Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Tell Me.........

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First Amendment: "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF..." Can you really tell me that I have the ability to freely exercise my religion? Can I quote the Bible in school? Can I quote the Bible in a Courtroom? Can I hang the Ten Commandments anywhere I want? That is but one covenant of the people that is in tatters. "

Or, abridging the freedom of speech..."
Are you kidding me? One guy burns a Koran and the whole world comes unglued on him. Burn a flag and everyone wants to be your friend. That is disgusting. "

Or, of the press..."
No need to do that, simply co-opt them into the liberal mindset, into the moocher mentality and just buy them off, right Washington Post, CBS?"

"Or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances."
As long as you have a permit and submit to personal investigation. I don't think that's what our founders had in mind. But then, the grass needs to be protected, right?

Second Amendment: "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to a free State, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Give me a damn break. Since when? Look boys, it is not their place to tell us who shall be deemed worthy to possess. The very act of denial is an outrage, it is a denial of citizenship, a denial of legitimacy, it is a denial of self-defense and I don't give a rat's ass who might have done what, they still deserve to be able to defend themselves, if not from each other, from their damn powerful, impersonal and demanding government.

I'm not going to go down the whole list, though I could.

Easter eggs renamed spring spheres at Seattle school

Another nail in the deteriorating coffin of publix skool and political correctness.

Listen: Easter eggs renamed spring spheres at Seattle school

A sophomore at a local private high school thinks an effort to make Easter politically correct is ridiculous.

Jessica, 16, told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson Show that a week before spring break, the students commit to a week-long community service project. She decided to volunteer in a third grade class at a public school, which she would like to remain nameless.

"At the end of the week I had an idea to fill little plastic eggs with treats and jelly beans and other candy, but I was kind of unsure how the teacher would feel about that," Jessica said.

She was concerned how the teacher might react to the eggs after of a meeting earlier in the week where she learned about "their abstract behavior rules."

Double Set AK -74 Parts Set $162


"A little bird told me that anyone looking for spare parts for their AK-74 should look on eBay. There is a seller that is euphemistically offering "Airsoft AK-74 parts", but when they arrive from the Ukraine, you will see that they are all original brand new Russian ordnance parts, still in the Soviet-era military packaging with their ubiquitous numeric "dangly" part number tags. You will get a double set of parts including firing pins, extractors, and some crucial springs. It is a huge assortment for only around $160 US Dollars."
Airsoft Soviet Army 6P20 AK-74# AKM Spare Parts Kit

Day By Day


David Goldfield: North Shares More Blame For The WBTS

"Now this is an interesting take. Many traditionalists, like me, have argued that at least part of the cause of the WBTS was the self-righteous attitude of Northern abolitionists who saw many Southerners as immoral, backward, evil slaveholders. These transcendentalists wished to create their version of utopia by yielding their terrible swift sword and splashing around in blood. Hallelujah.

Neo-Confederate hogwash you say? Not according to more recent scholarship:"

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Wisconsin Political Bombshell

In a political bombshell, the clerk in a Republican stronghold released new vote totals adding a net total of 7,403 new votes in the tight state Supreme Court race to Justice David Prosser, swinging the race significantly in his favor.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that she failed to correctly enter in her computer and then report 14,315 votes in the city of Brookfield, omitting them entirely in an unofficial tally released after Tuesday's election. The new totals give 10,859 more votes to Prosser and 3,456 more to Kloppenburg, she said.

"I'm thankful that this error was caught early in the process. This is not a case of extra ballots being found. This is human error which I apologize for, which is common," Nickolaus said, her voice wavering as she spoke to reporters.

She said she had reviewed numbers from all the other municipalities in the county to ensure that no other similar errors were made. She said she was not aware of any error of this size being made in any past election in her county.

The fresh numbers provide a new tilt to a race that had appeared to be headed toward the first statewide recount in two decades and as well spring a new surprise on a state that had already faced two months of chaotic politics. But the numbers also seemed almost certain to inject new controversy into an already heated race.

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New Obama 2012 Ads

“I swear to God, if you give these people weapons more powerful than they have right now, they will be a grave danger to themselves and others."
--Geraldo Rivera, on the Libyan rebels Generalissimo Obama is backing.

Quote via Rebellion


Free Access to the Civil War (Sic) Collection on

Confederate Flag
Free Access April 7–14

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A Confederate boy, age 14, lies dead in the trenches of Fort Mahone at Petersburg. (53rd NC, my great grandfather's and great uncle's regiment.)
The Attack On Fort Stedman, And (My Great Grandfather)

Lee's Surrender, By My Great Grandfather

Lest Darkness Fall
"While walking along Harrison Creek, where the advance from Ft. Stedman stalled in the face of overwhelming numbers, my thoughts turned to what we have lost. American Liberty, the very founding principles of the United States were following the advance and retreat of this battle.

The results are very sad. When this line of Grey crumpled and began retreating, I am sure sadness was felt by men such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Mason, for their great sacrifices and wisdom was what was at stake. Looking down upon the ebb and tide of this battle, they would have known that their creation, American Liberty, had lost.

Today there are US flags fluttering in the wind, gloating over the blood and defeat of the defenders of American Liberty, our Confederate forefathers. No where to be seen, was even one token Flag in memory of the men who died in their effort to preserve American Liberty for us, their future generations. Mind you, not a single Flag in their honour, not one single Flag in honour of our country. Not a single Flag to remind us of what our forefathers fought for and to show respect.

I am very proud to state that before the end of the day, our Flag of Honour and Distinction was very obvious on the National Park Service Petersburg Battlefield. All around the “Keep Off” signs at Fort
Stedman, where one last effort was made against overwhelming odds, flew our Battleflag.

Across the very ground tread in the desperate effort to break the line of the invaders of our country, around The Crater, in the homestead of residents burned out in typical yankee style, along the breastworks where our Confederate forefathers gallantly made their stand.

Briefly, perhaps very briefly, Confederate Flags greatly outnumbered the US flag. Yes for a brief time our Flag honoured the men who fought for our Liberty. Despite the glares, threats and protests of current day suppressors of American Liberty one gross of 4 inch Flags covered this hallowed ground.

Walking along the march taken in the advance on Fort Stedman, counting the 228 paces, I could not help but wonder what was going through the minds of these men. Surely by this late in the War they were aware of the odds they were facing.

They knew they were outnumbered, out gunned. But on they came, pace by pace. Taking Fort Stedman, they marched on, facing even greater numbers, then slowly falling back. The odds had just been too great to overcome. Walking along the Confederatebreastworks, where the retreat from Ft. Stedman would have been visible, I could imagine how the soldiers felt standing there, watching the failure of the attempted breakthrough and knowing what it meant."

Proclamation to ALL of the traitors of this Republic

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"I have been transitioning my patriotism into a form of disconnect, it does not mean I no longer love my country, nor does it mean I no longer wish to see my nation and it's Constitution restored, I am merely preparing myself for the reality of what is actually happening to our country.

There is no reason to sugar coat our dilemma as American Citizens, and why should we? Other than fear from the Communist Infiltrators running our government and Corporate America. I had a very firm grasp on the realities of possibly being audited from the IRS, or perhaps a visit or two from some super secret corrupt government agency. My mind was also firmly wrapped around the notion the CHIMP damaged our country for the eight years he held office."

Episcopal Church: Littering is Just Like Crucifixion

“Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

--Ronald Regan


Couldn't make this stuff up.


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From what I understand Good Friday and Earth Day fall on the same day this year. Hooray! I, however, will not be giving Earth Day a moment's thought after I write this post (unless I think of something demeaning and funny to say about it later.) On Good Friday I will likely pray and watch "The Passion of the Christ" on DVD, not meditate and watch "An Inconvenient Truth."

But it seems that an office of the Episcopalian Church sees great significance in the confluence of the calendar and want everyone to remember that it's Earth Day. They even go so far as to compare littering with a crucifixion. Yup.

The Ten Principles of a Free Society

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by Ron Paul

  1. Rights belong to individuals, not groups; they derive from our nature and can neither be granted nor taken away by government.
  2. All peaceful, voluntary economic and social associations are permitted; consent is the basis of the social and economic order.
  3. Justly acquired property is privately owned by individuals and voluntary groups, and this ownership cannot be arbitrarily voided by governments.
  4. Government may not redistribute private wealth or grant special privileges to any individual or group.
  5. Individuals are responsible for their own actions; government cannot and should not protect us from ourselves.
  6. Government may not claim the monopoly over a people's money and governments must never engage in official counterfeiting, even in the name of macroeconomic stability.
  7. Aggressive wars, even when called preventative, and even when they pertain only to trade relations, are forbidden.
  8. Jury nullification, that is, the right of jurors to judge the law as well as the facts, is a right of the people and the courtroom norm.
  9. All forms of involuntary servitude are prohibited, not only slavery but also conscription, forced association, and forced welfare distribution.
  10. Government must obey the law that it expects other people to obey and thereby must never use force to mold behavior, manipulate social outcomes, manage the economy, or tell other countries how to behave.

Camp Lejeune Is Pronounced Camp "Luh-jern"

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A former Marine commandant made a special plea this month to members of the North Carolina media covering Camp Lejeune to pronounce the name of the base correctly.

In an open letter dated April 2, retired Gen. Michael W. Hagee asked journalists to say "Luh-jern," just as family members of the base's namesake do.

"No one likes to have his or her name mispronounced," Hagee wrote. The media can help us to honor this unique individual by pronouncing his name the way he did: Luh Jern."

Hawaii senator wonders what Obama's concealing

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The lone Republican in the Hawaii State Senate was interviewed on the radio this morning, explaining that while he believes Barack Obama was born in the Aloha State, he questions what might be on the original, long-form birth certificate that would prompt the president to go to such lengths to conceal it.

"I'm not a 'birther,'" Hawaii State Sen. Sam Slom told Jeff Katz of WXKS Radio in Boston, "and I followed this from the very beginning. At first I followed it with amusement, and then I got really concerned about it, because the question was if it was not just the birth certificate, but other records as well – school records, academic records, work records – why would anyone spend millions of dollars in legal fees, particularly someone in public office, particularly someone in the highest public office, to not make that information public?"

trump, obama, beat, straight-up

“The grandmother in Kenya is on record saying he was born in Kenya,” Trump said. “The hospital has, not only no birth certificate — or if they have it they should produce it, maybe there is something on it, who knows — but they have no records that he was there. The family is fighting over which hospital in Hawaii he was born in.

“There is not one record, in any hospital in Hawaii, that Barack Hussein Obama was born there,” he added.

Raising a Girl in Today's World

"It is sufficiently obvious, that persons and property are the two great subjects on which Governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted. These rights cannot well be separated." --James Madison, Speech at the Virginia Convention, 1829

Mortgaging Our Grandchildren's Future? That's Being Optimistic!

The Government indoctrination camps (public schools) have really done their job to perfection. Vladimir Lenin, who knew as well as anyone how to "control the masses", stated:

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

He probably never dreamed of being able to indoctrinate children for 12 years or more as is the case in the western world today!

After 12 years of "education" most people today can barely read or write. And if they can, it is Linkreally one in a hundred that can actually think. What, really, do they "teach" kids in these school systems? It is mostly how to submit, fall into line, do as you are told and memorize a bunch of useless, and usually incorrect, things. They don't want people to be able to think... if they did they might question things!

What does anyone on the street in the US know about what money is? Or about the Federal Reserve System? Usually not much, by design... and if they know anything they almost assuredly didn't learn about it in the school system.