Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The last performance of "Good ol' boys like me" by Don Williams Sep 9, 2017: Wish Mother could have heard this.

Hi Brock.... Here's probably one of the last performances of "Good ol' boys like me" by Don... Note his passing.. 08 Sept 2017...… skybill

& an earlier one I have had posted for years on  the right.


G EDWARD GRIFFIN on the Primal Nature of Government

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President Trump Approval Rating Jumps to 53 Percent: Rasmussen Poll

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President Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached 53 percent—the highest in the last five months, according to a Rasmussen Poll on Sept 24.

According to the new polling data, 53 percent of likely voters approve of the job Trump is doing, while 45 percent disapprove. The last time Trump received a 53 percent approval on the same polling firm was on April 9.

Obama, the Bidens, the Clintons, the IMF and Others Pillaged Ukraine Then Forced Its Citizens to Pay Excessive Natural Gas Prices at 50% Above Market


President Obama, his Vice President Biden and his son, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Mueller, the Podestas, the IMF and others all pillaged the Ukraine and then delayed loans to the country before forcing Ukrainians to pay grossly inflated natural gas prices.  Now these vultures claim they are innocent.  

More than a year ago we reported that Robert Mueller was charging Paul Manafort for actions that Mueller committed himself.

Whoa: Text Messages Reveal NYT Reporter Told Kavanaugh Source What To Say

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 Whoa: Text Messages Reveal NYT Reporter Told Kavanaugh Source What To Say

A Senate Judiciary Committee report revealed that New York Times reporter Robin Pogrebin coached sources on what to say and how to respond to her questions based on information she obtained, The Federalist reported. Her motive was to shape a false narrative against now-sitting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and allegations of sexual misconduct. Pogrebin is one of the co-authors of the anti-Kavanaugh book whose chapter was featured in the New York Times last week.

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Left brings in child actress to cry at UN Global Warming rally

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IT WAS ALL A HOAX: Little Girl Seen Crying in Viral Video at Global Warming Rally Is a Child Actress – She Was Just a Child Prop for the Left

Tens of thousands of children were let out of school so they could go protest against capitalism and global warming.

As we reported on Monday — One terrified little girl in Australia couldn’t even talk to reporters about climate change without crying.


She broke down in tears while talking to reporters about climate change junk science.

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