Friday, September 10, 2010

Statement On Glenn Beck Rally From The LOS

"......the mainstream brand of conservatism served up by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin doesn’t really conserve anything except socialist gains from previous generations." More.

The State’s Claim To Educate: System Of Iron Despotism

"The plea is that parents often neglect that duty, and this entitles the State to provide for her own existence by insuring herself against untrained citizens. The theory is a pagan one, appearing in history first in the much-bepraised but cruel and corrupting legislation of Sparta. The rest HERE.

No Guns For Jews

Video trailer.

By way of The War On Guns

Signs of the Rebellion

Signs of the Rebellion

Jones County Heritage Festival

Dixie and I were just there recently visiting two family places and also stopped at the Brock Mill as usual for pictures.