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This is Mosby


 Numerous years of Val from FNC.  More at Nam South

V.P. Hughes, A Thousand Points of Truth: The History and Humanity of Colonel John Singleton Mosby in Newsprint (XLIBRIS, 2016).

Given command over a semi-independent unit of partisan rangers in the Army of Northern Virginia, a dashing young Confederate major led a cavalry raid at the Fairfax county courthouse, deep behind Federal lines. With just a handful of men and the element of surprise, he captured three Federal officers (including a brigadier general asleep in his tent), fifty-eight soldiers, thirty horses, and all of their supplies. Awakening the general with a slap across his backside, the major curtly asked the general if he knew of “Mosby.”  “Yes, have you caught him” inquired the dazed and confused general. “I am Mosby,” replied the major, to the general’s horror.

John Singleton Mosby was and is one of the most controversial figures in the War of Southern Independence – an era with no shortage of controversy. In Valerie Protopapas Hughes’ new book A Thousand Points of Truth: The History and Humanity of Col. John Singleton Mosby in Newsprint, published by Xlibris, she argues forcefully that Mosby is “gravely misunderstood” and “wrongly misrepresented.” By drawing exhaustively (and I do mean exhaustively) from contemporaneous newspapers throughout his life, Ms. Hughes has written not only a refreshing corrective to the misunderstanding, misinformation, and myth of Mosby, but also a useful history of Mosby historiography. In other words, Ms. Hughes has not just written about what actually happened, but about what did not happen – a history of what is true and what is false.

First Winter At Teresa Sue's New Place

"I'm finally starting to feel better, now if spring would just sprung, I'd be happy! Thought you might enjoy these wintery pics of our place. Take care...."

Throwback Photos From The Vietnam War (51 pics)

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Throwback Photos From The Vietnam War (51 pics) 


  Bob Hope Show, Long Binh 1967   
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Kel-Tec’s New 40+1 Capacity KSG 12-Gauge!


Kel-Tec made a huge splash a few years ago with the SHOT Show introduction of the KSG, a bullpup shotgun with dual magazine tubes and an outstanding 13-round capacity. Its popularity lead to countless other bullpup-style shotguns.

Often imitated but never duplicated, I think we all wondered how Kel-Tec could possibly top that one. Well, now we have an answer. Enter the updated pump-action KSG-25.

The 25 in KSG-25 is due to the fact that it holds 25 rounds of 12 gauge. Full-size shells. An entire box. And if you load up with Augula Mini Shells, you get a capacity of 40+1. This is pretty insane to contemplate, no matter the size of the gun.

It would be easy to dismiss this gun as novelty. I’m not even much of a shotgun guy, so I wanted to hate it. But when you pick it up and really consider the way it handles, it is a pretty badass piece of gear. Pretty much ends my argument against shotguns as being to slow to reload in a home defense gun.

If you can’t solve it with 41 rounds of buckshot, you probably need something belt fed and friends. This thing is like a hand held Claymore. The Kel-Tec fans are going to love it, the haters are going to tell us it’s impractical, and Kel-Tec’s competition in the shotgun industry is going to try and copy it as fast as they can. Another big innovation from Kel Tec, this one is sure to be a hit.

Are Americans Racists?

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“Racist” is the favorite epithet of the left. Every white person (except leftists) is a racist by definition.

As we are defined as racists based on our skin color, I am puzzled why we are called racists a second, third, and fourth time due to specific acts, such as favoring the enforcement of immigration laws. For example, President Donald Trump says he is going to enforce the immigration laws. For the left this is proof that Trump has put on the White Sheet and joined the KKK.

The left doesn’t say what a president is who does not enforce the laws on the books. But let’s look at this from the standpoint of the immigration laws themselves. In 1965 a bill passed by the “racist” Congress and signed by the “racist” President Lyndon Johnson completely changed the racial composition of US legal immigration.

In 1960 75% of US legal immigration was European, 5% was Asian, and 19% was from Americas (Mexico, Central and South America and Caribbean Islands).

Outgoing NC Governor Bullied By DC Gaystapo Mob

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 IMAGE: Facebook

 While visiting Washington, DC on Inauguration Day and walking down the street with Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs, recently defeated North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory was verbally accosted by radical socialists and gay activists, because of his support of the state’s “House Bill 2” last year.  

video posted on Facebook shows Greensboro radical Udai Basavaraj and others following McCrory, Dobbs and a couple of aides down a DC alley where they are cornered and have nowhere to escape — until law enforcement arrives. The incident goes on for a few minutes, that seem longer. The mob shouts repeatedly at McCrory, “Shame, shame,” and among the comments yelled were, “Shame on you,” “You’re a bigot and an a**hole,” “You’re not a man, you’re a coward.”

Meanwhile rioters smashed storefronts and burned vehicles elsewhere in Washington on Friday. And according to Breitbart.com, protesters attacked actor Scott Baio when he attended the Liberty Ball at the Inauguration.

CDC cancels major climate change conference

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CDC cancels major climate change conference

A statement from the CDC said it was considering plans to reschedule the conference, though it also acknowledged it would have to do so with consideration to budget priorities and another climate change meeting to be hosted by the American Public Health Association later this year.

It said it had begun notifying conference participants of the cancellation on Dec. 22.

News of the meetings cancellation came just three days after President Trump formally took office.

 The newly-inaugurated president has repeatedly denied, or at least questioned, the notion that human activity is causing rapid shifts in the Earth’s climate, at one point calling the phenomenon a “hoax” propagated by China.

More @ The Hill

EPA freezes grant programs

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EPA freezes grant programs: reports

President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has frozen its grant programs, according to multiple reports.

EPA grants, which fund – among other things – cleanup of toxic sites, air quality monitoring, water quality testing – have been halted and EPA staff has been told not to discuss the order, the Huffington Post reported.

Myron Ebell, who ran the EPA transition for Trump, confirmed the “basics of the freeze” to ProPublica Monday night but said.

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Trump abandons TPP, freezes nonmilitary federal hiring and limits federal funding for abortions abroad.

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Putting into action his campaign’s tough talk on trade, President Trump signed an executive order Monday that formally withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal.

Mr. Trump could end the U.S. participation with 11 other Pacific Rim nations with the stroke of a pen because Congress had not ratified the ambitious accord despite strong support from business groups and President Obama. Nevertheless, the withdrawal put Capitol Hill and foreign governments on notice that the president would demand better deals on a one-on-one basis.

After signing the document, Mr. Trump declared that it was a “great thing for the American worker.”