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Piles of bricks are being staged in cities around the country, indicating riots are planned

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 Report: piles of bricks are being staged in cities around the country, indicating riots are planned

There is a lot of weird stuff going on with these “protests” turned riots in cities across the country.
There are many who were thinking that these riots have Antifa written all over them and that appears to be getting confirmed that these riots were planned, orchestrated events.

All that was needed was a spark, which was the unfortunate incident involving George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Breitbart is reporting that in Dallas, people who were in a position to observe the protests (riots) that took place in that city noted that there were multiple piles of bricks in areas of the city where there was no construction underway.

One of those areas was said to be near the Dallas County Courthouse.

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Protesters of the Year

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 Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'IF YOU CAN LOOT IN PERSON, YOU CAN VOTE IN PERSON ever'

Philadelphia Observations from an In-Law who is a Police Sergeant

 Scheduled to retire next year I believe.

Hi Brock, what a horrible thing that is going on. He was called in yesterday morning at 4:30 am and got home 4 o’clock this morning. He left again 9 AM this morning and I don’t know when he’ll be back. They are told to stand down. They are told not to do anything. I watched a police officer get run over by a car. National Guard was called in plus the pandemic.. Thanks for asking......

We have a mall about a mile from my home. They destroyed all the stores. I just spoke to Steve briefly and told him that my gun is loaded and if anybody comes into my home uninvited will not come out alive!

Oh course you can share. People are breaking into stores, stealing and hurting people- This is the new norm for protesting? Don’t get me wrong I am all about a peaceful protest. Yesterday we had about 2000 or more people protesting in the city of Philadelphia and it a was peaceful protest.  *A little after three everything went to hell.  

* The same story everywhere.  Soros' paid rioters.

Raleigh Protest

Last Night We Saw Why Americans Own 16+ Million AR-15s +2

 Buying AR-15 Charles Krupa AP

As televisions and computers showed a fourth day of protesters turned rioters Saturday, looting and destroying property, it was readily apparent why Americans own 16+ million AR-15s.

When Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke was still vying for the Democrat nomination–and pledging to come take away your AR-15–Breitbart News spoke with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) about what a Herculean task that would be. After all, the AR-15 is the most popular rifle platform in America.

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Black Federal Officer Patrick Underwood Shot And Killed in Oakland Riot

 Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Embrace Black Lives Matter as George Floyd Protests Descend Into Riots

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Biden campaign staffers donate to group that bails out jailed Minneapolis protesters

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 Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie: Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden addresses the unfolding situation in Minnesota and the killing of George Floyd.

At least 13 members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff have made donations to a group that helps Minneapolis protesters get out of jail on bail, according to a report.

 © Provided by FOX News Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden addresses the unfolding situation in Minnesota and the killing of George Floyd. 
The staffers posted on Twitter that they contributed money to a group called the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the practice of making people who are arrested pay money to avoid pre-trial imprisonment, Reuters reported.

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"If this is to be revolution, let it start here."


This is the stuff of revolution. Don't let any of the promoters of Antifa try and tell you that they do not support the riots in the cities across the US. They have supported these proponents of communism for the past several years. Usually, these Antifa troopers, who are nothing other than the military wing of the Democrat Party, served them well while countering all manner of conservative protests, especially anything having to do with Donald Trump. That Antifa took their role seriously as revolutionaries and now fail to see why Democrat run cities should be excepted on their list of targets is simply amusing.

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Tucker: New Way Forward Act would make it nearly impossible to detain immigrants

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Virginia Flaggers & The Lee Monument: Police Retreated

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Mel Leonor's tweet - "The headquarters of the United Daughters of ...
 Mel Leonor's tweet - "The headquarters of the United Daughters of ...

 We had to pull our folks out of Monument Avenue for their safety. There were thousands of terrorists and the police retreated before we did. We had a large contingency there, but they were no match for the threatening mob, with reinforcements arriving by the van load throughout the night.
One of our folks reported that the sound of the mob moving down Monument Avenue sounded like demons howling.

Gunshots were heard at Jefferson Davis and the terrorists tore down the wrought iron gate surrounding JEB Stuart just before we were forced to pull everyone out for their own safety.
God help us all, and God save the South!

"Anyone criticizing our decision to pull our folks (many of them women) out of Monument Avenue once the police retreated and the (armed) terrorists were allowed free reign, can go pound sand.
As much as I have dedicated my life to the defense of our ancestors, the safety and well being of my friends and family will ALWAYS come first."

I'm not sure how she knew I'd be at the office at 2AM, but I just spent 2 hours on the phone with a UDC Lady I have known since I joined the Children of the Confederacy 47 years ago. In her 90's she was in tears when she heard about the UDC HQ in Richmond being set on fire & every window smashed. Her sweet gentle soul just couldn't fathom the level of hatred needed to commit such an abominable & senseless act. Frankly she had me in tears and we prayed together before we parted.
We as a community have a lot to think about - our world has changed yet again - and for the worse. PRAY and support

Antifa Meeting in Wilson, NC this Afternoon

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Trump′s threat to label Antifa terrorist group triggers row in ...

"We understand they are planning to burn down Brentwood Shopping Center and several other places tonight."

Andrew McCarthy: Laws against rioting and terrorism must be enforced against Antifa and other violent Radicals

 Andrew McCarthy: Laws against rioting and terrorism must be ...

Attorney General William Barr issued a statement Saturday decrying the rioters who have violently hijacked peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The attorney general made explicit reference to “groups of outside radicals and agitators” who are pursuing a “separate and violent agenda.”

Barr added: “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchist and far left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence.”

The mention of Antifa is significant. It is a loosely-knit, interstate movement whose objective is to wage a terrorist war against the United States, using violence against the government and our civilian infrastructure.

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Report: Warner Bros Looking For Another DC Movie To Screw Up This ...

New York’s Forgotten Past

 Buy The Secession Movement in the Middle Atlantic States Book ...

New York City was the antebellum manufacturing, commercial and shipping center of the United States, and many New York firms found their greatest market in the slave-holding States. This was true of those selling the cheap cotton goods for slave clothing, and luxury items earmarked for the planters. The trade with the South was so great that many companies advertised themselves as “exclusively for the Southern trade.” Manhattan bankers had ready-money at low interest for planters, Northern or Southern, wanting to buy more land to plant cotton for which slaves were needed.

New York passed progressive emancipation bills in the early 1800s and many were sold to Southern planters, but slaves still existed within the State in the 1840s. It is noteworthy that the Duke of York, for whom the city was named, governed the Royal African Company until he took the throne as James II.

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‘EVACUATE THE 3RD PRECINCT’: Rioters Destroy Minneapolis Police Building, ‘170 Businesses’

 TOPSHOT - Protesters gather in front of a liquor store in flames near the Third Police Precinct on May 28, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during a protest over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes. - A police precinct in Minnesota went up in flames late on May 28 in a third day of demonstrations as the so-called Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul seethed over the shocking police killing of a handcuffed black man. The precinct, which police had abandoned, burned after a group of protesters pushed through barriers around the building, breaking windows and chanting slogans. A much larger crowd demonstrated as the building went up in flames.

People rioting in Minneapolis on Thursday night over the death of George Floyd completely destroyed the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Police Precinct and other businesses before the National Guard arrived on the scene in an attempt to stabilize the situation.

Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey told reporters that he made the decision “to evacuate the Third Precinct” after receiving information about the severity of the riots.

Kaepernick Posts Message Cheering Violent Rioting & Michael Moore Praises Rioters ‘Burning Down The Evil Police Precinct’

Kaepernick Posts Message Cheering Violent Rioting, Denouncing Civility In Response To George Floyd Death

 Michael Moore attends the closing ceremony screening of "The Specials" during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 25, 2019 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Foc Kan/FilmMagic)

Michael Moore Praises Rioters ‘Burning Down The Evil Police Precinct,’ Pushes Kaepernick Call For ‘Revolt’