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The Real Cornerstone Speech

"I have, on some occasions, felt a conscious pleasure, of doing my duty in opposition to mere momentary popularity, which I would not exchange for scarcely any other moment of my life." John C.Calhoun, 1818



Senator Robert Toombs and the Cornerstone of the Confederacy


I very much regret, in appearing before you at your request, to address you on the present state of the country, and the prospect before us, that I can bring you no good tidings.

We have not sought this conflict; we have sought too long to avoid it; our forbearance has been construed into weakness, our magnanimity into fear, until the vindication of our manhood, as well as the defence of our rights, is required at our hands. The door of conciliation and compromise is finally closed by our adversaries, and it remains only to us to meet the conflict with the dignity and firmness of men worthy of freedom. We need no declaration of independence.

Above eighty-four years ago our fathers won that by the sword from Great Britain, and above seventy years ago Georgia, with the twelve other confederates, as free, sovereign, and independent States, having perfect governments already in existence, for purposes and objects clearly expressed, and with powers clearly defined, erected a common agent for the attainment of these purposes by the exercise of those powers, and called this agent the United States of America.

The basis, the corner-stone of this Government, was the perfect equality of the free, sovereign, and independent States which made it.

Detroit: Iraqi Christian refugees from Muslim persecution protest proposed mosque

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“One Chaldean speaker denounced the Muslims as ‘killers’ and warned that the Muslims will do to America ‘what they did in Iraq.'” This the jihad-enabling author Ray Hanania describes as “Islamophobia,” but the Chaldean speaker speaks from experience. Who can say that his or her experience is not valid? Who is Ray Hanania to ascribe their concerns to hatred and bigotry, breezily dismissing their harrowing memories — memories of persecution far more horrifying than anything any victim of “Islamophobia” has ever suffered?

Who can say that Muslims will not do to America what they did in Iraq? Can Ray Hanania guarantee that won’t happen? Can Robert McCaw? Can anyone? If not, then after all they’ve been through, can anyone really blame these refugees for opposing a mosque?

George Zimmerman Trolls Obama On Twitter After VA Shooting: You're a Buffoon!

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George Zimmerman, the man notorious for shooting Travyon Martin in a 2012 killing that was ruled to be in self-defense, took to Twitter over the past two days to blast a “racist” President Barack Obama following Wednesday’s murder of two reporters in Roanoke, Va.

Zimmerman first joined Twitter in December of 2013, and has generally been a quiet user, with about 1,350 total tweets. But following the killing of Alison Parker and Adam Ward in Virginia, which appears to have been partly racially motivated, Zimmerman unleashed a torrent of mockery and criticism against President Obama, referring to him as a racist and a “baboon:”

GOP Leadership Ignores Immigration Entirely in Town Hall Talking Points

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (L) (R-KY) answers questions from reporters following the weekly Democratic caucus policy luncheon at the U.S. Capitol May 5, 2015 in Washington, DC. McConnell spoke on pending legislation before the U.S. Senate on a balanced budget, an agreement with Iran on nuclear research, and pending trade legislation. Also pictured are Sen. John Cornyn (R) (R-TX) and Sen. John Thune (C) (R-SD).

Republican legislators have gotten their messaging instructions from their top leaders: Tout unpopular free-trade measures during the August recess, ignore popular curbs on the migration that saps Americans’ wages.

Breitbart News has exclusively obtained an internal August recess messaging instruction set for Republican legislators produced by Sen. John Thune (R-SD) who orchestrates the GOP Senators’ PR pitch. This 20-page messaging instruction manual seems to confirm prior reports by Breitbart News that Republican Congressional leadership has no plans to enact popular immigration reforms to curb large-scale migration.

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Savage 69E Vietnam Commemorative


Vietnam Combat Commemorative Combat Shotgun By Savage and AHF. Produced on the last of the Savage 69E pump 12ga shotgun action shotguns by American Historical Foundation This new unfired and uncycled and still has the original tags and strap attached. High polish blue with gold accents and inlay’s that commemorate and honor our Vietnam vets. Original paper work included. This is number 15 of the series.  

Minnesota Islamist on Terror List Gets Commercial Driver’s License to Drive Semi-Trucks

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 radical islam

Islamist Amir Meshal was just given his commercial driver’s license to drive semi-trucks. radical islam Amir Meshal was kicked out his Bloomington mosque after he was caught promoting radical Islam. Amir Meshal attended a terrorist training camp in Africa.

FOX 9 reported, via IJ Review:

A Minnesota man, who Homeland Security identifies as a terror suspect who is on the “No Fly” list, now has his Class A commercial license, which will allow him to drive semi-trucks. The FOX 9 Investigators revealed last May that Amir Meshal was attempting to get his Class A license from a Twin Cities truck driving school. The $4,000 tuition was paid for through the state workforce program. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety confirms he was granted the license after passing a road test on August 8. A spokesperson said Meshal has also applied for a school bus endorsement, pending the outcome of a criminal background check.

Will Banning Guns Stop Homicides? & U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides

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 UN Gun Ownership Map

The debate on gun control is only gaining momentum. On Thursday, Senator Diane Feinstein outlined her plans to introduce sweeping legislation that includes fingerprinting and registration of all those who currently own so-called semi-automatic “assault” weapons.

Those in favor of a total ban on firearms often point to countries like England and Australia where firearms are banned or virtually impossible to possess. A look into the statistics might offer some clarity, though, about how safe such a move actually makes a country.

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 U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides

 Since 1998, John Lott’s seminal work More Guns, Less Crime has been used to show that areas with the highest gun ownership in America experience the least crime on a per capita basis.
It now appears that what Lott discovered as true for the U.S.A. is true for the world as well.

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Vox “Smart Take” Pushes Gun Confiscation. Here’s What Would Happen If They Tried.

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Vox’s Zach Beauchamp is suggesting that the United States should follow the lead of Australia’s mandatory gun buyback.

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.
The on-camera shooting of two Virginia reporters Wednesday morning seems bound to evoke, like so many shootings before it, some sort of national conversation about gun control. Which means there will likely be some of debate about whether it would even be possible for the US to limit its millions of privately held guns — by far a higher per capita gun ownership rate than any other country.
It is worth considering, as one data point in the pool of evidence about what sorts of gun control policies do and do not work, the experience of Australia.

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Vester Lee Flanagan, Social Justice Avenger

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A Communist is merely a socialist in a hurry. Vester Lee Flanagan, by his own description, was an impatient social justice warrior. The murderous means he employed to punish those he accused of bigotry made visible the latent lethal violence that resides in State policies oriented toward the same objective.

Flanagan, also known by the professional name Bryce Williams, was a promiscuous petitioner to the EEOC. After apparently growing weary of seeking to bureaucratize the violence he wanted to inflict on his former colleague, he chose a more direct approach, one we could call retail-level Leninism. As a representative of the “Who” — presumptive victims of discrimination — Flanagan exercised “power without limit” by killing two individuals numbered among the “Whom” — those presumed to be motivated by prejudice.

In calculating the moral price of the murders in Roanoke, psychologist James Garbarino of Loyola University – like most of the Custodians of Correct Opinion – gave the Social Justice Avenger an identity-based discount, and passed the costs on to others who don’t belong to a specially protected category.

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Texas Deputy Executed Days After Black Radical Group Calls for Killing Cops

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A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot execution style at a gas station while reportedly in full uniform. The deputy was filling up his patrol car. Witnesses told Breitbart Texas the shooter shot the deputy in the back of the head and then three times in the back. This tragedy comes within days of a group of Black radicals calling for “lynching whites and killing cops,” as Breitbart Texas recently reported. Witnesses also told Breitbart Texas that the shooter was a black male.

The shooting occurred late Friday evening in Northwest Harris County just outside of Houston. One witness who spoke to this writer said he knew the deputy personally and had just spoken with him about five minutes before the shooting.

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