Monday, January 2, 2017

The US Has Yet To Provide Evidence Russia Directed A Hacking Operation To Undermine Election

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The United States government has yet to produce evidence tying the Russian government to a purported hacking operation meant to undermine the 2016 presidential election. This is despite reports from journalists stating the contrary.

Bloomberg reported Thursday, “Prodded to produce evidence by Russia, which has denied a role in hacking — and by an openly skeptical President-elect Donald Trump — the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security did so Thursday.” Other outlets such as PC Magazine and the International Business Times also interpreted the Joint Analysis Report (JAR) issued by the DHS and FBI as evidence tying Russia to a hacking operation.

The report, however, is devoid of evidence linking Russia to hackings of Democratic Party institutions and individuals.

Far Left Gawker and Gizmodo Crank's List of Coolest Crimes

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Top liberal student interviews of 2016

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"Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers" Muslim Persecution of Christians

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The Turkish government recently banned Orthodox Christian liturgy in the Sumela Monastery, a historic site inaugurated in 386 AD, roughly 1,000 years before Muslim Turks conquered Asia Minor.
  • "[W]e heard that the [ISIS] militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine.... Members of 200 different families were killed right before our eyes." — Syria.
  • Some Christian and Yazidi women captured by ISIS militants were sold at auctions in Saudi Arabia, America's close friend, which is supposedly part of the coalition fighting ISIS. — Saudi Arabia.

Spicer: Why aren’t we talking about Hillary Clinton getting debate questions ahead of time?

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President-elect Donald Trump’s press secretary pick questioned Sunday whether Hillary Clinton will be “punished” for what he said were her attempts to influence the election.

When asked about the U.S. intelligence assessment that Russian hackers tried to influence the presidential election in favor of Trump during a Sunday segment on ABC’s “This Week," Sean Spicer turned the question around.

“When are we going to start talking about the other side of this? Which is: What did Hillary Clinton do to influence the election? Is she being punished in any way?” Spicer asked, referencing the fact the Democratic nominee received debate questions ahead of time during the primary.

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Former Chicago police chief blasts Black Lives Matter

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Former Chicago police chief blasts Black Lives Matter

Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy on Sunday blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for causing a rise in violent crime around the country.

During a radio interview with John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York, McCarthy blamed protests against police brutality in cities like Baltimore, Ferguson, Mo., and Charlotte, N.C., for creating a “political atmosphere of anti-police sentiment.”

“So what’s happening, and this is ironic, is that a movement with the goal of saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken, because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks,” McCarthy said. “Less than half of 1 percent of all the shootings in this city involve police officers shooting civilians.”

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Russian Media Attacks ‘Angry Monkey’ Obama With Racist Mockery

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President Obama expels 35  diplomats in Cold War deja vu. As everybody, including  people, will be glad to see the last of this hapless Administraion.

When Vladimir Putin decided not to respond to Barack Obama’s latest sanctions against Russia for meddling in the U.S. elections, it was a way to belittle Obama, portraying him as an angry and insecure president.

“We will not lower ourselves to the level of irresponsible ‘backroom’ diplomacy,” Putin’s statement said on December 30th. “It is a shame that the Obama administration is ending its term in this manner…Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.”

Putin even went as far as to invite the children of U.S. diplomats in Russia to attend the Kremlin’s holiday parties — free of charge
The mockery didn’t stop there.

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USA Today Suggests Trump Makes Americans Travelling Abroad Unsafe

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Church makes nativity scene with Mary wearing BURKA to promote Islam

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The Nativity scene

Franco Corbo, the priest at St Anne’s church in the southern city of Potenza in Basilicata, has created a nativity scene which has caused outrage with local inhabitants.

Mr Corbo has depicted the traditional nativity scene with Mary wearing a veil and the figures of Joseph and the shepherds are all wearing traditional Muslim clothing.

The walls of the traditional manger have been daubed with various slogans such as “Foreigners out”.

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NOBEL ECONOMIST: 'I don’t think globalisation is anywhere near the threat that robots are'

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British-born economist Angus Deaton of Princeton University speaks in a news conference after winning the 2015 economics Nobel Prize on the Princeton University campus in Princeton, New Jersey October 12, 2015. Deaton has won the 2015 economics Nobel Prize for his work on consumption, poverty and welfare that has helped governments to improve policy through tools such as household surveys and tax changes. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the microeconomist's work had been a major influence on policy making, helping for example to determine how different social groups are affected by specific changes in taxation.

A Nobel Prize-winning economist has warned that the rise in robotics and automation could destroy millions of jobs across the world.

Angus Deaton, who won the Nobel Prize last year for his work on health, wealth, and inequality, told the Financial Times he believes robots are a much greater threat to employment in the US than globalisation.

God, Guns, and A Cigar

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