Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beholden to Billionaires: Harry Reid is a hypocrite when it comes to campaign finance.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid uses his official position to beat up on people. In private he may be a very nice man. In public he’s a thug and a bully who takes advantage of the way the U.S. Constitution immunizes him for any damage he may do to the reputations of others to attack everyone from those he’s called “shadowy billionaires” to ordinary, run-of-the-mill Americans who now find themselves stuck with health insurance plans they don’t like and with out-of-pocket expenses they cannot afford.

It may not be fair to hold Reid accountable for what he has been saying if, as he alleges, he can’t remember doing much of it. If that’s really the case he should consider stepping down from his post as Democratic leader of the U.S. Senate or, at the very least, taking a trip to the Mayo Clinic or whatever similar facility his insurance will pay for so that he may undergo a complete physical check that includes a thorough brain scan. It’s important to make sure there isn’t actually something serious going on inside his head.

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