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Doug Jones: For abortions, gun restrictions, transgender bathrooms, transgender people in military and against border wall

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 The Republican Senate candidate says Senate Majority Leader McConnell needs to step down.

Alabama Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones says it’s “absurd” for the campaign of GOP opponent Roy Moore to characterize him as an “ultra-liberal.”

“That’s pretty absurd,” Jones told Fox News’ Peter Doocy on Saturday at a fish fry in Birmingham. “You know, that’s their only hope. I mean look, they’re in desperation mode right now.”

As Moore tries to move past the allegations of sexual misconduct that have crippled his campaign over the last week, his campaign is emphasizing Jones’ stances on cultural issues. Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, took aim at Jones’ positions during a speech in Montgomery on Friday.

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Judge Jeanine - Answers on Uranium One

Robert Mueller Is the Cover-Up

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Friendship is a beautiful thing, and it's really good to know that Robert Mueller, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper have known each other for many years.  They're loyal friends.

Mueller is a former top FBI dude, who helped to clear Bill Clinton after that impeachment mess, and like Mr. Comey, he did his very best.  Clapper was the single most powerful man in the "intelligence" "community," a centralized directorate (as the Soviets used to call it), which was George W. Bush's principal response to 9/11/01.

Now don't get me wrong: I'm sure all these brave men (or persons, I should say) made great contributions to the safety and welfare of all of us.  But here they are at the peak of their careers, each one of them, and Democrat candidate Hillary is suddenly exposed to the world with her email fiasco as SecState.  Violating the very first rule of intelligence and statecraft, to protect your country's secrets.  And she obviously sold secret and sensitive information to Clinton Foundation "donors" around the world, including old friend Vladimir Putin (who now owns 20 percent of U.S. uranium, or possibly more), the Muslim Brotherhood (friends of Huma), the Iranians (who sponsor half the terror attacks in the world), the Chinese (who want more of our secret high tech), and probably the French (who understand bribery and just wanted to get access to Hillary as POTUS).

We've seen how Bill sold U.S. rocket-launching secrets to the Chinese for campaign money...or personal money.  It's so hard to tell the difference.

Well, skip that.

Security Chief to Mugabe: Leave by noon Monday or leave the Ceaucescu way

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Zimbabwe’s hideous 93-year-old dictator, Robert Mugabe, was given until noon Monday by his former security chief to pack his bags or leave the Ceaucescu way.
If Mugabe refused to go, “We will bring back the crowds and they will do their business,” Mutsvangwa told reporters.
Reuters continued:
[Emmerson] Mnangagwa, a former state security chief known as “The Crocodile,” is expected to head an interim post-Mugabe unity government that will focus on rebuilding ties with the outside world and stabilising an economy in freefall.
What a pathetic miserable end to one of the world’s most odious thugs in power. Hailed by the left as a new kind of socialist liberationist, he was nothing but a monster, not only to the white farmers he persecuted, but to every citizen in the country, blacks and whites alike.

It’s official: US to dominate oil and gas markets

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There is an ongoing power shift in the world energy market that is receiving scant attention in the MSM.  The International Energy Agency (IEA) in its annual publication, World Energy Outlook, predicts that the U.S. will dominate the global oil and gas markets for many years to come as a result of the shale boom, which is the biggest supply surge in history.

    By 2025, the growth in American oil production will equal that achieved by Saudi Arabia at the height of its expansion, and increases in natural gas will surpass those of the former Soviet Union, the agency said…. The boom will turn the U.S., still among the biggest oil importers, into a net exporter of fossil fuels. (emphasis added)

CBM: I Slipped a Little Percy Milem

What Ken Burns' Vietnam War docu-series on PBS gets wrong

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Various veterans and historians have provided critical reviews of the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick series "The Vietnam War," and there is a score of points they take issue with, but I will address perhaps the simplest one: Glossing over the conscious and rigorously practiced policy of atrocities by the communist forces, while spotlighting those few committed by United States forces.

The terrorism practiced by the VC was constant and widespread; by the end of 1968, nearly 42,000 citizens of the south had been assassinated or kidnapped, never to be seen again. Teachers, policemen, village chiefs, monks, soldiers, and others were killed – sometimes whole families, sometimes in deeply gruesome ways.

The organized massacres in Hue during Tet are now known to add up to more than 5,000 people, including German doctors, French priests, and others – some shot, others clubbed, and many buried alive.

In the village of Dak Son in December 1967, more than 250 unarmed villagers were burned to death by NVA flamethrowers. We saw pictures of those murdered in My Lai, but none were shown of the burned bodies from Dak Son, or the remains dug up in Hue — wrists wired together, or gags stuffed down their throats.

NFL: Empty Seats Galore At Multiple Stadiums As Kneeling Backlash Continues In Week 11

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The NFL is still reeling from the kneeling backlash. Week 11 games have empty seats galore at stadiums across the league.
The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the New York Giants and there are many empty seats visible.

“Wow. I have never seen this many empty seats here before. John Mara must be thrilled.  
#GiantsPride,” tweeted Giants fan Kevin McCleerey. 

Democrats Dump $250K a Day into Partial Birth Abortion Candidate Doug Jones Campaign to Beat Roy Moore

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Democrats are pumping $250,000 a day into the pockets of Doug Jones, the liberal candidate running against Roy Moore in Alabama.

Doug Jones supports partial birth abortion up to the day a baby is delivered.


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You Can't Possibly Be Serious

People need to go to ****ing prison for this.  NOW.

Yes, including Gloria Allred.  The yearbook is an obvious forgery and she peddled it on national television; that needs to be good for disbarment and prosecution.

The original tweet from CNN can still be looked at.  We'll see how long it is before they try to take it down.  (Update: It appears one of Getty's photographers shot the original photo; it's been linked in the comments, and I checked it.  It's pretty-clearly the image CNN used and it was also clearly shot in color as it includes portions of the people holding it in the picture....)

I took the image on the right side of their tweet, brought it into Photoshop and increased the size.
I will swear under oath that I did nothing to tamper with the color or tone and in fact did nothing other than increasing its zoom level to 400% because it would be impossible to tamper with the image at said greatly enhanced zoom level without causing visible artifacts in the background and periphery of the letters.  There is also a gradient in the paper caused by a B&W photo being in part of the area where the signature is, which again will cause visible artifacts if I were to try to tamper with it.  In other words I did this to add irrefutable proof that I did not in any way tamper with the image itself.  I also saved the extract from the tweet as a "PNG" which is lossless from my desktop to yours; no compression so there are no artifacts added in my process either; whatever CNN put forward, that's what I (and you) have.

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Student Forced to Remove ‘Fake News’ Shirt During Field Trip to CNN

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“He was fully aware of the implications of his decision”

A seventh grader in Georgia made the hilarious decision to wear a ‘fake news’ t-shirt on a field trip to CNN with his middle school. His teachers failed to see the humor and made him change his shirt.

Jessica Chasmar reports at the Washington Times:
Atlanta teacher orders 7th-grader to change ‘Fake News Network’ shirt before touring CNN

A Georgia county commissioner and her school board member husband are crying foul after their seventh-grade son was ordered to change out of his “FNN – Fake News Network” T-shirt before going on a school field trip to CNN’s Atlanta headquarters.

Stanford deans Nanci Howe and Snehal Naik engineered destruction of Robert Spencer event

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The two Stanford administrators who were present when I spoke there Tuesday evening were Nanci Howe, Associate Dean and Director of Student Affairs, and Snehal Naik, Assistant Dean and Associate Director of Student Affairs. They were not there to listen and consider; they were there to ensure that the event was disrupted.

They did this first by making sure that the hall was packed with students who had no intention of attending the lecture, but were there only to sabotage it by denying seats to people who actually wanted to attend. They even kept out some members of the College Republicans, the group that was sponsoring the event.

Then, after the walkout, they refused to allow in people who actually wanted to attend, refusing repeated requests to do so.

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Execution of Colonel Ho Ngoc Can Army of the Republic of Viet Nam on 14 August 1975.


 Last words:

"If I won the war, I would not condemn you as you have condemned me.

I would not humiliate you as you have humiliated me.

I would not ask you questions that you asked me.

I fought for the freedom of my people.

I have merit and I am not guilty.

No one can convict me.

History will criticize you as my Communist enemy.

You want to kill me, then kill me.

Do not blindfold me.

Down with the Communists.

Long live the Republic of Viet Nam !"


Born in Rach Gia, Republic of Viet Nam in 1938, he graduated as sub lieutenant from the Dong De, Nha Trang training camp.

During his military career, he was awarded a total of 78 medals.

In 1973, at age 37, he was promoted Provincial Governor, the youngest governor in Viet Nam, of
Chuong Thien, a heavily infested Viet Cong area.

When Saigon surrendered on Wednesday 30 April 1975, he continued to fight until the next day, when he ran out ammunition.

Taken prisoner, he was condemned to death on Thursday 14 August 1975

The Men of America’s Natural Aristocracy

American political theorist and historian Russell Kirk wrote that the Framers of the United States Constitution were gentlemen-politicians rather than philosophers, “whose perceptions of the human condition came from the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.” Kirk contrasted these learned men who fought to preserve their British heritage with the arrogant French revolutionaries who were drunk on theories and revenge, who opened the way for a self-appointed emperor. The men of America’s natural aristocracy governed the Republic from 1775 to 1825 — their Republic afterward frayed and was pulling apart by 1830. By 1850, constituent States were speaking loudly of withdrawal, and by 1861 it had unraveled completely with an American dictator enthroned.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The Men of America’s Natural Aristocracy

“Sometimes the Constitution of the United States is commended as if it had been created out of whole cloth, overnight, from the glowing imagination of the Framers. That notion is far from the truth. Sometimes the Framers themselves are spoken of with the veneration like that accorded to the Hebrew prophets or the mystical founders of Greek cities. But actually the Constitution grew out of centuries of practical experience on either side of the Atlantic, rather than springing from ingenious fine-spun innovating theory.

Truly the Constitution is a bundle of compromises among interests and classes: a principal merit of the Framers was their ready recognition of this electable fact. As Burke said of government generally, it is a contrivance of human wisdom to supply human wants. In the sagacious words of Daniel Boorstin, “The American future was never to be contained in a theory.”

The politicians who framed the Constitution were not an elite of theorists, but an assembly of governors, in the old signification of that word “governor.” They were representatives of a class, in every former colony, that had exercised authority almost from the early years of British settlement in North America; they were drawn from a natural aristocracy.

Experience, education, and wealth, passed on from generation to generation of Americans, tended to develop a continuity of public influence within leading families; while the relatively broad franchises that came to pass in most colonies nevertheless gave provincial and local government a democratic cast.

Broadly speaking, it was the body of men familiar with America’s provincial and local governments who made both the Revolution and the Constitution. This was a class that, far from intending any subversion of the social and moral order in America, took alarm at Shay’s Rebellion and so forged a strong Constitution.

Long participation in provincial and local public affairs shaped this American natural aristocracy; while the French revolutionaries, for the most part, were men previously excluded from any effective exercise of power, and so na├»ve in great questions of political policy.”

(The Essential Russell Kirk, Selected Essays, George A. Panichas, editor, ISI Books, 2007, excerpts, pp. 452-453)

Hey Millennials: Communism Sucks, I Lived It

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A recent poll found that fifty percent of millennials say they would rather live in a communist or socialist country than in a capitalist democracy. These numbers can’t be laughed off -- they should frighten you. Maybe they don’t know what communism means.

I do. I lived in Communist Poland.

Perhaps those fifty percent of millennials were not properly taught about communism in school. That’s too bad, and dangerous. So here are some examples for those misguided millennials to ponder, all of which I experienced in communist Poland.

Unreliable electricity

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There's No Such Thing as an "American" Homicide Rate

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Some places largely free of gun restrictions — like the Dakotas, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Vermont, and New Hampshire — have very low homicide rates. But other places with similar or more restrictive laws — such as Missouri, California, and most of Latin America — have much higher rates. Obviously, homicide rates are not simply a function of gun laws.
In September, the FBI released new homicide data, and the overall US homicide rate rose for the second year to an eight-year high.

According to the report, the nationwide homicide rate in the US in 2016 was 5.3 per 100,000, up from 2015's rate of 4.9.

The homicide rate in 2014 — 4.4 per 100,000 — had been a 51-year low, and comparable to rates not seen since the 1950s.

Homicide rates still remain well below where they were in the 1980s and 1990s, when homicide rates sometimes exceeded 9 per 100,000.

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Warner Moment: Our Virtuous Enemies.

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Liberal Academic: Calling Those Convicted of Child Rape 'Pedophile' is Prejudice

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 kimberley brownlee has demanded people stop labeling  criminals  for their crimes

A liberal academic has demanded that society stops labeling people for their crimes, claiming that calling someone convicted of raping children "a pedophile" is "prejudice" and infringes on their human rights. According to Kimberley Brownlee, a philosopher at the University of Warwick, even the term "criminal" must be stopped when it's used to describe a person who has committed a crime because it's "politically incorrect." In an article entitled, "Stop labeling people who commit crimes ‘criminals,’" Brownlee, calls the word an "epithet," and compares it to the use of derogatory terms and phrases used for people with disabilities.

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Poland Tells Young People to ‘Breed Like Rabbits’ to Solve Declining Population, Rejecting Mass Migration

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Unlike Germany, which believes mass migration from third world countries is the only way to solve their demographic decline, Poland is encouraging couples to make their own citizens by ‘breeding like rabbits’, with the help of an educational video from the Polish health ministry.

Stopping short of a tutorial of baby making, the 30-second video put out by the National Health Programme opens with a field of rabbits and closes with a shot of a lovestruck couple enjoying a picnic, with a bunny seen popping out of a picnic basket.More @ Breirbart

“We rabbits know how to take care of our many offspring,” says the narrator, from the point of view of a rabbit, who then advises viewers to exercise, eat healthily, do not get stressed out, and “if you want to become a parent one day, take the example of rabbits”.

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Goldman Sachs says if you thought 2017 was surprisingly good, just wait for 2018

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A worker uses a hoist to assemble a car seat at the Lear Corp. manufacturing facility in Hammond, Indiana.

This has been a good year for the global economy, and 2018 will follow that trend, analysts at Goldman Sachs said.

Economic growth around the world has picked up steam this year. Germany — Europe's largest economy — grew an unexpectedly strong 0.8 percent in the third quarter. In Japan, the economy has grown for seven straight quarters. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the economy grew 3 percent in the third quarter.

"2017 is shaping up to be the first year of the expansion in which growth surprises to the upside," Goldman analyst Charles Himmelberg said in a note to clients Thursday. "We expect 2018 to deliver more of the same."

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