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LEE Chapel Update 8-8-2014


Last Saturday, the Va Flaggers returned to the LEE Chapel on the campus of Washington & Lee, to forward the colors, protest the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the chamber of the LEE Chapel, and talk with students, tourists, and residents about the desecration of Robert E. Lee's tomb by the Washington & Lee administration.

Support was OVERWHELMING and included representative of a Va Beach W&L Alumni group, who promised support, and dozens of conversations with people who vowed to start contacting the university in opposition to the flag removal. We distributed many fliers and talked to many individuals and groups.

This time, campus security allowed visitors to wear apparel with Confederate logos and even carry flags on Campus. Unfortunately, what we found inside the Chapel was heart wrenching, as the evidence of the desecration and the scars left behind are devastating:

In the meantime, we have heard from hundreds of you who have been writing, calling, and emailing W&L officials and we know that they have been overwhelmed by the responses, and hoping they can "ride it out" until folks lose interest.

We aim to make sure that never happens. We know of alumni groups who are pursuing the matter with W&L leadership, and also have information that several entities are preparing to file legal action against the university. We are also encouraged to have heard from students who are willing and eager to join us when they return to campus.

The Va Flaggers will be back at Washington & LEE, TOMORROW, Saturday, August 9th, 10 a.m. -6 p.m....forwarding the colors, protesting the removal of the flags, and educating the public. We are looking for some local flaggers to take up the Cause in Lexington, and others across the Commonwealth who will step up in the weeks to come, as we prepare for the students' return to campus and upcoming home athletic events.

Join us at the LEE Chapel tomorrow for more information, and watch for more updates next week with new information and calls to action.

Good article here, worth reading and sharing...The Washington Post:  The Confederate Flag Has A Place At Washington & Lee

The ‘Nuremberg Defense’ now works for our cops

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Scott Olsen suffering from a fractured skull after being attacked by Oakland police.  (Source: AP/Jay Finneburgh)

An officer who violently attacked a group of civilians — including an incapacitated man bleeding from a head injury and the people who tried to help him — has been reinstated to the department with back pay for the nearly 3 years of missed work.

The incident dates back to October 25th, 2011. Citizens were protesting the perceived injustices in their government in what was called an Occupy Oakland rally, which involved day-and-night occupation of the public square. Oakland police initiated an unprovoked attack on peaceful bystanders when an unidentified OPD officer launched a metal tear gas canister directly into a man’s head, causing him to collapse into a pool of blood, and resulting in brain damage.

The incident didn’t end there. The man who had been injured was Iraq veteran Scott Olson; who received swift attention from non-uniformed bystanders. When people had gathered to aid Mr. Olson, another cop, OPD Officer Robert Roche, attacked the crowd by throwing a flashbang grenade only inches from Mr. Olson’s bleeding head. A violent explosion followed, injuring and scattering the first responders. The incident was previously detailed by Police State USA.

Sheriff leading probe into murder of Border Patrol agent claims armed illegal immigrants in military fatigues have been spotted on Texas ranches

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 Dangers: Larry Spence, Willacy County Sheriff for 29 years, said the problem is reaching a crisis point. He said: 'Lately we've been having a lot of traffic through the ranches. Smuggling, illegal immigrants, drugs'

Sheriff Larry Spence of Willacy County spoke to MailOnline after murder of off-duty Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr. who was allegedly gunned down by two illegal immigrants who had been deported six times

Sheriff Spence said ranchers had reported illegal immigrants walking through the brush in single file, armed with rifles in military fatigues

Spence said he used to not show a weapon but now he has 'two or maybe three' because of the increasing 'criminal element'

He added: 'It’s not like it was years ago when people were just looking for a job or something to eat'
MailOnline also spoke to the woman who reported Javier's alleged killers to the police. She now fears she could be killed by the carte

More @ Daily Mail

The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State

Republicans Undermine Southern Unionism

 John A. Gilmer

John Gilmer’s Last Stand

Lincoln’s only attempt at including a Southerner in his cabinet was sounding out North Carolinian and Congressman John Gilmer, who was “wary, mistrustful of Lincoln and reluctant to ally himself with an administration” opposed to the interests of his State and section. The few conservative Republicans feared that should Gilmer not accept, Lincoln would select radical hard-liner Montgomery Blair and simply add more fuel to the sectional-crisis fire.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Republicans Undermine Southern Unionism

“[Far from Fort Sumter] the president-elect was still at work composing his cabinet . . . [and] the impossibly tangled party considerations that continued to vex him.  As [President James] Buchanan’s advisors planned their [Ft. Sumter] reinforcement expedition . . . Lincoln was committing the first major blunder of his administration.  It began on Sunday, December 30 . . . when he met with that “greatest of Pennsylvania wirepullers,” Simon Cameron, about a place in the cabinet.

[Lincoln] knew it would be a controversial appointment.  For one thing, Cameron’s easy movements from the [Democrat party] to the Know Nothings to the Republicans had gained him a reputation as an unprincipled opportunist. 

More damaging was the taint of corruption that surrounded him. Known to his critics as “the Great Winnebago Chief” for his mishandling of Indian funds in the 1830s, Cameron was also charged with manipulating elections and legislatures through bribery.  Yet so many recommendations poured into Springfield that Lincoln could hardly see how not to appoint him.

It was one of the first important choices Lincoln had made for himself since the election, and he immediately had cause to regret foregoing his usual process of passing his decisions by [Lyman] Trumbull and [Hannibal] Hamlin . . . word of the selection [of Cameron] provoked a flood of outraged letters and visits from Republican leaders.

Displaying an indecision that was characteristic in those early months, Lincoln immediately reversed himself . . . [and] addressed a short, private note to Cameron rescinding his offer . . . [but] the imbroglio . . . exploded into what one historian has called “a mighty battle of Republican factions.”

For the next several weeks Republican managers throughout the North appeared considerably more concerned with the patronage than with secession.

Placing [Salmon P.] Chase at the head of the Treasury Department [would reconcile] the powerful New York radicals to [William] Seward’s appointment [as Secretary of State].

[But] Lincoln was aware of the predicament of Southern unionists and the damage Republican rigidity [against compromise] might do to their cause.  Nominating Chase, a long-acknowledged leader of the radicals, would give secessionists a powerful weapon in their fight to convince Southerners of Republican hostility.” 

(Lincoln and the Decision for War, the Northern Response to Secession, Russell McClintock, UNC Press, 2008, pp. 123-125)

1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible 364/325 HP, Automatic

By 1957, Cadillac was on to a good thing with its top-of-the-line Eldorado. Sales had been nearly doubling each year since 1953, and it seemed that the company had produced the impossible: a hot-selling, yet upmarket car. Combining aggressive good looks with solid performance, it’s easy to see why buyers flocked to the Eldorado and particularly coveted its convertible version, the Biarritz.

Cadillac designers tweaked an already popular formula in 1957 to smooth the so-called “chipmunk cheek” rear fenders of the Eldorado Biarritz, making the sharklike fins more pointed and graceful. Broad, sculptured body panels and a three-section front bumper added to the car’s sleek styling.

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Bear walking upright like a man video: No hoax, bear walks this way for a reason

A bear walking upright like a man is caught on video as he strolls through a N.J. neighborhood.

While folks first thought this was a hoax and nothing more than a man in a bear suit, experts say it is the real deal and they think they know the reason the bear is walking upright like a human, according to NJ. com on Aug. 7.

The video has gone viral of this bear walking through Jefferson Township like he belongs there just as much as anyone else. Many people question whether this is the real thing or a hoax, like the title of a Buzz Feed article today, which asks if the bear is for real. Experts assure folks this is a real bear walking on its hind legs.

Tracy Leaver, who is the executive director of Woodlands Wildlife Range warns that this bear is injured, so be aware that it “needs to be left alone.” This is why he is walking upright and although it looks bizarre, the bear is hurt and this is how he needs to walk at this time.

More @ Examiner

A History Lesson For Jesse Ventura on His Hero Che Guevara

“I respect the fact that he would die for his convictions. So a mirror of Che Guevara has a profound place in my house. I’m not the least ashamed to say that when I go to wash my hands I look at Che,” gloats Jesse Ventura.
"The jury saw the evidence,” gloats Jesse Ventura regarding his judicial victory over Chris Kyle’s widow. “And the jury found that I had been defamed….Chris Kyle did lie and Jesse Ventura told the truth. I am a victim here."

“Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. We execute (and jail and torture and steal) based on revolutionary conviction.” (Jesse Ventura’s source of daily inspiration, Che Guevara, February 13, 1959.)

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NC: You Shoot Burglars In The Chest Like a Girl


A 28-year-old Goldsboro, NC woman heard something early yesterday morning and looked out her window. When she saw the lock had been cut off her storage building, she asked her roommate to call 911, then picked up a gun and went outside to see if anything had been stolen.

It was probably a bad idea for the burglar to come charging out at her:

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Iraqi Christian Spokesman says ISIS beheading children, putting heads on display in Mosul park

This report by the national spokesman for the Iraqi Christians is stunning to me, that they would not only behead the men, but children and then put the heads of these children on display in a park in Mosul…it is just evil beyond words.

Mark Arabo explains to CNN International what is going on:

Who will protect us when government becomes the enemy of the sovereign man?

 Second Amendment

As the federal government increasingly disregards the Constitution and the Natural Law Rights it protects and secures for We the People, who will stand in the breach?

When the transition from public servant to tyrant is complete and the totalitarian police state becomes a reality, who will be the defenders of individual freedom?

There was a time when men acted with a clarity of moral duty and sacred honor that did not require a list, rule, or regulation.  Because it was natural and expected, men like our founding fathers were willing to risk life, liberty, and property to secure individual liberty for future generations.

Pierre Corneille, a seventeenth century French poet and dramatist wrote, “Every man of courage is a man of his word.”

Since the founding of our nation, millions of our fellow citizens have served in the military, law enforcement, public office, and other areas of public trust, pledging the following solemn oath to begin their service:

More with video @ Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum

2005 Ford GT Less than 3 Actual Miles

At fewer than three miles, this 2005 Ford GT may be the least-driven of any of the 2,027 cars built in that first year of production. As part of the GT’s introduction, Ford dealers were invited to enter an allocation lottery, and in March, 2004, David Holt, dealer principal of Dave Holt Ford-Mercury in Hudson, Wisconsin received a letter from Ford president Steve Lyon informing him that he had won allocation of a new model year 2005 GT. “The new Ford GT is ‘the pace car for an entire company’”,

Lyons wrote. “It is a symbol of our ability to design and build world-class cars…It is also a reward for our dealers and customers – many of whom have been waiting their entire lives for Ford to build such a car.” Lyons’ words pointed directly to the fact that for generations of fans, Ford’s original GT40 had come to occupy a special place in racing history, and the new GT was the answer to their dreams.

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Federal Lawsuit: Soldier Forced Out of Army on ‘False’ Charges After Two Years of Harassment for Expressing Anti-Obama, Pro-Conservative Views

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 Nathan Sommors (Image source: American Ambassadors)

A former U.S. Army Band member who served 25 years in the military has filed a federal lawsuit alleging he was forced out of the Army on “false” charges that followed nearly two years of harassment and religious discrimination related to his expression of conservative — specifically anti-Barack Obama — political views.

TheBlaze reported on the difficulties Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers said he was facing in a story last June, which focused on Sarah Palin’s social media blitz in support of the decorated vet. Since one of the roadblocks Sommers said he faced was an order to not read books by conservative authors — including Sean Hannity, David Limbaugh, and Mark Levin — while in uniform, Palin asked Facebook users to post photos of themselves holding “liberty-loving books.”

But the book-reading dust-up is merely one among many improper actions taken by his Army superiors, Sommers’ 25-page lawsuit alleges.

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Ebola's Spread to U.S. 'Inevitable,' Says CDC Chief

Ebola's spread to the United States is "inevitable" due to the nature of global airline travel, but any outbreak is not likely to be large, US health authorities said Thursday.

Already one man with dual US-Liberian citizenship has died from Ebola, after becoming sick on a plane from Monrovia to Lagos and exposing as many as seven other people in Nigeria.

More cases of Ebola moving across borders via air travel are expected, as West Africa faces the largest outbreak of the hemorrhagic virus in history, said Tom Frieden, the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The Most Deceptive Word In The English Language

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This is a political and subversive word created and promoted by the establishment as a major key to formulate and channel the public mind. It has more than saturated the public conscience. Very “intellectual” people spout this word assuming that it means human freedom and liberty.

The truth and purpose of this word is for a cover and disguise for fascism and socialism. This word is the workhorse of the American propaganda ministry.Every person is taught this word, from politicians to school children. The government indoctrination centers (also known as schools) and the corporate media use it religiously. Politicians love its sound. It is one of President Barack Obama’s favorite words.

It was an important word to Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

What is this word? It’s “Democracy.”

Turner Broadcasting Set to Broadcast Program Mocking and Ridiculing Blacks, Jesus Christ and Christianity.


Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network is scheduled to start airing the blasphemous, racist program BLACK JESUS on Thursday, August 7.

The program features a black Jesus character in an urban American setting. The program’s Jesus uses “f” words, smokes marijuana and drinks. One preview of the show, with bleeped out “f” words, advertises “the most anticipated comeback in history.” It also says viewers should “Get ready to feel the spirit of the glory of the most high,” with black gospel music in the background.

Movieguide® is asking people to e-mail John Martin, CEO of Turner Broadcasting, requesting he cancel the program. To take part in the campaign click here.

BLACK JESUS is not only an ugly attack on Christianity, but a horrible example of racism. It implies that, if Jesus Christ were black, he would be vulgar and use drugs and alcohol. It also presents the African American community he comes to using the worst of black stereotypes. All of this is topped with black gospel music.

“This program isn’t a case of accidental offense,” says Movieguide® Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr. “It’s a very purposeful mockery and ridicule of African Americans, Jesus Christ and Christianity.”

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Family pet shot and seized by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address

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Lady's 6.5-inch gash in her scalp after being shot by police. (Source: Megan Shimburski)

"I stated that I was going to call the police, and that's when they said, 'We are the Erie County Police.'" 

 A family was traumatized when gun-wielding police officers walked onto their quiet property and shot their dog in the head while looking for a man who did not live there.

Megan Shimburski, 25, was spending a quiet afternoon with her children at her parents’ countryside East Concord residence on July 25, 2014. It was a normal day, she said, which involved watching her 5-year-old daughter play behind the house with their dog, as her infant son lied in a playpen inside the house.


CA. Rep. Honda announces bill to ban civilians from military-grade body armor

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Oh yeah, brilliant idea, because we know criminals will obey the law just like they do all others........

Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, today announced legislation that would block civilians from accessing military-grade body armor to prevent criminals from using them in gun battles with law enforcement.

Honda, speaking at a news conference in San Jose this morning with police chiefs and the district attorneys and sheriffs from Santa Clara and Alameda counties, said his proposal would discourage criminals from wearing enhanced body armor to commit mass shootings.

                                                      More @ Contra Costa Times

Kurds In Last Ditch Stand to Save Capital -- Call in the Drones?

Abandoned cars on the road to Irbil that ran out of gas trying to escape the ISIS advance
Some random bits on ISIS and Iraq:
  • Stupidity persists.   The White House spokesman is repeatedly saying, "There are no military solutions to the problems of Iraq."  The implication is that there are political solutions.  That's clearly wrong.  ISIS will keep expanding until it is stopped on the ground.  Military solutions are the only solutions right now.
  • ISIS not only has oil now, it has electricity.  It just took Iraq's biggest hydroelectric dam (Haditha).  Control over energy provides a minimal legitimacy to ISIS.  It would be smart to shut them down.
  • ISIS is now minutes from Irbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish zone in Iraq.  Unfortunately for the secular Kurds, they won't be able to mount much of a defense.  They don't the weapons to do it due to embargoes from the Turks and Iraqis.  Arm them.  
  • More @ Global Guerrillas