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Muslims running in U.S. Elections (2019-2020)

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Via Marzee " Many Americans are against what the ideology stands for, and I am one of them.
They must NOT get a full grip on this nation as that is the ideology's MAIN goal, and they use hijra or "civilization jihad" to accomplish it.
The adherents of the ideology do not assimilate, but instead have every intention to 'dominate' -- just as they are required to in accordance to their book -- the quran.
These ideologists have absolutely no sincere desire to become part of Western/American culture. They've proven this by all that they've done in the U.K., and they're in the progress of HIJRA throughout Europe.
It MUST be stopped at every turn - do NOT elect them into political office as that is what Sadiq Khan did in the U.K"

Buoyed by Trump, GOP candidates sweep North Carolina special elections

 President Donald Trump, left, gives his support to Dan Bishop, right, a Republican running for the special North Carolina 9th District U.S. Congressional race as he speaks at a rally in Fayetteville, N.C., Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Chris Seward)

In a major victory for both President Trump and national Republicans, North Carolina GOP state Sen. Dan Bishop was projected to win a fiercely contested special U.S. House election that was widely seen as a possible bellwether for the president's chances in the 2020 election.

Candace On The Bottomless Hypocrisy Of The Leftist Douchbags


ĐÀ NẴNG 1965

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210 Days of Freedom: The Coming Private Firearms Sales Frenzy

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The U.S. Senate returned from its summer recess on September 9, 2019. It has been widely reported that the Senate’s Republican leadership has caved in to media pressure. They have promised to create a Senate version of H.R. 8 — the “Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019”. (It already passed in the House, back in February.)

The phrases “Universal Background Checks” and “Comprehensive Background Checks” sound all warm and fuzzy to the leftists. But here is what they really mean: “We’ll make you a felon if you sell a gun to your next door neighbor”. Please don’t allow this blatantly unconstitutional bill to become law. Turning a fundamental right into a felony is the worst sort of legislative tyranny.

St. Alban's (Saved Family History until NamSouth Up)

Openings at MCB Camp LeJeune: Tomorrow is Last Day


Survival & Backpacking Water Filter Tests


Few things are as personal as what you put up to your lips and drink into your body. You want to know what you are consuming is safe, reliable, and will hydrate your body to climb that next mountain or sustain you through an afternoon stroll. These facts are the driving force behind one of the most exhaustive tests of popular survival and backpacking water filters sold in the United States.

Did you know that there is no regulatory body that monitors water filter companies and their marketing practices? Consumers can read the claims and data that companies publish, but there’s no independent resource to filter out the legitimate from the hyperbole.
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Unused Militaries


For a couple of decades I covered the military for various publications, as for example the Washington Times and Harper’s, and wrote a military column for Universal Press Syndicate. I was following the time-honored principle of sensible reporters: “Ask not what you can do for journalism, but what journalism can do for you.” The military beat was a great gig, letting you fly in fighter planes and sink in submarines. But if you take the study seriously, as I did, you learn interesting things. Such as that a war with a real country, such as Russia, China, or even Iran, would be a fool’s adventure. A few points:

Unused militaries deteriorate

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Sports Afield 64-Gun Fireproof Electronic Lock Safe $599.99 Save 50% Free Pickup

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Sports Afield 64-Gun Fireproof Electronic Lock Safe

'We Removed Something You Posted'

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