Friday, July 2, 2010

(NC) State V The Slave Will 1834, My G, G Grandfather Wins

The most noted case, that of the State against Will, of a slave, and the greatest in the entire State was tried in Edgecombe County before Judge Donnell in the last Circuit Court, January 22, 1834. It was a case that awakened a general and profound interest throughout the country, and settled the true relation between master and slave in the State. It recognized the right of the slave to defend himself against the assaults of his master in the preservation of his own life a thing never asserted by slaves heretofore in the county. Read more HERE.

Save Bentonville: A Desperate Battle For Desperate Times

"Today, we are announcing a new campaign to save 240 acres of this remarkable Civil War battlefield – the opening effort of a larger campaign to save 455 battlefield acres in North Carolina" Read more HERE.

UPDATE: Discrimination In Plans To Celebrate Confederate Statue

"The group Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy on Tuesday evening is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the statue’s unveiling, but representatives from the group said city officials made planning the event difficult." Read more HERE.