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EBOLA: Surfing USA


One fine sunny morning in California, the San Andres Fault finally rips loose, there's an 8.5 earthquake, followed by a couple of 6.4 aftershocks just a few miles off the coast. Within minutes, the Santa Monica Pier is sitting 40 feet above the waterline, with a few fish flopping around on the glistening sand and kelp puddles that were in twenty to thirty feet of water just a few minutes earlier. Standing on the beach, you look offshore, and see a slight bulge in the waterline, not very high, but it seems to be moving fast inbound. It's 200 yards to the parking lot, and there's a downed streetlight sitting across the hood of your car anyways.
So how do catch the incoming tsunami and ride it safely home?

You and the family are enjoying a nice vacation to Hawaii at Volcano National Park. Your only son, ignoring repeated stern warnings, climbs up on top of the boundary fence near an open crater, and before your horror-stricken eyes, slips and tumbles into a pool of glowing red lava. How do you dive in and save him?

You're an hour out of Miami headed for London, the plane is humming along, the co-pilot's doing everything like a pro, you're at 35,000' in clear skies, when suddenly there's a loud thump, all the alarms and lights in the cockpit go off at once, and as you're struggling to assess your problems and options, you can hear the fight attendant screaming through the cockpit door that apparently the tail and both wings, including all your engines, just fell off. How do you glide in for a landing?

The answer to all three questions is the exact same:

Don't be there. Be someplace else, far, far away. Period.

In comments to recent posts, several times, I've been asked to please tell folks what medical supplies to stock to care for family members if they become infected with Ebola. It's a serious subject, a serious question, and to all appearances, asked by serious people. So let me give you a serious answer to "How do I care for family/friends with Ebola?"


Meet The Ebola's

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Emerald Isle, NC October 11th: Could not ask for a nicer day at the beach

The first fisherman was battling a big one and I noticed that his line was remaining stationary. A short while later, pop goes the line.  When I asked if he had his drag set, he said no as he wanted to battle the fish on equal terms!  I asked what pound test he was using and he replied 18, so  I wished him luck and left. Needless to say, you should always set your drag regardless of the fish you are after/pound test you are running.  Too bad as he lost a large fish since he had new line on.

Taken from the bridge connecting Emerald Isle and Cape Carteret.

The Spots are in and parking space is limited. :)


Confederate monument in Anderson, SC

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British Government Deems Islamic School Illegal, And Has Police Officers Raid The School


An Islamic school in England, called the Siddeeq Academy, was deemed “illegal” after it was found to be connected with the jihadist group, Al-Muhajiroon. British police officers forcibly broke into the Siddeeq Academy as part of an ongoing anti-terror project, that has already raided the home of four Muslims liked with terrorism.

The Department for Education (DfE) said:
We are aware of the police investigation in relation to the Siddeeq Academy and it would be inappropriate to comment further while that continues … It is an offence for a school to operate without being registered. The police and Ofsted have the power to enter premises where they believe that full-time education is being illegally provided to children of statutory school age.
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Real Estate For Sale Emerald Isle, NC: 3/2 $169K

 Rent/lease available also.

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New NC WBTS Sesquicentennial Webpage Added! "Healing the Sick and Wounded"

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
“Unsurpassed Valor, Courage, and Devotion  to Liberty

“Healing the Sick and Wounded: The Confederate Medical Profession During the War.”

Little discussed is the work of the physicians in tending to the wounded and doing this without benefit of critically-needed medicines that could only be had through blockade running or capturing enemy supplies.  Confederate surgeons had to recall old botanic practices of medicine which were surprisingly successful.

“Most army physicians were so swamped with soldier patients that they could only perform some kind of treatment as expeditiously as possible. Insufficient training, fear of infection, and impossible conditions forced many surgeons to resort to the speedier and more reliable option of amputation.

The majority of amputations were performed at so-called “field hospitals” a mile or two behind enemy lines – often on the front porch of abandoned farmhouses – operating tables ranged from the tailgate of a wagon or a door atop two barrels.  

Under these “tables” were placed tubs to catch blood; water was always scarce and heat and flies were overwhelming.  Amid the groans and screams of mangled soldiers awaiting their turn, surgeons worked hour after hour with scalpel and saw, with the only anesthesia often being a drink of whiskey.

The shortage of linen and cotton material resulted in old bandages being used again and again after being rinsed in bloody water.  Pieces of shirts, filthy handkerchiefs, [and] discarded socks were all used as tourniquets to control the bleeding. 

Infections such as osteomyelitis, erysipelas, gangrene and pyemia were widespread.  By the time most wounded men made it to the hospital, various infections had already taken hold.” 

NC: Swansboro kicks off 60th annual Mullet Festival

 Crowd downtown

Where do trolley rides, the band Sha Na Na and sledding in 70-degree weather come together? In downtown Swansboro for the 60th annual Mullet Festival.

This year’s theme, Then 2 Now, focuses on the 60th anniversary of the event, which started as a way to celebrate the completion of the bridge connecting Onslow and Carteret counties on N.C. 24 across the White Oak River. When Swansboro residents first celebrated the festival, it was a small fishing town. It has grown significantly since then; however, event director Judy Hailey says the Mullet Festival has kept its small town charm.

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Centers for Islamic Studies: a Cold-War-Style Influence Operation?

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The launch of a new Center for Global Islamic Studies at the extremely leftist University of Florida in Gainesville may have been planned as a purely academic affair, but the announcements in the local and national media, including AP and Fox News, exhibited more than a purely academic interest in this event. To compare, one doesn’t often see national media announcements about, let’s say, a local center for the study of viruses — unless the virus is Ebola. And just like with any news about Ebola studies, any news about studies of Islam attracts attention from the general public, who want to know if there’s a hope for the cure, containment, and safety from danger.

When Liberalism Becomes Infantilism

Maryland Sheriff Attacked for Promising to Defend 2nd Amendment

I know this won’t be shocking, but we have some additional proof that the gaggle of anti-gun groups spread throughout the nation don’t generally have a firm grip on the civilian nature of our democratic republic. The pro-gun sheriff of Wicomico County in Maryland (yeah… there’s a pro-gun sheriff in Maryland) is under fire from anti-gunners after a comment he made about protecting the Second Amendment rights of Wicomico citizens. According to, Sheriff Mike Lewis is on record explaining that Federal curbs to the Second Amendment will not be tolerated in his county:

"As long as I'm the sheriff in this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of their right to bear arms. I can tell you this, if they attempt to do that, it would be an all-out civil war, no question about it."

Unsurprisingly, the hoplophobes seem less than thrilled about a government official actually threatening to defend his oath of office.

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Rand Paul is in Ferguson. Here’s why.

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 A bare shadow of his father.  Such a shame.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made one of the boldest and most memorable statements on the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., going a place members of his party wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

Now, he's literally gone to the place -- as in, Ferguson -- where he's meeting with the NAACP, the Urban League and other church and business leaders about criminal justice.

A cynic would say that Paul, a likely 2016 presidential contender, is simply trying to expand his appeal.

That cynic wouldn't be entirely wrong.

UNHINGED: Alabama School Forces 5 Y/O To Sign “Suicide Contract” Over Gun Drawing


Administrators at E. R. Dixon Elementary School forced a five-year-old girl to sign a "suicide contract" because she drew a picture that looked something like a gun, and then pointed a crayon at a child and went, "pew-pew."[/caption] When the mentally ill are released from halfway houses, they are hired directly into public school administration:
An Alabama mother is furious that her 5-year-old daughter was forced to sign a school contract stating she wouldn’t kill herself or anyone else at school. School officials told Rebecca, who did not want to give her last name, they had to send 5-year-old Elizabeth home after an incident in class. “They told me she drew something that resembled a gun. According to them she pointed a crayon at another student and said ‘pew pew’,” Rebecca explained. Rebecca says her daughter was then given a questionnaire to evaluate her for suicidal thoughts and given a Mobile County Public School safety contract to sign stating she wouldn’t kill herself or others. 
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Source: Secret deal could doom 160,000 to ISIS: U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran said to let key border town fall

A secret decision apparently has been made by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and even Iran to let the strategic Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani on the Turkish-Syrian border fall to ISIS fighters, jeopardizing the lives of some 160,000 Syrian Kurds, WND has been told by a well-placed Middle East expert.

In letting Kobani fall to ISIS, the source said, there was agreement “to deal with ISIS later.”

The apparent decision aims to diminish the influence of the Kurds in Syria and weaken the prospect of creating a sovereign Kurdistan, which is sought by the Kurds not only in Syria, but in Turkey, Iran and Iraq..

“It is a real set up behind the backs of everyone,” the well-placed source told WND.
Ankara has brought its tanks up to the Turkish-Syrian border in sight of Kobani but has not committed any troops to stop the ISIS siege of the Kurdish city.

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Essential for understanding survival is understanding reality of death and dying

When I was young and under the influence of movies and books about fighting, war and dying somehow I adopted views that death and dying is something unavoidable and it is mostly noble and clean, and have some kind of cause and reason.

Soon I realized that truth is quite different, and mostly there is nothing clean about it.

People like to think that death in combat is something like they see on movies because it makes sense, it gives you some kind of comfort. I have seen death and dying many times, both in combat and in bed at peoples home when working in emergency services, and I can count on one hand when it looked clean and “noble”.

Buddy next to you who get few bullets in stomach will usually scream a lot, smell a lot, and you gonna catch yourself thinking „is he already dead? I can not stand this…“ and in the same time theres gonna be one more thought, prevailing, it is „thanks God it is him, not me, lying, screaming and dying…“ and later you might feel guilty for thinking this way.

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$500M worth of US-bought planes destroyed by Afghans, sold as scrap for 6 cents a pound

 Sixteen military transport planes bought by the United States government for the Afghan Air Force (AAF) at a cost of nearly $500 million were recently destroyed by the Afghan military and sold for scrap parts at around six cents per pound, prompting a government inquiry to determine why millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted on the ill-fated program.

The Department of Defense purchased for the AAF a total of 20 Italian-made G222 military transport planes at a cost of $486 million. However, the fleet was grounded in March 2013 “after sustained, serious performance, maintenance, and spare parts problems” were discovered, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

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NC: Since passing concealed carry in 1995, violent crime has plummeted 45.9%


We passed a milestone recently, but thanks to media silence most people probably don’t know it. Oct. 1 marked North Carolina’s first year under House Bill 937, which expanded our concealed handgun permit law into restaurants, assemblies of people for which admission is charged, parades and funerals, state government parking lots, municipal parks and, to an extent, educational properties.

Perhaps the press stonewalled because results didn’t match its dire prophecies. During debate over what newspapers dubbed “guns in bars,” editorials conjured images of shootouts between drunks, admonishing guns and alcohol don’t mix. (Few mentioned that concealed handgun permit-holders would still be prohibited from imbibing alcohol.) Ridiculing language allowing permit-holders to keep handguns in closed compartments of locked vehicles on campuses, they forecast killings at football games.

Each time we expand concealed carry, the media predict mayhem. Each time, they are wrong. We haven’t confirmed a single case of a concealed handgun permit-holder misusing a firearm in a restaurant or on campus. Meanwhile, since passing concealed carry in 1995, violent crime plummeted by 45.9 percent with corresponding drops in murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery.

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Commercial Jetliner Joined by Virgin Galactic's White Knight 2 and Spaceship 2 over San Francisco

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