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Pre-Existing Prevarication

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During his 1996 reelection campaign, President Bill Clinton famously recounted "vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in my own state when I was a child." It was a moving story, and it helped shore up his sagging support among minority voters. It was also a lie. As the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and a variety of other publications pointed out at the time, no such atrocities had occurred in Arkansas during Slick Willie's formative years. Until recently, Clinton's church-burning whopper appeared to be the most egregious modern example of crass and cynical prevarication by a presidential candidate. It has, however, now been supplanted by President Obama's oft-repeated tale about his mother's fictional struggle with her health insurance company while she was battling cancer.

Throughout his 2008 presidential bid, Obama attributed his passion for health care reform to painful memories of his mother's battle with a health insurance company that allegedly tried to avoid paying her medical bills on the pretext that her disease predated her coverage. He used her image in a campaign ad as far back as September of 2007, and he often told the tale during his primary battle with Hillary Clinton. In a New Hampshire debate he phrased it thus: "When I think about health care, I think about my mother, who, when she was dying of cancer, had to read an insurance form because she had just gotten a new job and they were trying to figure out whether or not this was going to be treated as a preexisting condition and whether or not they would pay her medical bills."

Like Bill Clinton's anecdote about charred black churches, the story of Obama's mother was moving. And, like Clinton's tale, it was a work of fiction. Questions were raised about the accuracy of this tale as soon as Obama began peddling it, but the "news" media ignored them and he continued to repeat it even after he had been elected President. He included it, for example, in a 2009 speech to the AMA: "I will never forget watching my own mother… worrying about whether her insurer would claim her illness was a preexisting condition." And, during the height of the ObamaCare debate, he told the attendees of a town hall meeting, "I will never forget my own mother, as she fought cancer in her final months, having to worry about whether her insurance would refuse to pay for her treatment."

Now, the President's veracity concerning his mother's dealings with her health insurance company has once again been questioned in a new biography of Ann Dunham. Author Janny Scott writes, in A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother, that there was never any attempt by Ann Dunham's health insurance company to deny payment for her medical bills.

JAMA: State Should Seize Fat Children from Parents

Quote via Cousin Bill

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured...but not everyone must prove they are a citizen."

Welcome to the next chapter in our continuing coverage of Police State USA. In a JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) opinion piece, the authors argue for taking “super-obese” children from parents and putting them in foster care.

Having just researched the dark side of well-intentioned “Progressivism” (early 20th century), I find this chilling. Even more chilling that the author thinks there is no need for any further laws to enable doctors to give children to foster parents? True (and sadly), they don’t need new laws but there are competing laws emphasizing unity of parent-child even when Momma is on meth. So the kids go in-and-out of our benevolent state-run foster care system. This is the same Government that gave us Social Security–an agency that GIVES YOU MONEY for being “morbidly obese.” This is the straight-thinking State that is going to seize children from parents? God help us.

In the view of these Ivory Tower academics, The State sees something bad and swoops in to save the day. We normal human beings have been “Waiting for Superman” but Supermen already exist at the Harvard-affiliated Children’s Hospital and Harvard’s School of Public Health (the home of the JAMA authors)! Supermen and superwomen exist in DCFS agencies around the country. If only these angels ran the government, there would be no “super-obesity,” no anorexia, no bad behavior at all! Their strategy would eliminate “obesigenic environmental influences” (yes, “obesigenic” is jargon in their world).

The authors are careful not to “blame the parents”; they mention environmental factors but downplay genetics. Their Progressive predecessors took the next step to deal with the genetic angle: selective sterilization to weed out “imbeciles.” The State still has that power, but our authors assure us, state power over our bodies will only be used in extreme cases. (Buck v. Bell is the 1920s-era case that gives government the right to sterilize in the interests of “public health.” The Supreme Court has never overruled it. See my book Race and Liberty in America: The Essential Reader).

Disclosure: I was a “super-obese” teenager at 320 lbs. My brothers were normal weight. My parents urged me to limit my diet but I ate secretly. Then, on my own, I lost 140 lbs in a single year and have kept if off for 28 years (I’m 10 lb over my 21 year old weight). That was my decision. Imagine if the know-it-alls in DCFS had put me in foster care, supervised by my new rotating parents and caring social workers. Yes, children, this is our Brave New World fast in the making.




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A most excellent post concerning the Guerena murder, SWAT and what may be coming

This was posted on another site in regards to Brian Miller whose latest news I posted earlier below.

Oathkeeper and SWAT criticiser Pima Republican Chairman voted out

Brian Miller Tucson Oath Keeper

........I am a Vietnam Era veteran (both parents were wartime vets, as is my brother and most other male relatives and ancestors); we all joined. I’m now disabled, and the only war zone I was sent to was East Oakland. I worked ambulance there and in other places for over a decade, and I have worked under sniper fire. I’ve worked with police at least half of my working life from the EMS side. I’m also a lifelong martial artist, and started training informally (while they were cross-training) with Seals at age 15. I grew up on military bases, then served on them myself. I was also a Senior electronics and mechanical design drafter in the Aerospace industry.

........I reject the argument that only cops can judge other cops. Per other cops, however, like Norm Stamper, former chief of police in Seattle (during the 1999 WTO conference) has said that there is an alarming increase in conditioning of police to view “civilians” as The Enemy. Agents provocateur have been caught at such venues throwing rocks, bottles, starting fires etc. to provide an excuse for an ARMY of black clad, heavily armed, armored militarized cops to attack even the most peaceful crowds. “Free Speech Zones” are constructed well away from any wealthy and powerful people who might otherwise have to hear or see protesters (I don’t remember Free Speech Zones being mentioned in the Constitution, either). Injury or death from police, very often police with no identifying badges or anything else so that people don’t know they’re police, is getting far out of hand and increasing as many officers have come to think they can give citizens ANY order and expect to be obeyed instantly, else they’re justified in a violent attack on the citizen. In fact, too many cops seem to think that a lack of abject groveling is “disrespect,” and grounds for attacking the person. And as with this case, no matter how egregious the violence visited on an innocent citizen, police are not held accountable for what would be first degree murder by anyone else.

The Executive has claimed powers even kings didn’t have in murdering citizens, and Intel agencies are virtually unbound in who they can spy on, when and how, while a citizen who dares try to film a cop in the act of performing what he conceives to be his duty is being criminalized, and cops are almost routinely stealing and destroying such evidence. Jefferson said that for clarification of the Constitution, always look first to the Declaration of Independence. When the phrase, “…All men are created equal,” was penned, then, since the Constitution itself put no limitations on rights, I’ve always believed that not just American citizens but anyone in our custody (and perhaps those especially!) had the rights enumerated in the Constitution and in other law in America. If not, then the Constitution and the Declaration were just so much drivel and worthless paper. Those rights belong to human beings, period!

Among other things the Executive has mentioned lately is the need for military to “help out in the case of civil unrest” and other such things. That would be illegal per Posse Comitatus; cops who are armed, dressed, trained and conditioned exactly like military – an occupying army by any realistic definition – is NOT illegal because they’re still being CALLED cops. The core missions of military and police are 180 degrees different, though. Military are taught to protect themselves and their buddies first; they’re also taught to KILL. That’s what they do. When cops are militarized, the ones who would have put themselves between a citizen and a bullet, those who really believed in “To protect and to serve” are ready to shoot first, just in case and no matter where any extra bullets happen to go. That’s part of WHY the military doesn’t do police work.

SWAT teams are military. Call ‘em whatever you like, but they’re damned well DEADLY, and they’re being VASTLY overused! SWAT teams need to be drastically cut back and their former members should be given the choices of becoming real military, retraining for police work as COPS, not pseudo-military, or finding other work! A man legally owns a firearm so that makes him a potential danger and SWAT must be used? How many Americans are killed every year because someone lied to get a warrant or went to the wrong damned house? Hundreds at the very LEAST! And what response other than grabbing a weapon to meet unknown home invaders – especially after his wife’s family’s experience – does anyone expect at that time of day and under those circumstances? That Guerena DIDN’T fire shows how well trained he was! That the cops DID open fire (and I never heard that “accidental” first shot, btw, or a shouted “ID”) also says something about their training and mind set. And as always there were lies by the police involved that were straightened out one by one, finally – with no consequences.

The finding that the SWAT team was not at fault – with the wrong warrant, (wasn’t this a wrong address again too?), spraying bullets all over a residential neighborhood, entering incorrectly so most of them were blinded to the indoors, the door to which they were blocking… Come on! This was a long chain of error after error, starting with using SWAT for this in the first place. It’s a sickening incident that is happening more and more frequently in this country when it should only EVER happen in a dictatorship! Think about THAT for a minute!

Letting him lie there and bleed out for over an hour until he finally died before allowing a paramedic near him, however, was murder, the ultimate CYA that has always put the best witness beyond questioning and any inconvenient answers. There is no other word, no other motivation, no possible excuse.

The errors were not Guerena’s, and Mr. Miller should be applauded for wanting a better outcome or at least an honest discussion of what went wrong instead of the official whitewashing by Those In Power. Attacking him for not being another mindless, nodding bobbleheaded follower says a lot about the local Republicans, I’m afraid, and NONE of it is good! Until this head-in-the-sand whitewash and then the attack on the one man who dared to question it, this didn’t necessarily reflect badly on the rest of the police or the area; it’s something that is happening too frequently all over the country. NOW, however, you’d better believe it reflects badly – on all of you! At a time when the Drug War is finally coming to be seen as the propaganda and profit-driven, wrong-headed war on the public it is, this stands out as an egregious misuse of power TWICE: first, when SWAT was used for such a purpose, and second, when every official in the county save one honest man acted like a cat trying to cover up on linoleum – with about as much success.

Ian MacLeod


  1. Mr. MacLeod

    I would like to post your excellent words with or without attribution, if that is OK.

  2. Ian MacLeod says:

    Brock Townsend – You’re more than welcome to post them wherever you wish, with or without attribution, and thank you for the compliment! This is info that desperately needs to be spread around. It’s happening all over the country far too often to be accidental – these are execution squads, and our militarized cops are being readied for use in martial law. I see no other possibility. And this murder is an absolute obscenity. Would you be willing to let me know where you post them? I’d like to see any reactions. Hopefully it might help me in writing other things.


A New York Girl in the Confederate Cemetery

So the case stands, and under all the passion of the parties and the
cries of battle lie the two chief moving causes of the struggle. Union
means so many millions a year lost to the South; secession means the
loss of the same millions to the North. The love of money is the root
of this as of many many other evils … the quarrel between North and
South is, as it stands, solely a fiscal quarrel.

– Charles Dickens, as editor of All the Year Round, a British periodical
in 1862


Bryn Mawr Now

“This is still very real to us,” said a Sons of Confederate Veterans Member.

That had become very apparent to me.

Last Thursday morning, I visited a cemetery that the Gaston County Sons of Confederate veterans are rehabilitating.

I had gotten the assignment earlier in the week. And was both excited and apprehensive about it.

I’m a New Yorker born and bred. Proudly. And I make no bones about the fact the slavery played a part in the Civil War.

Sure, it was in part about states rights and federal powers, but it also had a lot to do with slavery.

At the same time, I’m a history dork, and the idea of hanging out with other history dorks makes me happy.

The morning did not quite go as planned. My car wouldn’t start and I got lost, so I was late. And all the Sons of Confederate Veterans knew that I was from NY because they so my license plates when they came to check on my car.

One of them acknowledged that I was in for a bit of culture shock. I’d always been curious about how the Civil War was taught in Southern Schools. I was guessing a little differently than how I’d been taught.

I met Mr. Hamm, who put himself in charge of telling me the Southern story. He told me that was the group’s mission, was to make sure that Southern Side of the War for Southern Independence was told. Mr. Hamm has the distinction of being an actual son of a Confederate soldier.

When they told me this I had a hard time believing him. The math just didn’t add up. But it actually works. Mr. Hamm’s father served in the War in his early teen years. And then fathered him in his 80s. Obviously, this is unusual, but it’s true.

I knew a lot of what Mr. Hamm told me about. He mainly talked about Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus. I had actually written a paper about that very topic in high school.

While I didn’t agree with the slant he was presenting, I couldn’t argue with his facts. Mr. Hamm and his fellow camp members are incredibly well-read. And I have a lot of respect for that.

And they do a lot of good when it comes to historical preservation. I’m not just talking about “preserving” the Southern story. They reason I met with them is for their cemetery rehab project. It’s a 18th century cemetery, filled with Revolutionary War vets.

Their commander explained that his group is a “historical honor society” and said restoring a cemetery is a natural extension of this idea.

They’ve done other cemeteries as well.
You can read my story and see a great slide show here.


Gunwalker is sizzling

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"When cartoons contain too much truth to be funny."

Monday, July 17, 2011

Issa, Grassley Press for Answers from FBI, DEA in Fast and Furious Investigation

WASHINGTON – Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley are pushing for additional information and documents from the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in relation to the two agencies roles in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) reckless strategy known as Operation Fast and Furious. The strategy employed by the ATF allowed firearms to be purchased by known straw buyers and then transferred to third parties where the guns often crossed the border to Mexican drug cartels.

The letters are a follow-up to a recorded, transcribed interview with Acting ATF Director Ken Melson. The Acting Director was interviewed by congressional investigators on July 4 where he corroborated several details that included other agencies involved in Operation Fast and Furious.

In the letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Grassley and Issa asked about the “veracity of claims” regarding the possible involvement of paid FBI informants in Operation Fast and Furious and “specifically at least one individual who is allegedly an FBI informant” and “might have been in communication with, and was perhaps even conspiring with, at least one suspect whom ATF was monitoring.”

The letter to DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart requested a briefing by DEA staff as well as “the number of informants or cooperating informants handled by other agencies identified in the course of any investigations related to Operation Fast and Furious.”

In addition, both letters (to Mueller and Leonhart) asked for communications of several members of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force who were working in coordination with the ATF to conduct Operation Fast and Furious.

Read the signed DEA letter. Read the signed FBI letter.

Copy of letter text for both letters below.

NC DOT Road Sign Reads "Impeach Obama"

Via NCRenegade

An electronic DOT road sign was apparently hacked when a displayed message read "Impeach Obama."

DOT officials told WSOC they had not heard of the display when first contacted on Sunday night, but sent an engineer to correct the sign afterward.

I was beaten, taunted for being white, Bronx man says after subway attack

Via Matthew

Jason Fordell was treated at Montefiore Medical Center and released Sunday afternoon.

A Bronx man was viciously assaulted and robbed on a subway train Sunday by four men who he says taunted him for being white.

Police confirmed they are investigating the assault and robbery of Jason Fordell, 29, but have not labeled it a hate crime.

They are seeking the four assailants, who fled the scene. A fifth passenger who police say spontaneously joined in the attack has been arrested.

"Everyone on the train was egging them on," said Fordell, 29, of the early-morning attack on the 4 train.

He said he was returning home at 5 a.m. from an East Village nightclub where he sells his hand-designed leather accessories when his Gothic getup drew unwelcome attention.

After Fordell transferred to a crowded 4 train at 42nd St., four young, black men began harassing him, cops said.

"People started saying stupid little comments - cracker this, white boy this, f----t this," Fordell said. "I told them the only reason they were saying this is there was four of them and one of me."

"I'm a small, little white kid with long hair," he added. "They got guys three times my size threatening me."

As the train continued into the Bronx, the confrontation became physical, he said.

"I was in a headlock, punched and kicked on the floor," Fordell said.

Then a passenger decided to join in - declaring, "Oh, I get a few shots, too," before kicking and punching Fordell in the head, according to cops.

When Fordell finally left the train at his Fordham Road stop, his original attackers snatched his bag and ran. Inside was $2,900 worth of merchandise, cops said.

Fordell chased the men to the token booth downstairs, where two of them pummeled him while the others escaped with the bag.


Kill 1, Save 10,000,000

Members of the White Rose, Munich 1942. From left: Hans Scholl, his sister Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Probst.

“I am a soldier. I serve my country. But this is not my country.” –Von Stauffenberg as played by Tom Cruise.

That line hooked me for the entire Valkyrie movie. I’ve watched it three times over the Summer. It’s important for viewers to understand some of the history behind Germany’s military oath at the time, how it had been changed under Hitler, and how his death was required to symbolically release their obligation. I’m not sure how quickly that would’ve worked since as the old saying goes “men go mad in groups, but only regain their sanity one at a time”. At least killing the dictator would’ve been a start.

The movie is old news. I didn’t watch it when it was at the theaters, nor did I rent it as a new release. I waited until it was a used DVD on the 4 for $20 rack. I was only somewhat familiar with the history behind the actual bombing attempt, but I’ve heard the movie was criticized for some minor inaccuracies. That is to be expected when history moves from the recollections of the people who were there to the authors and screenwriters who weren’t even born yet who want to satisfy their contemporary audience. No matter the event, every day that passes is a step away from the point in time witnessed by the living. Only cultural memory lives past the original survivors.

Thanks to the movie a new generation is at least aware of the coup attempt in Germany on July 20, 1944. I was disappointed more time wasn’t spent on the kangaroo court trial presided over by an ex-Bolshevik turned Nazi. Few people are aware of the many precursors of this plot among the German people. For example, one began and died with only a handful of students, a core of siblings, known as the White Rose.


Obama’s Jobs-Blocking Agenda

Via PUMABydesign

Oathkeeper and SWAT criticiser Pima Republican Chairman voted out

Brian Miller Tucson Oath Keeper

TUCSON - Members of the Pima County Republican Party have voted out their party chairman. Brian Miller came under fire, from fellow Republicans over comments he made, about a deadly SWAT team raid. Party leaders asked Miller to resign but he refused and Friday night his fellow Republicans passed a rule to force him out.

They voted on two questions. First, they to adopted a rule that let them oust party officers. Then, they voted to oust Miller.



NC woman to marry 1 year after paralyzing accident

Via The Feral Irishman

A year after she was paralyzed in poolside horseplay at her bachelorette party, Rachelle Friedman knows one thing she would change about her life before the injury.

"I wish we had danced together more because I love dancing so much, and we didn't do it enough," she says of her soon-to-be husband. "Looking back, I would have done it every night."

Friedman will finally make it down the aisle on Friday, marrying the man who has waited with her to exchange vows since the accident. She is wearing the same gown she chose for the first ceremony but with her father pushing her wheelchair down the aisle instead of walking her down it, arm in arm.

Also joining her will be the bridesmaid who shoved her into the shallow end of a pool on May 23, 2010 - causing a freak accident that changed their lives. The 25-year-old from Knightdale has stuck with her friend and refused to reveal her identity even as newspapers, television and Internet sites carried the story around the world.

"She was tragically hurt, mentally and emotionally. And I was tragically hurt, physically," Friedman says on a day that a tailor is altering her strapless, simple wedding dress to fit her new, thinner, less muscular body. "It's harder to deal with when you're hurt emotionally sometimes than when you're hurt physically."


The New Obama Penny

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71% of Military Ballots not counted in the 2010 election.

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Via WhatBUbbaKnows

That's my worst case estimate based on this story. (I plead guilty to headline sensationalism)

Of the 2 million military voters covered by the report, 15.8 percent requested absentee ballots, but only 4.6 percent cast absentee ballots that were counted.
15.8% requested, 4.6% counted = 29% successful or 71% unsuccessful.

Most of the states did a good job counting the ballots they actually got back - the overall acceptance rate was more than 94 percent.
Looks like ballots aren't making it to the troops, they're not filling out the ones they get or the ballots aren't making it back to the states. From my personal experience, when I went to the trouble to request an absentee ballot, I always filled it out and sent it in. I don't know what's going on here but forgive me if I suspect that there's voter supression in action.

... military voters were (28% as)* likely to vote than other voting-age citizens (in the 2010 election)


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Because Every person Deserves an Equal Chance To Prove Their Incompetence.


2011 Demotivators® Calendar

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 07-16-11 to 07-17-11

Injustice Everywhere


View Image

Before I start on this weekend’s reports I wanted to mention an interesting report about how few law enforcement agencies track how many of their officers are convicted of criminal misconduct by Alia Wong from the Honolulu Civil Beat. She did a good job trying to present both sides of the issue which included references to the NPMSRP.

With that said, here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of July 16-17, 2011:

  • Passaic NJ secretly settled a lawsuit for $350k to mentally ill man beaten on video by cop later acquitted of criminal brutality charges, the settlement appears to have contained a confidentiality clause. [3]
  • US Park police accused of excessive force by witnesses to pedicab driver tasering incident amid ongoing allegations of abuse [2]
  • Ottawa ON cop subject of internal excessive use of authority charge for allegedly beating motorist while off duty then having a fellow officer falsely arrest him [4]
  • 2 Knoxville TN cops accused of excessive force & false arrest of man who opened his apartment door after hearing commotion outside. [3]
  • Washington DC arbitrator says cops can’t be fired just because past misconduct makes their testimony untrustworthy when he forced the department to rehire the 5th officer fired for that reason. [5]
  • Quartzsite AZ police chief accused of abusing power to punish political foes, own officers beg for investigation, this is the same police chief who declared martial law in response to critical response to a video showing him and a fellow officer kicking a reporter out of an open council meeting when she had the floor. [3]
  • 2 Plainville CT cops injured by friendly fire from 2 other cops during arrest of unarmed child porn suspect [0]
  • El Paso TX cop accused of falsely jailing a jogger for alerting motorists to his speed trap up the road [3]
  • Bremerton WA police probe revealed an improper relationship with a teen explorer & favoritism in way officers were disciplined [3]
  • South Carolina state trooper indicted on possession & distribution of child porn charges in federal investigation [0]
  • Florida state trooper sentenced to probation in plea deal after facing 34 counts of possession of child porn [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop arrested w/boxer & 4 others for attacking Atlantic City cop working security at Bally’s [0]
  • Doral FL police chief subject of unspecified corruption probe conducted by state dept of law enforcement [3]
  • Fife WA police chief suspended over unspecified investigation that may involve at least 2 other police employees [3]
  • Tulsa OK police accused of targeting federal witnesses w/investigations to discredit them in police corruption case[5]
  • Las Vegas NV police mgmt union quietly closes a case against their union boss who accused of stealing $38k but never charged in order to avoid publicity [3]
  • Houma LA cop charged with disturbing the peace by fighting over altercation with woman outside of a bar [0]
  • Midway GA police chief shuts down 10&14yr-old’s lemonade stand since they didn’t have $50/day vendors license [0]
  • Pennsylvania state trooper tells cop “you’re screwing me out of pension” when arrested for .361 BAC DUI accident [0]

That’s it for this rough weekend. Please do stay safe out there!