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Unbelievable: Vet Checks Wrong Box, Faces Charges

Elisha Dawkins

Elisha Dawkins graduated in August from nursing school in Jacksonville. He put on hold his plans for taking the board exams because the Navy called him into action as a photographer.Dawkins photographed happenings at Guantanamo Bay, an act that's evidence he's a trusted member of the military with top secret clearance.Now, Dawkins, a Navy reservist and decorated Army combat photographer who served in Iraq, is in jail, charged with passport fraud. He's facing 10 years in prison for what could be a simple misunderstanding."Suddenly, he's picked up and thrown in jail? Then it's time for this senator to start asking questions," U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson., D-Fla., said........

........Dawkins started to fill out a passport application in 2004, didn't complete it, then filled out a new application two years later.On that new application, he checked a box "no" for the question, "Have you ever applied before?" according to the indictment.Dawkins got the passport, but three months ago, the government issued a warrant for his arrest. He was taking photos for the Navy at the time.When Dawkins got back to the U.S. in April, he was arrested about a week later and has been in jail for two months since."The state department is implying there's something more. I want to know, and that's why I've written them," Nelson said.

If there isn't something more, then heads should roll.

Greek Army Threatens Military Coup Sparking Fears of Military Uprisings And Civil Wars Breaking Out Across All Of Europe


Greek Army Threatens Military Coup Saying “We Will Not Be Sold To Foreign Powers” Ahead Of IMF Bailout Loan Vote Sparking Fears Of Military Uprisings And Civil Wars Spreading Across Europe. Military Officers And Police Forces Are Now Joining The Protests.

I recently wrote that the Greek Revolution has succeeded and the Government agreed to step down and create a new Government.

That announcement came amidst violent protests, and as Tyler Durden pointed out, was nothing but a bold face lie meant to placate the masses. Soon after the announcement and the subsequent calming of the masses, the Greek Prime minister announced he would not be stepping down, instead would only be reshuffling top cabinet officials and would ask for a vote of no confidence from the corrupt parliament that is looking to put over stressed tax payers on the hook for an international loan with 30% plus interest rates to bailout crooked greedy bankers.

Needless to say, the Prime Minister survived the vote of no confidence, and the Greek Government is set to vote for and approve the IMF bailout loan under banker controlled corporate media threats that financial Armageddon will hit the world if the vote does not pass.

Economists and the mainstream media are warning of a global “Armageddon Scenarios” as the masses continue to riot in revolt against the banks and calls for revolution spread into the US.

If you have watched the news today there is report after report of the Global markets being in a stage of economic collapse very similar to the financial meltdown of 2008.

The economic upheaval is strongly tied the massive rights and protests in Greece, Spain and in fact through out all of Europe.


Obama, Democrats, Republicans AND Bernanke All in a Bind – What they will do and when

We have two distinct groups in D.C. that are stuck between a very big rock and a hard place. The first is the Federal Reserve. The second is the Democrats and Republicans and the battle being waged over the debt limit. I see a possible solution to these impasses. It’s so simple that I’m sure it is being considered. The prospect is scaring the crap out of me however.

The Fed is in a bind. The economy is clearly slowing down again. Unemployment will soon follow. According to the Fed’s Dual Mandate they should be doing something about that.

They have few options. They can’t do more Large Scale Asset Purchases (“LSAP”). What has become referred to as “QE”, has not worked. It was also very unpopular (both in and out of the country). LSAPs may come back sometime, but they are on the shelf for at least a year. What could the Fed do in the near future?


Retiree Tax Heavens (and Hells)



North Carolina

An Empire Strikes Home: Part Two Militarizing Law Enforcement / Domestic Military Deployment


In Part One of “An Empire Strikes Home” we focused on a sad shooting death involving the Pima County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Department regional multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T. team. We also spotlighted several Arizona news articles in which the Sheriff’s Department issued conflicting stories regarding the S.W.A.T. raid. The published statements began by claiming that the suspect initiated and conducted a “standoff” and started a “gun battle” with deputies who had come to his home to serve a warrant.

I think that everyone knows that for any government action involving shooting of a citizen those kind of reports is the proper (meaning, from LE’s perspective) way this sort of operation should be presented to the press and to the public – the cops are the good guys and the dopers are the bad guys.

When SWAT showed up to enforce the law one of the bad guys had the audacity to draw down on the good guys as they were busting in his front door. As the acceptable, just, and lawful scenario was presented to the press, the good guys prevailed and the bad guy failed.

Message done, cut and dried, clean and closed, nothing more to see here, now move along to the next five-second news sound bite and have a nice day.

The public will take that kind of story and say, “Oh well, that ‘bad guy’ should have thought twice before choosing a life of crime, and it’s no loss to society that he’s gone. Too bad about the widow and fatherless children she’ll raise alone now – she married the wrong dude. The man was associated with marijuana, so he must be a ‘bad guy’. Live by the gun, die by the gun.”

That is, generally speaking, how a significant part of the public would see this event by reading the first Sheriff’s Department accounting of the death of Jose Guerena. And that is the desired perception which the Sheriff’s Department and higher-ups wished to present for public consumption, for that is the perception which will spare the County the trouble of more extensive damage control. If it works.

Days later, however, the Pima County Arizona Sheriff’s Department confessed that Jose Guerena did not shoot at the officers. Tough luck for Sheriff Dupnik, drat.


VIDEO: "Unexpected" Violent Riots Break Out at Caribbean Day Festival in D.C.



Don't miss the the link 4 people were shot .

Excellent commentary from a black blogger including two additional videos.



Just another weekend in Black Run America. Flash Mobs robbing local businesses. Roving packs of thugs attacking tourists. A large mob of angry, violent thugs taking over a neighborhood’s streets chanting “Kill all the white people.” This is what Black Run America looks like. This video shot at Howard University Strip in Washington D.C. during the Caribbean Day Festival.

Reports are that at least 4 people were shot during this riot, too.

It’s almost as if black youths cannot be trusted to congregate en mass in public without it turning into a riot or a looting spree. Again — my advice to you this summer is to not go anywhere where young black kids are congregating or meeting. Especially music festivals that celebrate “black music” or “black culture.”

Pack animals. Pure and simple.

This video is not an aberration. It’s the norm, rather than the exception.

Oh, and if you can bare it, go read the 1000+ comments to that video. Almost none of them are written in intelligible English. Is it any wonder that the unemployment rate for black men by age are:

  • 16 to 19 year old black men – 86% not employed
  • 20 to 24 year old black men – 56% not employed
  • 25 to 29 year old black men – 35% not employed

English. The proper use of. In written and spoken form. Look into it.

List of firearm confiscationist yellow rat bastards for tomorrow's not-hearing by old "Bloody Hands.

U.S. Rep. Elijah "Bloody Hands" Cummings -- so called because he had control of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee prior to the 2010 elections and never held an oversight hearing that might have addressed ATF management problems and short-circuited the Gunwalker Scandal -- is holding something of a hoplophobe indoor garden party tomorrow.

Channing Turner at Main Justice called this hopped-up advertisement for gun control a "minority hearing." It is not, for Cummings doesn't have the authority to call a formal hearing on his own.

U.S. Rep. Elijah "Bloody Hands" Cummings

Dave Workman calls it a "forum" or “briefing.”

The quintessential hoplophobic collectivist creep Senator Chuck Schumer will be there.

Bring back the British! Most Jamaicans say they would be better off ruled from London

the monarchy is still widespread as this young girl with a Queen's Jubilee flag and the Jamaican National Flag

Royalist: Enthusiasm for the monarchy is still widespread as this young girl with a Queen's Jubilee flag and the Jamaican National Flag shows


Via Sarah Maid of Albion

Most Jamaicans believe they would be better off if they were still ruled by Britain, a poll shows.

In a harsh indictment of nearly 50 years of independence, 60 per cent of those surveyed hanker for the days when the country was Britain’s biggest Caribbean colony.

Only 17 per cent said the crime-ridden, poverty-stricken nation would be worse off under British rule.

The depth of feeling is particularly astonishing as generations of Jamaican leaders have portrayed the British as oppressors who subjected the Caribbean to slavery.


Doomsday Preppers

Via Sedition, L&P

Class ring turns up 51 years after flushed down toilet

Via The Feral Irishman

RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - On Friday in High Point, North Carolina, Thomas Wray Kidd plans to meet a man who will deliver a piece of jewelry and a part of his past he thought was gone forever.

It is a class of '62 ring, gold with a red gemstone from Jackson High School in Jackson, North Carolina. Kidd has not seen the ring since he gave it to his girlfriend in nearby Roanoke Rapids half a century ago, and she accidentally dropped it in her toilet mid-flush.

The girlfriend, Dianne Shearin, was aghast. Her father had a plumber pull the toilet and snake the pipes. "The plumber finally told them, 'Hey, that ring is gone,'" Kidd recalled in an interview Monday.

But it was not gone for good. When a storm pipe collapsed in Roanoke Rapids recently and a repair crew responded, a foreman named Dwayne Johnson found the long lost ring.

It was just a few blocks from where it had gone into the sewer in 1960.


Where is the REAL birth certificate?

The electronic document released by the White House is confirmed to be a forgery:
Bitmap text versus antialiasing text: Notice the bitmap X checkbox in question compared to the antialiased X checkbox in question "e" – major inconsistency.

Additionally, the checkboxes are slightly different widths and positioned differently. (Pixels of checkboxes on the bottom right overlap line pixels below, almost as if the boxes were copied and pasted and manually positioned).

Some letter characters are identical, pixel for pixel, almost as if they were copied and pasted and then moved into position. For example, the lowercase "i" in the word Inside is identical to the first "i" in judicial. There are many similar identical instances as there are dissimilar typesetting examples of different fonts – both suggesting compilation of a document digitally.

Irregular typesetting spacing which is not consistent with proportional spacing used by computers or monospacing used by typewriters in 1961 – but is consistent with copy and pasting and moving letters around. Example: The word "Yes," which has too much space between "Y" and "e" and not enough space between "e" and "s."

"A normal document scanned and saved as a PDF file would not display these inconsistencies unless the document had been digitally altered," she said. "A digitally altered document is by definition a manufactured document, or in everyday parlance – a forgery."

"My guess is that the creator of this document was inexperienced when it comes to a multitude of concepts in using Adobe software," Zebest said. "Whoever forged the Obama birth certificate might have known enough to be dangerous, but not enough to know how to cover up their tracks."
I find it remarkable that the White House is releasing forged documents and the mainstream media still has absolutely no interest in the story despite the fact that the release of the document disproved nearly all of their previous defenses of Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah's presidential eligibility. No doubt they'll all be taken completely by surprise when Obama declines the Democratic nomination for "health reasons" or "to spend more time with his family".

We don't have a lapdog media any more, but one that sees its primary role as acting as the federal government's defense attorney.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06-28-11

Injustice Everywhere


By David, on June 29th, 2011

Here are the 26 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, June 28, 2011:

BART CA settled a portion of a lawsuit for $1.3mil to the mother of Oscar Grant who was fatally shot in the back while he was restrained on a train station floor by a BART police officer. [0]

Fairfax County VA cop was fired after an 18 month long probe for improper use of deadly force when he fatally shot an unarmed motorist when his truck started slowly rolling forward. The officer wasn’t charged by is still the subject of a federal civil rights investigation. [1]

Albuquerque NM settles suit for $950k to family of man fatally shot in the back by cop who was later fired for lying about what happened. [0]

Miramar FL & Broward Co FL sued by mentally challenged man exonerated after 29yrs in prison on charges the lawsuit claims were the result of officers intentionally framing him. [0]

Natchez MS cop pleads guilty to conspiracy to steal and use a man’s credit cards after beating him in the back of a police cruiser, he and another officer still face other charges in the case apparently. [0]

2 Washington DC cops face felony charges for beating man while off duty at bar so badly that he lost an eye [0]

A third Washington DC cop is under investigation for allegedly failing to stop those officers as he watched them assault the injured man mentioned above. [0]

2 Toronto ON cops sentenced to 1yr home detention for beating man when he called them “the rich man’s army” [0]

Miami FL police accused of using excessive force on 52yr-old woman & her 85yr-old mom they claim roughed up a cop [3]

Klamath Co OR deputy resigns before arrested on sexual abuse charges involving multiple women at vacation rental [0]

Arizona law enforcement agencies accused of excessive taser use in study by ACLU showing no reduction in shootings by cops [-]

Savannah-Chatham GA cop arrested on fed drug trafficking & other charges for selling drugs he robbed from people [1]

Prince George’s County MD cop pleads to extortion & conspiracy to distribute cocaine & untaxed cigarettes charges [0]

Colorado Springs CO police sued by man falsely arrested on cop’s description of man w/tattoo he didn’t even have [3]

Edinburg TX cop arrested on official oppression charge for allegedly trying to kiss 18yr-old during traffic stop [0]

Guntown MS cop under secretive investigation after accused of almost running driver off road in cruiser, hazarding a guess I would say this appears to be a possible DUI incident. [4]

Charleston SC cop gets deferred sentence deal for breaking T-Mobile store window w/chair in fit of rage at worker [0]

Houston TX judge catches flack for filing complaint on cop who writes so many tickets he forgets about them in court[3]

Houston TX cop fired for throwing tear gas grenade during BBQ cook-off at a rodeo in an off-duty dispute 4mo ago [0]

Salt Lake UT Unified police dept officer charged w/7 felony counts for inappropriate use of departmental gas card [0]

Bennington Co VT deputy charged on allegations he threatened woman he was already charged w/assaulting [0]

Casselberry FL cop arrested on felony charges after investigation into stalking & computer hacking allegations [0]

Orleans Parish LA deputy suspended after arrested on assault & violation of protection order charges [1]

Morgan County IN deputy arrested for public intoxication at country music concert where he had dispute with wife [0]

New Orleans LA cop suspended 5days for breaking man’s car window by hurling bottles & waffles from 10th floor balcony while drunk [0]

Seattle WA police officer is under investigation after leaving his assault rifle on the trunk of his police cruiser when another officer then drove it away at the start of his shift. (pic) [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

King of mercenaries in their old age



Once I asked, not if I'm going to write a post about Bob Denard. I honestly answered no, because it is not my hero and I know about it as much as everyone else. I still stick to the same opinion, however, some stuff I want to lay out. The fact that the officer in charge of intelligence, it is useful to have extensive links. Ossares always approached the business very seriously, so that friends and acquaintances he had - polplanety. And Denard including. An entire chapter in his book "I have not said everything" is dedicated to this king of mercenaries. By the way, Ossares, himself a secret agent, said that Denard was also related to security services, he was assigned the cases that were not in the hands of state do. bodies. In general, such Ossares uttered, and so (killing jumpers Ben M `Go (official version - suicide), obtaining money by reselling the special services of opium, etc., etc.) that I completely understand how it is still not pristuknuli somewhere in a dark little corner ...

"In recent years, Americans and Clint Eastwood in person contact with him, wanting to make a movie about his life as a mercenary. They wanted to buy the rights to his memoir. The French government has indicated that it would not be delighted if this film will be released and the Americans withdrew. Finally they gave Denaro choice: submit them to court for breach of contract or receive compensation. Of course, he chose the second option.

After receiving the money, he made two silly: bought a Belgian magazine devoted to the mercenaries, which was a copy of «Soldiers of fortune». Texts of his, I told him, were poorly written, the state is too bloated, and there were problems with the payment of wages. He suffered a fiasco, and Bob is almost destroyed.

Finally, since he was 8 women and 9 children throughout his life of adventure, he imbued with the idea to combine them. I warned him that it would lead to disaster. He has spent thousands to encourage them all to come to his parents' home, where his sister, and he found himself among all his ex and children. Later I asked him if they are not killed each other. "No, - replied Bob, - worse. They became friends. " (Oh, poor peasant had! Eight ex-wives, present a united front ... sorry just right! - K-K)

Poor Bob. When I saw him last, he walked with a cane. I asked him is panache or necessity? He took my right hand and placed it on his head. The head was Skinhead and could find a hole. "What a hole, Bob?" - Asked him. "And, you know, I shlopotat two bullets into the skull in Rhodesia and my girlfriend, Marie-Elise them pulled. I mean, she was a veterinarian. "

I looked through several articles on the Russian Internet Denard. In many of his real name was Gilbert Bourgeaud misspelled. Where the Borgo, where Borj, while he Bourget. Well, the French now, few people know more English. But if you write an article in the "Spark", then we can attract and professionals.
Colonel Bob Denard (April 7, 1929 – October 13, 2007), born Gilbert Bourgeaud, was a French soldier and mercenary.


Paratrooper Killed in 800-Foot Drop at Bragg ID’d

My basic training post.

Staff Sgt. Jamal Clay had jumped out of an aircraft 25 times before, always dropping safely to the ground.

But Saturday night, something went wrong. Clay, a 25-year-old paratrooper who survived two deployments to Iraq, fell 800 feet to his death at Fort Bragg's Sicily Drop Zone during what was supposed to have been a routine training exercise.

Clay's death remains under investigation, but early reports point to a parachute malfunction, according to a news release from the 82nd Airborne Division.

Clay, a married father of two from Elida, Ohio, was a vehicle recovery supervisor with Company G, 1st Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.

He had last jumped from an airplane four days earlier, on June 21, as part of a 10-day training exercise that simulates traditional airborne operations, such as an assault on a drop zone or airfield.

"Staff Sergeant Jamal Clay was the best paratrooper in the company. Everybody wanted to be like him," said Capt. Luke Bird, Clay's company commander. "He was a natural leader and a skilled mechanic who made the whole battalion better."

As part of the exercise Saturday evening, Clay was one of 1,700 paratroopers scheduled to jump into Sicily Drop Zone. Clay and other Soldiers were to seize and secure the drop zone so troops who followed could land safely.

Humvees and other large vehicles often are dropped from the sky in advance of paratroopers. Clay and other mechanics would have been on hand to repair any damage to those vehicles, said Sgt. 1st Class Alan Davis, an 82nd Airborne Division spokesman.

It was a standard night jump, 800 feet high with a static line attached to the plane that opens the parachute after a Soldier exits.

New parachute used

Southern Cult of Manners and Personal Integrity

Not yet fully eradicated after 145 or so years of Reconstruction, the Southern concepts of manners and personal honor set a very high standard in education, and the logical expectation that this would result in a more enlightened society and government.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"
Southern Cult of Manners and Personal Integrity:

“[The official historian of the University of Virginia noted that the bulk of pre-Civil War graduates]…were of “the planting class.” Analysis of their post-college careers and modes of life led him to say that they were men who “kept alive in their country homes that loyal devotion to family, that chivalrous respect for womanhood, that considered tenderness for weakness, that high recognition of the claims of hospitality, that reverence for religion, and that quick sensitiveness upon all questions of personal integrity and honor, which they had inherited from the fathers.”

The cult of manners in the Old Dominion was so intertwined with the concepts of personal honor and integrity that all appeared part of a single theme. The diary notes of a young Virginian, attending VMI, contained the following passage, inserted as a kind of conclusion to the entries for the year 1842. It was set off in quotation marks:

“Among the many branches of education, that which tends to make deep impressions of virtue ought to be a fundamental object in a well-regulated government. For depravity of manners will render ineffectual the most salutary laws; and in the midst of opulence, what other means to prevent such depravity, but only a virtuous discipline?”

In this climate of opinion, with its emphasis on manners and personal integrity, the famous “Honor System” of American academic life first appeared. The founders were two professors at the University of Virginia; George Tucker, romantic litterateur before his appointment to the chair of moral philosophy; and his relative, Henry St. George Tucker, distinguished jurist before settling at Charlottesville as a teacher of law.

Judge Tucker submitted the epochal resolution to the faculty in 1842 that, at all future written examinations, the students should certify on their honor the receiving of no improper assistance. Later, this pledge was extended to include the imparting as well as the accepting of aid.

While visiting Richmond in 1853, Frederick Law Olmsted observed the importance of the cult of manners there. He added this observation to his travel diary, “In manners, I notice that between man and man, more ceremony and form is sustained in familiar conversations than well-bred people commonly use at the North.”

(Romanticism in the Old South, Rollin G. Osterweiss, LSU Press, 1971, pp. 87-88)

Southern Cult of Manners and Personal Integrity

Season Premiere of Best Defense Survival: Micro-Preparedness Part 1 Trailer

In the previous 2 seasons, we have given you a vast range of worst case scenarios. Season 3 goes into a few of these scenarios in more detail.

In this first episode of season 3, Michael Janich covers ways of fortifying your home. Dr. Tom Loomis shows you some field kits for dentistry. Rob Pincus is showing you some balance, speed and precision drills with the AR-15. In this season 3, we will have a regular segment with Ed Head from Gunsite showing us the use of the Ruger Scout Rifle as a tool for the survivalist.

Air times on Outdoor Channel: 06-29 at 3:00PM | 06-29 at 7:00PM | 06-30 at 1:00AM. All times eastern.