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NC Rep. Robert Pittenger: Trump's a diamond -- with many rough edges. There's nothing fake about him

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Rep. Pittenger: Reagan can Inform Trump Era

While political elites resoundingly condemn President Trump for his reported comment on “s---hole countries,” let’s pause to take a careful look at context and truth.

In 2016, I visited Congo-Brazzaville on a Congressional Delegation seeking assistance on efforts to block terrorism financing. We met with President Denis Sassou Nguesso at his palatial estate, where he greeted us dressed immaculately in his Armani suit and alligator shoes. The contrast was repugnant to me as I considered his impoverished country that has been exploited and abused by this despot for decades.

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Constitutional Ignorance -- Perhaps Contempt

Hillary Clinton blamed the Electoral College for her stunning defeat in the 2016 presidential election in her latest memoirs, “What Happened?” Some have claimed that the Electoral College is one of the most dangerous institutions in American politics. Why? They say the Electoral College system, as opposed to a simple majority vote, distorts the one-person, one-vote principle of democracy because electoral votes are not distributed according to population.

To back up their claim, they point out that the Electoral College gives, for example, Wyoming citizens disproportionate weight in a presidential election. Put another way, Wyoming, a state with a population of about 600,000, has one member in the U.S. House of Representatives and two members in the U.S. Senate, which gives the citizens of Wyoming three electoral votes, or one electoral vote per 200,000 people. California, our most populous state, has more than 39 million people and 55 electoral votes, or approximately one vote per 715,000 people. Comparatively, individuals in Wyoming have nearly four times the power in the Electoral College as Californians.

Many people whine that using the Electoral College instead of the popular vote and majority rule is undemocratic. I’d say that they are absolutely right. Not deciding who will be the president by majority rule is not democracy. But the Founding Fathers went to great lengths to ensure that we were a republic and not a democracy. In fact, the word democracy does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or any other of our founding documents.

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RNC: Dems silent after Cory Booker's 'mansplaining' to DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen

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Sen. Cory Booker blew up at Kirstjen Nielsen after she said she never heard President Trump say some countries in Africa and elsewhere are
 Mr.?  You use the word loosely.....

The Republican National Committee on Wednesday said Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., got away with "mansplaining" to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during a Tuesday hearing, in a way that would have prompted attacks from Democrats if Booker were a Republican and Nielsen were a Democrat.

"Picture it," RNC rapid response director Michael Ahrens wrote in a blog post. "A male Republican senator spends his entire 10 minutes 'mansplaining' the female DHS secretary about immigration policy, throws around the term 'conscientious stupidity,' yells at her the only time she tries to speak, and concludes his diatribe without even asking her to respond."

"There'd be so many triggered Democrats that there’d be a hashtag within minutes, campus protests across the country, and the topic-du-jour for celebrities at Hollywood's next award show," he added.

Only two senators, both Dems, Attended Jeff Flake’s Fake News Speech Comparing Trump To Stalin

Sen. Jeff Flake claims President Trump’s treatment of the fake news press harks back to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Flake, dubbed Jeff “Flakey” by President Trump, made the remarks before an empty Senate chamber Wednesday blasting Trump ahead of his highly-anticipated Fake News Awards.

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Will members of Congress really vote against a bill to protect born-alive abortion survivors?

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A bill now pending in Congress, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 4712), merely states that if a baby survives an abortion, he or she is entitled to the level of care received by any other baby of a similar age. However, it remains to be seen whether Congress is willing to pass it. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

What is the goal of an abortion? Is it to end a pregnancy or kill a baby?

This is not a trick question. While a completed abortion always ends a pregnancy, in a surprising number of cases, it does not always kill a child. In spite of an abortionist’s deadliest efforts, sometimes a baby escapes and emerges from the womb still living. What happens next to that child – who is now breathing air and moving his or her arms and legs – most clearly exposes the inhumanity of the abortion industry in America today.

Across the nation, an untold number of children born after an abortion are left to die or are brutally murdered inside “medical” facilities. That’s because to some abortionists, death must be delivered no matter what. They remind us that there really is no distinction between abortion and infanticide.

The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards

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2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative.

Below are the winners of the 2017 Fake News Awards.

1. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman claimed on the day of President Trump’s historic, landslide victory that the economy would never recover.

Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African American Community

Lawmakers want James Clapper prosecuted for surveillance testimony before statute of limitations runs out

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James Clapper, director of national intelligence from 2010 to 2017, testified during a March 2013 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that the NSA was

Some lawmakers would like to see the Justice Department prosecute former spy chief James Clapper for inaccurate testimony to Congress about domestic surveillance before it's too late.

Privacy-conscious critics say looming five-year statutes of limitation for perjury and making false statements — establishing a March 12 deadline for charges — make an urgent case for action, and that nonprosecution would set a dangerous precedent that impedes oversight and executive-branch accountability.

Clapper, director of national intelligence from 2010 to 2017, testified during a March 2013 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that the NSA was "not wittingly” collecting “any type of data at all” on millions of Americans. Months later, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed secret court orders forced phone companies to turn over all U.S. call records on an “ongoing, daily basis.

Trump willing to 'sit down' with North Korea's Kim Jong Un

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President Trump said Wednesday he is willing to negotiate directly with Kim Jong Un over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program but expressed doubts it would ultimately work.

“I’d sit down, but I’m not sure that sitting down will solve the problem,” Trump said in an Oval Office interview with Reuters.

Trump would not say whether he has spoken with Kim, whom he has dismissively nicknamed “little rocket man."

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Despite amnesty, DACA bill favors American wage-earners

Despite amnesty, DACA bill favors American wage-earners

My organization, NumbersUSA, has been at the forefront of mobilizing grassroots opposition to every amnesty proposal since 1996. Yet, we are now endorsing a compromise bill that includes an amnesty for hundreds of thousands of young-adult DACA recipients. 

This decision was not an easy one. On balance, however, we believe the Securing America’s Future Act (H.R. 4760) would deliver a significant net improvement to the lives of American wage-earners and communities.

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Statue honoring the Women of the Confederacy at the Capitol, in Jackson, Mississippi

Goodies from Ol' Remus

Haiti, Spectator - Is there any question Haiti is a s***hole? Who’s offended by that? If it wasn’t a s***hole it wouldn’t be one of the most prominent recipients of American charity aid on Planet Earth. And it isn’t like this country has ignored Haiti — we’ve been trying to lift it out of s***hole status for more than a century, with absolutely no result whatever. The open-borders crowd wants to call you racist if you’re opposed to a deluge of immigrants from the worst places on earth. That’s why Trump’s “s***holes” objection is big news.
Guess which state has the highest poverty rate in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia, but California, where nearly one out of five residents is poor. That’s according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure.
From J. Sefton at Ace Of Spades:
My stance is hardline. If you are here illegally, you are a non-citizen, you are breaking our laws and you do not have any rights to be here at all. Period. Full stop. And that includes your children whether you spawned them here or used them as props and dragged them across the border with you as a human shield.
The only thing that needs to be comprehensively reformed are the morals and character of those in office and in law enforcement, to wit enforce the damn laws that are already on the books, cut off all benefits to non-citizens and severely punish those who knowingly employ them.
  Timeline - It was sex all the time at this 1800s commune, with anyone you wanted and none of the guilt

  U-Turn, Straight Line Logic - Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors. The mainstream media is filled with vituperative, patronizing, and insulting explanations of what’s “behind” the Trump phenomenon. It all boils down to revulsion with the self-anointed, incompetent, pretentious, hypocritical, corrupt, prevaricating elite that presumes to rule this country. It is, in a word, inferior to the populace on the other side of the yawning chasm, the ones they have patronized and insulted for decades, and the other side knows it.