Friday, January 14, 2022

General Armistead and the last charge at Gettysburg — the Pickett's Charge & Armistead's Wounding at Gettysburg



Armistead's Wounding at Gettysburg

Southern Poets and Poems, Part XV


A series by Clyde Wilson

Alexander Beaufort Meek,  Part  2

The Rose of Alabama

I loved, in boyhood’s happy time,
When life was like a minstrel’s rhyme,
And cloudless as my native clime,
The Rose of Alabama.
Oh, lovely rose!
The sweetest flower earth knows,
Is the Rose of Alabama!

One pleasant, balmy night in June,
When swung, in silvery clouds, the moon,
My heart awoke love’s vesper tune,
For Rose of Alabama!

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BREAKING: Mike Lindell Cancelled By His Bank, All Accounts GONE!


First they deplatformed him….

Now they are de-banking him!

Is this still America or have we turned fully into a communist nation, because this is absurd!

News is breaking today that Mike Lindell is being forced to close all bank accounts at his long-standing bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial.

Take a look:

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70 % of one LA hospital Covid cases are there for reasons having nothing to do with Covid.

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My Father Almost Died for His Country Fighting at Okinawa. Today His Son Can No Longer Walk the Streets of Washington DC Without “Papers”

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Thursday wasn’t a good day for President Biden. First, the Supreme Court shouted “LET’S GO BRANDON” by killing his prized private employer mandate. Then Democrat Senators Manchin and Sinema destroyed his dreams of banning Voter ID to insure one party rule in America.

After hearing all that bad news, I’m guessing Biden put a lid on it, and headed for the White House basement where his wife prepared baby food, fed him milk from a bottle, and then tucking him in with his favorite blankie.

But we can’t afford to rest because of two short-lived victories. We have much work to do, to save America from a communist/fascist takeover.

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"They Don't Think and Act Like We Do"

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The Lady at the end sounds just like Mother


The Yankee Problem In America, By Clyde Wilson

 "By Yankee I do not mean everybody from north of the Potomac and Ohio......I am using the term historically to designate that peculiar ethnic group descended from New Englanders, who can be easily recognized by their arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, lack of congeniality, and penchant for ordering other people around. Puritans long ago abandoned anything that might be good in their religion but have never given up the notion that they are the chosen saints whose mission is to make America, and the world, into the perfection of their own image."

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia’s Youngkin Appointing Anti-CRT Firebrand To Key Education Role (2:00 - don't miss it.)

"You have one job: provide education for the children ... with the best degree of academic excellence possible"

 Republican Virginia Gov.-Elect Glenn Youngkin will appoint Elizabeth Schultz–a crusading education reformer who, as a member of the Fairfax County School Board, relentlessly took on ten Democrat colleagues–to the role of Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction, The Daily Wire has learned.

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Judge Rules Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes Cannot be Used in Wisconsin

Judge Rules Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes Cannot be Used in Wisconsin

Absentee ballot drop boxes can no longer be used in Wisconsin, a judge ruled on Thursday as the state prepares for spring and fall elections.

Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren said that absentee ballots could not be returned through drop boxes, saying “there’s no authority to do it,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. However, Bohren said that state law does allow for absentee ballots to be mailed back or handed in in-person.

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