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On 11 November 1965, Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith unilaterally declared his country independent of Britain. International sanctions were immediately instituted against the minority white regime as Robert Mugabe’s ZANLA and Joshua Nkomo’s ZIPRA armies commenced their armed struggle, the Chimurenga, the war of liberation. As Communist-trained guerrillas flooded the country, the beleaguered Rhodesians, hard-pressed for manpower and military resources, were forced to devise new and innovative methods to combat the insurgency. Fire Force was their answer.

Fire Force as a military concept dates from 1974 when the Rhodesian Air Force (RhAF) acquired the French MG151 20mm cannon from the Portuguese. Visionary RhAF and Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) officers expanded on the idea of a ‘vertical envelopment’ of the enemy, with the 20mm cannon being the principal weapon of attack, mounted in an Alouette III K-Car (‘Killer car’), supported by ground troops deployed from G-Cars (Alouette III troop-carrying gunships and latterly Bell ‘Hueys’) and parachuted from DC-3 Dakotas.

In support would be a propeller-driven ground-attack aircraft armed with front guns, pods of napalm, white phosphorus rockets and a variety of Rhodesian-designed bombs; on call would be Canberra bombers, Hawker Hunter and Vampire jets. In spite of the overwhelming number of enemy pitted against them, Rhodesian Fire Forces accounted for thousands of enemy guerrillas, with a kill ratio exceeding 80:1.

At the end of the war, ZANLA generals admitted their army could not have survived another year in the field-in no small part due to the ruthless efficiency of the Fire Forces, described by Charles D. Melson, the Chief Historian of the U.S. Marine Corps, as the ultimate “killing machine”.


Bloomberg… Lies… When it comes to attacks on your second amendment rights, those two words are synonymous …

This New York billionaire believes that he can dump his money, which ironically is decorated with the faces of our founders, into this state and foist his liberal beliefs on you. Apparently he considers the words in our founding documents to be just as dispensable as his billions.

It once again is time to remind the Republican 
controlled legislature that they are "off" by one letter. This is NC not NY. Michael Bloomberg does not speak for our families, moms, students, businesses, or anyone else in North Carolina.  

Attend Tuesday's Press Conference 
This coming Tuesday, at 1:00 PM, we will aggressively take on  Michael Bloomberg, mayors against this, moms demanding that, and any other anti-gun groups who pretend to represent North Carolinians.

This press conference will kick off a radio campaign from NC mothers saying, Michael Bloomberg doesn’t speak for me.” 

Click here to go to the H562 Resource Center, hear one of the radio spots, and read more about the bill.  (or: The H562 Resource Center is also easily accessible from GRNC’s home page
Show solidarity against Bloomberg’s astroturf “Moms” by attending the press conference. See press conference details below, under ‘Immediate Action Required.’  Also below, if you're a North Carolina mom, see how you can help GRNC fight the Bloomberg machine. 

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The Real Forrest Gump

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For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life and beyond the call of duty. Sgt. Davis (then Pfc.) distinguished himself during the early morning hours while serving as a cannoneer with Battery C, at a remote fire support base. At approximately 0200 hours, the fire support base was under heavy enemy mortar attack. Simultaneously, an estimated reinforced Viet Cong battalion launched a fierce ground assault upon the fire support base. The attacking enemy drove to within 25 meters of the friendly positions. Only a river separated the Viet Cong from the fire support base.

Detecting a nearby enemy position, Sgt. Davis seized a machine gun and provided covering fire for his guncrew, as they attempted to bring direct artillery fire on the enemy. Despite his efforts, an enemy recoilless rifle round scored a direct hit upon the artillery piece. The resultant blast hurled the guncrew from their weapon and blew Sgt. Davis into a foxhole. He struggled to his feet and returned to the howitzer, which was burning furiously. Ignoring repeated warnings to seek cover, Sgt. Davis rammed a shell into the gun. Disregarding a withering hail of enemy fire directed against his position, he aimed and fired the howitzer which rolled backward, knocking Sgt. Davis violently to the ground. Undaunted, he returned to the weapon to fire again when an enemy mortar round exploded within 20 meters of his position, injuring him painfully. Nevertheless, Sgt. Davis loaded the artillery piece, aimed and fired. Again he was knocked down by the recoil.

In complete disregard for his safety, Sgt. Davis loaded and fired 3 more shells into the enemy. Disregarding his extensive injuries and his inability to swim, Sgt. Davis picked up an air mattress and struck out across the deep river to rescue 3 wounded comrades on the far side. Upon reaching the 3 wounded men, he stood upright and fired into the dense vegetation to prevent the Viet Cong from advancing. While the most seriously wounded soldier was helped across the river, Sgt. Davis protected the 2 remaining casualties until he could pull them across the river to the fire support base. Though suffering from painful wounds, he refused medical attention, joining another howitzer crew which fired at the large Viet Cong force until it broke contact and fled. Sgt. Davis' extraordinary heroism, at the risk of his life, are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the U.S. Army.[3]


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Mo Brooks Stops The Outsourcing of Military Slots To Illegal Aliens In The NDAA

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No Empire Which Makes Poor Policy Is Immune To Downfall.
No Empire Which Makes Poor Policy Is Immune To Downfall.
For most of its history, Rome’s military was the envy of the ancient world. But during the decline, the makeup of the once mighty legions began to change. Unable to recruit enough soldiers from the Roman citizenry, emperors like Diocletian and Constantine began hiring foreign mercenaries to prop up their armies. The ranks of the legions eventually swelled with Germanic Goths and other barbarians, so much so that Romans began using the Latin word “barbarus” in place of “soldier.” – From “8 Reasons The Roman Empire Fell” (
I’ve had the pleasure of voting for Mo Brooks (R-AL) 100% several times. It’s a benefit that comes with living in Madison County, Alabama. Today he repaid this trust by removing an obnoxious plank from the current National Defense Authorization Act. Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) had inserted language in the bill that would have required military recruiters to prioritize illegal aliens amnestied under President Obama’s executive orders over American citizens when handing out enlistment slots. Congressman Brooks entered an amendment to the NDAA that stripped Gallego’s language. Brooks won on the floor by 221-202.

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Good Bye America It Was Good to Know You

Via Mike "Yet right here in NC, the legislature is considering a bill, HB328, to give drivers' permits to illegal immigrants. This was introduced by Republican Rep. Harry Warren of Rowan County.  No Republican who votes for or supports this sort of insanity should survive the next Republican primary. No one who votes for or supports it should survive the next general election."


It used to be that as one grew older their experience developed wisdom that could help guide succeeding generations. Today the world moves too fast. In some ways my 10 year old granddaughter knows more intuitively about computers than I do after working online since there was an online.

My father grew up plowing with mules as had his father and his grandfather and so on back to houses with no floors, no running water and no electricity. While they had passed wisdom down for uncounted generations what they had to say to the flower children of America’s prosperity seemed hopelessly out of date just as what we have to say to the children of the Millennials seems like gibberish from the dark Ages.

When Times Get Hard

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 The 53rd NC Soldiers at Fort Mahone


I have always softened my views by a general philosophy. The purpose has been to appeal to the better side of all of us, to look at the higher view of the nation and the world. That some seem to take that as naive concerns me, because there are few who are more radical than I am.  That I appeal to the more rational side of all of us is an attempt to appeal to those who are not hardened to the realities, because if one is hardened, they do not need to hear from me. They already know what must be done and to who. 

So, this post is a message to the rest. There are no soft sides to what must be done. There are a lot of people who think they are hardened, but I question that, because of the inaction in the face of the destruction of everything the true patriot holds dear. Where were you?  I was there, my family knows I was there, they have dreaded the moment when anyone stood, knowing that it would force me to stand up with them, but nothing came.

NC: Rare Civil War document, discovered in drawer, outlines rights for NC's ex-slaves

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Sometimes, history can be found in the strangest places.

Like stuffed in the back of an underwear drawer.

That's where Angela Smith-Crumpler, a 61-year-old Raleigh-area lawyer, discovered a rare, crucial document that helped North Carolina stumble to its feet after the Civil War.

And, if things work out, General Order No. 46 - which outlined the rights and responsibilities of newly freed slaves in the state - will be a centerpiece of the North Carolina Civil War History Center planned for Fayetteville.

"It's exciting, really exciting," said David Winslow of the center as Smith-Crumpler gingerly opened the triple-folded paper. "This would be a highlight for any museum, and would be a centerpiece of our Reconstruction area."

The letter, dated May 15, 1865, was written at the command of Maj. Gen. John Schofield. He was military commander for the Department of North Carolina in the turbulent months after the war's end.

"The document essentially is the start of Reconstruction in this state," Smith-Crumpler said.

The Real Battle

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Memorial Day Event - Now

As America enters again into the pretense of political presidential battles, it is important for conservatives to grasp that the real battle is not a particular election or, indeed, any elections, but the war leftism wages on America and its Judeo-Christian values.  It is a war with skirmishes and ambushes every day in every aspect of public life.

The enemy is not a corps of professional politicians, but rather a cadre of tenured professors, bureaucrats protected from the merit system, executives and managers running communications and entertainment corporations, public school teachers and administrators, professional “advocates” for notionally oppressed groups, lawyers and judges, and a related army of operatives dependent upon misery, suspicion, and helplessness.

Harriet Tubman—Gun-Toting Republican, Delusional Narcoleptic, And/Or Creation Of Communist Propaganda?

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This campaign for Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill is because she’s such important figure in American history, right? If you attend an American public school, very important. Tubman was already in the textbooks when Steve Sailer was going through school in the ‘70s. In 1994, Lynne Cheney complained that the National History Standards gave equal weight to Tubman and George Washington (remember him) [The End of History, Wall Street Journal October 20, 1994]. Surely she couldn’t be a myth?

Instapundit put it this way recently
POLL: Put Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill.
Sure, why not? Get rid of that mass-murdering Democrat Andrew Jackson, and replace him with a gun-toting Republican!
Well, that’s one way of describing her.

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Ole Miss and the New Bigots, by Ben Jones

The brilliant editor H.L. Mencken had a way of being succinct that sparkled with wit. "There is no idea so stupid that you can't find a professor who will believe it," he remarked. Mencken would have a field day with the recent actions of the University of Mississippi. If you have ever wondered why academia is often the butt of ridicule and humor, you need only to read the report from Ole Miss President Dan Jones entitled, "Action Plan on Consultant Reports and Update on the Work of the Sensitivity and Respect Committee."

We are told that the Extended Sensitivity and Respect Committee has decided that the new Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion will work with the Institute for Racial Diversity and the new Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement. Fellow compatriots, I am not making this up. This is not a satire, this is what the taxpayers of Mississippi are dishing out their hard-earned money to pay for.

President Jones further stated, "It is my hope that the steps outlined here reflecting the hard work of University committees and our consultants will prove valuable in making us a stronger and healthier university, bringing us closer to our goal of being a warm and welcoming place for every person, every day, regardless of race, religion, preference, country of origin, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or gender expression."

In my opinion, this is an as astounding a demonstration of politically correct, "feel-good", unadulterated hogwash as has ever been uttered by a man on the public payroll. And having spent four years in the United States Congress, I have heard some world-class hogwash in my day.

President Jones, sounding a lot like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, has listed every possible group that might be sensitive to not being "included" in this unlimited "diversity", even one I've never heard of: "gender expression." Well, whatever that means, I figure it is o.k. if one expresses their gender at Ole Miss.

There is one very large group that is not included, however. It is those of us whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy during the War Between the States. There are over 70 million of us, but it is as if we do not exist, or have deep feelings toward our forefathers.

In fact, without a straightforward explanation, the famous Oxford street named Confederate Drive is being renamed by these academics in the name of "inclusion". That intentional insult puts the lie to any pretense of "inclusion" or of respect or of diversity on the part of the University of Mississippi.

The Confederacy existed. Thousands of young Mississippians died for it. That conflict has been the crucible event of American history. Everything before led up to it. Everything after has been influenced by it.

The entire student body of the University of Mississippi enlisted in the Confederate Army and those young men suffered 100% casualties. That war is an historical reality and we do not flinch from that reality and its consequences. Those men and their descendants built the University and kept it going through good times and bad, and through the social changes of the past 150 years.

That street was named for those brave young students. The University, in its narrow-minded rush to be politically correct, has banished that little bit of respect by renaming Confederate Drive. In their sanctimonious zeal, they have demeaned the honor and reputation of our ancestors.

In the last fifty years or so we have witnessed a truly remarkable revolution in race relations in the South. Where once there was Jim Crow and strict segregation, there is now a multi-cultural society that has the fastest growing economy in the United States. Men and women of good hearts have come together in brotherhood and cooperation to enjoy racial relations that are an exemplar for other regions. This "bridge-building" has been built on an acceptance of the past and the promise of a shared future, not the divisive finger-pointing of the academics and the politicians. These politically correct crusaders are practicing a new kind of bigotry. It is a movement that demonizes the Confederacy and lays the sins of America entirely upon the South. If they continue to have their way, they would eradicate every vestige of our cultural history. They ask for respect but give none.

Once again, we must make our voices heard in every way possible. We must demand the respect that our families deserve. We are the last line of defense for the dignity that our ancestors earned.