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Detroit Edison repossess street lights

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What's next?
Most of the city's street lights have been repossessed because officials failed to pay a multimillion-dollar utility bill, giving rise to concerns about safety and crime in darkened neighborhoods.

DTE Energy crews have removed about 1,400 light poles from Highland Park as part of a settlement that allowed the city to avoid paying $4 million in unpaid bills going back several years. DTE, which says the work will be completed by Oct. 31, has replaced 200 lights with newer models on street corners, but most neighborhoods remain in the dark.

Highland Park, plagued by financial trouble, was able to reduce its monthly utility bill from $62,000 to $15,000, an amount officials say fits the city's budget.

But residents and business owners complain that the resulting darkness is like a welcome mat for criminals.


Oh My! Gold isn't backed by anything..........

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Direct Evidence: HOLDER LIED, Bragged About Project Gunrunner in Mexico in 2009

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"........supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner....."


This is the most corrupt and criminal administration in American history. And their contempt and disgust for the American people is degenerate, rotten, scandalous. Holder must be fired. Obama should be impeached for Fast and Furious. The Republicans must uphold the laws of this country.

The fast and furious are playing fast and loose with the law, our freedom, and the very fabric of our society.

America, what have you wrought?

Walking Guns Not Talking

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Jame's Okeefe with protestors:)

Officials Seek to Terminate Johansson Parenthood

HSLDA has learned that Swedish officials on the Island of Gotland may be seeking to terminate the parental rights of Annie and Christer Johansson. Seven-year old Domenic Johansson was snatched by a fully armed Swedish police unit in June 2009 while on board an airplane bound for Annie’s homeland of India. Among the primary reasons given for the seizure was the fact that Domenic was homeschooled. His entire family has been denied any contact with their son for nearly a year. HSLDA and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) filed a joint application on behalf of the Johansson family at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in June 2010 and have been working to support the family since shortly after Domenic’s seizure.

Both the ADF and HSLDA are asking for letters to be written in an attempt to renew attention to the family’s case and to encourage Swedish officials to release Domenic back to his family. The United States Supreme Court has called the termination of parental rights the family court equivalent of the death penalty. Annie and Christer have done nothing worthy of such a horrific outcome. Will you join us as fellow advocates and take a moment to write to the Swedish Social Services Committee in charge of Domenic’s custody situation? The Johansson family is grateful for your efforts on their behalf. ADF has prepared a sample letter or you may write your own letter to the committee. You can download a copy of the sample letter in Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.

Please mail letters to:

Please Write

Both the ADF and HSLDA are asking for letters to be written in an attempt to renew attention to the Johanssons’ case. You can download a sample letter using either format below.

Download the sample letter in Microsoft Word >>

Download the sample letter as a PDF >>
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Swedish Social Services Committee
Gotlands Kommun
621 81 Visby

A stamp for a standard weight letter to Sweden will cost $0.98 through the U.S. Postal Service.

Please also continue to keep the Johansson family in your prayers as they somehow endure this unbearable situation.

A Turn in the South


Off to a wedding in Oxford, Miss. Thought I would fly there. But you can’t — you have to go to Memphis, then drive for an hour.

The only other time I was in Oxford, I flew in — to Oxford itself, I mean. The occasion was a Firing Line debate. I was part of the Buckley entourage, you might say. We had flown privately.

But if you’re flyin’ commercial — it’s Memphis for you, buddy.

Surely one of the best things about the Memphis airport is the smell of barbecue. I’m later told that the joints in the airport are lousy. That they are pale imitations of their counterparts in town. I’ll test one of those airport joints on my return.

Across from the rental-car agency is the Catfish Cabin. “From 11 to 4, you can’t get a place in the parking lot,” someone says. “It’s completely full.”

In the rental-car agency, I hear one of my favorite terms: “ink pen,” with the second word pronounced “pin.”

Nearing Oxford, I speak on the phone with a nice young woman at the hotel. “Just look for the tower on your left,” she tells me. “Can’t miss it.” Ten minutes later, I blow past the place. When I circle back, I count the floors in the tower: eight.

The establishment’s slogan is “The only five-smile hotel in the South.” Nice. But I bet you can get plenty of smiles in hotels across this region.

Everywhere I go, people wave at me. It’s as though they were happy to see me. Cars with green lights stop to let me cross. I’m on foot. I’m waiting at the red light, as one should. But the drivers think it’s more important that I cross than that they proceed.


A Turn in the South

Holder dodges & ignores questions on Gunwalker

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Support Protect Life Act; End Funding for Abortion Coverage

On Thursday, October 12, the House takes up H.R. 358, the Protect Life Act, which has finally been scheduled for debate and a vote after having been reported out of committee last February. This is an amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act better known as ObamaCare. The measure, with 6 Democrats and 139 Republicans as cosponsors, will “modify special rules relating to coverage of abortion services.”

The proposal prohibits federal funds from being used to cover any part of the cost of any health plan that includes coverage of elective abortion services, upholding the Hyde Amendment. It would prohibit discrimination against institutions or individual entities based on the entity’s refusal to train or perform induced abortions, etc., meaning it restores the conscience clause that was destroyed in the original ObamaCare legislation that became law.

One thing must be made clear, regardless of the pro-abortion crowd’s incorrect rhetoric, it will in no way leave women in need of medical attention to die in emergency rooms for lack of treatment. Health care facilities and providers must and will treat patients. If a pregnant woman enters an emergency room, both mother and baby will be treated separately and equally. The bill allows the usual exemptions in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger.

While the bill’s preservation of conscience protection and the withholding of federal funds for abortion services are excellent, H.R. 358 also establishes a process for investigating complaints about violations of the requirements, a pro-life trifecta, as it were. A bonus in budgetary crisis times is the fact that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that monetary effects “would be negligible for each year.” And, H.R. 358 contains no mandates, so it would impose zero costs on states or smaller local governments or hospitals.

To keep the pendulum swinging in favor of respect for life, especially for the preborn, and to prevent the federal government from funding or promoting abortions with taxpayer money, contact your representatives and senators immediately. Please urge them to pass the proposal immediately as it is written and to resist any attempts to weaken or water down the amendment. And emphasize that in a free society under the Constitution one's liberty of conscience should be protected and upheld, not attacked and destroyed. No individuals or entities should be forced to act against personal convictions or principles, be they religious or moral.

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property....To guard a man’s house as his castle, to pay public and enforce private debts with the most exact faith, can give no title to invade a man’s conscience which is more sacred than his castle,” said James Madison.

A pre-written but editible message to your senators and representatives can be found here.


Your friends at The John Birch Society


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Herman Cain on Belafonte & Cornel West

Here's The Real Reason Why Occupy Wall Street Protesters Aren't Getting Kicked Out Of Zuccotti Park

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Coming on the heels of the Solyndra debacle, the Obama administration has just approved a $168.9 million loan guarantee for the Granite Reliable wind farm project owned by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM).

Among its many holdings BAM owns Brookfield Renewable Power, which owns the Granite Reliable and it also owns Brookfield Office Properties, whose holdings include the now famous Zuccotti Park.

The Department of Energy finalized the loan guarantee less than a week after Occupy Wall Street protesters took to Zuccotti Park, and with the Obama administration's Tuesday endorsement of the protests, rumors are starting to circulate that this could be the reason Brookfield is allowing protesters to remain on its property.


Congressional Investigators to Subpoena Holder & Grassley urges Issa to continue investigation into Holder

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Congressional Investigators to Subpoena Holder

EXCLUSIVE: Congressional investigators probing the failed anti-gunrunning operation Fast and Furious are sending a new subpoena to Attorney General Eric Holder -- seeking communications from about a dozen top Justice Department officials, including Holder; his chief of staff, Gary Grindler; and the head of the department's criminal division, Lanny Breuer, Fox News has learned.

The subpoena, which could be filed as early as Tuesday, will focus on the Justice Department. The first and only subpoena issued so far dealt with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. That subpoena was issued back in March.

In the new subpoena, congressional investigators will apparently demand information regarding the investigation into the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Two guns found at Terry's crime scene were linked to the failed operation that allowed more than 2,000 weapons to "walk."

The subpoena is expected to ask for correspondence that Justice Department officials had with the White House about the gun trafficking operation, as well as what information was shared by Justice officials in Mexico.



Grassley urges Issa to continue investigation into Holder
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who first launched an investigation into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms operation earlier this year, encouraged “the House to use all power and all persuasion that they can.”

Grassely first wrote to Holder about the operation when questions were raised surrounding the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Terry’s death has been attributed to guns involved in the controversial 2009 program, which was an attempt to track guns sold to suspected Mexican drug cartel operatives.

“We cannot stop now. Every day a new stone is turned over and new evidence [revealed],” Grassley said on Fox News.

Many Catholics Now Driving Modern Dixie Independence Movement

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Over the last twenty years the Dixie Independence Movement had gone through significant changes. While the original emphasis was on modern secession, through peaceful and honorable means, the goal is now refocusing on rebuilding Dixie after the inevitable and eminent fall of the United States of America. It is a fall that every American now knows will come, as they can feel it coming deep within their bones. It is a fall that is now unavoidable.

The United States of America will soon be crushed by the colossal weight of its own federal government, national debt, and international trade deficit. When this happens, the federal government will likely turn to a police state as a short-term solution, but this will not last long. In the end, the federal government will lose control of the states, and when that happens, the states will be forced to take up the roll of complete governance themselves. It is at that time a realignment will likely occur, in which states will ally with other states they have the most in common with, culturally and economically, creating new nations from the former United States of America. In this sense, the fall of the United States will likely mimic the fall of ancient Rome more so than the Soviet Union.

All together, the continental United States is a political/economic union consisting of approximately nine to ten cultural nations. Once the fall is complete, those nine to ten cultural nations will likely become new political/economic realities, just as Europe did after the fall of ancient Rome. Dixie will likely be one of the largest new unions as it already has a real historical, cultural, religious and economic identity. It will be a union based on state sovereignty, Christian culture and real religious freedom. For example; Catholic priests (along with all Christian pastors) will be able to preach freely from the pulpit, on any political candidate or issue, without fear of tax retribution from the I.R.S.. No longer will children be told they can't pray in schools, and religious symbols may be displayed again on public property. Each state can run its own school voucher program as it sees fit, without the worry of centralised intervention from the national government. To get there however, we must first endure the fall of the United States, and that will require much prayer and preparation on the part of the people of Dixie.




Bud's Top Selling Guns 2011

1. Mosin-Nagant M91/30 7.62X54R for $109 DELIVERED

2. New Ruger LCP .380 for $289 DELIVERED

3. S&W Sigma SW9VE 9mm Black/Stainless for $289 DELIVERED

4. S&W Sigma SW40VE .40SW Black/Stainless for $289 DELIVERED

5. Ruger LC9 7+1 9mm Bl 3 dot Adj Sts for $340 DELIVERED

6. Bushmaster CAR15 223 16 BSH REDD DOT for $699 DELIVERED

7. Hi-Point 34510 45ACP/P 45ACP 9RD POLYMEER for $177 DELIVERED

8. Ruger SR9c 9mm Compact Black for $398 DELIVERED

9. Taurus 24/7-9SSP17 9MM PRO SS for $375 DELIVERED

10. Ruger 22/45 Mark III 22LR 5.5" Blued ADJUSTABLE SIGHTS for $259 DELIVERED

11. Ruger SR9c 9mm Compact for $398 DELIVERED

12. Rock Island Armory GI M1911A1 Mil Spec .45 for $380 DELIVERED

13. Mossberg Tactical 22LR Adjustable Stock 25rd Magazine for $249 DELIVERED

14. Kahr Arms 7 + 1 Round 9MM w/3.5" Barrel/Polymer/Stainless for $371 DELIVERED

15. Taurus M1911 45 Stainless W/Gold Highlights for $504 DELIVERED

Hank Williams Jr's Reply to Fox: Keep The Change

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I'll keep my freedom
I'll keep my guns
Try to keep my money
And my religion too

Try to keep on workin'
Try to keep on smilin'
I will keep my Christian name and y'all can keep the change

I will keep my heroes
Pictures on the wall
I'll keep my family safe
You bluff when I call
I'm gonna keep my big V8
Keep my friends the same
Keep the government outta my business
And y'all can keep the change

This country sure as hell been goin' down the drain
We know what we need
We know who to blame
United Socialist States of America
How do ya like that name?
I'll keep the USA and y'all can keep the change

So FOX and friends
Wanna put me down
Ask for my opinions
Then twist it all around
Supposed to be talkin' about my father's new CD
Well two can play that "Gotcha' Game" just wait and see
Don't tread on me

This country sure as hell been goin' down the drain
We know what we need
We know who to blame
United Socialist States of America
Don't ya just LOVE that name?
I'll keep the USA and y'all can keep the change

I'll keep the USA and y'all can keep the change

Holder hits bottom - keeps digging & Punch-Drunk Eric Holder Swings Back at Critics, Hits Self

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Holder hits bottom - keeps digging.
AG Eric Holder sounds all powerful in his latest attempt to wriggle out of his role in the Fast and Furious operation, but hubris catches up to everybody. A smart lawyer would never put into writing what he can't defend, but Holder did exactly that. After a week of aggressive reporting by CBS' Sheryl Attkisson, the Attorney General tried defending himself in a letter to Congresss

Punch-Drunk Eric Holder Swings Back at Critics, Hits Self.

Friday was just another day in a continuing series of bad days for the administration of President Barack Obama, as the furor surrounding the executive branch’s gun-walking scandal continues to escalate.

The day began with a gritty montage-style video from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, asking the question few in the media are willing to ask about the gun-walking program: Holder vs. White House: Who Is Responsible? Like a duffel bag stuffed with straw-purchased Draco pistols, the day quickly went “south” from there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-10-11

Injustice Everywhere
  • Pensacola FL settles suit for $500k to family of teen who was killed when he was run over by a cop car while chased for riding bike in what police called a high crime area [0] http://t.co/6qLMvJ70
  • Irondequoit NY police sued for excessive force by 77yr-old claiming cops maced & beat him at seatbelt checkpoint [3] http://t.co/s1UW5ZSL
  • Gordon GA cop suspended 3 days after accidentally “dry-stunning” a waitress while playing with his taser at a restaurant [0] http://t.co/nhOkQ5mR
  • Detroit MI police are being sued alleging they’ve been issuing illegal loitering citations to bystanders just for being near crime scenes [2] http://t.co/m9kYOwY1
  • San Antonio TX cop suspended after arrested for chasing her cop boyfriend around with a gun during a dispute where both officers allegedly damaged each others cars with batons [0] http://t.co/NI6NtXjJ
  • Denver CO cop received a fine & a deferred sentence after pleading no contest to assault for attacking a man at a country club for changing a TV channel [0] http://t.co/6ycJo4kU
  • Atlanta GA cop arrested on simple battery charge after brief stand-off with police that was sparked when he allegedly fired a gun during a domestic dispute [0] http://t.co/ctrpHhqU
  • Seminole Co FL sheriff’s sergeant was fired after arrested a month after his hit & skip accident that injured a motorcyclist [1] http://t.co/WLSvYYoN
  • Minnesota state trooper who promoted “Move Over” law is charged w/2 DUIs after alleged hit & skip accident call [0] http://t.co/0ZKoCpXS

Children to be banned from blowing up balloons, under EU safety rules

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The EU toy safety directive, agreed and implemented by Government, states that balloons must not be blown up by unsupervised children under the age of eight, in case they accidentally swallow them and choke.

Despite having been popular favourites for generations of children, party games including whistles and magnetic fishing games are to be banned because their small parts or chemicals used in making them are decreed to be too risky.

Apparently harmless toys that children have enjoyed for decades are now regarded by EU regulators as posing an unacceptable safety risk.

Whistle blowers, that scroll out into a a long coloured paper tongue when sounded – a party favourite at family Christmas meals – are now classed as unsafe for all children under 14.

The new rules are designed to protect children from the chance that a piece of the whistle could be swallowed and cause choking.