Sunday, November 3, 2019

CNN! Democrats are wasting America's time on impeachment

 Trump's lies on Syria were jaw-dropping

Let me skip to the end: The Democratic-majority US House of Representatives, in partisan fashion, is all but certain to impeach President Donald Trump. The Republican-majority Senate, in partisan fashion, will almost certainly acquit him. And the net result will be that Democrats will have abused the US Constitution to satisfy political passions instead of approaching impeachment as the solemn act the framers intended.
Let's be honest. The Democrats were always going to do this. From the minute we realized on election night that Donald Trump had won, they began fantasizing about nullifying the election results. Indeed, in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, the Democrats' biggest concern was that Trump would not accept the outcome -- a Hillary Clinton win, of course! -- of which they were quite certain.
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‘Why Don’t We Murder More White People?’

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San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) is a large museum next to the Moscone Convention Center downtown. This non-profit is funded by the City of San Francisco, the National Endowment for the Arts, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the James Irvine Foundation. From July 23 to August 25, YBCA screened Jonathan Garcia’s movie Why Don’t We Murder More White People?

It was on an endless loop and each cycle lasted 11 minutes and 17 seconds, and is now on Youtube. Mr. Garcia produced this video as a year-long YBCA fellow, for which he got a stipend and an honorarium. YBCA identifies him as: “Community Engagement & Inclusion Associate, Chief-of-Staff of the SOCIAL CLUB, author.”

Most of the video is of non-whites complaining about whites. They say such things as:
“I’m angry at white people most of the time.”

“It’s like, just part of like whiteness to be abusive and violent.”

“Whiteness invades my life and my mind.”

For Paul & Virginia: Seasons in the Sun

In Memoriam: Legendary WBTS historian James I. ‘Bud’ Robertson Jr.

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James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr., founding director of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, stands in his home study with some of his published works.
“History is the greatest teacher you will ever have,” James I. “Bud” Robertson Jr. often told his students. If history is the greatest teacher, many of them might have argued, then he was the second greatest.

Robertson, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at Virginia Tech, died on Nov. 2 after a long illness. He was 89 years old.

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REPOSTED: Liberal gets kicked off the plane for harassing a trump supporter, who just got out of a trump rally!

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Walter Williams: Personal behavior, not guns, is responsible for violence in US

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Gun control did not become politically acceptable until the Gun Control Act of 1968 signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The law’s primary focus was to regulate commerce in firearms by prohibiting interstate firearms transfers except among licensed manufacturers, dealers and importers. Today’s gun control advocates have gone much further, calling for an outright ban of what they call assault rifles such as the AR-15. By the way, AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle, which is manufactured by Colt Manufacturing Co. As for being a military assault weapon, our soldiers would be laughed off the battlefield carrying AR-15s.

Dennis Prager Explodes Over Left-Wing ‘Gargantuan Lies

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Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host and writer, speaking at the Turning Point High School Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.

Host Bill Maher suggested to Prager that President Donald Trump lies “on a level that no one else has ever lied.”

“No, that I would not say,” Prager responded. “First of all, Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not right-wing or conservative. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. The left-wing is infinitely larger than one person. I don’t choose one left-wing person who tells a lie.”

“The left wing says, I’ll give you gigantic lies: That the United States is a racist country. This is a lie. This is a gargantuan lie. This is the least racist, multicultural, multi-ethnic country in the history of the world,” Prager continued. “That these people believe it is proof to me about how effective lying can be.”

 “This is an unbelievably non-racist country. Have you people been to Asia?” Prager fired back at the audience. “Do you people know that the Japanese did not allow one Vietnamese boat person into Japan because they’re not Japanese? We allowed them into America. We are less racist than country with many races.”

Military Dogs

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Civil War On The Right

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Liberals Just Can’t Help Themselves

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Liberals Just Can’t Help Themselves

There’s a joke that’s been going around on social media for a while now. It’s pretty basic and based in truth, as all good comedy is. Whenever a Democrat, in politics or journalism, says something insane, someone inevitably responds with, “All they have to do is not be crazy…”

The implication of the joke is Democrats have all the advantages heading into 2020 and a media willing to lie on their behalf about anything, all they have to do is behave rationally to take full advantage of all their advantages…they just can’t. They don’t have “sane” in them anymore.

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Who Has the Passionate Intensity?

Via Unknown"Gloss over the religious overtones and "our denomination is bettern' yours," and see what PASSIONATE INTENSITY of a few can accomplish throughout history. Damn scary what a very few fanatics can bring off:"
 It frequently happens that a small but very determined and very well-organized group overcomes a much larger group that is less determined and poorly organized.  Think of something we’ve seen in the movies – a train robbery in the Old West.  A half-dozen armed robbers stop a train and deprive its 500 passengers of their cash and jewelry.

The same kind of thing has often happened in political history, e.g., the English Puritans in the middle decades of the 17th century.  If a public opinion poll had been taken in their day it would no doubt have shown that they were very much in the minority with regard to their religious and political beliefs.  But they were intense in their beliefs, often to the point of fanaticism, and, despite disagreements among themselves, they were much better organized than the nation’s apathetic majority.

And so this minority was able to seize control of Parliament, fight and win a civil war against King Charles I, cut the king’s head off, replace the monarchy with a republic, and maintain during most of the decade of the 1650s a military dictatorship under Oliver Cromwell.  All this while being a minority; and not just a minority but an unpopular minority.

".....MSNBC host thinks the way to “get” President Donald Trump is to go after his children."

Everyone knows that MSNBC is basically the communications wing of the Democrat Party. But that could be said of every news outlet outside of Fox News.

It’s not as if MSNBC tries to hide it, either. They are open about their hatred for America and all things Trump. But what host Stephanie Ruhle just did was pretty bad.

This kind of partisan nonsense is exactly why most Americans don’t trust the MSM. Who decided, one day, out of the blue, that all journalists have to be liberals? Where did that come from?