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Elections of deception



Tomorrow the people of America will decide their next President through January of 2017. The selection process is nasty and full of deceptions, gravitas and righteousness. In reality, neither candidate has the ability or desire to correct the inherent defects that exist in both monetary  and fiscal policy.

The Federal Reserve authorizes the printing of endless fiat currencies without any supervision of government. The bank controls the government. The government, desperate for growth, strides to collect more revenue (a code word for taxes) in order to  perpetuate it own self. They work well together. The politicians of both parties are in on the game and play musical chairs trading off power and gravitas within the kabuki dance of  an admiring and complicit media. 

Now if one were to take a look at the  electoral map as guaranteed by the founders, it would find that the old Southern Confederacy today controls only 200 votes if Maryland is included (she has 10). Obviously, no one would  consider Maryland a  ”red” State. If adding to the Southern States the Western States were added which comprise 53 votes (Arizona at 11) the “confederacy” of those  two regions would not exceed 253. In that event someone would have to secure either Ohio or a combination of Wisconsin and Indiana in order to win the election.

The vote for political direction in America has seldom changed since  1865. Northeastern States supported by the left coast has- and  always will -select the President. The South and West are placated to, but do not have much more than tie braking ability. The lives and  fate of these constituencies are typically determined by others whose values and lifestyles are quite opposite.

America today is red states and blue states. Once the word state was State. There was a time when we were a united States and not the current United States. We were a union of States now we are a Union of states. The emphasis on a  document’s capitalization has consequences and students who wish not to learn the basics of  governmental formation also suffer from the basic  defect that we were constructed and founded as a nation of thirteen States as opposed to a Nation of one State. The differences are subtle to many but impossible to others. The  difference, if even realized, is the seed which allows liberty to prosper, spirituality to flourish and righteousness to  govern.

The real deception is  in believing that victory of either party will modify the collision coarse America is on  with disaster. Washington based politicians, which are  power mongering fools,  are sin-ominous with evil as they all spin webs of deceit to convince simple minded people of their nefarious purposes.

The red States of the South and West can never control their own destiny as long as the current system prevails. The Constitution was to provide for Liberty at the human level, yet Government now controls how those red States shall be forever governed.

Kevin Carroll,

Southern Republic

I wish



Young Girl Makes The Plea for Her Generation’s Future

Giuliani Slams Obama's Superstorm Response: 'Bad as Katrina'


Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani blamed President Obama for the seeming absence of FEMA in Manhattan, Staten Island and on Long Island, among other parts of New York’s downstate region that continue to reel from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Giuliani’s comments come as criticism of the way current Mayor Michael Bloomberg has handled the emergency response has grown significantly in recent days, according to The Daily Beast.

“The president getting all this credit so early, maybe the first day or two he was paying attention, but the minute he got his credit, the minute he got his pat on his back, we had the same situation as we had in Benghazi,” Giuliani told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Monday. “He loses focus. He goes back to being campaigner-in-chief rather than commander-in-chief.”

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The Battling Bastards Of Benghazi

Via comment by Anonymous on CIA Timeline Confirms: Woods and Doherty Killed in Benghazi 7Hrs After WH Told of Attack; Commercial Airliner Can Fly From London to Libya and Back in That Time 

A Noble Manner


A post-election view of America might be very different from the norm. Traditionally, the election settles everything. Even the losers have to accept defeat and work hard to elect someone better next time. This president, however, has not been the President in any real terms, he has been a dictator, using the majorities he had in congress when he had the House and the Executive Order when he no longer controlled both houses.

Obama is the only president I ever heard use the pronoun "I" so many times when describing actions that could only be done by many, many people. "I got Bin Laden" is a favorite one at election time, but there is always the sense that there has been a hidden secret; some deal cut between the Muslims and himself, assuming for a moment that he is not one, which under Islamic culture would suggest that if his father was a Muslim, then he is as well, no matter what church he had to go to in order to become part of the American political scene. The fact that the church he chose was an American-hating Black Evolution church might say something to the compromise he had to make.

Think for a moment though about the October Surprise he might have planned for November 6th.

Troops in the Streets


Every now and then an email comes my way warning about the day when the government unleashes the military against its own citizens. This day isn't likely to come because for one thing the current regime is not particularly fond of the military.

The Obama Administration isn't inflicting massive cuts on the military, cutting their health care and pushing veteran officers out the door because it likes the military as an institution. It doesn't. And it won't until it remakes it into a fully politically correct institution dedicated to promoting tolerance and fighting global warming. Progress has been made on that front, the Navy is cutting ships and spending money on Green Energy. The Marines are celebrating gay marriage. Any day now the Air Force will be announcing its first wheelchair pilot. But it's still a poor fit with the culture of the left.

If Obama has to have any kind of military, he prefers the kind where young men with college degrees sit in a room, push buttons and kill people thousands of miles away from remotely controlled aircraft. That kind of military is a closer cultural fit with a campaign that is in love with technocratic solutions and always looking for shortcuts to avoid the dangerous and dirty hard work that has to be done. It's also much less dangerous.

Unleashing the military on a civilian population carries a price. Once you call out the troops to protect your regime, one of two things happen. Either the troops don't do it and your government is done. Or they do it and your regime now lives or dies by the support of the military. Within the last few years the use of the military in Egypt and Iran turned generals into the arbiters of political succession. To the left, the idea of the people they despise deciding who should run the country and how is their biggest nightmare. It is one reason that we still have a democracy.

Thoughts On The Eve



Election Day is almost upon us. Thank God and all the saints and angels.

The most recent polls indicate a narrow lead for Mitt Romney over Barack Hussein Obama in the most populous contested states. That would appear to be good news. But those states share a characteristic that might yet undo the trend in popular sentiment: the unions are strong there.
There have already been reports of union members massed at the polls, taking note of cars with Romney / Ryan stickers, and blocking those persons' access to the polls. There's no chance that anyone could explain this away; it's pure New-Black-Panthers-style thuggery aimed at stealing the election. So far, when the police have been called on to dissolve such a blockade, the union thugs have moved aside without protest...but the police don't hang around long afterward. Whether the blockades reassemble once the police have departed has not yet been reported.
Keep your cell phone fully charged, and keep it with you. Use its camera to record such incidents. Whether such evidence could prove valuable after the election, I cannot say, but it's far better to have it.

By now, all Gentle Readers have undoubtedly read about the "mischievous machines" found in six of the contested states:

Man mauled to death by captive grizzly in Montana

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Man mauled to death by captive grizzly in Montana

The trainer at a Montana wildlife casting agency where a man was fatally mauled while cleaning a grizzly pen says the victim may have fallen and hit his head or otherwise lost consciousness before he was killed.

Demetri Price with Animals of Montana near Bozeman called Sunday's mauling of an unidentified 24-year-old man a "tragic accident" — but not an attack.

Price said Monday there were no defensive wounds on the victim, who was carrying bear spray but apparently did not use it.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is investigating, but Sheriff Brian Gootkin could not be immediately reached Monday for comment.

An attorney for Animals of Montana's owner told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle a grizzly bear in the pen had to be put down to recover the victim.

GOA: Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

The official kickoff for Election Day is just hours away.  For weeks, GOA representatives have been running all over the country helping to generate support for pro-gun candidates.
Gun Owners of America will be working through the elections, and we hope you will be too. 
In addition to containing grades for every congressional election, GOA’s Voter Guide also contains our official endorsements. 
As you know, there are many important House and Senate races which have received little to no coverage by the mainstream media.  But the winners of the House and Senate races will make all the difference in the world -- will we be able to safeguard our rights … will we pass concealed carry reciprocity … will we stop anti-gun judges from being appointed?
These and many other issues will be decided by the congressional races.  And especially in the Senate, it is terribly important that we take the gavel out of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hands. 
So please check out our rating at and make sure your friends get a copy, as well.

Pissing in Your Wheaties, and Skull-Stomping Your Sacred Cows

Excellent, as usual.



Everyone wants articles on cool-guy stuff that fills a higher echelon of knowledge: “How do I develop an intelligence network? How do I determine what is intelligence? How do I perform a raid/ambush/precious cargo recovery operation? Those are all important facets of tactical knowledge. Unfortunately, what I’ve seen over the better part of the last year is, most guys don’t even have a real grasp of the most fundamental individual and common tasks of the light-infantry/irregular. It’s cool to point out that lots of historical irregular forces didn’t have “professional” military training. Unfortunately, it’s also wrong. Insurgencies historically have been developed and led by former military personnel, because a) we know how the real Army fights, and b) we know how to develop training to teach the volunteers/militia how to fight. 

You HAVE to know the basic individual and common tasks skills, or you’re going to last about two seconds in a real fight. American Mercenary recently posted some thoughts on his blog that raised a lot of hackles in the community, when he pointed out that 20M deer hunters weren’t a militia. The problem is? He’s fucking spot on, and anyone that doesn’t see that is speaking out their ass, from either ignorance or arrogance. A man with a rifle is a man with a rifle. Nothing more. A man with a rifle, the training to use that rifle in a fight, and a couple of buddies that are similarly trained, is exponentially more effective in a gunfight than each of them alone. So, are those 20M deer hunters useful? Sure. Absolutely. As soon as they wake the fuck up, realize that the size of their rifle is NOT indicative of the size of their dick, and get some training, from fucking someone, somewhere, who knows what the fuck they’re doing. If you don’t want to, cool, make sure you save me some sunscreen when you get to Hell before me.

Ten States Voting on Nullification Measures this Week

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Just hours before election day, the TV airways are abuzz with presidential and Congressional campaign messages.  But around the country, some of the most important votes won’t be cast for president, senate, or house.  They won’t be cast for a governor, or even a state representative.

In ten states – Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts and Alabama – voters will get a chance to resist DC and approve ballot initiatives which would nullify unconstitutional federal acts.

Here’s a brief rundown of the nine, a YES vote is urged on each.

CIA Timeline Confirms: Woods and Doherty Killed in Benghazi 7Hrs After WH Told of Attack; Commercial Airliner Can Fly From London to Libya and Back in That Time

What David Ignatius of The Washington Post describes as a “detailed CIA timeline” of the events that unfolded in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012 (and in the early hours of Sept. 12), confirms that former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were not killed until seven hours after the State Department informed the White House—in writing--that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack and that U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens was in Benghazi where the attack was taking place.

The attack started at 3:40 p.m Washington, D.C. time. The State Department sent the White House an email at 4:05 pm with this subject line: “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack.” The email said Amb. Stevens was in Benghazi.

According to the CIA timeline provided to the Washington Post and other news organizations, Woods and Doherty were killed by mortar fire while on the roof of a CIA facility in Benghazi between 11:15 p.m. and 11:26 p.m. Washington time—or between 5:15 a.m. and 5:26 a.m. Sept. 12 Benghazi time.

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