Sunday, October 11, 2020

When Yankees Pack the Court

The 2020 presidential election took a decided turn as it moved into the final six weeks when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon, passed away, opening up a seat that would, if filled by a conservative, shift the ideological balance of the High Court, and bringing the issue to the forefront of what is already a raucous campaign.

Making matters worse, President Trump soon announced his intention to fill the seat on the Court before the election, nominating Amy Coney Barrett, a move that sent Democrats into a frenzy.

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The Betrayal of Poland 1939-1945

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 The Betrayal of Poland: 1939-1945 – Justice For Polish Victims

With Poland’s membership in NATO at issue, a question has arisen as to whether America owes a debt to the Polish people for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s having “betrayed” the Polish nation to Joseph Stalin at Yalta.

Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat has lately raised the issue of a moral debt to Poland for the 1945 summit where FDR accepted Stalin’s assurances of free elections. Eizenstat was taken to task by columnist Lars-Erik Nelson for repeating a “50-year-old right-wing slander.” Robert Novak defended the “betrayed” thesis.

Nelson’s point: By 1945 Stalin had 12 million troops in Eastern Europe, and Dwight Eisenhower only 4 million in the West. Conservatives who condemn FDR for Poland’s fate, says Nelson, are joining the “Blame America First” crowd. We couldn’t save Poland!

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The Khmer Rouge killed over 20% of the population

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  The Tuol Sleng Museum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia     




"I have only committed the mistake of believing in you, the Americans"

Ben Kiernan estimates that 1.671 million to 1.871 million Cambodians died as a result of Khmer Rouge policy, or between 21% and 24% of Cambodia's 1975 population.

And don't forget China's estimated 40-60 million.

If committed Socialists in the USSR and China and Cambodia deliberately starved people to death by the tens of millions, a process that takes weeks and can be agonizing, or worked them to death on farms or in other slave camps, then what would give a committed American Socialist pause to have a “mere” few hundred thousand people die by a disease if that meant getting Trump out? 

Because if America falls to Socialism, is there any serious other impediment to the entire world falling?

Trump Supporter Shot By Leftist Local News Bodyguard in Denver Has Been Identified


The Trump supporter who was shot by a local news bodyguard in Denver on Saturday has been identified as veteran and cowboy hat designer Lee Keltner.

Keltner’s killer, Matt Dolloff, was a leftist activist who was working as a bodyguard for local station 9News

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The Scandalous Life of Gary Cooper, Cinema's All-American Hero


Gary Cooper was one of Hollywood's greatest actors. Over a thirty-five-year career that spanned from the silent movie era through the end of the golden age of classic Hollywood, he was always best known for playing the all-American hero and for his many cowboy roles, particularly for High Noon. But there was much, much more going on behind those blue eyes.

 Behind his heartthrob on-screen hero persona, Coop's personal life was a litany of lies, love-affairs, and scandalous love-triangles. Peel back the veneer of those rugged good looks and you'll find a tortured artist and a cheating, rampant womanizer. So let's dive into the rollercoaster life, Hollywood career and personal life of this cinema legend.

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Sweden v Virus

 Image may contain: one or more people and crowd, text that says 'spiked spiked @spikedonline Sweden has clearly shown you don't need a lockdown to manage the virus. The doomsters predicted over 90,000 Swedish deaths without lockdown, but this never happened. Lockdown fanatics are now struggling to find excuses for why, says @cjsnowdon SUPPER Sweden has destroyed the case for lockdown Predictions of mass death never came to pass. It's now clear we can manage the virus without extreme measures. ఆ 8:00 PM Oct 2020 Buffer'

Husband Begs Carjacker Not To Hurt His Pregnant Wife Before Being Shot In The Head And Killed — Murderer Then Forces Wife On 100 MPH Ride Of Terror At Gunpoint

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A heartbreaking story out of Tennessee on Sunday, where a young husband and father was brutally murdered while he and his wife were on the way to church.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Invesitagation, 23-year-old Jordan Stevens and his wife Aileen were on their way to church when one Dangelo Dorsey intentionally rear-ended their car.

Not realizing this is a classic tactic of this sort of thug, Jordan got out of the car to ostensibly check the damage and exchange insurance information.

The minute he was out of the car, Dangelo Dorsey pulled out a gun and took the couple hostage. He held a gun to Jordan Steven’s head and forced him to drive to Dorsey’s house in McMinnville so he could switch vehicles.

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The 2020 Liberal/Socialist/Communist/ Democratic Party Platform

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 What Is Democratic Socialism? Whose Version Are We Talking About? - The New  York Times

I didn't check the validity but seems about right.  Just think of how much more they have hidden.

The 2020 Liberal Democratic Party Platform is now posted on the Internet. No matter whether you are Republican Democrat or independent if Biden wins it will be the end of our Constitutional Republic. Note the censoring having the government verify what is “true”

It’s an all-encompassing and mind-boggling 92 pages telling how a Liberal DNC House, Senate, and President would run the United States. It clearly states exactly how the Liberal DNC proposes to handle every problem faced by America and it’s allies and foes.
*Universal healthcare and Medicaid for all Americans and illegal aliens. (Pg 61)
*$15 minimum wage
*Immediate citizenship for illegals (Pg 63)
*Free college (Pg 65)
*Forgiveness of student loans (Pg 71)
*Eliminate border walls and Immigration Enforcement (Pg 62, 64 & 65)
*Make Washington D.C. the 51st State.
*Abortion for “all women & girls.” (Pg 83)
*$70 trillion Green New Deal, where the USA would be “net-zero greenhouse gas by 2050.” But CLOSE all coal & natural gas power plants by 2035. By 2030 all new construction in the USA must be net-zero greenhouses.
*Create a U.S. Agency for Global Media “to ensure that only accurate information is reported in the news or on the internet.”
*Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
*Create a new federal agency of 100,000 people to trace every American.
*Immediately restore voting rights for convicted felons.
*Provide funding to facilitate vote-from-home and mail-in-voting.
*Create a new Federal Credit Bureau (to replace Equifax, et al), and require banks to use this new credit reporting service that will be set up to assist low-income people in buying houses and cars.
*Make gun manufacturers responsible and liable for how their guns are used. (Destroy gun manufacturing)
*Declare and treat drug use as a mental illness instead of an illegal activity.
*Declare the support for the Rights of BLM, Multi-gender, and preferential treatment for gays wanting to immigrate to America. (Pg 63)

Scary. :)

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