White racism, like disco or barbershop quartets, faded from popularity a while back. The KKK last flourished a century ago by which time it had branched out to ranting about Catholics and Jews. Even then its power was slight and its views less mainstream compared to that of black racists today.

Seymour Hersh: Obama's Entire Account Of bin Laden's Death Is One Big Lie; This Is What Really Happened

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The last time famed US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh made news in the global media was with his massive, 5000-word expose from April of 2014 "The Red Line and the Rat Line" revealing the true motives behind the Syrian near-war of 2013 including what we had said from the very beginning: the very professionally created YouTube clips showing the consequences of what was said to have been an Assad poison gas attack, were nothing but a fake (subsequent reports identified the propaganda source as Rami Abdul Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, whose entire operation has been funded by an unidentified European country.)

Fast forward to today when in a report whose word count doubles his previous record for the London Review of Books, Hersh targets a topic near and dear to the hearts of many Americans: the story of the capture and death of Osama bin Laden. Or rather the completely false and, according to Hersh, fabricated story, one made up entirely by the US president and spoon fed for popular consumption with the aid of a Hollywood blockbuster whose entire plot line is, if Hersh is correct, one big lie as well.

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