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The real Left wing threat to Obama

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The real left wing threat to President isn’t a primary challenge from someone in his own party like Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold or Dennis Kucinich. The real threat comes from Leftists who will support Ron Paul if the latter has a chance of winning the GOP nomination.

Indeed, it may be why more attacks are coming Paul’s way like today at the Washington Monthly or at AlterNet or from Steve Kornacki at Salon or from Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. Apparently they don’t want Leftists or checking Paul out and perhaps liking what they at least have in common. Maybe they don’t want them voting for Paul in open primaries (of which there are 18 in which independents and or Democrats can vote in for a grand total of 874 delegates) to help Paul win the GOP nomination which would really put President Obama in a tight spot being the pro-war, pro-big bank candidate (and probably getting the endorsement of Rush Limbaugh on top of that). No, they don’t want this to happen.

Here are some Left win voices sympathetic to Ron Paul from Glenn Greenwald and Charles Davis over at Counterpunch. And there’s the Facebook page “Blue Republican”

What "The Help" Says About America and Obama

Interesting take, though I don't agree with all.

The movie "the Help" has of this writing (Friday, Aug 26, 2011) made approximately $82 million at the box office, against a production budget of only $25 million and a publicity budget quite likely of $30 million. The movie is well on its way to being at least mildly profitable, though nothing like the big-budget winners of say, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 or the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But still, the movie has been successful. It is worth noting the reasons why the movie (and before it New York Times best-selling novel) has succeeded in what the movie says about America ... and Obama's chances of being re-elected.

Of course, a good deal of the movie's success has to do with counter-programming. It is quite simply the only chick-flick available now. Women like to go to see movies too, and the idea of say, sitting through Cowboys and Aliens or some other action film doesn't appeal to them. In the same way that Jason Statham movies often take advantage of being the only action flick around, this movie benefits from savvy scheduling. The success of the novel, of course is reflective that the bulk of the book-buying public are women. No one would argue that Twilight is a work of great mastery, but women ate up that stuff like crazy. Romance novels from Barbara Cartland on have sold well, and if instead of Fabio on the cover there is the thrill of a hunky, glittery-gay vampire lurking inside the novel, well that's just the market working to serve a hungry readership and audience.

And yes, the "help" even in say, early 1960's Jackson Mississippi was far more likely to be named Frigidaire, or Kitchenmaid, or Hoover, than anything else. Few American housewives had domestic servants of any kind, back then, and even fewer today. Those who do tend to be on the rich side of things. The reality is that Rich and Powerful Black Men employ domestic servants, and these servants tend to be illegal aliens from Mexico. Not downtrodden Black women in the 1960's caring for White babies. The real "help" was automation, and machines, that made domestic life entirely different, in rich countries first and then poor nations. Hans Rosling remembers how in Sweden, his grand-mother cried when she got her first Washing Machine:

Elizabeth Wright, RIP, regardless of your "detractors"

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She posted often on SHNV and I was an avid reader of her Issues & Views.
Her last post below.

Monday, June 20, 2011

To all those friends I never met

If all goes according to plan, I shall be entering a hospice for cancer care. I wish I knew how to show my appreciation for all the fine minds I was able to interact with over the years, thanks to this technology. There are so many who I truly admire, and you know who you are. Your sensible and intelligent approach to politics and to life in general kept me sane throughout many crazed actions by our "leaders."

I regret the many writings, especially responses, unaccomplished, and the many deeds undone or unfinished. I do hope many find the posts on this blog worthwhile, and continue to read some of them.

Goodnight and goodnight.

-- Elizabeth

Another Shining Illustration of Left-Wing, Anti-Racist "Tolerance"

Readers of AltRight are typically well aware of the sham nature of the Left's commitment to "tolerance," "diversity," and all their other favorite buzzwords. But the reaction of the One People's Project, a kind of left-wing parody, to the news of Elizabeth Wright's passing really drives home the point of what the cultural Marxist Left is really about. Like their Stalinist forbears, no dissent or genuine independence of thought is permitted, not even from those on whose behalf they claim to speak, whether workers or blacks. Here's some "anti-racist tolerance" for you:


Elizabeth Wright

Defense and collectivist legislators


This applies equally to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington DC.

Re-post: Man in the Door

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Non-interventionist = Anti-Semitic!

Joe Sobran: Requiem in pacem

1946 – 2010

Joseph Sobran , his race run, died on Thursday.

An editor at The National Review for 18 of his 21-year career at TNR, if you do not know of him, it is perhaps because he was long ago sacrificed on the neoconservative altar of perpetual war and thereafter became another of those “who must not be named” by the mainstream media.

“No one so explicitly or deftly connects what is happening in the world today to the loss of our freedom and the systematic usurpations of government — absolutely no one. Sobran is a cross between Mencken, Nock, and Cato’s letters.”
— Sheldon Richman, editor of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty.

“Perhaps the finest columnist of our generation.”
— Patrick J. Buchanan

“Joe Sobran is a national treasure.”
— Llewellyn Rockwell Jr


Jeffery Lord‘s ridiculous piece in the American Spectator cannot be taken seriously as an intellectual argument. Using an early 1980s term which once described Democrats like Gary Hart and Paul Tsongas and which came to fruition in the Clinton/Blair era to try and make Ron Paul be the “other” as it were in our modern politics has nothing to do with trying to make people think. But Lord know this as well as anyone because it is not his intention to make a cohesive argument for opinion makers. Instead he is making a political argument with a specific purpose in mind. He is trying to discourage the presumably conservative readers of the magazine and others who will read the article online from even considering Paul as a second or third choice among many, but to rule him out completely. And he doing so with similar tactics one finds by reading SPLC manifestos or listening to Cultural Marxian critics within the academe.

Then again, being “politically correct” has never been the sole discretion of Left. It is a tactic which can be employed by any ideologue of any persuasion wishing to damage a political opponent or cause or movement by separating the candidate or activists as individuals and making them part of something bigger, more sinister in its design by either the company they keep, intentional or not; by what they’ve written, even if out of context or long ago (or in the case of Ron Paul not at all) and by their supposed place in history and what they connect back to. Lord employed the entire arsenal in order to go after Paul and no doubt the people who published this article thought they were getting “In Search of Anti-Semitism II” referring back to infamous essay written by National Review founder and editor Bill Buckley whose basic design, like Lord’s, was to forever connect Buchanan with fever swamps of anti-Jewish conspiracy mongers regardless that Buchanan the extremist worked for two Presidents, had a syndicated column and was a pundit for many media shows.

Buckley’s smears did not keep Buchanan from the mainstream (although that wasn’t true for Joe Sobran) anymore than Lord’s load of filth will affect Ron Paul’s impact on politics. But having insulted the Lord’s piece from being anything worth reading, I wish to dwell upon it if only to marvel at the obsession those within the “conservative establishment” (or as I have called it “Conservative INC.) with anything which has to deal with the state Israel and or anti-Semitism. Like the Left when it comes to race, those who would call themselves conservatives seem to have their ears more wide open on this topic than anything else.