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Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media

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Can you imagine participating in a protest outside the White House and forcing the entire U.S. government to resign? Can you imagine a group of randomly chosen private citizens rewriting the U.S. constitution to include measures banning corporate fraud? It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that.  Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country.

The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them. In fact, all of the events that unfolded were recorded by international journalists, overseas news bureaus, citizen journalists and bloggers. This has created current accusations of an intentional cover up of the story by mainstream U.S. news sources.

Misinformation campaign helped by complicit anti-gun media


See the News and Observer's “Under the Dome” recent 'gift to gun control', and MAKE SURE to comment! We need to oppose gun control squibs such as this:

"In the year since the horrific shooting in Newtown, CT, our state legislature, by mandating guns on playgrounds, parks, and restaurants and bars families frequent, has increased the chances a child will be shot, not decreased it, as other, more responsible states have done. . . "

Moms Demand” is the newest astroturf spin-off of Bloomberg's MAIG cabal of anti-gun mayors. This incarnation is particularly insidious as it claims to represent mothers concerned about the safety of their children. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. They want kids to continue to be defenseless targets in “Gun Free” schools, just like the Sandy Hook victims were.

Moms Demand” is actually a small group of elitist gun control extremists led by former Monsanto communications executive Shannon Watts. Watts is a PR expert and hired hand on Bloomberg's payroll. The “Moms” angle is morbidly intended to divert sympathy following the Newtown tragedy, a ruse they intend to exploit to it's fullest on the rapidly approaching December 14th anniversary.

Unfortunately, local media is giving them support and helping them prey on emotions to attack the rights of North Carolinians. 

Gun Control “Moms” Lie 

Gun control is founded on lies, and “Moms” is no exception. First, the group claims to have 120,000 members, with 6000 in North Carolina. This despite existing less than a year and only having only two “members” that have been identified in our state.

One of their first dishonest “Moms” campaigns was directed against Texas Open Carry, a group pushing to end the handgun open carry ban in that state. Unlike in our state, Texans may only openly carry long guns. The group ran afoul of four “Moms” who took pictures of the group, claiming that they were intentionally “intimidating” them. It turns out the group peacefully posed for pictures that a clandestine “Mom” photographer requested.

More recently Staples, Inc., an office supply chain that recognizes state carry laws has come under attack. “Moms” have been attempting to brow-beat local managers into posting against lawful carry. Desperate to claim victory in an over-promoted and under-supported campaign, they dishonestly claimed victory in a Virginia outlet, perhaps thinking that nobody would notice. Thankfully, our northern friends of the Virginia Citizens Defense League were monitoring the situation, and blew the lid off “Moms” subterfuge. The location in question remains unposted and management reports no plans to do so.

More recently in our state, frustrated by GRNC's successful “High Risk Restaurants” campaign to identify and discourage dangerous posting against carry, “Moms” have taken matters into their own hands by posting eateries without permission. Our colleague Sean Sorrentino at an NC Gun Blog details one such failed attempt. GRNC supporters should be on the look-out for more, making sure to use GRNC High Risk Restaurant Cards to report posted locations. This will help us root-out those misposted by lying “Moms”.

More on victory in Alamance County

We are grateful for critical assistance by radio station WBAG and specifically Harry Myers' TalkLine show for getting out the word on the proposed open carry ban. 

Volunteers Needed!

Second Amendment supporters with writing talent and computer skills are needed to help in creating communications and alerts. If you are capable in these areas, please consider volunteering. Your help is needed in our fight to preserve Second Amendment freedom. Please email with a description of your abilities and contact information. 

A dead f'n Commie = a Good Day



Any Communist who dies of natural causes at 95 years of age is an insult to every scrap of goodness in the world.

Fugg'him, with a chainsaw, sideways.

US Below Average Of Top Countries In Reading, Science, And Math


Screen Shot 2013 12 03 at 5.29.16 AM


Gee, Common Communist Core will make it all right..........

The OECD is out with new global rankings of how students in various countries do in reading, science, and math. Results of the full survey can be found and delved into here.

You can see below how Asian countries are obliterating everyone else in these categories.

The United States, meanwhile, ranks below the OECD average in every category. And as the WSJ notes, the US has slipped in all of the major categories in recent years:

The results from the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which are being released on Tuesday, show that teenagers in the U.S. slipped from 25th to 31st in math since 2009; from 20th to 24th in science; and from 11th to 21st in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which gathers and analyzes the data in the U.S.

Stolen Confederate cross recovered after theft from cemetery


 The cross that was recovered from the scrap dealer. (Dec. 6, 2013/FOX Carolina)

The Union County Sheriff said that one cross monument has been recovered after several of them were stolen from a Union County cemetery.

Sheriff David Taylor said the cross was recovered from an area scrap dealer in Union County on Friday.

Taylor said a person working at the scrap yard saw FOX Carolina's coverage of the cemetery theft and notified the sheriff's office.

Union County deputies said sometime within the past month, a thief or thieves went into the Flat Rock Cemetery in Jonesville and stole two of the metal monuments near grave sites for Confederate veterans.

Rebecca Gault, who has family buried at the cemetery, said she believes the monuments were stolen sometime between monthly visits her family makes to the cemetery.

More with video @ Fox

Teen Won’t Stop Wearing Confederate Flag Belt Buckle to School, Despite Suspension (Video)


article image

Cody Long has been warned by Mason High School to stop wearing a Confederate flag belt buckle to school.

The teen started wearing the controversial belt buckle to the Mason, Ohio school after the friend, who gave it to him, died (video below).

“I don’t like to pick fights that much,” Long told Fox 19. “I am not one to start them, but I am one to finish it.”

Mason High School officials suspended Long over getting into a fight over the belt buckle, but his mother, Tammy Long, defended her son, “Just because you are offended by something, doesn’t meant you have to stop someone else from using it.”

“He won’t be ‘him’ if someone continues to tell us how to be and how to dress and how to act,” she added.

Extortion 17 Navy SEAL’s Letter Shows Demoralization of Special Forces


Following my interview with the father of fallen Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn and subsequent articles on the issue of Extortion 17, I purchased a copy of Billy Vaughn’s book titled Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father. As I am about halfway through the book, I have already come across information that needs to get out into the public via With that in mind, two days after Thanksgiving, Mr. Vaughn called me, and I made sure it would be OK in making this first post as well as other posts to follow. This is a lengthy post, but America needs to know what her Special Forces are having to endure under the current administration and how they are being demoralized, ultimately making them less, shall we say, “special.” That is using the SEAL’s words below.

The following is a letter the Vaughn received from his son Aaron in 2010, just before he was killed aboard Extortion 17 in Afghanistan, along with nearly 3 dozen Special Forces in what was the largest loss of life in the Afghan War. Mr. Vaughn is not sure if Aaron wrote it or if another SEAL wrote it and so he simply says that the author is anonymous. I suggest reading my interview with Billy Vaughn for some background that is relevant to what is being said first, if you have not read it. If you wish to purchase Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father, click here to order a paperback or electronic copy.

With the permission of Billy Vaughn, here is the raw version of the letter (pgs. 76-82).

Death of a Team Guy


Waiting Game: Kansas Hunter Takes His Time and Kills a 17-Point Buck


Jeremiah Bunch of Scandia, Kan., had a feeling that the 4 ½-year-old whitetail he first spotted in 2011 had the potential to be a truly special buck, so he let it walk—not once but a half-dozen times over the course of two deer seasons. This year his patience paid off when he killed the Sunflower State giant after the formerly symmetrical 4-by-4 sprouted a gnarly, 17-point non-typical rack that gross-scored a whopping 215 inches.

Homeless man kills armed burglar


He was once assigned to Army mission reconnaissance during the first Gulf War in Iraq. Like too many veterans, his life after the service translated into a series of challenges that finally had him living on the streets.

The man, who doesn't want to be identified, was befriended by a business owner in the Aldine area, who gave him a place to park his truck, which doesn't run. The man lives in it when it's cold. In return, he keeps an eye on the property at night.

Before 1am Thursday, that arrangement was put to the test. Three armed robbers were trying to break into a mobile home used for storage on the property. The vet scared them off -- or so he thought. But he did rattle them enough that one of the robbers dropped his weapon.

More with video @ ABC

WWII German Paratroopers: Historical reconstruction and period photographs

Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square

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 An unarmed, emotionally disturbed man shot at by the police as he was lurching around traffic near Times Square in September has been charged with assault, on the theory that he was responsible for bullet wounds suffered by two bystanders, according to an indictment unsealed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Wednesday.

Whitehall Confederate Memorial Park LaGrange NC

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Whitehall Memorial Park Dedication Service

Open Letter To Anti-Gun Politicians, Activists, and Citizens

 Firearms Expert Andrew Tuohy Dissects Obama's Gun Lies

Andrew Touhy is one of the more cerebral gun writers and trainers out there, and when he decides to put an idea to pixels, it is almost always worth reading.

Yesterday, he posted “An Open Letter to Anti-Gun Politicians, Activists, and Citizens,” which proposed that if  the various citizen control groups aren’t anti-gun bullies, really want to exercise “gun sense,” and are serious about “compromise,” then there are some areas in which they should be willing to to make rational amendments to federal guns laws.

He points out three very logical candidates for amendment.
  1. removing suppressors from the NFA registry
  2. creating 50-state concealed carry reciprocity with decent standards
  3. ending import restrictions on firearms otherwise legal in the United States

The Hanging of Mary Surratt–Judicial murder and government dirty linen–part one

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[Image: seatofhonor.png]

Awhile back Robert Redford made a movie about the hanging of Mary Surratt which was called The Conspirator. Although I have not seen it, I have been told it was fairly good. Redford, I guess, didn’t get it all right, but he got some of it right–almost a first from someone from Hollyweird. Redford has never been one of my favorite movie entertainers. I’ve always felt he was a bit left of center and I am curious as to why he chose the topic of Mary Surratt’s demise by the U.S. government to make a movie out of. When the DVD gets down to an affordable price, if I can find it, I will pick one up to see exactly what he did with Mary Surratt and her tragic story.

After the assassination of Obama’s spiritual ancestor, Abraham Lincoln, eight people were put on trial and found guilty–four sentenced to long prison terms and the other four sentenced to hang. One of those sentenced to be hung was Mary Eugenia Jenkins Surratt, the first woman ever to be hung in the United States.  John Wilkes Booth had supposedly been shot (that’s another whole story in itself) and John Surratt, Mary’s son, had escaped to Canada. Eventually he would make his way to Europe. These eight seemingly were all that were left and the government wanted to make sure they talked as little as possible to anyone.

Piece of CSS Georgia brought to surface in Savannah

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She didn't have enough power to maneuver and effectively trade artillery rounds with enemy vessels in the swift Savannah River. Instead, the locally produced CSS Georgia, a one-of-a-kind ironclad produced for the Confederacy during the Civil War, became a stationary floating battery, bristling with artillery pieces.

She did her job.

The Yankees, intent on taking Savannah, Georgia, refused to take on the CSS Georgia or other nearby defense obstructions.

The CSS Georgia won the battle, but lost the war: The vessel was scuttled in December 1864 shortly before Union forces took Savannah and presented the city to President Abraham Lincoln as a Christmas present. The shipwreck has rested in the murky river since, rarely disturbed and having weathered the indignity of being hit during dredging a couple of times over the years.

More with video @ CNN

Obama Approval Down Most Among Hispanics in Past Year


Hispanics' approval has fallen from 75% in December 2012 to 52% in November

 President Barack Obama's job approval rating averaged 41% in November, down 12 percentage points from 53% last December, his high-water mark since his first year in office. Hispanics' approval has dropped 23 points over the last 12 months, the most among major subgroups, and nearly twice the national average. His approval rating also showed above-average declines among low-income Americans, nonwhites, moderates, and moderates who identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party.

More @ Gallup

Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday

“[Democrats] just spent all year trying to effectively destroy the gun lobby, so why in heaven's name [should] we give them this Christmas present?" -- GOA’s Michael Hammond on the plastic gun ban (ABC News, Dec. 3, 2013)

The U.S. House of Representatives did a very dangerous thing Tuesday -- and, apparently, it did so with the consent of one gun organization.

By voice vote, the House slammed through a ten-year reauthorization of the poorly drafted 1988 plastic gun ban.

Lest anyone be confused about how the anti-gun Left views this, USA Today crowed, on the front page of Wednesday's newspaper that the “HOUSE SAYS YES TO ONE GUN BILL -- Plastic gun ban only firearm legislation to pass since November.”

Taken alone, this gives the Obama administration, if it chooses, another three years to use the 1988 law to ban large numbers of guns.

But there is an even bigger danger:  Chuck Schumer held a press conference the same day to indicate that he will use the House-passed bill as a vehicle to pass even more gun control.  We don't expect to know Schumer's bill number or language before he actually offers it, but it will purport to deal with guns from 3-D printers, while actually being much broader.

So here's what we are doing: We are asking our friends in the Senate to put a “hold” on any effort by Schumer to amend the House bill.

The Senate will only be in session four or five days next week before the House goes out for the year, and Schumer may not be able to get time on the Senate floor without “unanimous consent” from all senators.

So, by doing this, we would force Schumer to give up on his vehicle for banning printer-guns if he wanted any reauthorization of the 1988 bill.  If Schumer remains adamant, there will be no reauthorization at all.  Even if he capitulates, we'll see what happens.

It's not a perfect outcome.  But we think it's an outcome we can probably achieve.

ACTION:   Click here to Contact your Senators.  Ask them to oppose any effort by Senator Chuck Schumer to add gun control to the H.R. 3626, the plastic gun ban reauthorization which passed in the House.

Mince Meat Pie


Dixie's comment after her first bite ever:  "It tastes like Christmas!":) Mother always had it brought to the table blazing.

Nelson Mandela: Role Model or Criminal?

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If there is ONE video on YouTube that I wish will go viral it will be the one I've embedded on this page featuring a courageous Soldier of Christ, Dr. Peter Hammond, sharing truths our modern-day era is fast forgetting. My wish will obviously never materialize, because far too many people in the world have been horribly mislead and indoctrinated by the covert elite’s massive and untiring propaganda machine.
“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” Golda Meir, 4th Prime Minister of Israel (1969 – 1974) - from her autobiography, My Life

NOTE: The video shared in this posting mentions the propaganda-film Invictus. Click here to read more about the movie on this blog.
While I agree with the all too familiar contention that we should put the past behind us and move on, I have a major issue with propaganda that distorts or attempts to erase the truths of a previous era that I, and a substantial amount of other people, lived our lives in.
While keeping these truths alive is one of the reasons why this blog still exists, I sometime get the feeling that most people do not really care whether this notion is sustained, or not. Perhaps they’re too afraid to stand up for what they truly believe in – too afraid they’ll be shunned by the rest of the herd. This topic will then also be the subject of my next posting titled: Propaganda = War = Public Relations.
More @ Tia Mysoa

Confederate-Friendly Search Engine

Via Virginia Flaggers 

Every day, we are forced to wade through an internet filled with articles and information about the War Between the States from the perspective of those who would rewrite history to fit their Anti-Southern agenda. Almost a year ago , Va Flaggers TriPp and Jack Lewis had an idea to try and do something about it and we launched the Confederate-Friendly search engine

The site is family friendly, and has fast, free access to facts and information that has been screened and streamlined to make searching for information about the War Between the States faster and more productive.

Why use instead of google or other search engines?

(1) We only index one topic: Southern History and Heritage from 1828 to present. (Type "Lee" on google and see how many results come up for LEE JEANS instead of General Lee... Then try ours.)

(2) We have quicker updates to our listed sites.

(3) We offer another place to locate information should google ever decide to censor the content in their search engine.

(4) We will allow only accurate information in our search engine. Hate pages, and sites with inaccurate and false information will be removed.

(5) No Pornography.

(6) With this new site, WE can start cataloging and documenting OUR Heritage and History for generations to come and REMAIN in CONTROL of this database when other search engines come and go.

We asked everyone to help us improve the search engine by doing the following:

(1) USE IT! Use it when you're researching the WBTS, ancestry, or any search related to the CSA. The more it is used, the better the results will be when people search in the future.

(2) Add your favorite websites using the link on the front page of the search engine.

Type of websites we would like to add to :

- Confederate Cemeteries

- Confederate Soldiers Lists

- Museums with Confederate Artifacts

- Newspapers collections from 1828 thru 1941

- Current day news articles concerning Confederate History

- Current day news articles on heritage violations.

- Historical Documents between 1828 to present day.

- UDC Websites

- SCV Camp websites

- Heritage defense websites

- Art work and pictures

- Maps

- Genealogy pages with family tree information

- Love letters and letters to family members...AND MUCH, MUCH MORE
-Pro Confederate Blog Sites

(3) If you see a link with inaccurate information or a link that should not be included, report it on the home page by copying and pasting the link from your address bar into the space provided on the website.'s it going...?

We are 11 months old now with over 1.3 million links in our database. Our content database is over 600 million records. We have had over 11,000 searches which is pretty good considering the only advertising we have done is on Facebook through different Confederate Heritage pages. The search engine has been shared through different home schooling website and pages, as well.

One of the reasons we created the website was to be able to have access to information when other sites fail or disappear. The recent government shutdown allowed us to test this.  When the Govt took down websites with maps and other historical information,  we were still able to provide cache copies of these pages to users who were searching for them.

We are currently working on two projects to expand on build on :

*The first one is a database of Confederate Soldiers, in which users enter their ancestors' information.  Folks will then be able to login and instantly pull up all links related to their ancestors, as well as be notified when new links have been added.

*The other project is we will be attempting to data mine and identify descendants of Confederate soldiers for the purposes of recruiting new members to the OCR/UDC/SCV and other organizations, as well as possible help meet the new VA requirement regarding the need to have next of kin request headstones.

WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!  Please continue use the search engine for research, and add links that you find that would be useful.

You can enter these links here

Bill Whittle Crucifies California and Useful Fools

Start Fire With A Water Bottle

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