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Nice Job America........

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Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption




Late Tuesday night, the pundits on TV began jabbering incomprehensibly along the lines of, "What does it mean?"

The American people -- or, at the very least, a sufficient plurality of them -- decided that they want another four years of clumsy policy failures and vengeful "progressivism," as Democrats nowadays describe their agenda for wrecking what remains of our constitutional republic. Even before the unmitigated political disaster of November 6, 2012, a date that will live in infamy, the prospects of salvaging the United States were not particularly hopeful. Now, however, we are permanently and irretrievably screwed.

Let's not mince words, eh? It was one thing, obviously, for the electorate to choose Barack Obama in 2008, when Bush-era "brand damage" was still a fresh irritant in the wounds of a war-weary nation. Four years ago, Obama was untested and enshrouded in the glowing mantle of Hope. No intelligent person could possibly believe that "Lightworker" crap anymore, but then again, it's been a long time since any intelligent person believed anything a Democrat said. The cretins and dimwits have become an effective governing majority, and the question for conservatives at this point is perhaps not, "What does it mean?" but rather, "Why should we bother ourselves resisting it any longer?"

Alas, as always, the duty of the Right is to manfully endure, to survive the defeat and stubbornly oppose the vaunting foe, and so this brutal shock, this electoral catastrophe, must be absorbed and digested. At some point next week or next month or next year, then, we shall recover our morale and plot some new stratagem for the future. In the immediate aftermath of Tuesday's debacle, however, it is difficult to see any glimmer of light amid the encroaching gloom. Surely, there are many Americans who now sympathize with that New York infantryman who, in the bleak winter of 1862, when the Union's Army of the Potomac was under the incompetent command of Gen. Ambrose Burnside, wrote home in forlorn complaint: "Mother, do not wonder that my loyalty is growing weak.… I am sick and tired of the disaster and the fools that bring disaster upon us."

The search for scapegoats always attends political defeat, and Republicans have no shortage of candidates for the role, beginning with Todd Akin, whose ill-considered remarks about "legitimate rape" during an August interview set off a nationwide demand that he quit as the GOP nominee against Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Akin went down to ignominious defeat Tuesday, as did Indiana's Richard Mourdock, who upset Republican Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary but then imploded after making Akin-esque comments about rape and abortion. Perhaps pro-life groups should sponsor a training session for political candidates, teaching them how to answer "gotcha" questions without either ceding anything to the abortion lobby or offending voters with off-the-cuff comments about rape. But Akin and Mourdock were just two names on a long list of bloodbaths for GOP Senate candidates, a massacre that also defeated Republican candidates in Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Maine, Massachusetts and elsewhere.

The list of fools who have brought this disaster upon us certainly also will include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the gelatinous clown who (a) hogged up a prime time spot at the Republican convention to sing his own praises; (b) embraced Obama as the hero of Hurricane Sandy; and (c) then refused to appear at campaign events in support of Romney's presidential campaign. Good luck with the remainder of your political future, governor. It is unlikely Republicans shall soon forget your perfidious betrayal.

Well, then, what shall we say of Mitt Romney himself? He did not run a bad campaign. He excited the party's conservative base with his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, and Romney's stunning victory in the first presidential debate Oct. 3 ignited a surge of momentum that seemed destined to carry him all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I fondly recall the night after the debate when, in Fisherville, Virginia, a crowd twice the size of the town turned out to cheer Romney and Ryan at a jubilant rally. A few minutes before 1 a.m. this morning, the TV networks called Obama the winner in Virginia, a result that seemed impossible a month ago. The margin of Romney's defeat in Virginia -- as in the other major battleground states of Florida and Ohio -- was quite slender, but it was a defeat nonetheless.

Romney's campaign staff furiously challenged the fact of their defeat, so that the loser's concession speech was postponed until the wee hours of the morning. One can scarcely blame them for refusing to admit such a grim reality, but the reality could not be escaped. When Romney finally took the stage in Boston, he graciously said, "I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation." Prayers notwithstanding, the only success the current president is likely to have is in guiding our nation straight toward a destination that proverbially waits at the end of a road paved with good intentions.

What is left to hope for? That the American people will soon regret their choice? That another four years of economic stagnation and escalating debt will cure them of their insane appetite for charismatic liberals? If four years of endless failure have not rid them of this madness, the disease may well be terminal. Perhaps others will still see some cause for hope, and in another few weeks my friends may persuade me to see it, too. But today I will hear no such talk, and I doubt I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. At the moment, I am convinced America is doomed beyond all hope of redemption, and any talk of the future fills me with dread and horror.

Happy "Freedom Day" to South Africa

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Whites enjoying the ultimate freedom

The 27th of April is "Freedom Day" in South Africa. This is a public holiday held to commemorate the first 'free' elections when millions of voters, who can be relied upon to vote blindly and unthinkingly for the ANC, were allowed to vote.

The day also marks the transformation of the pariah Apartheid state into the "Rainbow Nation," an event which saw White South Africans suddenly transformed, in the eyes of the Westrn media, from evil, racist Boers to tolerant, enlightened SWPLs. This improvement of image was definitely something worth accepting minority status for.

While all South Africans are grateful for the wonderful gift of freedom, some of them also like to remember the sacrifices made to achieve it. Here is a list of these worthy sacrifices posted on Facebook by one of my South African friends, Raymond Wilson: 
Handing an amazing country over to a Pro-Marxist ANC Government who "negotiated" whilst continuing their "armed struggle"The total breakdown of law and order
 The systematic theft and corruption that resulted in the destruction of world class hospitals
 The replacement of honest and hard working police personnel with former criminals and murderers
 Eroding the once mighty and highly respected South African Defence Force into a ragtag, undisciplined army, where most combat soldiers are over 40 years of age and HIV positive
The corruption that saw the South African armed forces spend US$ 5.5 billion on weapons ill suited to African conditions
The systematic racial attacks on law-abiding White citizens whose only crime was voting in favour of change during the last Whites-only referendums
The orchestrated and senseless attacks on and murder of White farmers
The collapse of the education system, with the government dumbing down standards rather than attempting to improve the state education system
Corruption at every level of government with nepotism at every level that results in family members and friends of the government being awarded lucrative state tenders
The ANC government propping up the Mugabe regime and supplying Africa's most undemocratic despot state with electricity whilst ordinary South Africans suffer with daily power cuts
The militarization of 3000 ANC youths under the "Narysec" program where they will receive two years of advanced military training by the SADF
The new and unjustified e-Toll system where motorists have to pay toll fee to use existing roads. This practise being brought in without any consultation or negotiation, however "black taxis" are exempt
The list is endless and if this is the price we have had to pay for freedom, I think we'd be better off if S.A. had stayed the way it was under Apartheid

GRNC-PVF Alert 11-7-12 Congrats … and get ready


First, congratulations are due to North Carolina gun voters who ensured our state was the only battleground state to repulse the Obama machine. Better yet, thanks to your efforts, anti-gun candidates went down in flames around the state. This is the closest thing to a “clean sweep” GRNC-PVF has ever managed.


Frankly, with your help the GRNC Political Victory Fund kicked butt. In congressional races, the three districts in which GRNC-PVF was active, all saw pro-gun victories, with Richard Hudson (USH-08, GRNC ****), Mark Meadows (USH-11, ****) and George Holding (USH-13, ****) all winning their races. There may yet be a 4th victory, with the race in USH-07 being still too close to call. Unfortunately, the NRA endorsed anti-gun incumbent Mike McIntyre (GRNC **, with a pro-gun voting record of only 74%) against GRNC-recommended challenger David Rouzer, whose 100% pro-gun voting record in the NC Senate earned GRNC’s highest 4-star (****) evaluation. NRA members should contact the organization and ask them why they might have helped to re-elect an anti-gun incumbent against a superior challenger.


In the governor’s race and NC Council of State races relevant to gun rights, you were tentatively 3 for 3, with Governor Pat McCrory, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and conservative Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby winning their races. (Note: As of this writing, Forest is ahead by only 0.2%, with opponent Linda Coleman not yet conceding.)


An early analysis of General Assembly races indicates that of 35 NC Senate races in which GRNC-PVF made recommendations, 28 (80%) of the recommended candidates won. Of districts in which GRNC-PVF did mailings and/or robocalls in the General Election (in addition to primaries and runoffs), only one candidate lost. Big wins included Trudy Wade (NCS027, ****), Jeff Tarte (NCS027, ****) and Thom Goolsby (NCS009). These candidates will be leaders for your rights.


In the NC House, results were better still. GRNC-PVF made candidate recommendations in 70 races, helping to produce 58 winners (83%). Of the districts receiving mailings and/or robocalls, only one recommended candidate failed to win his race (a win rate of 88%). Notably, one Republican incumbent lost his reelection bid: Gaston Pridgeon (NCH046), who voted against gun owners in the last session of the General Assembly. Despite entreaties to mail for this RINO, GRNC-PVF not only refused the mailing, but also issued a recommendation that gun owners sit out the race. Pridgeon will not be missed.

As you are acutely aware, national results were not as satisfactory. Barack Obama, who stood before the world in the second presidential debate to call for re-implementation of the ban on semi-automatic firearms, saying he will “[see] if we can get an 'assault weapons ban reintroduced”, will now have what he described to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev as “more flexibility.” What else “more flexibility” entails we will soon see.

Well Done: The Demonization of Political Opponents in the Modern Era

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 Today on Facebook, the day after Barack Obama's stunning re-election, two acquaintances of mine - a 40-something man in Montreal and a 30-something woman in Vancouver - published this graphic:


In the latter case the "Doesn't seem like a coincidence..." tagline was added.

Here's the first part of the resulting discussion with the woman in Vancouver:

Me: Just so I understand your implication, if an American believes in fiscal responsibility and thus voted for Mitt Romney, then that makes them in support of slavery? Interested in your thoughts.

Her: It was not just 'fiscal responsibility' that Mitt Romney represents, it is also limits on human rights. Taking away large portions of a woman's ability to make decisions about her own body, LGBT rights, healthcare and education if you come from a less than privileged background, and much more beyond that.
I'm not making a direct comparison between slavery and voting (maybe the original creator of the image was, I don't know) however it does seem that certain values are entrenched.

On Facebook, I deliberately stayed silent about politics throughout the recent American presidential campaign. I felt that expressing my own opinions would accomplish nothing positive and only help to alienate my Left leaning friends & acquaintances, of which I have many.

What would a reasonable, middle-of-the-road person conclude from the comparison of an historical map that showed the "slave states" in America with a 2012 map that showed which states had Republican majorities?

I have MANY American friends who voted for Mitt Romney for one reason & one reason only: Fiscal Responsibility. It saddens me beyond belief that in 2012 the "level" of public discussion has devolved to a point where:

  • If you believe that able-bodied individuals should not be entitled to endless money from the government then you "hate the poor"

  • If you believe that ever growing annual deficits (now in the trillions) are a destructive thing and completely unsustainable then "you are unprogressive" and "your values are entrenched in the past"

  • If you believe that the term "marriage" should remain between a man & a woman, even if you want full benefits for gay couples, then you still "hate gay people"

  • If you criticize Barack Obama for ... well, anything ... then "you're a racist"

  • If you think there might be something wrong with aborting a perfectly healthy baby in the 2nd or 3rd trimester then "you are interfering with a woman making decisions about her own body" and "are waging a war against women"

  • If you are concerned about ever-escalating healthcare costs taking up a larger & larger percentage of the budget then "you don't care about the sick"

  • If you believe that public school teachers need to be accountable (ie. can be fired where warranted) then "you hate children"

  • If you don't believe in higher & higher taxes "for the rich" (aka "business owners grossing over $250K) then "you are selfish and hate the poor"

  • If you don't believe in the government getting involved in more & more private sector industries then "you are unenlightened and don't have a vision for the future"
Let's be clear, not everyone on the Left believes everything in this list but every point is very much part of the mainstream political narrative in America today. Some might suggest that these points represent a "Democrat strawman" I've invented but I believe not for they seem to form the basis of talking points repeated by so many on the Left.

Furthermore, based on the way Stephen Harper is similarly demonized, it's not too different in Canada either. The end result is that no actual problems ever get fixed. After all, how can two sides come to agreement on anything when one side believes themselves to be "enlightened and good" and is convinced the other side is "backwards and evil"?!

Defense lay offs Obama told the companies not to announce before the election

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Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division
ING Layoffs In State Are Unrelated To Massive Staff Reduction In Europe,0,5645363.story
Caterpillar’s Layoffs Parallel A Falling Monthly Copper Price Index
More Layoffs May Be In Store for Alcatel-Lucent
Boeing Telegraphs Layoffs in Defense, Space & Security Unit
Umatilla Chemical Depot plans layoffs this month, in 2013
Hawker Beechcraft to close plants in Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, cut more jobs

Time to part

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We are further apart now than in '61.

The Ron Paul Revolution Brings In 8 Congressmen


It is uncommon that a candidate, even one for President of the United States sparks a real movement, but that is exactly what has taken place over the past few years as people have listened to Ron Paul. Though the Texas Congressman lost his bid for the GOP nominee this year, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have an impact on the elections. In fact, he helped to secure eight of eleven House endorsements and one of six Senate endorsements.

Among those that Paul endorsed for the House of Representatives are:

Justin Amash, who is a Michigan freshman congressman, who vaulted over Democrat nominee Steve Pastka. The 32-ear old Amash is said to possibly hold the “mantle as the titular head of the Ron Paul movement in Congress.”

Also, Thomas Massie, an MIT trained scientist who won Kentucky’s 4th Congressional district race and not only gained support from the elder Paul, but also his son Senator Rand Paul.

Kerry Bentivolio, a retired high-school teacher and reindeer farmer also won in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. Bentivolio won election to finish the term of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, who resigned earlier in the year. He will have seniority over the other incoming freshman this year due to that fact.

Steve Stockman, who is a former congressman returns representing Texas’ 36th District after he easily defeated Democrat Max Martin. He served earlier from 1995-1997 and is known to be a strong advocate for the Second Amendment (like all Texans are) and ideologically similar to Ron Paul.
Randy Weber won the race against Democrat Nick Lampson to take Ron Paul’s seat in the 14th Congressional District of Texas.

Veterinarian Ted Yoho defeated Democrat Jacques Gaillot and will be representing Florida’s 3rd Congressional District.

Congressman Walter Jones also easily won his race against his Democrat opponent for North Carolina’s 3rd District. He has been an ally of Paul’s in opposition to the Iraq War and favors defending civil liberties in the so-called “war on terror.”

Of course, a few of those that Paul endorsed did not win. These include Congressman Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland, freshman congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois, and scientist Dr. Art Robinson.
In the Senate, only one of six of Paul’s endorsements won. Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz of Texas won his U.S. Senate race over Democrat Paul Sadler.

Allen West Demands A Recount


Rep. Allen West demanded a recount Wednesday as his close re-election bid against Patrick Murphy resulted in Murphy having a lead of less than 3,000 votes with 100 of the precincts reporting.

West’s campaign issued a statement:

Our race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome. Ensuring a fair and accurate counting off all ballots is of the utmost importance. There are still tens of thousands of absentee ballots to be counted in Palm Beach County and potential provisional ballots across the district.
Late last night Congressman West maintained a district wide lead of nearly 2000 votes until the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections “recounted” thousands of early ballots. Following that “recount” Congressman West trailed by 2,400 votes. In addition, there were numerous other disturbing irregularities reported at polls across St. Lucie County including the doors to polling places being locked when the polls closed in direct violation of Florida law, thereby preventing the public from witnessing the procedures used to tabulate results.
The St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office clearly ignored proper rules and procedures, and the scene at the Supervisor’s office last night could only be described as complete chaos. Given the hostility and demonstrated incompetence of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, we believe it is critical that a full hand recount of the ballots take place in St. Lucie County. We will continue to fight to ensure every vote is counted properly and fairly, and accordingly we will pursue all legal means necessary.
The race was incredibly close with Murphy taking 160,328 votes (50.4%) while Wast had 157,782 votes (49.6%).

Politico reports, 

GOP civil war: Herman Cain calls for third party

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 As the GOP fights itself in the wake of Mitt Romney's loss, calls for a third party emerge

GOP civil war: Herman Cain calls for third party

It’s been less than 24 hours since the polsl closed and already the first shots in an emerging civil war within the conservative movement are being fired. Right-leaning pundits have been taking turns beating up on Mitt Romney and blaming him for the loss last night. Donald Trump just tweeted,

“Congrats to @KarlRove on blowing $400 million this cycle. Every race @CrossroadsGPS ran ads in, the Republicans lost. What a waste of money.” And GOP leaders are already taking to the barricades on either side of the divide, which basically comes down to this question: Were Romney and the GOP too conservative or not conservative enough?

Steve Schmidt, a top Republican strategist who ran John McCain’s 2008 campaign, invoked the term on MSNBC this morning. “When I talk about a civil war in the Republican Party, what I mean is, it’s time for Republican elected leaders to stand up and to repudiate this nonsense [of the extreme right wing], and to repudiate it directly,” he said.

But on the other side of the fight, Herman Cain, the former presidential candidate who still has a robust following via his popular talk radio program and speaking tours, today suggested the most clear step to open civil war: secession. Appearing on Bryan Fischer’s radio program this afternoon, Cain called for a large faction of Republican Party leaders to desert the party and form a third, more conservative party.

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Feinstein rumored to be pushing semi-auto ban if Obama reelected

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California Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s Washington, D.C. “…staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF [Firearms Technology Branch/ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] legal staff to discuss a new ‘Assault Weapons Ban,” Jim Shepherd of The Shooting Wire reported yesterday, characterizing the meeting as a “rumor” based on “pretty good intelligence.”

Feinstein’s rumored bill “would ban pistol grips and "high-capacity" magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of ‘weapons in possession’" Shepherd writes.

Gun Rights Examiner has been holding on to identical information attempting to get verification, but with its publication in a prominent gun owner community venue, it becomes legitimate to share the discussion. This correspondent received an email from a source purported to be forwarded from Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which stated:
I just heard that Sen. Feinstein’s attorney is meeting right now with folks from FTB and ATF legal (Eric Epstein [legal], Todd Martin [Legal] and Earl Griffith [FTB] and others) to discuss a new SAW ban, that she would want to start pushing through as soon as (if) Obama gets reelected.
- - No pistol grip allowed
- - No HC Mags
- - No grandfathering
- - No sale permissible if in possession
That is all I know right now
This is certainly consistent with President Obama's call in the debates to re-up the federal semi-auto ban (as well as go after handguns), and is further circumstantially corroborated by a new NSSF release relating how Feinstein continues to defend ATF actions in Fast and Furious gunwalking, all the while still "claiming, erroneously, that 70 percent of guns seized in Mexico were traced to the United States."

Since Keane was the purported source of the email, he was the one to ask about its authenticity.
“Just got this forwarded to me--is it genuine?” this correspondent emailed earlier today.
No reply has been sent at this writing, so the query was extended to another insider source to probe its credibility.

"The ATF personnel noted are indeed the players,” the source replied, “but what is noticeably absent is anyone from the executive level, AD or DAD [Assistant Director/Deputy Assistant Director]--the policy implementer/makers. That part is strange and shows that while ATF may have had to go to the meeting, the Bureau and DoJ are not necessarily supportive.

More @ Examiner

Carteret County NC Election Results



Mitt Romney (R)    70%
Barack Obama (D)    29%

Why Mitt Romney Lost


Christopher Ruddy’s Perspective: It was the worst of times and the worst of times.

With the 2012 election results in, there are no short- or even medium-term "silver linings" for Republicans.

President Barack Obama has won a decisive victory and the GOP, expecting to gain Senate seats, actually had a net loss of three.

The "morning after" will bring the expected explanations and after-game quarterbacking. Still, it is important that the GOP understand why we lost this one in hopes of future victory.

Perhaps the easy explanation is that two hurricanes and two betrayals by Chris Christie killed Mitt Romney's chances.

The first hurricane was Isaac, the one that skirted Tampa in late August during the Republican convention. That one seriously disrupted the official schedule.

GOP star Marco Rubio — who gave the best speech of the convention — was bumped off prime-time TV coverage, and so was the video biography "introducing" Mitt to the nation.

Aging actor Clint Eastwood was scrambled into the schedule to offer a funny but often incoherent monologue with an empty chair. He stole Mitt's show. And prime-time keynoter Chris Christie barely mentioned the nominee or Obama in a speech that sounded like the New Jersey governor was pumping his re-election.

The ground lost in Tampa wasn't regained until the first debate in Denver, when Romney shined. It was the first, best, and last time he would really sparkle.

As a result of the debates, by late October polls showed that Romney was finally beginning to see a surge.

Then the second hurricane, Sandy, struck on Oct. 29. The campaign went into “freeze” mode while Obama swung into “commander in chief” mode. Romney's surge was suddenly frozen too.

Enter Iago.

It was perfectly fine for Chris Christie to join with Obama in the wake of the crisis. But to lather the president with praise, calling his response to Sandy “outstanding” in the immediate aftermath of the storm was completely unjustified.

It was another act of treachery. (As the disaster unfolded, and with hundreds of thousands still without electric power as I write this, there is plenty of evidence that the leadership by Obama and federal agencies has been seriously lacking, as it has been from Christie and other state and local officials who have failed to adequately prepare and respond to the disaster.)

More @ Newsmax

In wake of Election Day: Multiple challenges & opportunities lay ahead for our gun rights

I want to thank Gun Owners of America for coming into my district twice.  Their involvement helped educate gun owners as to who the real pro-gun candidate was in this very close race.” -- Rep.-elect Keith Rothfus (R-PA)
There is no doubt.  Gun rights will come under attack in the next four years. 
The President who said that he was pursuing gun control proposals “under the radar” during his first term can now come out of the closet.  Just as Barack Obama told outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after the election, we can expect an emboldened White House to pursue a UN gun control treaty … more gun owner registration … more Executive Orders designed to limit our rights … more anti-gun Supreme Court Justices, etc. 
Sadly, Harry Reid is going to remain the Majority Leader of the Senate.  We realized that it was an uphill battle to take the gavel out of Reid’s hands, but it was an important fight if we were going to stop the onslaught of future anti-gun judicial picks.  And while we lost some heartbreaking races, there are some things to cheer about.
First, we did get three new pro-gun Senators elected:  Ted Cruz in Texas, Deb Fischer in Nebraska and Jeff Flake in Arizona.  The Cruz race in Texas was especially contentious during the primary, and GOA got involved early to help push Cruz over the finish line. 
While many other pro-gun Senators also retained their seats, gun owners will find several new friendly faces in the House:
* Steve Stockman, who was perhaps the most aggressively pro-gun Representative in the 1990s, will return to Congress with a 70% mandate from his Texas district.  Even if you don’t live in the Lone Star State, Steve Stockman will represent you by fiercely fighting for your Second Amendment rights.  GOA helped push Stockman, who was an underdog in his primary, over the hump in July.  His victory yesterday may well be the number one pick-up for gun rights in this election.
* Another key victory for gun owners is Keith Rothfus, who knocked off a “Blue Dog” compromiser in western Pennsylvania.  There was tremendous confusion in this race since another gun group had endorsed his opponent. So GOA made multiple trips into the district to help gun owners see that Rothfus was the real pro-gun candidate in the contest.  Happily, Rothfus will be joining the new freshmen class in January. 
* In addition to Rothfus in Pennsylvania, GOA helped make distinctions in several other races -- between real, pro-gun candidates and those who merely feign support for gun rights.  Notable examples of “Blue Dog” compromisers who lost their jobs occurred in North Carolina and Kentucky, where Richard Hudson and Andy Barr emerged victorious.
* GOA also heavily backed Jackie Walorski in Indiana.  As a state representative, she was a fierce defender of individual liberty and was even willing to take on members of her own party in defense of the Constitution.  She will be a welcome addition in this next Congress.
* While gun owners lost a squeaker in the Montana Senate, the pro-gun Steve Daines won the open House seat.  He replaces Denny Rehberg who failed narrowly to unseat “F” rated Senator Jon Tester (D).
* GOA also helped “A” rated Tom Cotton win a very contentious primary in the 4th District of Arkansas.  He went on to thump his opponent in the general election last night, collecting almost 60% of the vote.
* Across the nation, Gun Owners of America was able to assist several freshman Congressmen who were on the “endangered list.”  Examples include Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Steve Southerland in Florida who are both “A” rated by GOA.
While the challenges are obvious, GOA will continue to fight for your gun rights in this next Congress. 
By using guerilla-style tactics, GOA was actually able to work with Congressmen to REPEAL gun control laws like the Amtrak and National Parks bans during the Obama administration.  No, Obama didn’t support these repeals, but we were able to get these repeals inserted into “must pass” bills which Obama couldn’t afford to veto.
This is the type of political warfare that we will be fighting for the next four years.  And now, we have fresh troops reporting for duty in January who are ready and willing to fight.

95% blacks say Feds should provide jobs

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Providing an 11th hour clue to how blacks will vote on the presidential stage, 95 percent of African Americans believe that the federal government should be the nation's jobs creator, according to a last-minute battleground poll.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released their poll on Election Day to show that jobs, and blacks' preference for a "national jobs program," is the number one issue. Next, but way down the list of importance, was education at 23 percent and health care at 22 percent.

The GOP might wanna take some notes.......

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Mitt Romney 2012 - 57,531,700

John McCain 2008 - 58,343,671

Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races

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Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will retire from Congress next year after serving for 12 terms, but several Republicans influenced by the iconic libertarian-leaning lawmaker will be arriving to take his place.

Thomas Massie won the race to replace retiring Kentucky Republican Rep. Geoff Davis, beating Democrat Bill Adkins by 20 percentage points. Massie, an ally of Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, raised nearly 10 times as much money as Adkins, according to the Lexington-Herald Leader.

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash, who was already vying to be the House’s next “Dr. No” in his first term, was re-elected with 58 percent of the vote. Democrat Steve Pestka had hoped to win the votes of independents and moderate Republicans who might regard Amash as too extreme, but failed to gain traction against the 31-year-old congressman.

In a neighboring Michigan district, Ron Paul Republican Kerry Bentivolio was elected to the House seat formerly held by GOP Rep. Thaddeus McCotter. McCotter, who had failed to gather enough valid signatures to appear on the ballot, resigned from the House amid a petition scandal. Bentivolio beat Democrat Syed Taj.

Bentivolio spent four decades in the U.S. Army, but was painted by opponents as an eccentric. He raised reindeer and was an occasional Santa Claus. He was elected to Congress by a 7-point margin.
Many other candidates endorsed by Ron and Rand Paul, as well as Paul-influenced organizations like Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty, were on the ballot Tuesday, including Texas Sen.-elect Ted Cruz. But these three Republicans most self-consciously identified with the Pauls’ calls for deep spending cuts, auditing the Federal Reserve, and a more restrained foreign policy.

They all raised money from Paul’s vast national network of donors, which helped them remain competitive in their primaries and the general election.

Amash endorsed Ron Paul for president and was one of three Republican legislators — including the Texas congressman and fellow Paul endorser North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones — who did not formally back Mitt Romney for president.

Jones, who once crusaded for “freedom fries” to protest France’s opposition to the U.S. invasion of Iraq before becoming a fiery antiwar voice himself, was also re-elected. Rand Paul broke with his father and endorsed Romney for president.

“There is no next Ron Paul. He is one of a kind,” Amash told a Ron Paul rally before the Republican National Convention.

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The Dismal Future


It’s midnight, and Mittens has just come out to start his ‘throw in the towel’ speech.  At last, the long, horrible campaign season is over, and Barack Obama has been reelected as President of the United States of America.

The moochers and looters have triumphed, and now we get four more years!  So, what can we expect from Obama II—The Sequel?

We can expect our energy policy to continue to be happy thoughts, unicorn farts, and green energy boondoggles.  Obama and his allies will continue to push us down the same path that Spain has been on for the past decade, and just as that green path has destroyed Spain’s economy, we can expect much the same thing here.  It may not be obvious as the Spanish failure, or as quick to come—the sheer size differential gives America a bit more inertia than Spain enjoyed before the disaster becomes apparent—but it will inevitably come.

Adding insult to energy injury, we can expect full-blown cap and trade, and more and more coal-crippling regulations from Obama II’s EPA.  Coupled with their anti-fracking sentiment, our energy prices will skyrocket, with completely predictable consequences on the rest of the economy.  Prices will rise, growth will slow, unemployment will go nowhere but up, and a new recession dip is probably the best we can hope for.

Our fiscal policy will continue to be print-and-spend, and if you were hoping to actually get a real budget passed, you’re going to be disappointed.  Obama II will have no reason to bring Harry Reid to heel; quite the opposite, in fact.  Reid will feel even less inclined to defer to a lame-duck Obama than he has in Term I, and we know from Woodward’s The Price of Politics that Dingy Harry hasn’t exactly been Barry’s biggest fan thus far.  Rather than any kind of fiscal discipline, we can expect another round of ‘stimulus’ bills that will do exactly what the last one did—create a handful of jobs at hideously outrageous costs ($700,000-plus per job), line the pockets of Democratic campaign donors, prop up failing state programs for another year or so, and in general disappoint the rest of us.

Baring a miracle in which the Republican leadership in the House wakes up tomorrow with actual spinal bones and testes, the Benghazi debacle will simmer on for a few more months until the internal investigation finally reports its findings.  Oddly enough, these findings will *cough*whitewash*cough* corroborate the White House’s timeline and ‘prove’ that there was nothing that the President or any of his top advisors could have done to save the Ambassador and the other three Americans, even if they had known about it, which they didn’t until much later.  Like Fast and Furious, Benghazi will quickly be forgotten, and some new ‘crisis’ will be media-blitzed to distract the attention of the populace.

In repayment for his faithful service, Ben Bernanke will be re-appointed to his current place at the Federal Reserve.  The quid pro quo for this will be the continuation of QE3 until sometime after the 2014 elections, at the very least.  The money supply will continue to expand by some 80 billion dollars a month, interest rates will continue to be artificially depressed, and the budgetary cracks will continue to be papered over—until the dollar collapses, hyperinflation begins to bite, and we begin speaking fondly of Jimmy Carter’s days in the White House.  The Carter-era ‘misery index’ will come back with a vengeance, made worse by the dissolving dollar.  The United States’ credit rating will be cut again (and probably several times), until the only place the government can borrow money is directly from the Federal Reserve.  At that point, the country will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the international banks, who will begin cannibalizing what’s left of the Republic to pay off China.  The Fed will have no choice but to raise interest rates, which will in turn accelerate the budgetary destruction of pretty much everything, from Medicare and Social Security to EBT cards and Obama phones.  Our foreign wars will end, not with success, but with despair and infamy as we will no longer be able to afford to maintain them.  The troops will come home, and the Armed Forces will be decimated, which will only add fuel to the fires of unemployment.

When the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) decide that it’s time, the dollar will be completely abandoned as the world’s reserve currency.  Emboldened by the financially-mandated downsizing of America’s military, they will move to fill the vacuum left by a retreating America.  America’s influence will vanish like a snowflake in the sun, as Barack Obama’s anticolonial dreams are realized.  With the continued encouragement of President Obama, the influence and reach of the Muslim Brotherhood will spread to still more countries, providing ever more fertile ground for radical Islam to grow and flourish.

Obamacare will remain in place, and will be phased in over the next four years.  As more patients are added to an already-overburdened health care system, costs will continue to rise and the level of care delivered, along with outcomes, will decline.  At the same time, more and more employers will abandon their own health care plans, leaving more and more workers dependent on Obamacare.  When doctors and other health care personnel become frustrated and leave their professions, the disintegration of America’s health care system will accelerate.

Taxes will increase, not just on ‘the rich’, but on everyone in the country.  Rather than increasing revenue (as we will all be told, as the reason for the increases), revenues will stagnate, then fall as the sum of Obama’s policies send the country into a full-blown depression.  The ‘D’ word won’t be used by the mainstream media until long after the reality is crushingly obvious to every one of the 51 million plus people who did NOT vote for Barack Obama today.  By the time some brave CBS reporter says ‘depression’, it may be too late for it to matter.  At some point, a combination of debt, hyperinflation, regulation, dependency and failed ideology masquerading as policy will crush the social order.

When the EBT cards aren’t worth having because what food there is can’t be had at a decent price…when your eternal unemployment check isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on…when your Obamaphone stops working because the government can’t pay the bill…and when there aren’t any doctors to be found when you have your emergency…remember this night.

Tonight, the moochers and looters reigned triumphant.  Are you ready to shrug yet?

GOP to Hold Most Governor Offices Since 2000 With 4 Wins


Republicans won the North Carolina governor’s office from Democrats to take control of 30 U.S. statehouses, the most in more than a decade.

The party also held off re-election challenges in Utah and North Dakota, and retained the corner office in Indiana, where Republican Mitch Daniels stepped down because of term limits. Democrats previously controlled the governor’s offices in eight of the 11 states voting for their chief executives today.
The Republican victories build on gains made two years ago, when the party’s candidates rode a wave of economic discontent to capture 11 governor’s offices from Democrats and reclaim a majority it lost in 2006. Its winners this year pledged to cut taxes and spur economic growth. There were 29 Republicans in governors’ seats heading into yesterday’s election, compared with 20 held by Democrats and one filled by an independent.

“The story is Republicans did well elsewhere, so it wasn’t a wholesale repudiation of the party,” even with a loss by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said Jennifer Duffy, a senior editor with the Cook Political Report in Washington. “It provides them with plenty of bragging rights.”

30 Seats

More @ Newsmax

Report: Ole Miss students protest Obama's re-election, shout 'racial epithets'

Via Billy

Ole Miss protest.jpg

Media outlets are reporting students at Ole Miss held a protest of President Barack Obama's re-election late Tuesday night. Initial reports indicated there was a riot, but those were reports were quickly refuted.

The Jackson Clarion-Ledger reports "students were heard shouting racial epithets about Obama and African Americans in general."

The Daily Mississipian also reported racial epithets were exchanged, and the protest started in one place and ended in The Grove.

Police were called to the scene, according to the Clarion-Ledger, and the crowd broke up around 12:30 a.m.

The report also cited Twitter user @CaMeshaLaShay, who shared a photo showing males burning an Obama/Biden 2012 sign. The paper pointed out, however, it was unclear if this photo was taken on the Ole Miss campus.

WMCTV Channel 5 quoted Ole Miss journalism student Margaret Ann Morgan's twitter account. "Onlookers say people- black, white, etc- throwing rocks at cars. Students of all races yelling on rebel drive. Lots of racial slurs."

Nicholas Carr told the TV station there were no rocks thrown.

"I was there the whole time. No rocks were thrown. There was one sign lit on fire. For about 45 seconds," Carr said.

According to WREG News Channel 3 in Memphis, Alexander Pipes tweeted, “Not trying to be flippant, but if you consider “riot” to be a really long line at Subway OKAY it looks like that around Ole Miss. That’s it.”

The Morning After The Election:

Early last evening, mainstream media reporter Tom Brokaw noted how fractured the political landscape in America is, and that whoever won the presidential election had to cope with healing the stark 50-50 division of political ideologies and actually govern effectively.  The popular vote truly indicates how large that fracture is, and it is very clear that we live in a territorial political construct  inhabited by people with little resemblance to the America of 1950.  

As one looks at the Electoral College map results, it is evident where the stark ideological divisions are between Americans – slightly more who are comfortable with a Democrat Party platform little different than that of the 1936 Communist Party USA, and slightly less who support the party of big business, incessant war and corporate bailouts.  Neither represents the letter or intent of the United States Constitution, nor does either intend to end the imperial wars bleeding us into bankruptcy.

The problem is not so much with a sitting president who came out of nowhere and refuses to address simple questions regarding his citizenship; the people, Americans, who would vote for a confirmed Marxist to be president of the United States and represent them as a leader, is a clear sign that we no longer live in the country of the Founders. If we did not realize this before, we must realize this now.  If we did nothing to correct this in the past year, we must begin to correct it in the next.

That Electoral College map also let us know where the strength of this Marxist vote is, centered in New England, spilling into Florida, the Midwest and the Left Coast.  Even Virginia, overrun by the vast magnitude of federal agencies, departments and war munitions representatives, has become saturated with those voting for the federal status quo.

Brokaw’s fractured America comment forces us to confront not only the 50-50 ideological split, but also the Balkanized multicultural hell that America has become. The national election landscape is dominated by the squabbling interests of Mexicans, radical feminists, Muslims, gay rights advocates, and environmental Marxists taking center stage to any discussion of federal adherence to the Constitution and the sovereignty of the States.  Do we want to live another minute in this territorial concoction of bizarre and widely-disparate political ideologies and interests?  And are not both parties responsible for the floodgates against unrestricted immigration being cast wide open – and which resulted in this bizarre concoction?    

We know too that the so-called presidential debates are farcical at best, and see the irony that Americans had to visit the Russian website to see and hear the presidential debate between legitimate third-party candidates for president, who the corporate media in this country suppressed. What sort of free country has candidates for office voter information suppressed?

Many may feel distressed that a Marxist president won a second term, reelected by those who cannot understand the structure of the Constitution and the strictly limited powers delegated to the three branches of government. This is what we of the League must come face to face with and work hard to resolve: many North Carolinians voted to reelect Obama, only slightly less than who voted for Romney.  Re-calibrating those misguided North Carolinians must be our top priority. 

Romney represented the usual corporate interests of the big business, surveillance state, perpetual warfare Republican party.  What would be different in North Carolina had Romney won? What tremendous changes were North Carolina Republicans expecting to occur in our State if Romney was president-elect? Lesser federal mandates? Less dependence on federal dollars? Less interference in our children’s education? Did they believe that Romney would immediately direct the federal agent to observe the Tenth Amendment? So why would anyone fret that Romney didn’t win the election, since the result would be little different than a continuance of Obama’s reign?  Reform is not possible with these two parties.

Perhaps the Republicans lost once again because the best they could produce as a presidential candidate was another John McCain, both posing as “conservatives” and hoping voters like us would fall for it.  As the late Sam Francis would tell us, they are indeed the “Stupid Party” and we should expect another McCain or Romney paraded out for 2016. 

As recently said by LS President Dr. Michael Hill, we can expect increased interest in the League after an Obama win, primarily due to the “conservative” Republicans inability to confront the Marxists in power. We must be ready for this dissatisfaction with the Republican party and become even more active politically in our own communities.  Order copies of The Free Magnolia from the LS office, distribute them locally, use them to engage people in conversation and gently urge attendance at an upcoming League Conference to hear practical, realistic political discussion and solutions.  Make this an opportunity to bring several guests with you to our 17 November Fall Conference in Burlington. 

Remember, Romney would have been little different than Obama, it was only Republican campaign ads that wanted us to believe he was a “conservative” ready to lead us back to a glorious Constitutional republic. We are much smarter than that.

Bernhard Thuersam, State Chair
North Carolina League of the South


It’s time to prepare for the worst – economically, militarily, socially, culturally.

Via Cousin John


America has decisively turned the corner away from the constitutional principles of limited government and self-government with the re-election of Barack Obama.

There may be no way home for us.

For those of us who fundamentally reject Obama’s policies, things are going to get very rough for the next four years. We have allowed our fellow Americans to pronounce judgment on the nation.

That’s what Obama represents to me – God’s judgment on a people who have turned away from Him and His ways and from everything for which our founders sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

The nation is divided like never before – intentionally so. That has been Obama’s game plan from the beginning – to build a constituency of special-interest groups that truly believe their salvation is found in bigger government, more programs, irresponsible spending and unconstitutional policies.

This election could very well represent the beginning of the end of the American Dream, American exceptionalism, the American way.

But it’s no time to give up – to throw up our hands in disgust and walk away from politics. Neither is it time to surrender to the radical social agenda Obama has championed to win his victory.

It’s time to change tactics.

It’s time to double-down and fight harder.

More @ WND

"Most Electable"


Erick Erickson pulls no punches in speaking Truth to Power about just how abysmal Mittens Romney was as a candidate, and how wretched his campaign was. Of course, this time last week he was all 'yippie, Mittens!'.

Money Quote: "Barack Obama ran on beating up Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney ran on running away from himself. He stood for nothing and everything at the same time. At least Barack Obama campaigned on the consistent message of hating Mitt Romney."

I find it rather amusing that Mr. Erickson now comments that "in four years let’s not go with the “he’s the most electable” argument. The most electable usually aren’t." Especially since Erick's main argument against Ron Paul was that he wasn't electable.

In the final analysis, neither was Mittens...just like some of us said from the beginning of the primary season. Told you so.

The Sun Sets on American Empire

Via Ryan

photo: BMOGREENA/flickr 

Throughout the campaign season, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama alike insisted that the 21st century must be another American century—that the U.S. should continue to be the world’s predominant military, economic, and political power for generations to come. After ten years of shattered hegemonic dreams, leaders of both parties still feel compelled to declare their loyalty to the vision that inspired the follies of the Bush era. Foreign-policy debate continues to turn on the question of how to preserve American hegemony, rather than how to secure U.S. interests once America is no longer so dominant. What nobody in Washington can acknowledge is the subject that this book addresses: the American Century, to the extent that it ever was real, is now definitely at an end.

Henry Luce famously coined the phrase in a 1941 issue of Life. He declared that America’s role was to “exert upon the world the full impact of our influence for such purposes as we see fit by such means as we see fit.” As Luce imagined it, that influence would extend to economic and cultural dominance as well as political. His missionary vision took for granted that America had not only the right but the obligation to propagate its values and exercise leadership throughout the world. Seventy years later, Luce’s idea is still part of Washington’s bipartisan consensus, but in recent years it has collided with the practical limits of American power.

As editor Andrew Bacevich explains in his introductory remarks, the purpose of the essays assembled in this volume is not “to decry or to mourn the passing of the Short American Century (much less to promote it resurrection) but to assess its significance.” Each chapter is a study of different aspects of this era of American preeminence, reflecting on matters of race, consumerism, and globalization, as well as reviewing the history of the last 70 years with special attention to the critics of U.S. policies abroad. Though often sharply critical of the moral and political failings of this epoch, the contributors—a distinguished collection of historians and international-relations scholars—are also judicious in their interpretations. The book aspires to be much more than a series of polemics, and it is very successful.

More @ TAC

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