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Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

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First, about one million public school students said “no way” to their cafeteria menus after Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign led to anger and frustration over food that apparently many American kids didn’t want to stomach.

But for those without other options, all that’s left is the power of social media and cell phone cameras when they simply can’t take another bite:

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Pro-Russians seize state buildings in eastern Ukraine

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Activists chanting "Russia!" broke through police lines Sunday and stormed several government buildings in eastern Ukrainian regions seeking independence from Kiev following last month's fall of a Kremlin regime.

Clashes in Donetsk and similar rallies in the heavily Russified cities such of Lugansk and Kharkiv provided another reminder to the untested pro-Western leaders in Kiev of the monumental task facing them after their February 22 overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych.

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"I Meet Great People...."

If by happenstance, the two males mentioned, read the article below,  I would like to invite them to my PATCON, free of charge and will pay for their transportation.


Sometimes though for the wrong reasons. I taught a Concealed Carry Handgun class today. There was a woman and her son in class. She was alert, engaging, and possessed a wicked humor that I found refreshing.

On a break she calmly approached me in the "faculty smoking lounge" and whipped out a crime report. Her and her son's home was invaded while she was alone. Two males (I will not call them Men) entered. She ran and fought with one until the other pistol whipped her on the head. She removed the ball cap and showed me the result. That happened about three weeks ago. Then the beating really began. They ruptured internal stitches from a recent hysterectomy by beating her in the stomach. They tied her up and then proceed to rape her. 

Her son finds her the next day STILL TIED UP. 

I hear these stories occasionally. They rip my heart out. 

I hope there is a special level of Hell for such vermin that committed this act. They are still on the loose.

Pak-40 German 75mm AT Gun Firing

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Obamacare Takes a Life

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 3 month terminal cancer X2 would do.

Yesterday the Obama Administration boasted that six million people had signed up for Obamacare.
There was not a word about Frank Alfisi.

Frank Alfisi was killed by Obamacare.

His daughter, Amy DiFrancesca, is furious. And yes, she quite specifically blames the President of the United States for her father’s death. As did the doctor who told Amy: “You can thank Mr. Obama for this.”

Before we get to the specifics of how Frank Alfisi died, let’s begin with the who of this story. Mr. Alfisi was not a statistic. He wasn’t a guinea pig or a lab rat. Frank Alfisi was a real person. A son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather. So let’s start here by getting to know something about Amy’s Dad Frank.

Appalachian Trail Song

My nephew, Will Overman, walked the Appalachian Trial, then wrote and sang this song. 

‘If They Mean To Have A War Let It Begin Here’ – CCDL Gun Rights Rally 4/5/14

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As the battle rages on against the US government and some states' attempt to disarm American citizens, in violation of their 2nd Amendment rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution, one of the best speeches given in defense of this type of tyranny, was by Doug Cutler, at a gun rally organized by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League took place Saturday, April 5, 2014, at the Connecticut State Capitol.

CCDL Mission Statement:
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. We are especially dedicated to protecting the unalienable right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, for the defense of both self and state, through public enlightenment and legislative actionWe welcome anyone who believes that the defense of our constitutional rights is critical to the longevity of our freedom and to the success of this nation, and in particular that the rights to self defense and to keep and bear the arms to actualize that defense, are fundamental and undeniable. 

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Vladimir Putin On His Faith

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Could we switch the AG and the Prez?

Natalia Poklonskaya  


 The Crimean crisis may well be the "biggest threat to European security" since the Cold War, sparking outrage, panic and prompting feverish talk of global war.

The internet, however, is still making jokes and being weird.

Observers of the conflict, primarily in Japan, have become preoccupied, not with the potential implications of Russia's annexing of Crimea and massing of troops on the Ukrainian border, but rather with the region's newly-appointed attorney general Natalia Poklonskaya.

As the world shudders at the thought of a potential showdown between Russia and the rest of the world, the Japanese are swooning over a clip of Ms Poklonskaya giving a press conference.

The video of 33-year-old Poklonskaya has been viewed nearly 300,000 times after being widely posted across Japanese social media platforms.

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Gay Mafia? The Liberal Way of War

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Anybody who assumes the Left will ever be satisfied with anything less than the complete—COMPLETE–destruction and re-ordering of Western civilization needs to think again.

Some insist there isn’t one; maybe, maybe not, but that ain’t the point. It’s the Leftist Mafia, red in tooth and claw, and that’s what we really ought to be discussing. And, y’know, fighting.
And FederalGovCo is in it up to its neck.
By the way, let’s not forget how all this targeting of “homophobic” contributions started. The IRS leaked “traditional marriage” donor lists to the gay enforcers at the “Human Rights Campaign”. America has a corrupt government – so corrupt that many Americans now think it entirely normal for the state tax collector to target the regime’s political enemies. I don’t, and for the last year I’ve called for the abolition of the institutionally corrupt IRS and its replacement by an agency with far more limited powers appropriate to a free society. Surprisingly few Republican candidates seem interested in joining that campaign. But the IRS’ wholesale corruption is a free-speech issue, too: it’s about using state power – the threat of audits and, ultimately, asset confiscation – to get you to shut up. And the alliance between the IRS and the gay enforcers is a foretaste of where things are headed. If your confidential financial information can be leaked to those who want to take you down, why should your medical information or your vote by “secret ballot” be any more secure?
“Let’s not forget” indeed. As for this particular case, when you disgust even Andrew Sullivan with your hateful fascist intolerance, you gotta be pretty disgusting indeed:
Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out. If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.
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Documentary Follows Mom Who Gave Birth Knowing She Would Lose Her Own Life

Some movies have powerful plotlines. Others have intriguing characters. The documentary “40 Weeks” has both. Director Christopher Henze follows Elizabeth Joice during her pregnancy, in which she finds out her cancer had returned from years earlier and makes the remarkable decision to put her daughter Lily’s life over her own. Here’s a brief description about her incredible story of self-sacrifice:
Just one month after finding out she was pregnant in June 2013, Elizabeth’s doctors found a tumor in her lung. They removed it with surgery, but because she was pregnant they could not give her the full body MRI scan she needed to see if her cancer was spreading or not.
Because of this, Lily was delivered almost two months early in January 2014 via C-section.
Sadly, it was too late for Elizabeth. The cancer had spread almost immediately into her second lung, her heart, and her abdomen. Though she fought the cancer for six weeks after her daughter was born, Elizabeth ultimately lost the battle on March 9.
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U.S. sanctions target pro-life woman with no Crimea links: 'This is payback for Russian restrictions on abortion, pro-family initiatives'


A Russian lawmaker known for her outspoken support for traditional marriage and the unborn is among the officials listed in new U.S. sanctions against individuals for their alleged contribution to Russia’s unlawful grab of Ukrainian territory.

Weeks ago, President Obama announced sanctions aimed at several individuals for their alleged roles in facilitating Russia’s actions. But Yelena Mizulina’s seems out of place on the list. Mizulina is chairwoman of the Russian Duma’s Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Affairs.

She was also the lead sponsor of legislation banning Americans from adopting Russian orphans, fearing the children could suffer harm if adopted by homosexual partners.

In the documents outlining the sanctions, the allegations against Mizulina simply cite “her status as a state duma deputy.”

“Yelena Mizulina, as far as I know, has nothing to do with the controversy over the Crimea. She did sponsor a bill to make it easier for residents of the Crimea to have Russian citizenship. That was
before the Crimea was incorporated into Russia. Other than that, (she had) absolutely nothing to do with the Crimea,” said Don Feder, communications director for the World Congress of Families, which promotes traditional values around the globe.

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NC: Campbellton Landing Living History -- Fayetteville

Saturday/Sunday, April 12-139AM to 4PM - Admission - $5
1122 Person street, Fayetteville

General Hardee’s brigades dispute enemy crossing of the Cape Fear river, March 1865. 

Artillery and infantry encampment, relics, cannon-fire, historical interpreters.  

Generals William J. Hardee & Joseph E. Johnston on-site both days 

Periodic cannon-fire both days

Observe lively Skirmish with musket-fire

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial

Unsurpassed Valor, Courage, and devotion to liberty”
“The Official Website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission”

A Typical Day During SHTF


Konrad suggested in comment on recent blog post I write about typical day during my time in SHTF trying to survive. Usually I think about what topic to write about first and write, this time I did other way around and just wrote. So while there are lessons to learn, this is just typical day during my time in war.


I woke up with feeling that I do not have legs under my knees, only some strange feeling, something between numbness and pain.

Second feeling after that was that something wrong with my head, and definitely something wrong with my room because ceiling was pretty much black instead white. I sat up in my bed too fast, and it was mistake, I forced myself not to throw up, barely. And then everything came back to me:

There was war outside going on, for last couple of months.

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Beholden to Billionaires: Harry Reid is a hypocrite when it comes to campaign finance.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid uses his official position to beat up on people. In private he may be a very nice man. In public he’s a thug and a bully who takes advantage of the way the U.S. Constitution immunizes him for any damage he may do to the reputations of others to attack everyone from those he’s called “shadowy billionaires” to ordinary, run-of-the-mill Americans who now find themselves stuck with health insurance plans they don’t like and with out-of-pocket expenses they cannot afford.

It may not be fair to hold Reid accountable for what he has been saying if, as he alleges, he can’t remember doing much of it. If that’s really the case he should consider stepping down from his post as Democratic leader of the U.S. Senate or, at the very least, taking a trip to the Mayo Clinic or whatever similar facility his insurance will pay for so that he may undergo a complete physical check that includes a thorough brain scan. It’s important to make sure there isn’t actually something serious going on inside his head.


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