Sunday, April 6, 2014

"I Meet Great People...."

If by happenstance, the two males mentioned, read the article below,  I would like to invite them to my PATCON, free of charge and will pay for their transportation.


Sometimes though for the wrong reasons. I taught a Concealed Carry Handgun class today. There was a woman and her son in class. She was alert, engaging, and possessed a wicked humor that I found refreshing.

On a break she calmly approached me in the "faculty smoking lounge" and whipped out a crime report. Her and her son's home was invaded while she was alone. Two males (I will not call them Men) entered. She ran and fought with one until the other pistol whipped her on the head. She removed the ball cap and showed me the result. That happened about three weeks ago. Then the beating really began. They ruptured internal stitches from a recent hysterectomy by beating her in the stomach. They tied her up and then proceed to rape her. 

Her son finds her the next day STILL TIED UP. 

I hear these stories occasionally. They rip my heart out. 

I hope there is a special level of Hell for such vermin that committed this act. They are still on the loose.

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