Monday, January 2, 2017

"Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers" Muslim Persecution of Christians

Via Mike

The Turkish government recently banned Orthodox Christian liturgy in the Sumela Monastery, a historic site inaugurated in 386 AD, roughly 1,000 years before Muslim Turks conquered Asia Minor.
  • "[W]e heard that the [ISIS] militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine.... Members of 200 different families were killed right before our eyes." — Syria.
  • Some Christian and Yazidi women captured by ISIS militants were sold at auctions in Saudi Arabia, America's close friend, which is supposedly part of the coalition fighting ISIS. — Saudi Arabia.


  1. Muslims seem to be addicted to violence and murder.

    1. & rape no matter the gender or animals.

  2. The only group more dangerous than Muslims is secularists.