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Bankruptcy Of US Is "Mathmatical Certainty"

John Allison, who for two decades served as chairman and CEO of BB&T, the nation's 10th largest bank, told it is a “mathematical certainty” that the United States government will go bankrupt unless it dramatically changes its fiscal direction.

The Collapse: I, II And III

So What Happens Next? Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Glen Beck, Communism, Soros, One World Government, Beans, Bullets And Bandages

Fed Will 'Self Destruct,' Policy 'Deeply Flawed'

The Federal Reserve is “self-destructing” through of its efforts to jump-start the US economy with more monetary easing, Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), told CNBC Monday.

Paul said the Fed’s decision last Wednesday to spend an additional $600 billion in quantitative easing—buying Treasurys to lower interest rates—won't work and will destroy the dollar's value around the world.


Check out the excellent video interview.

This Is "Equality"

"Did you seriously expect women to stop with genuine equality before the law once they achieved it? As Orwell observed, when equalitarians rule, some are always more equal than others.

There is no equality. It does not exist and has never existed in any material, legal, or spiritual reality."

Fearfully Wounded, Blown Up Twice, And Leg Shot Off

Fighting to defend the sovereignty of their State as well as their firesides during the War, so many Americans in the South ended up maimed or crippled for life, a testament to their bravery and willingness to sacrifice all for their country. The following underscores a North Carolina officer remarking after the War, “try to find a gentleman without a Yankee mark on him.”

Bernhard Thuersam, Director

Cape Fear Historical Institute


Fearfully Wounded, Blown Up Twice, and Leg Shot Off:

“Capt. Hickey enlisted early and took an active part in the battles of Booneville, Wilson Creek, and in the siege of Lexington, where Gen. Mulligan and his men were all captured. [After his newly enlisted men] went into camp at Silver Creek, Randolph County [Missouri], and before they could make a start to the South [they] were attacked by Merrill’s Black Horse Cavalry in overwhelming numbers, and badly routed. Capt. Hickey was run upon and shot in the head by a Federal while trying to rally his men, many of whom were killed and wounded. The Captain fell from his horse; but his feet remained in the stirrups, and he was dragged forty or fifty yards…he was carried to a cabin and secreted there…where he recovered sufficiently at length to ride his horse.

The Missouri army engaged at the battle of Corinth…had many of its brave officers and men killed and wounded in that battle. The Sixth Missouri Regiment had every field officer and nine out of ten of its captains killed or wounded. Capt. Hickey was severely wounded in the thigh during this engagement…[and fought in] the battles of Iuka, Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, and Baker’s Creek, the engagement at Big Black River, and the siege of Vicksburg. He was twice blown up while defending the fortifications at Vicksburg and the forts located on Hall’s ferry road [and] was wounded in the shoulder. At the second explosion his first lieutenant, R.A. Dickey, was mortally wounded, the second lieutenant, John Roseberry, and orderly sergeant Samuel Groce, were killed, and seven more buried beneath the falling debris.

In speaking of this tragic event he said: “The explosion was terrific. Over four hundred pieces of artillery poured their shot and shell into our ranks with deadly effect; then the fort was stormed by overwhelming numbers of infantry. The air was made black with hand grenades which were thrown at us by every Federal soldier who got inside the works, and for a time everything seemed as though the Federal troops would be victorious; but in the midst of all this confusion the “Rebel Yell” was raised, a tremendous charge was made against the Federals, and in a short time they were routed and again the Confederate flag floated from the top of the dismantled fort.

Col. Eugene Erwin, a grandson of Henry Clay, led the charge in retaking the fort, and when the yell was raised he called to me, “come on, old brave Company B!” and while on the works, in the flush of victory, his body was lacerated with bullets. After having fought almost night and day for forty days and nights, without relief, with nothing to eat during the last two weeks of the siege but cowpeas ground into meal and mule meat, our army of 23,000 men capitulated to a force of 80,000.

Capt. Hickey was in the battle of Resaca and on through the campaigns in Georgia. He was wounded in the head at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain…During Hood’s campaign to Tennessee, in the battle of Franklin he was fearfully wounded in three places: had his right leg shot off at the thigh, his left arm shattered, and shoulder badly wounded. He was wounded three times while lying on the battlefield with his leg shot off, not being able to get out of the way. Capt. Hickey lay nearly a week in his bloody clothes and on the ground or floor of a church at Franklin.

Over fifty of his men were killed while fighting for the rights of the South. Musing upon the subject, the Captain said: “At the remembrance of a hundred battles, and of thousands of miles of weary march, the future sons of Howard County should pause when the names of these heroes are mentioned.”

During his dreadful illness at Franklin, Rev. E.M. Bounds…spoke to him and said that he would like to read from the Bible and pray with him, but [Hickey] said: “No, no; get me some beer or whiskey, tell me some anecdotes, and I will pull through.”

(A Hero in the Strife, Extraordinary Career of Capt. John M. Hickey While Serving in the Confederacy, Confederate Veteran Magazine, September 1894, pp. 282-283)

World's Smallest Political Quiz

My 14 year old Dixie just took the World's Smallest Political Quiz and scored the same that I did two years ago which was 90% Libertarian; however now I realize that I have changed and would be a 100% Libertarian today. Anyway, I'm a proud Dad, needless to say!
Your PERSONAL issues Score is 90%

Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 100%

According to your answers, the political group that agrees with you most is...

Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

Violent Leftists Agree With $PLC And 'Waco Jim' On Threat From The Armed Right

"Here’s someone—a leading “respected” academic and activist who agrees with “Waco Jim” and the SPLC about the armed political right:"


Patriot Post
Pot and kettle:

"No one nation has a monopoly on wisdom, and no nation should ever try to impose its values on another." --Barack Obama,

who despite his rhetoric is always keen to impose his "values" on everybody else, no matter what.

19 New Gun Videos

Galley Of Guns

SOG Tactical Tomahawk On Sale

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I'm Politically Incorrect

"The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."
--James Madison, speech in the Virginia constitutional convention, 1829
This week, I held a bake sale -- a racist bake sale. I stood in midtown Manhattan shouting, "Cupcakes for sale." My price list read:

Asians -- $1.50

Whites -- $1.00

Blacks/Latinos -- 50 cents

People stared. One yelled, "What is funny to you about people who are less privileged?" A black woman said, angrily, "It's very offensive, very demeaning!" One black man accused me of poisoning the cupcakes.

Criminals, All

As though, this wouldn't just have free enterprise produce the same amount for replenishment.

At The Airport

Weeks ago, at Kandahar, tracers wanted his life
He was scared but armed, stood his ground to fight
Earned commendations and a Purple Heart

He is back, CONUS, with his favorite girl
On their way to vacation at a big airport

The man who fought through such steep odds
Is meekly in line, with his shoes taken off
His girl's getting frisked, he's waiting his turn

He is back CONUS, he looks right in the eyes
Of the enemy agents and his hackles rise

They disarm everyone who would chose air travel
They feel up the women, men they threaten with jail
They are thugs drunk with power on an animal level

He is in CONUS, in the land of the free
But he's having flashbacks and his dignity bleeds

That Marine watched his girl get felt up by the goons
Wishing he had a rifle and his whole platoon
Thinking "Wait, soldier, wait, not now but soon!"

Oleg Volk

N.O. Gun Consfication Retread

All those who participated and all those who ordered this should receive the death penalty for assault, battery, false imprisonment, robbery and violation of civil rights under the color of the law. Pity they probably will not be executed for their crimes.

Please re-post this link. I would like Americans to realize that "law enforcement" personnel should be treated with suspicion unless their behavior shows differently. They should not receive benefit of the doubt.

Oleg Volk

"I Am A Killer"

"The enemy that knocks on my door will die."