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154 free military medical course downloads

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"Specie [gold and silver coin] is the most perfect medium because it will preserve its own level; because, having intrinsic and universal value, it can never die in our hands, and it is the surest resource of reliance in time of war."
-- Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Wayles Eppes, 1813

These self study course manuals come from the U.S. Army Medical Department and School at Fort Sam Houston Texas. These files and more like them can be found on my military manuals vol 1 and 2 DVDs sold here.

This particular post contains a lot of downloads over many subjects. From basic anatomy, to pharmacology, food safety, disease control and field hygiene. Austere military medicine covers a wide variety of topics.

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Hey, worthless protesters, I've got a song for you......

‘An Attack on Iran Will End Israel as We Know It’

Richard Silverstein

Maariv publishes an important article (Hebrew) noting that Meir Dagan is not the only senior military-intelligence official decrying a possible Israeli strike on Iran. Among the others who agree with him are former chief of IDF intelligence Shlomo Gazit, former defense minister Benyamin Ben Eliezer, and former Mossad director Ephraim HaLevy, and many others.

This article is so resonant and penetrating I’ll translate bits of it here. Quoting Anthony Cordesmann’s research on the subject (which I’ve covered here), it begins by noting that Israel itself predicts that a major air assault to knock out Iran’s nuclear facilities would involve the loss of fully one-third of the planes, which would be knocked out by missiles and Russian-provided air defense systems. Think of this. Israel would have to assign scores if not hundreds of planes and pilots to this operation. A third will not return. A third. Pilots are among the most skilled of all the personnel in the IDF: the creme de la creme. If one-third of the personnel don’t return it will be an enormous hit for the service and a enormous loss for the nation. Personally, I think it is a loss that the nation as a whole will neither forgive or forget (though it might rally round Bibi in the short term).

Those who do return will come back to a nation altogether different than the one they left. The Iranian response will be massive and painful, utilizing Shihad 3 land to land missiles which can reach every corner of the country. The article envisions (though I tend to doubt this part) that some of the missiles will be equipped with chemical warheads and extract a painful cost in loss of life.

In writing of Cordesman’s research here previously, I’ve noted the other parts of his scenario: that Iran will activate groups willing to act in solidarity with it, notably Hezbollah and possibly Hamas. Besides massive terror attacks, there will be rockets raining down on Israel from Lebanon as in 2006 and from Gaza as in 2008. From its perch on the Persian Gulf, Iran will attempt to strangle the flow of oil from all fields whose shipping must pass through these straits. This will result in massive spikes in oil prices and a serious blow to the world economy.

Maariv’s reporter also notes Ephraim HaLevy’s comments in a Time Magazine 2008 interview in which he predicts the results of an Israeli attack will be “devestating in the long run:”

It may impact us for the next 100 years, including an enormous negative affect on Arab public opinion toward us.

In an interview for the current article, HaLevy went even farther, pointing out that in the Time interview he hadn’t said “100 years,” but rather “a century,” by which he meant the negative impacts would be felt for generations, possibly even more than 100 years.

Shlomo Gazit goes even farther and his language is shocking and unrestrained:

An Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear reactors will lead to the liquidation of Israel. We will cease to exist after such an attack. The result we seek in this attack of destroying Iran’s nuclear capability will have the opposite result. Iran will immediately become an explicit nuclear power. Iran will play the oil card to force the UN to pressure Israel to return to 1967 borders. Such a settlement will, of course, include Jerusalem as well.

The threat of missiles across every part of Israel, international pressure and the necessity of returning the Territories. This we will not be able to survive. This is what Meir Dagan is trying to say. Use some common sense and ask yourselves why such an attack is necessary.

Even one of those who planned and conceived the Osirak attack in 1979 on Iraq’s nuclear reactor, Aviam Sela, warns that Israel was forced to spend huge sums to defend itself from expected Iraqi counter-attack, which didn’t materialize until the SCUD attacks of the 1991 Gulf War. Sela says far and away the most desired method of resolving this conflict is through negotiation. ”The military option,” he says, “is the least desirable solution.”

The director of Israel’s Atomic Energy Agency at the time of the Osirak attack, Uzi Elam, opposed it vehemently because he believed it would cause the world to invoke sanctions against Israel and would ratchet up a Middle East arms race, which is precisely what he claims happened, with Saddam dabbling in WMD, biological weapons, (which by 2003 he had abandoned), etc.

“The attack didn’t stop Iraq’s desire to develop nuclear weapons, it strengthened it.

Similarly, Benyamin Ben Eliezer warns that an attack may delay development of nuclear material at the facility attacked, but it will not delay overall development. In fact, it will only strengthen Iran’s determination to become a nuclear power.

Another senior official of Israel’s Home Defense, which will be responsible for caring for the Israeli refugees from Iranian counter-attack, also warns that an attack on Iran, instead of ending Iran’s nuclear ambitions, may ignite a nuclear arms race in the region, the opposite of Bibi’s intent.

The jingoists rooting for war should understand that Cordesman, HaLevy, Gazit and all the others are not dealing in theoreticals. They’re dealing in actuality if Bibi goes for broke. The dead won’t be imaginary either in Iran or Israel. The blood won’t be like in a movie. It will be from the bodies of real live people with fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers. It will decimate entire families and communities. That’s what they mean when they say Israel won’t be the same if it survives at all. Is this a price Israel can afford to pay even if it wants to?

32 Responses

The first decorated soldier of the Civil War?(Sic)

If Nathan is the bravest and best General in the C.S., if not in the world, he is at the same time about the best drinker, the most eloquent swearer (I should say voluble) and the most magnificent bragger I ever saw.
Colonel (and Oregon Senator) Edward Baker was dead. Bodies of Union soldiers littered the Potomac River as far down as Chain Bridge. And after dual, devastating defeats--in July along Bull Run and now at Balls Bluff--Baker’s outraged colleagues in Congress formed the Joint Congressional Committee on the Conduct of the War.

But in the victorious Confederacy, the South Carolina General Assembly decided to celebrate valor, passing a “concurrent resolution” citing one of their own, Brigadier General Nathan “Shanks” Evans, “for conspicuous gallantry at Leesburg.” As a token of their esteem for their heroic native son, the General Assembly commissioned James Allan & Company of Charleston to strike a gold medal for Evans.[1]

It would prove the high point of Evans’ service to the Confederacy. Yes, he had led the victorious Southern forces at Balls Bluff. And yes, at Manassas, he had redeployed in time to confront the enemy’s turning of the Confederate left, an action one historian said “went far towards saving the day for the South.”[2]

Yet despite the accolades, Evans was quite the rascal. Gruff and roughhewn to the point of insubordination, his piercing stare and full beard aided his bullying. Noted one of Gen. James Longstreet’s staff officers:


The first decorated soldier of the Civil War?

Confederate Lantern Walk


Oakwood Cemetery, 701 Oakwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC
Saturday - October 29th - 6pm to 10pm

The annual Confederate Lantern Walk is a family-oriented event of volunteers, wearing authentic period clothing, presenting interesting and historical vignettes. Groups of visitors will be led to each site on pathways of flickering candles by ladies in period dresses of mid-19th century. At the end of the tour, refreshments will be served in the House of Memory. The cost is $6 per person over eleven - $3 for ages six to eleven – free for six and under. There is a one-dollar discount per ticket for groups of ten or more. Profits are for the ongoing restoration work in the Confederate Section of Oakwood Cemetery. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Clinton: DOJ didn't give State a ‘heads up’ about Fast and Furious

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told lawmakers Thursday that she had not been notified by the Justice Department about a botched, international gun-tracking program has been linked to the death of a Border Patrol agent.

Appearing before the House Foreign Affairs committee, Clinton was questioned by Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) about the State Department’s involvement in the controversial Fast and Furious operation that has triggered hearings on Capitol Hill.

Mack asked Clinton if State had issued “the Justice Department a license or a written waiver in order to allow for the transfer of thousands of weapons across the U.S.-Mexico border?”

The secretary testified that State had “no record of any request for coordination. We have no record of any kind of notice or heads up.”

“My recollection is that I heard about it from the press,” Clinton added.

Claiming that it was the first time she had been asked that question, Clinton said that she had seen “no evidence” that such a waiver was granted and promised to investigate the matter further.

MORE including video.

JPFO responds to Jewish Democrat group’s twisted accusation.

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by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director,
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
Copyright 2011 JPFO

The National Jewish Democratic Council has gratuitously attacked JPFO in a blog posting. Here’s their attack:

(Portions of the NJDC commentary are presented below and are followed by comments from JPFO’s Rabbinic Director.)


Peter Schiff Takes on Occupy Wall Street!

Sheriff Joe predicts Obama investigation to be a 'shock'

The results of a formal law-enforcement investigation into whether Barack Obama is eligible to be president of the United States could come as a "shock," according to Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Tuesday night, speaking to a tea-party group in Arizona, Arpaio said, "I can't tell you everything, but there could be a shock there somewhere that my guys came up with. I can't talk too much about it. It's in the process."

WND previously has reported that Arpaio has constituted a special five-member law enforcement posse to investigate allegations brought by members of the Surprise, Ariz., Tea Party that the birth certificate released to the public April 27 might be a forgery.

The posse, assembled under the authority of Arpaio's office, consists of three former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys with law enforcement experience. Members have been examining evidence since September concerning Obama's eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, which requires a president to be a natural-born citizen.

He referenced disputes over the Social Security number attributed to the president and said, "There are a couple of things you and nobody else here knows anything about yet that could be a little bit exciting."

"The investigation into Obama's eligibility to be president is proceeding as planned," Arpaio later told WND. "I expect to have the investigation completed early next year."

He continued, "Yesterday, I met with the leader of the posse conducting the investigation, and I am very satisfied with their progress. The posse is doing a thorough and very professional job, and I am confident the posse is asking the right questions."

Arpaio declined to reveal to WND any specifics of the investigation, but he suggested the issues being examined are comprehensive in their scope.

Attorney Orly Taitz, who has fought for more information about Obama in a number of the court cases she has filed since before Obama's election, flew on short notice from her office in California to attend an evening meeting of the Surprise Tea Party. She brought evidence she claimed proved Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security number.

A video of Taitz's appearance at the Surprise Tea Party meeting has been posted on YouTube.

GOA Action Alert

Gun Owners of America
Rep Walsh Calls for Attorney General Holder to Resign
Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) sent a scathing rebuke to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday and called on him to resign his post at the Justice Department.

Noting that Holder needed to “take responsibility” for implicating the United States as an accessory to violent crimes committed by the Mexican drug cartels, Walsh blasted the Attorney General for the role he played in the “subsequent cover-up” of the failed Fast and Furious operation.

As detailed by Gun Owners of America on many occasions, Operation Fast and Furious is the gun-running scheme where the Justice Department has approved -- and in some cases, helped fund -- the purchase and smuggling of firearms into Mexico.

The apparent purpose of this gun running scandal was to use the increased violence south of the border as a pretext for more gun control in this country. Sadly, two U.S. federal agents -- and hundreds of Mexican citizens -- have died as a result of these illegal sales which the FBI approved under the direction of the Obama Administration.

Rep. Walsh takes Holder to task for “knowingly [forcing] licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals” and for claiming that he was “not aware” this happening. As Walsh notes, Holder “received no less than seven memos” detailing the creation and progress of Fast and Furious.

“The American people deserve to know the truth regarding Attorney General Eric Holder’s knowledge and role in the Fast and Furious operation,” Walsh said in a statement. “This program was deliberately designed to attack law-abiding American gun-owners and gun-dealers. Why else would an anti-gun Administration force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals?”

Rep. Walsh told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that Holder “needs to be held accountable.”

ACTION: Please click here to ask your Representative to follow Walsh’s lead in calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.

Jeffrey Lord Continues his Anti-Ron Paul Crusade

Conservative Heritage Times


The man is obviously obsessed. Now he is raising the anti-Semitism charge again. Is he a hired gun? Just fixated? Can’t help but return to the scene of his past beatdowns hoping for a different outcome this time? He even mentions Tom Woods by name. You know how when a boxer shakes off a punch saying how it didn’t hurt you know it did? Likewise, Lord calling out Tom Woods by name means he felt the past wounds Woods inflicted on him.

Wait a minute now. I have no use for arm chair theologians rambling about the Talmud or Jew obsessed conspiracy theories, but to deny that concerns about Israel play an inordinate role in shaping American foreign policy is willful ignorance. When the issue of ending foreign aid comes up, the defenders of foreign aid to Israel are quick with undisguised special pleadings for why it should be continued. When the issue of Iran getting nukes, which they obviously have no delivery method to get to the US, comes up it is always brought up that the nukes could be used against Israel, as if that is somehow automatically an American military concern. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t object to people complaining about the undue influence of Israel on US foreign policy considerations in one breath, and then plead “what about Israel” in the next. If you don’t want people to complain about the exaggerated importance of Israel then when the issue of Iran getting nukes comes up, don’t bring up Israel. When the issue of cutting foreign aid comes up (which any conservative worthy of the name should support reflexively) don’t say, “Well except Israel.” Do we have a deal Mr. Lord?

Also, it is disingenuous to ask why Paul’s campaign alone attracts the Jew obsessed and you know it. Who are the Jew obsessed supposed to support? Mitt Romney? Rick Perry? Paul is the only candidate who takes a neutral position toward Israel so therefore he is going to differentially attract those who are opposed to our obviously Israel deferential status quo foreign policy compared to a candidate who is openly supportive of it. Some of those people who oppose the status quo will be authentic conservatives and libertarians who support non-intervention. Some will be the Jew obsessed. This is not rocket science, so quit playing your Cultural Marxist games.

Bobby Horton On Shiloh & Dixie

Radicals Leading Occupy Chicago to Occupy City Hall Under Investigation by FBI for Terror Links

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Today Occupy Chicago protesters stormed City Hall to let Mayor Rahm Emanuel know their displeasure in the recent arrests of the Occupy campers at Grant Park on Michigan Avenue.

They were lead by radical anti-war activists Joe Iosbaker and Andy Thayer, who we have reported on in the past for their ongoing investigations by the FBI. In September of 2010 they were targeted for suspicion of providing material support to Hamas, the F.A.R.C. and other terrorist organizations.


Here is footage of Thayer last spring addressing a Chicago crowd and calling for “action” like we saw in Egypt.

Thayer and Iosbaker have played a key roll in organizing massive demonstrations in Chicago this coming May for the G-8 and NATO summits. The recent anti-war and Occupy protests have served as a clear rally cry to build momentum and support for these demonstrations next spring. The tandem duo worked their message and demands for G-8 and NATO protest permits into todays Occupy City Hall protest.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage and video footage from today’s march and “occupation” of City Hall.

Richmond Tea Party Wants Refund from VA Capitol for Land that Occupy is Now Using

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Sue them!


Amanda Gaines

RICHMOND -- The Richmond Tea Party wants its money back from the city of Richmond for the cost of permits and other fees to use the same area in which Occupy Richmond has settled for nearly the past two weeks for free.

The local branch of the Tea Party says it should be reimbursed for all the fees accrued and paid over the past three years for use of Kanawha Plaza, a city-owned square across from the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank and a few blocks from Virginia state capitol buildings. Occupy Richmond, an affiliate with the Occupy Wall Street movement, moved into the square on October 15 and has not been charged a bill from the city.

A city employee who worked with the Tea Party to get permits for the plaza "told us that the occupiers have not paid for the park, have not paid for the permit, there's no sanitation, there's no trash pick-up -- nothing we had to pay for. They've done none of that," Colleen Owens, spokesperson for the Richmond Tea Party, told

Owens says an invoice is not complete, but so far the Tea Party is looking to collect about $8,000 from the city of Richmond.

"It's obvious, it's so blatant, that basically we're punished for following the law -- which, of course, we didn't complain, we complied with everything they asked for," Owens said.

The Tea Party paid for use of the park, police, emergency personnel, port-o-potties, and other fees, Owens says.

"They're [Occupy Richmond] breaking the law. We complied with the law and the city of Richmond is not applying the law equally," she said.

(Copyright 2011 by All rights reserved.)

Gunwalker: Gowdy & Issa on Lou Dobbs.

The Death of Global Warming

Via Milton Wolf

Not long ago, candidate Obama promised to cool the planet and lower the rising seas. Indeed, he campaigned on passing "cap-and-trade" legislation, a radical, costly effort to reduce America's traditional carbon energy use.

The theory was that new taxes and greater regulations would make Americans pay more for fossil-fuel energy -- a good thing if it reduced our burning of coal, oil and gas. Obama was not shy in admitting that under his green plans, electricity prices would "necessarily skyrocket." His energy secretary, Steven Chu, at one point had even said, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe" -- that is, about $8-$10 per gallon. Fairly or not, the warming movement seemed to cast a tiny elite imposing costs on a poorer and supposedly less informed middle class.

But despite a Democrat-controlled House and Senate in 2009-2010, President Obama never passed into law any global warming legislation. Now the issue is deader than a doornail -- despite the efforts of the Environmental Protection Agency to enact new regulations that would never pass Congress.

So what happened to the global warming craze?

Corruption within the climate-change industry explains some of the sudden turnoff. "Climategate" -- the unauthorized 2009 release of private emails from the Climatic Research Unit in the United Kingdom -- revealed that many of the world's top climate scientists were knee-deep in manipulating scientific evidence to support preconceived conclusions and personal agendas. Shrill warnings about everything from melting Himalayan glaciers to shrinking polar bear populations turned out not always to be supported by scientific facts.


Ward Churchill: Reprobate Without a Cause

Via The Scottcarp Dream

Poor Ward Churchill, nobody likes him, everybody hates him. He should go out in the garden and eat his own words.

In the latest in a series of rejections suffered by the disgraced former CU Boulder professor, Ward Churchill's planned Memorial Day speech was canceled by the Unitarian Universalist Church in Grand Junction, CO.

The Confluence Media Collective, publishers of The Red Pill, is the Western Colorado, extreme-left, off-the-charts wacko organization which invited Churchill to speak. The Unitarian leadership cited complaints from people in their congregation who have family members serving in the United States military.

Ward Churchill has often spoken out against servicemen and women, and Americans in general, in the most offensive terms. He once wrote a fraudulent report which accused the United States Army of committing "smallpox genocide" against Native Americans. He once said of U.S. foreign policy, "When you kill 500K children in order to impose your will on other countries, then you shouldn't be surprised when somebody responds in kind." And of course the infamous quote which thrust him to the nadir of professorial esteem was his description of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, "They were targeting those little Eichmanns. These were legitimate targets."

Ward Churchill was fired from Colorado University in Boulder in 2007 for "repeated intentional academic misconduct." The firing resulted not from his noxious comments about victims of terrorism, or his virulent anti-American rantings, but from proven instances of plagiarism, duplicitous writings, and questions about his unsubstantiated claim of having a Native American heritage. Since that time Churchill has had to seek comfort and support from the most odious enclaves of the fringe left as he has flailed about, trying to prove that he is relevant.

The most recent Churchill sighting took place two weeks ago in Tucson where the local school board was conducting a meeting addressing a highly controversial "ethnic studies" curriculum. Churchill is seen on video, egging on snarky, teenage agitators, in an pathetic effort to look substantive.

So he stalks whatever protest du jour he thinks might restore his much missed notoriety. He is a reprobate without a cause. But there are always a handful of misguided Marxist revolutionaries who will identify with his hatred of America and the free market and individual liberty. Ward Churchill will probably find another venue in Western Colorado at which to spew his anarchist drivel. I hear that there is a space under a bridge near downtown Grand Junction where he can supplement his scant audience with a few pigeons.


Phonies & Wannabees Plus CHURCHILL!

To Catch a Journalist II

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The department of anything but justice.

Sipsey Street Irregulars
A couple of days ago, I received this from one of the folks close to the whistleblowers, reacting to my story: "If they can't kill you. . . they'll make you crazy."

Good story Mike.

Many people have no idea about the isolation that occurs after you report misconduct committed by people in high places.

John Dodson was singled out by George Gillett for discipline, and blackballed to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Larry Alt was transferred, and then an Internal Affairs complaint initiated against him, charging him with downloading an application to his government cell phone. An application that according to the cellular service carrier is not compatible with his cell phone.

Jay Dobbins had his house burned down with his family in it, and not only wasn't it investigated by ATF, but he was named as a suspect even though he was out of town.

(REDACTED) was subjected to false accusations made by the U.S. Attorney's Office that could have gotten (REDACTED) fired, had they not been so poorly fabricated, and clumsily executed. (REDACTED) now no longer supervises agents, and has been re-assigned to a headquarters administrative position.

Meanwhile, Bill Newell is still a member of the government's Senior Executive Service. David Voth is now a Branch Chief, with nationwide responsibilities, Hope MacAllister and her partner are still conducting investigations in Phoenix, and George Gillett, the slimiest of the bunch is making GS-15 pay, to perform a job traditionally done by a GS-14. Then consider the U.S. Attorney's Office. Dennis Burke, who was an absentee landlord, fled like a coward to avoid further scrutiny, and Emory Hurley, Michael Morrissey and Patrick Cunningham are still sitting in their desks at the U.S. Attorney's Office collecting their bi-weekly pay checks. They never missed a beat.

They call it the United States Department of Justice. In actuality it's the department of anything but justice.
I'll have more on this subject later.

Globalism loves diversity

Via Rebellion
As mentioned in a previous post, globalism is an extension of liberalism, and since 1789 it has been re-making the world in its own image.

Globalism is a method by which individuals unite into a crowd to demand no oversight, no social hierarchy, no shared values and no requirements for interacting with civilization except the bare minimum (job, rent, don’t murder). It’s an empire of selfishness made of the fears of many individuals whipped into a mob.

When analyzing globalism, it is important to be wary of what it says it is versus what it is. It says it is a movement for the equality of all people everywhere, and that is true, but it wants that equality so that no other system of power can exist.

Globalism is the ultimate evolution of control because it bases its power on the absence of leadership and ideology, not on a particular leader or ideology. It is controlled anarchy: we all agree we should be equal, and after that every other decision is made by convenience.

In other words, globalism is a contradiction that hoodwinks us because it is schizophrenic. It says one thing on the surface, but that thing is the cause to an effect, which is the actual goal. In this case, individual equality creates a chaotic society that then demands strong leaders.

It also demands strong social, as opposed to values-based, cultural codes. It is no longer about agreed-upon values as in “What should our legacy to history be?” but the type of kindergarten-teacher logic that asks “How do we all get along?”

There is no goal. The only possible direction is more equality. Except that, like all social reasoning, this surface attribute creates unintended consequences in its wake.

JustiaGate: CEO Tim Stanley Claims Innocence After Blocking Access To Wayback Machine Snapshots Of All Supreme Court Cases Published By Justia.

Via pumabydesign

Yesterday, in a stunning development, Justia CEO Tim Stanley blocked Wayback Machine access to all US Supreme Court cases published by This is the epitome – the textbook definition even – of hypocrisy. As Dianna Cotter previously reported:

“Justia founder Tim Stanley has for years prided himself and his companies on principles of ‘freedom of information’. On June 19th, 2008, Stanley addressed the Legislative Council Committee at the Oregon State Legislature with the following…

‘In the end, we both recognize the importance of providing the public with online access to our nation’s laws because such actions promote understanding, participation in and respect for our democratic institutions and legal system.’

Furthermore, commenting on a legal dispute Justia had with the State of Oregon, Stanley stated:

“We agree that public policy demands that state laws remain in the public domain. To otherwise permit the State of Oregon or any other governmental body to restrict access to the laws that govern all of us would make a mockery of the legal doctrine that all persons have presumed knowledge of the law. “

Does Tim Stanley believe that his publication of Supreme Court cases should be held to the same open standard? Not so much.

Stanley is blocking access to Justia’s previous publications of US Supreme Court cases which are in the Public Domain. Nothing being blocked is owned by Justia… other than the evidence our nation needs to have an open dialogue. Stanley’s blockage makes a mockery of his prior statements concerning free legal information. Past versions of SCOTUS cases which were – until yesterday – open to the public, exhibit with absolute clarity the changes made by Justia to these cases between the years 2006 and 2011.

Back in July when I published my initial report about the Pope and Boyd case tampering, Justia quietly fixed the cases and blocked access to prior versions at the Wayback Machine without commenting or noting the revisions. Justia also – knowing where the bodies were buried before the rest of us – fixed the other 23 cases on their site… but they failed to block access to the Wayback Machine for those cases. This enabled me to look back in time and see the progression of changes made by Justia to the text of 25 cases which cited “Minor v. Happersett”. That progression is now blocked by Justia.



Rep. Joe Walsh to Eric Holder: You better resign immediately, buddy

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

It was faint at first, but it grows ever louder, this cry for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) today became the fourth Congressman to explicitly call for Holder to take responsibility for the lethally reckless Operation Fast and Furious and to voluntarily leave his post because of his presumed authorization of the program. Walsh’s behest follows similar requests from Reps. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.).

Walsh today sent a harshly-worded letter to Holder, in which he asked Holder to “resign immediately and issue an apology to the American people [he has] failed to serve.” Walsh also took Holder to task for his stonewalling of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Fast and Furious.

But the most memorable portion of the letter came, not at the beginning, when Walsh lambasted Holder’s understanding of his job, nor at the end, when he called for Holder’s resignation. It came in the middle, when Walsh delved into the seemingly-obvious-but-not-yet-confirmed motivation for the program:

Your Department has made an enormous error in judgment. It instructed federally-licensed firearms dealers to illegally sell at least 2,000 guns that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) intended to be trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. The results of this error in judgment have implicated the United States in well over one hundred deadly crimes and the deaths of two federal agents.

This not only raises serious questions about your ability to serve as the head of the Justice Department, but also begs the question of why an anti-gun Administration would knowingly force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals. I raise this because Operation Fast and Furious — if the facts of this case had not come to light — would have been used by this Administration as another false argument to attack law-abiding American gun owners.

The American people deserve to know if your Department had any intent to link the legal purchase of firearms here in the U.S. to crimes committed near our southern border. Operation Fast and Furious funneled firearms legally purchased at gun shops in the U.S. to known criminal syndicates to prove these syndicates have access to legal purchased weapons. This is a deliberate attempt to vilify and attack the millions of gun owners in America who value our Second Amendment and have never broken the law.

Walsh’s posited explanation appears to be the only plausible one.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-26-11

Injustice Everywhere



Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, October 26, 2011:

  • Baltimore MD settled a lawsuit for $45k to a man who suffered broken arm when arrested by 2 cops on charges that were eventually dropped. It’s sad when excessive force is such a common problem in a city that newspapers bury these reports as a small blurb within an article about something else like it’s an everyday thing. [0]
  • Orlando FL settles suit for $24k to a man who was tasered twice & peppersprayed several minutes after he turned around and grabbed a cop who shoved him from behind then apologized because he didn’t realize it was a cop. [0]
  • Antioch CA settled a class action suit for $360k to low-income African American renters who targeted for more aggressive enforcement activities by police, allegedly just because they were poor and black. [0]
  • Yuma AZ cop was indicted on bribery & obstruction charges for allegedly extorting sex from a woman in exchange for police assistance when she required help from the police. [1]
  • Honolulu HI cop who is accused of raping a mentally disabled shoplifting suspect was suspended w/o pay but hasn’t been charged despite word leaking out that he told his fellow cops he had sex with the woman and that he failed a polygraph test about the alleged incident. He allegedly insists the sex was consensual. [4]
  • St John the Baptist Parish LA school cop has been indefinitely suspended w/o pay after he was accused of inappropriately touching a female student. [0]
  • Cheyenne WY cop sentenced to 4mo in jail on a misdemeanor false imprisonment involving a domestic dispute with his wife. He was acquitted on the other felony charges he faced. [0]
  • Winsboro LA cop was fired after arrested on a domestic violence battery warrant while he was on duty. His girlfriend was apparently hospitalized after the alleged incident. [0]
  • Milwaukee WI cops face minimal punishment for drunk driving even when taxi drivers usually lose their licenses for the same crimes as detailed in part 2 of a local paper’s onging series about police misconduct, transparency and accountability in that city. [2]
  • Baltimore MD settled suit for $290k to an ex-police chopper pilot claiming he was retaliated against and forced out for reporting departmental waste and safety issues. [0]
  • Indianapolis IN police are being accused of giving a police lieutenant special treatment when he was found drunk in his truck while armed in the parking lot of an apartment complex that he didn’t live at. Residents who called police about the people parked in a truck who didn’t belong there complain that he wasn’t detained when anyone else clearly would have been arrested. [3]
  • Jefferson City MO cop is on paid leave after arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. [2]

Before I go, a quick reminder about some of the guidelines about what reports qualify for our news feed and police misconduct database:

  1. We only track reports about misconduct committed by people who are employed as a certified or sworn officer at the time of the alleged incident. This means we don’t track misconduct committed by people who are no longer officers when they do something bad and we don’t track cases involving non-sworn employees like clerks, parking enforcement, or corrections officers.
  2. We have guidelines set to limit updates on reports to only include status changes that are significant to a case that has already been tracked. So, while we would report that a cop who we tracked as being charged with a crime was convicted or sentenced for it, we won’t track that the officer’s trial started or specific items of testimony about the case were published unless that testimony revealed other allegations not already tracked.

For a more detailed discussion about our reporting and tracking methodology, please refer to this page on our site.

Another handmade gun

Poll: Gun ownership at 20-year high

Via Billy

The Lookout
Nearly half of Americans say they have a gun in their household, the highest percentage since 1993, according to a new Gallup poll.

Forty-seven percent of Americans say they have a gun on their property. Gun ownership is up among Republicans as well as Democrats, though only 40 percent of Democrats say their home has a gun, compared to 55 percent of Republicans. Support for personal gun-ownership rights is also at a high. (The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus four points.)

Reported gun ownership dropped sharply in the early 1990s and remained in the low 40s until today. Gallup says it's hard to know whether fewer people actually owned guns over that period or if they felt uncomfortable saying they did due to lower public support for gun ownership.

Obama: It "only cost us a billion dollars" to install Sharia regime in Libya

What a deal, you blithering idiot.

Jihad Watch

And just watch for the dividends that will come in from that billion: oppression of women (polygamy has already been legalized in Libya), oppression of non-Muslims (a Jew who returned to Libya after decades in exile has already been harassed and deported), the denial of free speech and the freedom of conscience, and more virulent anti-Americanism than Gaddafi ever imagined. A bargain!

"Obama on Libya: 'We led from the front,'" by Jamie Klatell for The Hill, October 26 (thanks to Wimpy):

President Obama said Tuesday the often-repeated idea that the U.S. led from behind in the ouster of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi was incorrect.

"We led from the front," Obama said in a pre-taped interview for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." "We introduced the resolution in the United Nations that allowed us to protect civilians in Libya when Gadhafi was threatening to slaughter them. It was our extraordinary men and women in uniform, our pilots who took out their air defense systems, set up a no-fly zone."...

Because his administration was "able to organize the international community," Obama told Leno, operations in Libya "only cost us a billion dollars" and no U.S. troops were killed or injured....

"Tell The Truth"

One man's answer to government's over regulation