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The Harassment of the Hammonds Act II – Decade of the Nineties Scene 4 – May 22, 1997


This series is not about the two fires and subsequent conviction of Dwight and Steven Hammond.  It is about the abuse, by government agencies, in the two decades prior to the first fire.

Note: Numbers shown thus, {nn} refer to PDF page numbers in the “Hammond Legal Trailing File Part II” pdf file.

On May 22, 1997, Bob Hiller, author of the draft opinion dated February 27, faxes a revised draft {163-171}. The revised draft is as follows:

Subject: Potential Revised Statue (RS) 247 Claim by Hammond Ranches, Inc.

You asked for a review to determine whether Hammond Ranches (Ranch) may have a valid RS 2477 claim of a stock driveway for moving livestock (cattle) across Malheur National Wildlife Refuge land. The route is shown on Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) map Exhibit 1. The Service has told Hammond Ranches they do not have a right to use Refuge land without a Refuge Special Use Permit (SUP). The Hammond’s say it is their historic right to use the route. However, to date, they have not asserted the right of use of the driveway based on RS 247. To resolve this dispute we need to refute the historic use claim and potential RS 247 assertion, and uphold our right to control use on the Refuge. One method of controlling and authorizing stock driveway use is to grant a SUP.

Abbreviated Revised Statue (RS) 2477 History:

Revised Statute 2477 is an 1866 Act (Federal law) “granting” highway rights-of-way over Federal public lands stated in deceptively simple language:

“The right-of-way for the construction of highways over public lands, not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted.”

HANNITY: There Will Be No Contested Convention – Things Are Happening Behind the Scenes & Rubio Says He Will Support Trump If He’s Nominee

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hannity cavuto

Neil Cavuto: And you think either Cruz or Trump, maybe Kasich, you think if we go to multiple ballots with those two guys, Cruz or Trump. The argument is if Trump doesn’t go on first ballot he’s not going to get it. Do you agree with that?
Sean Hannity: I don’t think we’re going to get there. That’s my opinion.
Neil Cavuto: And you think Trump will have enough delegates going in?
Sean Hannity: (Pause) Umm… I think there are things happening behind the scenes that nobody knows about.
Neil Cavuto: You can whisper if you want. Go ahead and whisper.
Sean Hannity: You sound like Connie Chung. It’s just between the two of us and 15 million people. I think what you’re going to see, and I don’t know what the partnerships will be. But, certainly Marco Rubio is going to play a part here. Certainly John Kasich is going to play a part here. So, I think you might see alliances converging before we even get to a convention.

2016: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - Teaser Trailer

North Carolina’s and the Southeast's largest shooting range opens west of Charlotte & NC high school Navy JROTC opens gun range

Jennifer Potter of Shelby jumped at the chance to do some free shooting Tuesday at the grand opening in Cleveland County of North Carolina’s largest public shooting range.

Potter fired a loaner shotgun at orange clay discs whizzing toward a grassy berm at the Foothills Public Shooting Complex. As a target shooter, she liked what she saw at the complex, about 40 miles northwest of Charlotte.

Three 50-yard pistol ranges, two skeet/trap and pistol ranges, a 250-yard rifle range and a 3-D archery range.

“It gives us a place to learn how to shoot safely and efficiently,” said Potter, who came by herself to check out the complex for her family. Since she turned 41 Tuesday, it was a kind of celebration. “This is what I wanted to do on my birthday.”

Some 500 people showed up for the open house for the state’s fifth public outdoors range that, according to the National Rifle Association, is also the largest in the Southeast. The $3.5-million project is a collaboration between Cleveland County, which provided 82 acres plus office and concession facilities, and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, which provided $1.9 million.


 NC high school Navy JROTC opens gun range

Members of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at North Carolina’s Smithfield-Selma High School can now practice their marksmanship without having to leave campus.
The NJROTC built a 1,200-square-foot, six-lane, indoor shooting range at the school over five months and began using the facility last week. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the National Shooting Sports Foundation donated most of the $10,000 in supplies for the range.

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NC: Waynesville Middle students halted in middle of song performance at 9/11 Memorial

Via comment by Anonymous on Transgender Craziness: ESPN Fires Curt Schilling f...":  "This is an outrage. These freaks of nature are allowed to say whatever the Hell they want. We have a real problem here when the rats take over the house. Exterminate. Brock, Waynesville band banned from singing the National Anthem in New York. I guess they were afraid the singers would insult some freaking third world foreign invader."

 20160421 WAY STUDENTS SING 4.transfer.jpg

A local community is outraged after a local children's chorus is order to stop singing the National Anthem.

The Waynesville Middle School chorus is visiting New York City as part of an educational trip. The group was singing outside of the 9/11 Memorial when they were asked to stop midway through the performance.

According to the 9/11 Memorial's website, groups wanting to perform first must get a permit. The Waynesville students didn't have a permit, but did get a verbal okay from a security guard.

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Why The Central Bank Dropped Jackson on the $20 & Kept Hamilton on the $10

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$PLC finds at least 1,500 symbols of the Confederacy in public spaces

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Oh, no whatever shall we do?  Especially from such an unbiased commie firm.....:)

The report – Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacycatalogs 1,503 examples of monuments and statues; flags; city, county and school names; lakes, dams and other public works; state holidays; and other symbols that honor the Confederacy.

The vast majority are in the 11 states that formed the Confederacy, but some are also found as far away as California and Massachusetts.

“Public governmental displays of Confederate monuments and other symbols undermine the promise of equality that’s the basis of our democracy,” said SPLC President Richard Cohen. “The argument that these tributes represent Southern ‘heritage’ ignores the heritage of African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved by the millions and later subjected to decades of oppression.”

The study identified:

More @ the $PLC

Intel Lays Off 12,000 After Seeking Visas to Import 14,523 Foreign Professionals Since 2010

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Intel Workers Reuters

Technology giant Intel announced April 19 it will fire 12,000 skilled U.S.-based professionals — after already swelling its workforce with 14,523 requests in Washington D.C. since 2010 for visas to import foreign professionals through the controversial H-1B and Green Card programs.

The company said the layoffs were part of a restructuring plan to help shift its focus from desktop PCs to mobile devices. But the company is very profitable, and first-quarter 2016 profits were 14 percent above predictions.

Amid the layoffs, Intel is one of the nation’s largest users of the H-1B outsourcing program which allows companies such as Disney and Abbot Laboratories to replace white-collar American professionals with cheaper professionals from India, China, and other countries

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Presidential Factoids: Why Would Anyone Want to be President?

Heritage Auctions


Another in a series of interesting articles written by James O'Neal, former President and C.E.O. of Frito-Lay International. View his biography at this link.)


     You earn $400k a year

    You live in a big white house, rent free
    All meals are included plus 24-hour room service and a free mini-bar
    You get first dibs on Air Force One, Army One, Coast Guard One, Executive One,        Marine One, and Navy One (24/7)
    You have full use of Camp David in Maryland 24/7 x 36
    You have an oval office with free internet, local-national-international phone, flat    screen TV with streaming Netflix, AND a movie theater with DVDs of every movie ever made
    You preside over the entire Executive Branch of Government plus an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, and Special Forces who are well trained and eager to do as you wish
    Free medical, dental, hospital, drugs (and an annual physical)
    You have more responsibility than anyone in the world and a fleet of drones to assist
    Swimming pool, tennis court, and jogging trail (with pool attendants and gardeners)
    Unlimited secretarial service, valet, chauffer, and personal advisors on any subject
    A good retirement pension with life time Secret Service protection
    Post-presidency speeches pay more (a LOT more)
    People will build you a personal library in the city of your choice
    Oh, did I mention POWER?

Black activist guilty of tweeting anti-black 'threats'

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Kayla-Simone McKelvey, Kean University alumna and president of the Pan-African Student Union, pleads guilty to tweeting fake death threats against black students.

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

With racial tensions already high on university campuses across the U.S., and 100 black activists from New Jersey’s Kean University holding a protest rally against racial intolerance, the former leader of a black student group thought she could throw a little gas on the fire, stir up the crowd and do so anonymously.

It backfired, and Monday Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 25, pleaded guilty to creating a false alarm by tweeting anonymous death threats against fellow black students Nov. 17. She’s now facing jail and a large restitution fine.

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Transgender Craziness: ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for THIS Comment…


Enough is enough! How much longer do we have to put up with this craziness? How much longer is the vast majority of the American people going to be pushed around by left-wing corporations and the media? They are telling us who is allowed to work, what we are allowed to believe, and what we are allowed to say. Just look what baseball great Curt Schilling wrote that got him fired from ESPN.


Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right Women: Decide For Yourselves

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 Women: Decide For Yourselves

Lies are born the moment someone thinks the truth is dangerous. Apparently, a good number of business and sports executives think the truth about North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” (HB2) is dangerous, that’s why they are lying about it. Well, perhaps I should be a bit more charitable: some may not be overtly lying about it, but they are expressing their disapproval without knowing what the bill actually does.

On Monday Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who helped call the special session to pass HB2, called the executive in charge at one large protesting company and simply asked if him if he or anyone there had a actually read the bill.

He admitted they had not. They just labeled it “discriminatory” without even reading it.

Who needs the truth when you make so much “progress” by ignoring the truth and engaging in the very bigotry and name-calling you claim to oppose?

The truth is they, like other companies who haven’t bothered to read the bill, are simply taking their marching orders from the misnamed “Human Rights Campaign,” who have the audacity to claim that men have a human right to have access to women and girls in public bathrooms, and that any acknowledgement of the biological differences between men and women is somehow discrimination against people who prefer same-sex relationships.

In the name of diversity, I’d like to offer a different view in six points:

Pat Buchanan: Future of Republican Party Belongs to the Trump Supporters

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Pat Buchanan: The Republican Party in the Reagan era was America’s Party…
Sean Hannity: I believe that if the party does not unite behind the winner. And I mean all the 17 who began, and the rest of the party and the establishment. I think some of the establishment want to see Hillary win so they can say, “See, we told you so. You should have gone with our establishment candidate.” But, the question is, do you see them uniting in the end knowing that if they don’t Hillary Clinton is the next president?
Pat Buchanan: I think any Republican, major figure in the Republican Party who walks away, who walks away when Trump is the nominee and says, “I’m not endorsing him and I don’t really care if he loses,” is going to be just like the folks in ’64, Rockefeller and Romney, Scranton and all the rest. And after that they were ancient history, Sean. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan went all out for Goldwater when he was 50 points behind. Nixon traveled to more states, I think, than Goldwater did.
They fought for the party and when the party went down to defeat they were right there standing with their guy. The future belonged to them, because of that and it didn’t belong to the guys who walked away and went over the hill.

Trump backs transgender bathrooms
 Unbelievable.  Next it will be goats and mussies OK'd for sex in bathrooms.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday that transgender people should be able to use whichever bathroom they choose, voicing opposition to part of a far-reaching North Carolina law that critics says is discriminatory.

Speaking at a town hall event on NBC’s “Today” Thursday, Trump was asked about North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom law,” which, among other things, requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate in state government buildings as well as public schools and universities.

Trump said the law had caused unnecessary strife for the state, which he said had paid “a big price” economically.

“There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate,” said Trump. “There has been so little trouble.”

Trump’s main rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, immediately fired back, saying that Trump is giving in to “political correctness.”

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Never Forget, the USA is Irredeemable: Obama's Secretary of the Treasury "Fundamentally Transforms" the $20 Bill

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 There's not much to say.

There's not much to add.

One of my proudest moments was standing in Jackson Square in New Orleans in early 2005 and having my picture taken in front of the stunning statue to Andrew Jackson.

Now one of the greatest Americans is downgraded to the back of the $20 bill so we unenlightened bigots in 2016 America can celebrate true heroism, Harriet Tubman-style.

Every statue to a white male in America will come down, with an enthusiasm (a religious zeal) unequaled by any act of rebellion in world history. In all seriousness, we are entering uncharted territory, with no historical precedent for what white people are allowing to happen in either the USA or Europe.


"The Eduction Of A Man Is Never Completed Until He Dies."

April 20, 1861: Lee resigns from U.S. Army
Colonel Robert E. Lee in 1855, when he was Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point. This portrait, painted by Ernest L. Ipsen in 1931, is based on a daguerreotype made in 1851 and is considered a good likeness. Lee became master of Arlington House in 1857. He accepted command of Virginia's military forces in 1861.

Lee opposed secession, but he was a loyal son of Virginia. His official resignation was only one sentence, but he wrote a longer explanation to his friend and mentor, General Winfield Scott, later that day. Lee had fought under Scott during the Mexican War (1846-48), and he revealed to his former commander the depth of his struggle. Lee spoke with Scott on April 18, and explained that he would have resigned then “but for the struggle it has cost me to separate myself from a service to which I have devoted the best years of my life and all the ability I possess.” Lee expressed gratitude for the kindness shown him by all in the army during his 25-year service, but Lee was most grateful to Scott. “To no one, general, have I been as much indebted as to yourself for uniform kindness and consideration…” He concluded with this poignant sentiment: “Save in the defense of my native State, I never desire again to draw my sword.”

But draw it he would. Two days later, Lee was appointed commander of Virginia’s forces with the rank of major general. He spent the next few months raising troops in Virginia, and in July he was sent to western Virginia to advise Confederate commanders struggling to maintain control over the mountainous region. Lee did little to build his reputation there as the Confederates experienced a series of setbacks, and he returned to Richmond when the Union gained control of the area. The next year, Lee assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia after General Joseph Johnston was wounded in battle. Lee quickly turned the tables on Union General George B. McClellan, as he would several other commanders of the Army of the Potomac. His brilliance as a battlefield tactician earned him a place among the great military leaders of all time.

Pat Buchanan: Even If Trump Wins, The West Is Doomed

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 (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

Former presidential candidate and conservative author Pat Buchanan feels his views have been vindicated this election cycle, but his next prediction, if proven right, won’t be a celebratory matter as he sees the death of the western civilization on the horizon.

Buchanan ran in 1992 for the Republican party nomination on a platform opposing globalization, unfettered immigration, and the move away from social conservatism. He has been harping on these views ever since.

“What we’ve gotten is proof that we were right,” Buchanan told The Daily Caller Tuesday. While he said, “I would not say that Donald Trump is a paleoconservative,” and, “I don’t think [Trump’s] a social conservative.”

Buchanan told TheDC, “I was just astonished to see him raise the precise issues on which we ran in the 1990s… Donald Trump has raised three issues of real concern to paleoconservatives and traditional conservatives like myself.”

NC: Pilot Mountain, WBTS?



Allegedly during civil war .  Can't verify, but thought you'd like a copy.

Matt  (former blogger)

Looks good to me.

Confederate Saskatchewan Plate!

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Good Evening Brock,

I recently purchased something at the 50th Annual Majestic Car Show in Regina Saskatchewan and was delighted to see a Saskatchewan symbol on a Confederate license plate! I've never seen anything like it for sale and you can bet I had a silly grin on my face the rest of the day! 

Take care,

Dale V. Pippin