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Racist Anti-Trump Robocalls Hit SEC Primary States – Looks Like Coordinated Attack Between GOPe and Liberal Media

Via Billy

There are reports of racist anti-Trump robocalls hitting the SEC primary states tonight.
This is after a weekend of racist smears by the liberal media and GOP establishment – including Marco Rubio – on Donald Trump.

The calls are reportedly coming from the Rubio Conservative Solutions PAC.

On Our Children's Future

In order to save our culture, history, religion etc. for future generations groups like the S.C.V. & U.D.C. among many other conservative Pro – American organizations should invest time, money & resources into building our own private schools where we ensure what our children & grand-children are taught to learn, honor & respect.
Before anyone shoots out the usual & expected barrage of why this cannot be done before even trying I ask you this, aren't our children's' future worth whatever this effort takes or costs? Are you not tired of government controlled public schools using your own tax money against you & your family? They tell our children to honor & respect cultures that produce nothing but, rap artist with filthy rap lyrics with sexually deviant dances to accompany them while, demonizing Americans like Washington, Jefferson & Lee & teaching our children to hate their own history, heroes & culture.
They are brainwashed & indoctrinated into believing that all others come ahead of themselves & that they owe all other cultures for things they themselves never did. All through propaganda & code words like racism, bigotry, white privilege etc. Innocent but, still accused & forced into white guilt by crimes we or our children never committed.
The bottom line is to force our American / Southern culture to become like their cultures where there is no room for our own & they offer us nothing in return but our own elimination. At our present rate of descent the majority of our children will not join groups like the S.C.V. or U.D.C. There will be no one to remember the American heroes of our past or even know of its existence & I am not just talking about the South but, all of America's past founders & every leader up to the present.
I do not remember which communist leader said, “ give me one generation & their link with their own past will be broken.” Well, the 30 somethings & younger are those generations. While we have many worthwhile objectives there is none greater than this. America & the South are almost unrecognizable. Unless we institute our own schools & reverse this trend we will not even be a footnote in anyone's history books.
No more Confederate holidays being observed by our own descendants, no flags placed on Confederate Veterans graves, no re-enactments, no July 4th Independence Day celebrations, No presidents Washington, Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, No Memorial Day or Veteran's Day........All is being censored, erased & rewritten as you read this.
Those who consider themselves to be great minds & leaders in our midst had better step forward & institute a system of educating our own & on a massive scale. Government public schools have failed us & are getting worse every year & teaching our children about everything else but, their own.
The worse news is, they are teaching socialism & communism to our children as our replacement culture at an accelerated rate. So, tell me again why we cannot or will not save our own including ourselves from this oncoming nightmare that we all see whether we would admit it or not?

Billy Price

The Ballad of Michael Behenna

Via Cousin Colby

Burns Chronicles No 12: "...arrested six people and murdered one person without constitutionally required warrant."

R 12 19 Meridian Idaho R 12 19 route

I have never met Jon Ritzheimer, though I have spoken and worked with Jon on various enterprises. I found him to be quite affable, and perhaps more importantly, a willing learner.

I had hoped to finally meet Jon when I arrived at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the late afternoon of Sunday, January 24. Unfortunately, Jon had left for his home in Phoenix, earlier that day.
However I have no doubt that Jon and I will finally shake hands, in friendship, in the near future.

So, we know when Jon left Burns, Oregon, on January 24, but that is really not the point. The real question is; When did Jon arrive in Burns, Oregon and the Refuge?

Well, the FBI has their answer as to when Jon was in Burns. It is clearly stated in the “Redacted Criminal Complaint“. (Why the Complaint is Redacted will be discussed later in the article.) The Complaint is in the form of the “Affidavit of Katherine Armstrong”, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Perhaps a bit of background and educational foundation of SA Armstrong is in order. According to the Affidavit, she has been employed by the FBI for “one-and-a-half (1 ½) years”. Surely, that is sufficient time for a novice FBI Special Agent to prepare the foundation for a case that the Court, based upon a “Government’s Motion to Declare Case Complex, Vacate Dates, Set Status Hearing, and Exclude Time Under Speedy Trial Act“, is considering waiving, “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial“, as protected by the Sixth Amendment.

Horror in Moscow as burka-clad babysitter 'decapitates four-year-old girl in her care' - then walks through streets carrying her severed head and shouting 'Allahu Akbar'

Via Richard

A burka-clad babysitter decapitated the little girl in her care before walking through Moscow carrying the child's severed head, police say.

The woman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as she appeared near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the northwest of the Russian capital and threatened to blow herself up.

It came hours after officers found the headless body of a four-year-old child when they were called to a fire at a block of flats in the city. 

More with video @ Daily Mail

Salt Lake City: Violent Somali teen shot by police

Via comment by Anonymous on RIOTS in Salt Lake City Following Police Shooting ...

 Utah shooting

You watch, this will turn into another story about overzealous police.  There will be no mention of the refugee resettlement program bringing Somalis and other Muslim refugees to colonize Utah and no mention of the huge problem with many refugees not assimilating.  Or, maybe they are assimilating—-to American black gang violence.

Here is the news.  Wish I had the energy to tell you more about what is happening in Utah where, although the Mormon Church doesn’t directly resettle refugees, they encourage their Catholic brethren to do so.

From Fox 13 Salt Lake City (hat tip: Utah reader):

You Can’t Have a Constitution Without a Nation to Go With It


You can tell it’s an election year, because the Republicans are all of a sudden talking about the Constitution again.  Not that I mind, of course, but it seems that they only start paying attention to it when the generally more conservative and constitutionalist Republican primary voters start paying attention to them.  So suddenly, the political realm is filled with talk about what the Constitution says about every issue, from abortion to xylophone maintenance.

The problem that I see with this, however, is that at the same time as they are claiming their love and devotion to our founding document, most of these same politicians are pursuing policies relating to demographics and national sovereignty which are completely at odds with the perpetuation of the diluted remains of constitutional government.  Put simply, the mainstream Republican pursuit of amnesty, open borders, and massive immigration (both legal and illegal) works to destroy the very Constitution they profess to be so concerned about.

"Is the USC/BoR/amendments/caselaw edifice worthy of our efforts?"

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.45.35 AM

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

Your principles.

Those are worth defending to the final extreme.

Not the verbal vomiting-forths of elitist lawyers for the past 200+ years.
More @ WRSA

Trigger Recall : Understanding the GLOCK Trigger

Mine: 21 & 30

GLOCK’s domination of the handgun market is the envy of all of its competitors, yet there’s a controversial element of the GLOCK design: the trigger. So how does the GLOCK trigger really work?

Safe Action Trigger

In designing their trigger system, GLOCK engineers went with as simple a system as possible to reduce parts to an absolute minimum. They incorporated three safeties in the design to protect against accidental discharges, or in the language of the gun community “negligent discharges” (NDs).

And yet the forums are still populated with horror stories of NDs. So what’s the story? Who takes the blame, GLOCK or the negligent user?

Southern Core Values

 Charleston 3

In American higher education of the past forty years, I have observed two American histories, and two American literatures – which teach different American ideals and values, resulting in different societies and different vision of what it means to be an American. Today we have a Northern history and a Southern history; we have a Northern literature and a Southern literature. As I write, there is no consensus, nor has there been for two centuries. The Northern perspective is dominant, even though it is an aberration and even though it has become increasingly intolerant. If you don’t like the Northern/Southern dichotomy, then use a Lincolnian vision of America versus a Jeffersonian vision of American.

The Wise But Unschooled Uncle Remus

The antebellum plantation culture informally educated the African workers in European trades and agriculture, customs and traditions; the postwar Southern economy needed people informally schooled in the useful arts of agriculture and mechanics, and little if any use for workers with advanced university degrees and speaking Latin or Greek. Thus Booker T. Washington’s method was far more acceptable and productive than DuBois’ method of political agitation.

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The Wise But Unschooled Uncle Remus

“Southern historians, trapped by the belief that education is a cure-all, have exaggerated the accomplishments of formal schooling. They like to prove that Sir William Berkeley was inaccurate when he said that there were no free schools in seventeenth-century Virginia. They are dazzled that today we have “a triumphant “progressive” education which progresses even faster than the North.” They gloss over the defects of our much-praised educational system.

The historians would be wise to admit the defects of Southern education as measured by the proclaimed goals of American public schools; indeed they might be skeptical of these goals. They might admit that Berkeley was not a complete fool when he inveighed against schools and presses.

In New England the Prussian-type school was loaded with antislavery sentiments and with notions of social reform repulsive to a region of Christians not dominated by hopes of earthly perfection. The leveling tendencies of the new schools ran counter to the Old South’s conception of hierarchy. Their content was more suited for those who need guidance in town life than for a people whose chief task was to subdue a wilderness and to establish farms.

Someone should tell that the South’s resistance to formal schooling did not grow out of laziness or stupidity. Their resistance was vital part of the region’s attempt to survive as a social and cultural entity. The South unconsciously fought against the idea that the school be allowed to iron out provincial differences in order to make the Southern States into undifferentiated units of the republic.

Southerners have preserved their folkways and ancestral superstitions. Thereby they have avoided the fate of the people of Hawaii, a people who have deliberately escaped their ancestral heritage in order to become Americanized through the public schools. Such a people lack creative originality.

Our chroniclers of the past should quit being ashamed of the cloud of illiteracy which once hung over their province. They should wake up to the fact that Uncle Remus was among the wisest Southerners. They have stressed to such a degree the benefits of the schools that they have neglected the triumphs of informal training outside the school.

This informal education was good because it was useful. Our colonial and frontier ancestors put the art of subduing the wilderness first; they learned to use the ax and the rifle extremely well. With some justice they regarded formal education as an adornment of the upper classes.

The dark spot on Southern civilization of denying formal education to the slaves can be wiped out by an understanding of what was accomplished in the so-called school of the plantation in which the barbarian captive of Africa was Anglicized. This was a type of training more effective than anything the South had experienced since.

The slave was so well inoculated with Anglo-American culture that almost all elements of his African background disappeared. The Negro imbibed the rich heritage of European folklore and became so skilled in English handicrafts and in the intricate practices of plantation agriculture that he was perhaps better educated in the industrial arts than those Negroes who had lived since the time of Booker T. Washington.

(Tolerating the South’s Past, Francis Butler Simkins, Address in Columbia, South Carolina, November 12, 1954, The Pursuit of Southern History, George Tindal, editor, LSU Press, 1964, pp. 319-320)

Some Major developments in campaign 2016

 Image result for trump

Fox Goes All Out for Rubio  Murdoch seems to be tightening reins on conservatives like Sean Hannity. Fox ratings although high are down 50 percent in last few months. Now it will be a last ditch stand to nominate Rubio. Rubio is down over 10 points in his home state of Florida.  That will be the end of him on March 15 unless Fox and some SuperPacs can bring trump down and Rubio up, or get Cruz to drop out. Interestingly, Murdoch is attending a big fund raiser for hillary Clinton in London, which may indicate he believes Rubio might not make it through march 15.Florida primary.

Sessions probably endorsed Trump at this time to counter the tsunami of half truths (more like 1 percent truths) Rubio has been putting out in the last debate and recently.  I have also seen some others that are pretty far fetched.

Fox/Rubio/Establishment will probably put tremendous pressure on Cruz to drop out, which makes little sense before the Texas primary.

Trump has over 40 percent among Massachusetts republicans!, followed by Kasich and Rubio. Kasich would get a big boost if Rubio drops after a Florida defeat. . 


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Army staff sergeant killed rookie cop who was Marine reservist

Via comment by Anonymous on RIOTS in Salt Lake City Following Police Shooting ..."This female deputy, her first assignment responding to a domestic disturbance, which I have read are the most dangerous, killed when she approached the door. Her father committed suicide the day after he had returned from Iraq.

What Hell's he must have seen; what Hell's he must have had to participate in:

The killer worked for the Pentagon."


On her first day on the job, Officer Ashley Guindon responded to a call that could have become routine, had she gone on to a long career in law enforcement: a domestic disturbance in a well-kept suburban neighborhood.

But something had already gone terribly wrong inside the northern Virginia home of Army Sgt. Ronald Hamilton, police said Sunday, and Guindon's brief time with the Prince William County police department came to a horrific end. Hamilton opened fire on Guindon and two of her fellow officers, killing her and leaving the others seriously wounded, Police Chief Stephan Hudson said.

More with video @ Military Times

Cache of German Saboteurs Found 70 Years After the War

Via Surplus_Sam


Here's an interesting finding from a Latvian forest - five hermetic containers intended for German saboteurs, who acted in the time of WWII in the rear of Red Army. All these seventy years the containers were reliably protected from moisture, so the contents are preserved even better than it could be at a warehouse.

Six Hundred Southern Officers at Morris Island

Imprisoned Southern officers were transported to Morris Island near Fort Sumter as used as a human shield in front of Northern batteries indiscriminately shelling Charleston in mid-1864. Those who did not perish from the ordeal would later suffer serious intestinal disorders or early death from their near starvation by the enemy.

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Six Hundred Southern Officers at Morris Island

“After weary months in Washington, during which time I was shown many kindnesses and attentions from Southern sympathizers, I was carried to Fort Delaware prison. After a lapse of some time I was drawn in with the lot of six hundred officers to be carried to “Morris Island,” to be placed under the fire of our own guns at Charleston. We were crowded in the dark hole of the vessel, only equal to the “Black Hole of Calcutta,” and packed on shelves like goods in a store, without any light or air, except that driven down a shaft by wind-sails.

On our arrival we were put in a “stockade pen,” between “Fort Wagner and Fort Gregg,” and guarded by a Negro regiment. For forty-five days we sat upon the sands and witnessed the burning fuses from bombs, larger than nail-kegs continuously fired night and day by our men at the forts. If they overshot the one or undershot the other they’d hit us. But that God marks the sparrow’s fall, protected us.

On the eve of our leaving for “Hilton Head,” the Negroes on guard fired into some of us. I saw three fall either killed or wounded; they were hurriedly moved out. I never learned their fate.

Three of our number got the cabin maid to steal life preservers from the cabins and quietly slid over-board where sharks were as thick as minnows. Two were exhausted from thirst and lack of food and were captured on Pinckney Island; the third reached Charleston.

They gave us absolutely nothing at all to eat for forty-five days but a little rotten corn meal filled with black bugs, without salt or anyway to cook it. Our comrades were dying by squads daily, the dead house was filled all the time with the corpses. Scores of cats would enter through holes and prey upon the dead.”

Lt. Col. C.B. Christian, Walker’s Ford, Amherst County, Virginia

(Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XXXVII, R.A. Brock, editor, 1909, pp. 241-242)

Vince Foster 'suicide' shocker: 2nd wound documented

Via cscitizen

Hillary Clinton and Vincent Foster were friends and business associates at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, and Foster followed the Clintons to the White House soon after Bill Clinton's election as president.

It’s been 23 years since Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster was found dead in a Virginia park, setting off one of the biggest controversies of the Clinton administration.

Foster, a boyhood friend of Bill Clinton and partner of Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, was discovered on July 20, 1993, lying in Fort Marcy Park with a fatal gunshot wound.

Two independent investigations, the first led by Robert Fiske and the second by Kenneth Starr, concluded Foster suffered a single, self-inflicted wound. A simple suicide. Case closed.

But newly discovered evidence unearthed from boxes stored deep in the National Archives lend credence to theories about foul play and cover-up that have been hinted at by at least three books and countless articles.

The newest piece to the puzzle was uncovered by two citizen researchers, one of whom was a witness involved in the case from the beginning.

What had only been suspicions about missing death-scene photographs are now proven to exist.

More @ WND

ISIS releases ‘Kill List’; Seven Texas cities included

Via Michael

 Image result for ISIS releases ‘Kill List’; Seven Texas cities included

This is from News Channel

My question is why did ISIS pick little Bolivar, Indiana?

The total population of the town is 1,252 people.

The Pentagon has responded to a globally-released ‘Kill List’, asking law enforcement to give extra protection for military personnel whose personal information was released.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the Pentagon spent the weekend notifying the soldiers who appeared on the list, and urged city police departments and military police to increase patrol in the neighborhoods where the targeted live.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) published the list days ago, a report that contained names, photos, and home addresses of U.S. Armed Forces personnel, causing alarm in cities potentially at high-risk.

Claim: GOP's secret plan to block Trump, even by electing Hillary

Via cscitizen

Donald Trump

In a bitter fight for its life, establishment GOP leaders have decided to block Donald Trump’s nomination at all costs, even if it means losing the presidency to Hillary Clinton, says Roger Stone, co-author of the 2015 bestselling book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” and the recently published “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.”

“The big fix is in,” Stone, a former adviser to Trump, told WND in an exclusive telephone interview Sunday.

“Beware the ‘Big Steal,'” Stone warned. “The leaders of the GOP establishment plan to steal the nomination from Trump and to thwart the popular will, and they don’t care if they lose. Trump threatens all the establishment GOP leaders’ cozy deals. He’s a threat to the lobbying class. He’s a threat to the consultant class. He’s a threat to the globalists.”

More @ WND

McConnell to Republican Senators: “We will Drop Trump Like a Hot Rock”

Via Billy

obama boehner mcconnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly told members this past week they can run ads against Donald Trump is he is the Republican nominee.

Kerry Picket The Daily Caller reported:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly told colleagues they will drop GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump “like a hot rock.”

RIOTS in Salt Lake City Following Police Shooting of Black Teen

Via Billy

Image result for RIOTS in Salt Lake City Following Police Shooting of Black Teen

According to ‘witnesses’ — The teen was reportedly fighting and told to drop a “broomstick” when police shot him dead.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit



  "For the good freedom-loving women out there, this ain’t aimed at you."

Power Practical PowerPot V Recharging Cook Pot

Comment by Jeffery in Alabama on Ruck Sack Battery Charging System


I have a solar charger that will fully charge in about four hours of sunlight and will retain enough power to charge a cell phone twice. I also have a LED light I can plug into it for some major light if needed. Although it will not charge AA and AAA's it is still a handy device. I have been looking at the thermo generation systems that are powered by a campfire, stove, etc. There are several models available, but this is the one I am leaning towards based on reviews, weight, and function. They can be found a little cheaper on Ebay, etc.

$99.93 @ REI

Lying Press? Germans Lose Faith in the Fourth Estate

Via David

Germans are losing faith in their media. Nowhere is this more apparent than in mistrust of refugee crisis media coverage. Where did journalists go wrong? And how much of this skepticism reflects a preference for rumors over facts? 

You couldn't ask for a better reader than Isolde Beck. She has had subscriptions to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Badische Neueste Nachrichten and SPIEGEL for many years. And as a retiree, she takes the time to thoroughly read through the newspapers and magazine.

But her relationship with the media has become troubled in recent weeks. She has the feeling that the "news is being suppressed" and that journalists are no longer allowed to "articulate certain things." Beck has stopped believing what the journalists write.


CENTCOM deletes files amid charges that intel altered to exaggerate progress against ISIS

Via David


Apparently the appearance of victory so as to gain political advantage is now more important than actual victory. Who ordered this? Is CENTCOM now so politicized that it actively does the Obama Administration’s bidding without being asked? Or is Obama behind it?

More @ Jihad Watch

Russian Imperial Antiques, Original Pre-1917 Faberge The Royal Romanov Family of Russia and Tsar Nicholas II Memorabilia

Via Cousin Colby

 antique sapphire and diamond gold bangle bracelet - Victorian jewelry
Antique French Sapphire Diamond Gold Bracelet

Ruck Sack Battery Charging System

Via David

A reader recently requested I elaborate on the comms equipment battery charging system I carry in my Ruck.

First let me say that the setup I use is not what I would prefer but it works. I would prefer an ultra light weight system that I could attach directly to my Elecraft KX3 and charge the batteries using its built-in battery charger. The radios built in charger requires 13.8 volts dc but I haven’t found a pack-able panel that supplies that voltage. Most backpack/camping panels supply 5 vdc. That would require 3 sets of panels connected in series to get the necessary voltage. So, what I’ve had to resort to is removing the batteries from whatever radio I’m using, and charging the batteries in a charger that’s connected to the solar panels.

My current setup consists of the XTAR VC4 Charger and the Renogy Solar 14 watt E-Flex Solar Power Panel with dual USB ports.

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Atlas, The Next Generation

Via ES

US Government 'Asks' Tech Companies To Tweak Algos, Promote Certain Content

Via sauced07

Image result for US Government 'Asks' Tech Companies To Tweak Algos, Promote Certain Content

You probably had no idea, but representatives from Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the U.S. government came together earlier this week to privately discuss how they could jointly fight ISIS propaganda online. Never mind the fact that ISIS is the child of reckless and inhumane preemptive wars of aggression perpetrated by the U.S. government. Such introspection naturally never crosses the mind of government bureaucrats ostensibly attempting to understand the epic disasters they created in the first place.

So who attended the meeting? We don’t know for sure because the plebes aren’t entitled to know such things. Fortunately, we have become privy to some information thanks to Buzzfeed News. Here’s what we learned:

More @ Zero Hedge

Sheriff Joe: Vicente Fox Should Be Swearing at the Dope Peddlers and Illegals – Not Trump

Via Billy

If he’s gonna use that word he should use it against all the dope peddlers and illegals coming into our country… At least he said one thing, they’re not going to pay for the wall, but he didn’t say there shouldn’t be a wall. If they don’t want to pay for it then take away a little foreign aid that we pay Mexico.”

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

Obama To Expand Surveillance State Powers By Signing A 21 Page Memo

Via sauced07

As the Apple vs. FBI battle rages in the court system and throughout the halls of Congress, Obama decides to do what he does best. Using “his pen” to make consequential decisions unilaterally.

Just another day in the American banana republic.

The New York Times reports:

More @ Zero Hedge

Johnny Carson Asked The Audience If Anyone Played Piano. This Guy Raised His Hand, And His Life Forever Changed

Via Sister Anne

On December 19, 1985, David Tolley was just another guy in the Tonight Show studio audience when Johnny Carson said, "Horatio Gutierrez (a classical pianist) couldn't come tonight because he accidentally shut his hand in a car door and didn't want to chance playing the Tonight Show. Can anybody here play the piano?"

David volunteered; he played "Memory" (from the Cats musical). The next day, David got tons of phone calls - everything from playing on cruise ships to acting in movies.

You just never know what life is going to bring your way.

Had enough? Had more than you can stand?

 No.  Your Move.

Tired of being pushed into a corner? Let them know to back off with these message items.

                                                                 @ Why Comply

NC: More than 100 arrested, multiple weapons seized in major crime raid

 Courtesy: WNCN

More than 120 people were arrested as part of a major crime initiative in Robeson County, the U.S. Marshals Service announced Friday.

“Operation Zero Hour” resulted in 170 warrants served, 123 arrests and 22 firearms being seized, including rifles, handguns, shotguns. A bulletproof vest was also seized.

The U.S. Marshals Service said 37 high risk searches were conducted as part of the initiative.

Authorities were able to confirm 18 gang members.

“We were going after the worst of the worst,” said Scott Parker with the U.S. Marshals Service. “We arrested people for murder, accessory to murder.”

Others were arrested for child sex offenses, cocaine distribution, attempted rape, among other offenses.

More @ WNCT

An Open Letter To The Three FBI Agents Who Killed (Murdered) LaVoy Finicum In Oregon


I’ve thought about you. All three of you, with your guns pointed at LaVoy Finicum. The video still haunts me.
I would have been the first one to give you the benefit of the doubt. I was raised around law enforcement. I know good men in law enforcement. But that changed for me, as it did thousands of Americans, with the events that unfurled in Oregon as I felt utterly stunned at what I viewed in that video.
 I watched the grainy version of the video that the FBI administration released of  LaVoy Finicums death, even though I knew that with our technology today,  they have better, more clear footage and footage with audio from this event. But you will not release that, it is too incriminating for the FBI.  They did this with purpose to deceive the public and that video would have revealed to the world your actions that day . This footage you did release, left people arguing about what they were seeing in the blurry video rather than  to bring their attention to the way that three FBI agents ambushed and murdered an innocent, non-violent rancher with no criminal history. A man with a large family. A good man. A man who never threatened you.
The FBI had clearly set this up in advance with stops prepared and dozens of agents ready to end the protest because four weeks of a land rights issues protest was all the patience they could muster. The protesters had left the ranch many times before and on this day we’re headed for a meeting to inform ranchers of their rights. You knew that.  You stopped the two cars and started shooting at LaVoy’s truck full of passengers- unprovoked. They never brandished a weapon against you.
Finicum  told you he was driving to the Sheriffs office for protection from you. The only place he felt safe.  You fired on his vehicle. You could have just followed him if you had ever intended to have a peaceful outcome. But that was never your intention. Finicum knew why the local law enforcement wasn’t invited to this event- why the local Sheriff was intentionally kept at bay-  Finicum feared  what you would do to him with no local oversight. The Sheriff of Grant County, just over the county line where you ambushed him, valued  Constitutional rights and Finicum knew the Sheriff  would never approve of an ambush on the highway and and execution of a protester.
A tax-paying citizen who loved America could not trust you and fled for his life because he knew you could murder him and get away with it. Let that sink in.
When Finicum got out of his vehicle with his hands up, within seconds you gathered around him and shot him in the back.
You shot him him in the back.
Who would carry out such a cowardly deed? Who would follow orders to shoot a rancher with his hands up and shoot him in the back seconds after getting out of his vehicle? The three of you would do this. What were you thinking? How do you reconcile this in your head and in your heart?
No talking? Not one attempt at a peaceful negotiation? At the refuge all he did was talk to you, never threatened you. His hands were UP. Did your conscience allow you to shoot him  without any reservation? After his lifeless body dropped into the snow, you cared so little for this fellow citizen that you walked around his body and didn’t check for a pulse for 15 minutes? Why? Because of your guilt or because you had such little regard for him or for human life in general? Both of those answers are equally terrifying to me.
Moments later you  shot rounds of ammunition into Finicum’s truck with scared women inside screaming for help- trying to surrender.  You threw gas cans inside the vehicle.  Is this how you do it now? Are you sincerely okay with this? Look at what you have become.  By a miracle they survived.
Before you hunted him down and silenced him like wild game, Finicum carried out two heroic acts. As he turned the blind corner on the highway, he almost ran into your barricade head on, as vehicles and men stood standing in the middle of the highway at your “stop”. He veered to the left on the snowbank to avoid hitting you. To preserve your lives.  He then got out of the vehicle with his hands up to divert your attention from his truck with passengers inside, so you would stop firing upon them. To preserve their lives. This is the man you surrounded and killed within seconds. You killed a hero.
I wonder what has happened to my America where you could easily tell the good guys from the bad guys. Are you mercenaries now? Carrying out executions on demand? Have you realized yet that you did the bidding of a government that is seeking to violate the property rights and steal the land of your fellow citizens? Do you realize that you are a citizen and that these ranchers were standing up for YOUR rights, too? Or have you not realized this.
Most Americans won’t take the time to do the research to find out that you shot him in the back before he ever reached for his stomach – the area where you shot him. And your bosses instructed the media to tell everyone he reached for a gun to justify this cowardly act of murder on a fellow citizen. What a pathetic cover-up for your actions that day.
I’m asking all three of you who carried out the execution of Finicum, to RESIGN.
Resign, because I have to know that you will never be allowed to act with force again. I have to know that men like you would not be allowed to continue on as FBI agents. If you are rewarded for this dastardly act, I will lose all faith in our justice system.
We need men with a conscience and a soul  in law enforcement.
We need good men who are there to protect the citizens rights. Your fellow men.
You took an oath to defend the Constitution. Did you understand this oath when you excitedly repeated its words to get your badge? It wasn’t a promise. It was an oath. An oath to protect and to serve- us. LaVoy was one of US.
Are you going to protect us or are you going to protect orders? Even if those orders compel you to disregard someone’s Constitutional rights in the most brazen and corrupt and evil way? Was this you “just doing your job”, so that you could end their protest?
Millions of  people have died as a result of those ” just doing their job”. Under Hitler. Under Stalin. Is this who you have become? Shooting someone with their hands up because you were told to?
You can no longer hide behind the lie that you felt threatened enough to shoot him dead. With a dozen or more  of you ready to attack him, the only one that felt threatened was Finicum, I assure you. You murdered an innocent man. The salt of the earth. A man who would have stood up for you and who would have respected you. A man who would have shaken your hand and talked to about his love for America. You killed him.
Let me ask you this. In all of your years in the FBI, how many ranchers have ever threatened you or have drawn weapons on you? I’m guessing the thugs you deal with everyday do not include ranchers and farmers.
How many ranchers over the years have left their working farms, to protest over the stealing of another ranchers land and imprisonment? I’m guessing probably none.
Here’s the difficult question. After decades of government abuse to rancher’s property rights, how many ranchers have YOU defended, or aided, or stood for- because you did take an oath to defend the Constitutional rights of those in your care. I am going to guess that you have never stood for any of these men against the abuse of the government. You have become pawns. You are protecting the governments special interests, not the people’s.
                              Resign, so I can sleep at night with some of my faith in America  restored.
Resign, so I can tell my kids to respect the FBI.
Resign, because I need to know there are not monsters out there with guns and badges that will do anything they are told to do, like killing innocent Americans, because we could be next.
You may be a fellow citizen, but you are not my fellow American.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Instant Karma

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Appalachian Messenger February 26, 2016

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

T.L. Davis
Kill One; Terrify Thousands

Matt Bracken
Burning Down The House In 2016

Publius Huldah
Trashing the 12th Amendment with the National Popular Vote

David DeGerolamo
The Allure of Gold

Click here for the February 26, 2016 edition.

NC: March On Lenoir and Rally For the Flag

Via comment by Gary on Eastern NC Confederate Convoy #2


Please come join us in Kinston. We have fought long and hard keep the First National flying as it has since 1992 on Flag day. The county commissioners there are taking it upon them selves to take it down. Now they are attacking our freedom of speech and 1st amendment. Please come join in and help us stand against this issue to help preserve our traditions, heritage and history in the great state of NC.

                                                                  More @ Facebook

Huckabee, Christie and LePage Endorse Trump

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Image result for Huckabee, Christie and LePage Endorse Trump

Diversity: A Civilizational Nightmare


A tribulation of following the news is the desperate peddling—it would appall an Amway salesman– of diversity, said to be our strength. Oh? Exactly why it is our strength is never specified. It seems to have brought no benefit beyond crime, rape, and genital mutilation. While the desirability of these advances is beyond dispute, it nonetheless seems to me that diversity has minor drawbacks worthy of consideration.

So, brothels and cisterns, let us look at some of the resplendent marvels of diversity, and the onward march of human betterment and happiness attendant thereunto. What have been the relations between: