Sunday, June 26, 2016

Is Donald Trump’s Latest Mind-Blowing “Mexican” Accusation True? Yes, and I Can Prove It!

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Yesterday Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leveled what many consider another outrageous and unsubstantiated accusation about our Mexican border problem…

“Obama has blocked ICE [Immigration & Customs Enforcement] officers and BP [Border Patrol] from doing their jobs. That ends when I am President!”

The immediate blowback from Obama defenders was as ferocious as expected…

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Confederate Hollywood—Those Were the Days!

 shirley temple 2

Having passed my allotted three score and ten, I realise that I have spent too much time watching movies. I can only hope that come judgment a merciful Lord will forgive my frivolous wasted hours.

My excuse is that cinema has been the major literary form of my time, a powerful influence on the ideas, attitudes, values, and behaviour of a great many people. In early days that role was filled by the Bible and the classics. The 19th century was largely dominated by the novel, and for most of the 20th century it was the movies.

By default a citizen of the United States, I can only feel shame at the condition American film has reached in the 21st century—pornography, nihilistic violence, filthy-mouthedness, imitativeness, moral depravity, and just plain tackiness. American film is no longer literature unless comic books qualify as literature. Today’s movie industry is only surpassed in evil influence by its bastard offspring, television. The shame is especially acute when I realize that other countries have maintained some literary and artistic standards in their cinema—Britain, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Australia, Japan, and even Iran, a country which our late-Empire American megalomaniacs want to destroy. (Old men are irascible. I generalise too sweepingly about American movies. There are still good ones being produced by good people who have at least one foot out of the Hollywood mainstream.)

"We are living in a truly revolutionary time."

Via The Virginia Flaggers

Despite all efforts by the MSM, by virtually all other establishment powers, and by all the Armageddon types, Great Britain and the UK have walked back their marriage to the EU. This is the peaceful version of what the South tried to accomplish in 1861.  We were denied our wish for self-government, first expressed in Magna Carta, and the results have been nothing short of catastrophic for the entire world ever since.

Proponents of collectivists government would scorn me, but so what ?

Government with the consent of the governed took a giant step forward in BREXIT.  May lady liberty take many more steps, and not wait too long.

Lastly, as Jackie Gleason used to say, “How sweet it is !”  The BREXIT vote, 150 years later and on a global scale, vindicated Jefferson Davis when he said, “I am quite sure that the issues for which we contend will reassert themselves in future generations…”.  The efforts to suppress this vindication are seen all around us, from the denigration of southerners, to the disregard for our traditions, our monuments, and especially in the vitriolic attacks on the Confederate Battle Flag and its praiseworthy supporters, the Virginia Flaggers.

BREXIT blows it all out of the water !

This is not the end of the conflict, but it may be the end of the beginning which started at Runny Meade, stepped forward at Yorktown, was temporarily crushed at Appomattox, but has now gathered up its skirts once again and stood tall at BREXIT.

I cannot believe (yes I really can !) that the headlines on our papers are not as bold as they were in declaring VE and VJ Days.

Jack Turner, Beaverdam

George Will and the Failure of WASP Conservatism

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Much is being made of the fact that George Will recently announced that he has left the Republican Party because of the nomination of Donald Trump. My initial reaction, and the reaction of many others judging by the responses I have seen, is "Good riddance." I have made my feeling about Mr. Will known in the past.

That said, I think it is important to clear up a common misperception. I have seen a lot of people describe Will as a neocon. He is not. The late conservative columnist Sam Francis pegged Will in a 1986 Modern Age article that he wrote in response to Will’s much discussed at the time book, Statecraft as Soulcraft. The article was previously only available as a PDF of the original Modern Age article and was difficult to read. Radix Journal has recently made it available in article form. It is well worth a read. The concluding paragraph sums up Francis’s case well.

“Although Will is sometimes called a “neo-conservative,” he is not one. Neoconservatives typically derive more or less conservative policy positions from essentially liberal premises. Will in fact does the opposite: he derives from more or less unexceptionable premises of classical conservatism policy positions that are often congruent with the current liberal agenda. It is because he accepts, and wants to be accepted by, the “achievements” of modem liberalism that he ignores or sneers at the serious conservative thinkers and leaders of our time who have sought to break liberal idols and that he voices no criticism of the powers that support liberalism. It is therefore not surprising that his commentary is welcomed in and rewarded by liberal power centers. They have little to fear from him and his ideas and much to gain if his version of “conservatism” should gain currency. He enjoys every prospect of a bright future in their company.”

My Son, Get Wisdom, Get Understanding

 thomas cooper

Address delivered to the graduates of the South Carolina College, December 1821.

YOU are now about to quit the precincts of the College, and to enter upon the commerce of the world. Your education is supposed to be finished; in reality it is about to commence. The roads that lead to knowledge useful and ornamental, have been pointed out to you; but we can only put you on the path: we have done so; and you must now pursue it for yourselves.

Before you leave this institution finally, it becomes my duty in compliance with established custom, to offer you a few words of parting advice; which I shall do with great plainness and sincerity, leaving the present and future’ effect of them, to depend on their intrinsic value. I am perfectly aware, that some of the opinions I am about to deliver, will by no means meet your cordial approbation: be it so: I am only solicitous to give you fairly and honestly the practical result of my own observation and long experience: the time was, when I thought as I presume you think now: the time will probably arrive, when you also will adopt the sentiments I am about to deliver.

And first, it is usual to exhort you strenuously, to cultivate the religious part of your education, and to bear in constant remembrance the obligations you are under, and the duties you owe to Almighty God, your creator, preserver, and benefactor.

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller: Hillary Clinton Supreme Court Judge Could Effectively Eliminate All US Borders

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Maria Bartiromo: The other news headline this past week was obviously the Supreme Court in a split decision essentially knocking down the president’s immigration reform which was done by executive action. Your thoughts on that.

Stephen Miller: Well, the fact that it was a 4-4 split underscores really what is at stake for America in the November election. That will be eventually or could be relitigated and you could see a new effort to come up with a different result. What happened was they kicked it back down and they upheld the circuit court ruling as a result of that decision. If you get a fifth justice on there that Hillary Clinton appoints they could rule in favor of the president’s actions which would mean that any president now or in the future could unilaterally suspend all immigration rules on a whim and effectively you would have no borders in America.

2016 Polls: Brexit Issues Driving Voters in Battleground States

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Donald Trump, arriving in Scotland, says he thinks the Brexit vote is 'fantastic'


BS releases 2016 polls from battleground states like Florida, Colorado, and Wisconsin, showing that a significant number of voters are sympathetic to messages similar to the successful “Brexit” campaign in the UK’s EU Referendum.

From CBS News:

Battleground states are called battlegrounds for a reason: They’re often close, and 2016 looks like no exception.

Hillary Clinton holds narrow leads over Donald Trump across a number of key states of Florida (up three points, 44 to 41 percent); Colorado (Clinton 40 percent, Trump 39 percent); Wisconsin (Clinton up 41 percent to 36 percent) and North Carolina, which has flipped back and forth between the parties in the last two elections, where it’s Clinton 44 percent and Trump 42 percent.

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When we used to be America

Via comment by Anonymous on My Family Fled Communism. Stop Pushing Soviet-Styl.."This pic is the way it use to be and the way it is suppose to be. The communist resurrection of today would make Stalin proud. We don't need the gov as much as they need us. I don't know how or when the normal way of life disappeared but I know we are being attacked for our traditional values."

A Crypto-Anarchist Will Help You Build a DIY AR-15

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Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner milling machine makes the most crucial element of an assault rifle. It costs just $1,500 and there’s a waiting list to get it.

 Defense Distributed is most famous for the Liberator, the world’s first design code that can be fed into a 3D printer to create a complete, working gun. After Wilson released the code online in 2013, it was downloaded more than 100,000 times around the world. Then the Department of State ordered Wilson to remove the files. Posting the blueprint for an American audience is legal, but according to the State Department, because the web is global, he may have violated weapons-export regulations. 

The Liberator attracted a fusillade of press coverage and political backlash and landed Wilson on Wired’s list of “the most dangerous people on the internet.”

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