Sunday, November 1, 2020

Dr. Robert Epstein Tells Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Could ‘Shift 15 Million Votes’ in 2020 Election

Live: Donald Trump campaigns in Hickory, North Carolina


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Released Nov 1, 2020: Very Good. Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

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President Trump Announces a New Executive Order

President Trump landed in Montoursville, Pa., for his final Pennsylvania rally Saturday night in the lead-up to the election after announcing he signed an executive order earlier in the day to protect fracking.

Trump started the last of four events in the state by hitting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for plans to raise taxes by $4 trillion, highlighting $2 gas prices and touting the employment rate.

“In the past five months, we’ve created 1.4 million jobs,” Trump said.

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Brown University students want Roman statues removed because they promote ‘white supremacy’

 Caesar Augustus represents ‘icon of colonial and imperial domination’ 
A Brown University student group, Decolonization at Brown, wants the school to remove two Roman statues displayed on campus, claiming the statues represent white supremacy and colonialism.  
The student group at the Ivy League university in Rhode Island has lobbied the school’s Undergraduate Council of Students to support its initiative to remove of statues of Roman Emperors Caesar Augustus and Marcus Aurelius.  

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The Trump car/pickup rally in Grants Pass Oregon more than 1,000 vehicles - Grants Pass has only 14,000 households.

Trump Rally in Dallas! - Kaufman County Republican Party

The Trump car rally in Grants Pass Oregon yesterday afternoon contained more than 1,000 cars and pickups – a lot more.
I went to the rally with a large supply of 12 inch by 18 inch Keep America Great – Trump-Pence magnetic signs to give away with the goal of seeing that every vehicle had one. Boy, did I underestimate! I only had 400 signs.
Large Trump car rallies are occurring everywhere, but Grants Pass has only 14,000 households.
An estimated 10% of those households turned out for the rally.
This is definitely Trump country!
The Oregon State Senate district I am running in includes Josephine County (mostly Grants Pass) and part of Jackson County. This district contains 100 voting precincts. In 2016, 95 of those 100 precincts voted a majority for President Trump.
Be certain to cast your VOTE before the deadline. There has not been an election this important in our nation for more than 150 years. We must re-elect the President.
Art Robinson

Art Robinson for Oregon Senate

Glimpses of Yesteryear

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White is the color of Mourning in Vietnam.

"Kampala’s big crowd!"

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FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming of Biden bus on Texas interstate

 A Twitter user captured the moment a truck and a vehicle collided as the Biden-Harris presidential bus tour was being followed by a caravan of Trump supporters on Interstate 35.

The FBI is investigating a “Trump Train” incident from Friday, in which a Biden campaign bus was surrounded by a dozen pickup trucks driven by Trump supporters as it traveled down a Texas interstate, according to a report.

The dangerous, caught-on-video highway confrontation led the Biden campaign and state Democrats to cancel multiple Texas events in the battleground state, the Texas Tribune reported

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Navy SEAL Team Six Rescues American Hostage In West Africa


Navy SEAL Team Six, famous for the raid against Osama bin Laden, rescued an American citizen on Friday night who was taken hostage earlier this week in the western African nation of Niger.

Philipe Nathan Walton, 27, was kidnapped by seven men on motorcyles in Massalata, Niger, on Oct. 26, according to two anonymous sources who spoke to ABC News. Walton was accosted by seven people who came up to him on his farm demanding money, and was taken away when he offered them only $40, U.S. and Nigerien officials said.

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Steve Hilton: Closing arguments on Trump vs Biden