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Crowd packs heat; Oak Harbor backs down



It's been three weeks since an Oak Harbor city councilmember started a national controversy by trying to kick out a wounded Army veteran who was legally carrying a weapon during a council meeting.

Councilmember Rick Almberg then walked out.

The council was met by 160 people Tuesday night, many who were packing heat.

There were handguns in holsters and rifles slung over shoulders and an unknown number of people concealing their weapons as the Oak Harbor City Council met. Many attended the meeting to show support for veteran Lucas Yonkman who Councilmember Almberg tried to have kicked out of City Hall last month, including Joe Hawkins who openly mocked him. "Mr. Almberg I just want you to know that I have a concealed ham sandwich right here I don't want you to get up and walk away," he chuckled.

More Black History Month Resources

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In the United States, Black History Month — formerly known as “February” — is, unfortunately, not just about history. It is also an occasion for lies and propaganda to stoke black pride in spurious achievements and white guilt over spurious crimes. To combat this propaganda, we have assembled the following articles.
Please link and repost these pieces far and wide.

Greg Johnson

Free AR: Enter the drawing and help GGO fight gun control in Georgia

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SHTF is here. My employer had NO money for payroll.

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Whaddya mean "There's no money for payroll?!"

First it was a text from my Director: "Direct deposits will not be happening this week. You will be issued a paper check on Friday at 3 o'clock instead." I've grown accustomed to my direct deposit hitting my account around 3am every other Friday. I've been with this particular hospital system for right around 4.5 years. Only one time prior did they experience a "glitch" and we were simply issued a paper check on payday instead of our direct deposits.

Then, on Friday, we were told: "Checks won't be ready until 4pm."  Then 5pm. Then Saturday. Then on Saturday we were told it would be Monday. Having worked the night shift Sunday night, I was dead asleep when I received a text Monday afternoon saying: "Emergency meeting at 3pm today."

Oh crap. Wifey and I had discussed what would happen over the weekend if it turned out that I never got this paycheck. In the forefront of lots of co-workers' minds was the fact that another local, rural hospital had recently closed overnight with NO notification to it's employees.  To keep you up to speed, the meeting was to tell us that we MIGHT get paid on FRIDAY now. But management PROMISED it was coming. Time will tell.

So, after lengthy discussion, Wifey and I have switched into survival mode.

The power of a Sheriff

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 Stay tuned, hopefully coming to yours.

Teen who gave judge the finger sent to jail

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Po' thing, she's just misunderstood.::)

Eighteen-year-old Penelope Soto was arrested for drug possession and, after making snotty remarks to the judge, got slapped with a $10,000 fine. Not having learned her lesson, Soto then made an obscene gesture to the judge, who found her in contempt and sentenced her to 30 days in county jail.

Patrick Henry & Jefferson Davis


Remember that Patrick Henry opposed the 1789 constitution constitution (yes, the one in force today) because he "smelt a rat." Henry maintained that there were only two essential government powers, the power of the purse & the power of the sword. This study demonstrates how the power of the sword is built into the American constitution.

 "There are some things worse than hanging and extermination. We reckon giving up the right of self-government one of those things."
 -- Jefferson Davis, first president of the Confederate States of America.

Gun-rights advocates swarm Annapolis to fight O’Malley’s gun control bill

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 Del. Michael Smigiel (R-District 36) speaks at a pro-gun rights rally at Lawyers Park in front of the Maryland State House, Annapolis, Md., Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is set to testify at a Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing that are discussing a number of proposed gun bills. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

Hundreds of gun-rights supporters who gathered Wednesday in Annapolis are now lined up to testify against a proposal by Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley that would ban assault weapons and require residents to obtain a license before purchasing handguns.

The Second Amendment advocates held a morning rally outside the State House

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing began at 1 p.m. and was expected to stretch to at least 9 p.m., as more than 400 people were signed up to testify as of 3 p.m. Senate staff members said hundreds more were lined up outside the Senate legislative building, hoping to submit testimony.

“We have come to a point where hysteria is ruling the debate,” Tom Morris Jr., a gun-rights advocate and former correspondent for the TV series “America's Most Wanted,” told the committee. “There’s so much in [the bill] that’s detached from reality.”

MOLON LABE is the battle cry

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The First Amendment is there you see,
We can say when and what we please.
And the Second one is there,
To keep us all free.

Some want to take our rights away,
But it won’t happen on this day.
They will continue to try in another way,
Freedom will be a gun shot away.

They wish to take our guns from us,
And they are trying to make a fuss.
This old vet says no they can’t,
I took an oath and went to Nam.

Many have died to keep us free,
I will too, if need be.
In seventy one I passed the test,
And served with America's best.

Fingerprinted and photoed,
For owning a gun.
I don’t think so
You communist son.

MOLON LABE is the battle cry,
Gun from my hand you will have to pry.
The oath I took on another day,
Is still in force and you will pay!

A brave man I will never be,
Until you take my rights from me.
Liberal socialists I despise,
It’s hard to wait for their demise !

John D USN RVN 71,72, 73, evac 75

Too dangerous for civilian ownership

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Another Big Lie in the Spielberg Lincoln Movie



I have written of how the theme of Steven Spielberg's movie "Lincoln" -- that Abe used his "political genius" to get the Thirteenth Amendment through Congress -- is one big lie.  I quoted David Donald, the preeminent mainstream Lincoln scholar of our time, as writing in his biography of Lincoln that Abe barely lifted a finger in the effort.  In fact, he literally refused to assist the abolitionists in Congress when they requested his help.  Even worse, Lincoln DID work mightily to get a first Thirteenth Amendment passed in 1861 -- the "Corwin Amendment" that would have prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with Southern slavery.

Another gross historical inaccuracy in the "Lincoln" movie that was recently brought to my attention is a scene where it is said that Connecticut congressmen voted against the Thirteenth Amendment.  Congressman Joe Courtney of Connecticut saw the movie and smelled a rat, so he asked the Congressional Research Service to look into it.  They informed him that all four members of Congress from Connecticut voted YES.

In other words, the votes were already there.  There was no need for Abe to use his "political genius" to persuade them, as is argued by Doris Kearns-Goodwin, Spielberg's historical advisor, in her book upon which the movie is based.  (Hat tip to Thomas Moore).

The South: Real America



This Australian found himself in the great university town of Tuscaloosa in late September. He learned quickly the most useful phrase, sometimes a catch cry, sometimes the most imperative directive of them all: Roll Tide! It was after all a Friday evening of a home game weekend when I first arrived. I liked Bama; the university, the state and the people.

And so my ears pricked with interest when learning of Crimson Tide’s big win over Notre Dame on January 7. In doing so, I happened to stumble across a fascinating site- Real Southern Men  that made this acutely philosophical observation regarding the game outcome:

“Football matters here, because it is symbolic of the fight we all fight. Winning matters here, because it is symbolic of the victories we all seek. Trophies matter here, because they are symbolic of the respect we deserve but so rarely receive.”

Call it regional defiance, call it an ornery spirit: it matters little. The point is the Southern way of life represents real America. The South is the heartbeat of American exceptionalism. Whether wishful thinking or strategic, the left advance the idea that Southern influence is gasping for breath; that it is all but a spent force. The same messages are disseminated with respect to Southern values; they, we are told, are no longer an embodiment of the changed demographic of today’s United States.

There exists, as Bill O’Reilly matter-of-factly stated, no longer a traditional America. But this hardly means that Southern virtues such as manners, morality, bravery, liberty, individual responsibility, honor and pride are no longer relevant, worthy or representative of America. They are part of the idea that is America, and history shows this to be the most attractive idea ever. I might be hideously optimistic but I believe it will not be long before the untraditional America becomes adopts the traditional.

The political cycle may not be with the South or us Southern sympathizers, but the heart of America is still there.

Now, I’ve been all over the South Nick Adams In America. I love being instructed on the finer points of Southern-ness. Heck, I love everything Southern: the drawl, the belles, God and guns, the code of masculinity, suspicion of government authority, hostility to unions, militarization, country music, political conservatism, football and NASCAR. Unless you’re a bourgeois toady, who wouldn’t?

And I’m proud that Republican-red in the South is largely just that, and not the disgraceful shade of pink it more than likely is in the rest of America.

America, follow your heart. May there be again a Southern Tide! Roll South!

Top ICE Agent: 'Zero Confidence In This Administration'

President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security care more about “special interests” in the Democratic campaign base than the lives of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, the ICE union boss told Congress today.

“Death or serious injury to ICE officers and agents appears more acceptable to ICE, DHS, and Administration leadership, than the public complaints that would be lodged by special interest groups representing illegal aliens,” Chris Crane, president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement 118, told the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon.

Crane based that statement on the way government policies handcuff the ICE officers charged with enforcing immigration laws, such as the policy that bans using tasers on illegal immigrants even though law enforcement is authorized to use them on U.S. citizens in the course of an arrest.” ICE will not approve this equipment for political reasons,” Crane, a former United States Marine, explained.

2nd-grader suspended over imaginary grenade

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 Mary Blair Elementary (screen grab from Fox-31 Denver)


A seven-year-old boy was suspended from his elementary school for using an imaginary grenade while playing "Rescue the World" on the playground.

The story was featured on Fox 31 Denver. Second-grader Alex Evans pretended to throw a grenade into a box full of, in his words, "pretend evil forces."

"I pretended the box, there's something shaking in it, and I go pshhh," Alex explained.

Unfortunately for Alex, his exploits (heroic as they were) went against Mary Blair Elementary School rules. Those rules include no fighting (real or pretend) and no weapons (real or pretend).

Alex's mom commented that she doesn't think the rule is practical. "Honestly I don’t think the rule is very realistic for kids this age,” Mandie Watkins said. "I think that when a child is trying to save the world, I don’t think he should be punished for it."

Alex is just as perplexed as his mom. "I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended," he told Fox 31.

 A similar incident took place last month in Pennsylvania when a fifth-grade girl was reprimanded by school officials for bringing a piece of paper in the shape of gun to class.


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Oppose Joe Manchin’s Veterans Gun Ban and National Gun Registry 

Reports out of Capitol Hill reveal that just-reelected turncoat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is about to stick a big knife in the back of American gun owners.  And to make matters worse, he's lying about what he’s doing.

Both Manchin and House anti-gun crazy Carolyn McCarthy are claiming to be “working with NRA” to enact gun bans and national gun registries.  NRA says flatly that Manchin is lying, and we believe he is. (The Hill, 1/24/13)

Ironically, Manchin was the “gun owner's best friend” on November 5 -- the day before his reelection to a six-year term let him to pull a great big “gotcha” on those West Virginians who were tricked into believing his representations.

But make no mistake about it:  Joe Manchin’s draft would impose a gun ban on veterans and would set up the framework for a national gun registry.

150,000 honest law-abiding veterans are currently in the NICS system.  They didn’t do anything wrong; they honorably served their country.  But when they sought VA counseling for a traumatic combat experience, the VA appointed a fiduciary to oversee their fiscal affairs and then took away their guns.  And, again, there are 150,000 honest veterans in the system.

New York Senator Charles Schumer viciously fought a Coburn amendment on the DoD bill which would require that veterans get their day in court before their rights were taken away from them, and he won.

What the Manchin bill is about is insuring that “bad guys” like veterans can’t get guns.  And, under Barack Obama's “Executive Action #1,” the NICS list could soon include tens of millions of additional soldiers, police, firemen, and other law-abiding Americans.

But veteran disarmament is not the only problem with Joe Manchin’s gun ban.

Manchin's bill would set the framework for a national gun registry and impose a chokehold on gun sales.  There are at least four big reasons for this:

FIRST:  Every gun owner in the country would have a “Form 4473.”  Increasingly, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives are going into gun dealerships and illegally copying all of those 4473's.

SECOND:  The FBI refuses to tell us how or whether it's complying with federal law by destroying the Brady Check names, rather than keeping them for a national gun registry.

THIRD:  As it is, the Brady Check system is breaking down on days such as last year’s Black Friday -- outlawing all gun purchases.  If you have to drive 200 miles from your farm to sell your gun to your neighbor, this effectively outlaws any efforts to sell or buy a gun.

FOURTH:  Increasingly, the FBI is blocking transfers because someone’s name is “similar” to someone else.  When the legal purchaser complains, the FBI's response is “Sue us!”

ACTIONPlease click here to contact your U.S. Senators.  Ask them to oppose Joe Manchin’s veterans gun ban and national gun registry.

KCI AR 100 Round Drums

 KCI AR-15 M16 223 5.56mm 100rd Drum magazine, Black


Minimum of 10 at that price. Minimum of  5  $219.95  Well that sucks.

Update: 269 Sheriffs and 8 State Sheriffs Associations Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control

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Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken.

The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations from who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures.  I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction.  

I call on sheriffs all over this nation to add their voices to the growing numbers of faithful protectors of our freedom. -Richard Mack Constitutional Duty of the Sheriff 

Sheriffs and associations who have made public statements committing to protect their citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights from Obama’s gun control efforts will be added.  Some of these sheriffs are members of the CSPOA, but inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean they are a member.

More @ CSPOA

Exclusive—Zimmerman Brother: Obama 'Bullied' My Family


George Zimmerman was back in court today for a hearing on the start date for his trial on murder charges. Zimmerman, of course, was the Hispanic neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Florida, who trailed a young black man named Trayvon Martin after calling 911, got into an altercation with Martin in which Martin ended up pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement, and then ended up shooting Martin in the chest. The media used the Zimmerman case as an opportunity to bully Americans over their supposed racial intolerance. 

Even the President of the United States weighed in in the midst of an election cycle, suggesting that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.

Breitbart News had the opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one interview with George’s brother, Robert, in Los Angeles. Excerpts of that interview played tonight on Fox News’ Hannity.

Robert didn’t pull any punches about President Obama’s role in raising the threat level to his brother – and to his family. “We do feel that we’re threatened,” Robert told Breitbart News. “There’s not been a legal resolution in this matter. And even the day that there is legal resolution in this matter, the day that happens I don’t think that every single fear of some kind of retribution will simply just go way, but we’re coping as best we can, day by day.”

More with videos @ Breitbart

Surfer May Have Ridden a 100-Foot Wave



Professional surfer, Garrett McNamara, aka Gmac, may have broken another record. This Tuesday off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, McNamara caught a wave that onlookers estimated to be about 100 feet high.

See a teaser video of the achievement here.

VIDEO: Surviving a Big Wave

The 45-year-old Pittsfield, Mass., native is known for breaking surfing records. In November 2011, McNamara rode an enormous 90-foot wave at Praia do Norte, also off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. For that accomplishment, “Gmac” was entered in the spring Billabong XXL Global Big-Wave Awards.

See a bunch of images here.

Photo: Garrett McNamara riding a big wave at Avalanche, off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Credit: Sean Davey/Corbis

TAPCO AK47 30rd Magazine $9.99

AK47 30rd Magazine - Black - TAPCO 

Flash Mob Mayhem: Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins

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 Newsstands all over New York City are being attacked by flash mobs of teenagers hell bent to rob owners of everything they have. (Photo: CBS 2)

Violent, thieving mobs have been making headlines across the country for the past few years, and now they have hit New York City.

And Maurice Dubois reported in this CBS 2 investigation, the teen mobs have left neighborhoods worried as businesses take matters into their own hands.

Judson Bennett, 78, recently ran into a violent group of teens – often described with the once-benign term “flash mob” – as he made his daily trip to buy a newspaper at his favorite news team.

“I’m approaching the newsstand, and then suddenly there is a tremendous force behind me,” Bennett said.
Bennett ended up with a broken arm.

“I was taken completely by surprise,” he said.

In New York and across the country, the mobs of kids – 20, 30, 40 or more — appear out of nowhere and suddenly charge a newsstand or convenience store.

They ransack, steal and wreak havoc with no consideration for customers, such as Bennett, who get in their way.

More @ CBS

Philosopher Alvin Plantinga Receives Prestigious Rescher Prize


The world-renowned philosopher Alvin C. Plantinga has recently received the prestigious Nicholas Rescher Prize for Contributions to Systematic Philosophy, awarded by the University of Pittsburgh’s Departments of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science Department, and the Center for the History and Philosophy of Science. Plantinga is widely known for his work in the philosophy of religion, epistemology, metaphysics and Christian apologetics, and he has revolutionized scholarly interest in Christian theism, shown naturalism/atheism to be self-refuting and incoherent, and set the new standards for the defense of free will, individual agency, consciousness, rational inference, science, objective truth and morality, and more.

As a result, Plantinga has both directly influenced the entire field of philosophy and has mentored and inspired new generations of top scholars who are critiquing the reductionism, relativism, materialism, collectivism, scientism, positivism, determinism, and de-humanization of the modern era. In short, Plantinga has devastated the prevailing view in Western elites that human beings are merely “matter in motion” (i.e., purposeless, accidental, robotic products of a closed, natural world ruled solely by physical laws and that truth, reason, morality, and God are illusions).

Memphis renames city parks that honored Confederacy

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The Memphis City Council on Monday voted to change the name of the city's Confederate Park two other parks that honor notable members of the Confederacy. reports that the council voted 9-0 to pass a resolution renaming Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park, located in downtown Memphis and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, which is located a few miles away.

Three council members abstained from voting.

The idea for the resolution to change the name of all three parks emerged Monday morning, after council members learned of a state House bill that would prevent parks named after historical military figures from being renamed.

More @ Fox