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Wireless Color Tissue Box Hidden Camera

"The Bolide Technology Group BL1208C consists of a miniature wireless color camera hidden inside a facial tissue box. Because video is transmitted wirelessly, the camera can easily be taken from room to room or from location to location as needed, offering true portable hidden video surveillance. Going wireless also eliminates the chances of someone stumbling upon an RCA cable and figuring out the true purpose of this device. A wireless hidden camera is ideal for monitoring the activities of a newly hired nanny or for keeping an eye on a home or office while its occupants are away on business or vacation. A hidden camera can also be an important tool in jewelry stores, nursing homes or any other application where the idea is that the camera shall see but not be seen."

A Communist President And Two Socialist Parties


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The Last Ordinary Day, November The First........

........1860 and 2010?

Sarah Palin Endorses Tancredo For Governor

"This is our culture - fight for it. This is our flag - pick it up. This is our country - take it back." - Tom Tancredo

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Union Of The Pine And Palmetto

The following is taken from the February 1875 issue of “Our Living and Our Dead,” written by Johnstone Jones. The author was a former Confederate soldier who in 1885 introduced the bill in the North Carolina Legislature to re-create the original State flag of 1861, though with a blue field and white star reminiscent of the Bonnie Blue flag. The Citadel-like building of the old Institute are no longer present in downtown Charlotte, the grounds are said to be occupied by a YMCA building. General Daniel Harvey Hill was the Superintendent of this Institute when war broke out in 1861.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

The Carolina Military Institute in Charlotte

In the suburbs of the City of Charlotte stand the buildings of the Carolina Military Institute. These buildings are large, commodious and substantial. They fully answer the purpose for which they were originally designed. The main edifice is of brick. It is built in the castellated style of architecture – the style that is now almost universally adopted for Military Academies. The appearance of the building is quite imposing, with its towers and turrets, its parapets and battlements.

From the main tower there usually floats a blue flag. It is the banner of the Institute – an emblem of the progress of Education in North Carolina. I wish the banners of this character floated over every town and village in the State! It is painful to behold the educational needs of the boys and girls who are growing up in our land. Whatever tends to supply that great want should receive the encouragement of every patriotic citizen. The year in which Education begins to receive in North Carolina that attention which it merits, will be a year fruitful of blessings for the State.

In these days of progress and enlightenment, ignorance and stupidity will do more to retard the growth and development of our country than anything else. The great need of the times, with us, is educated men for the industrial pursuits, as well as for the forum, the bar, and the pulpit. All the institutions of learning, within our borders, should be fostered and encouraged.

The location of the Carolina Military Institute is singularly advantageous. It is an elevated site, commanding a wide and interesting view of the city and surrounding country. The grounds are particularly attractive. They comprise twenty-seven acres of smooth, green lawns and slopes, shaded by a beautiful grove of oak trees. Thus, ample space is afforded for recreation, and for military and gymnastic exercises. The location is remarkably healthful, being open to the breezes from all sides, and blessed with the purest and most wholesome water. So much for the external appearance of the Institution, and the advantages and beauty of its location.

The period of existence of the Institution may be measured by a few fleeting years. But however brief, it is replete with interest. It was founded several years prior to the late war; in 1858 the corner stone was laid; and was first known as the “North Carolina Military Institute.” I am told that the buildings were originally planned by General Stonewall Jackson, who was then unknown to fame, and ignorant of the glorious future that awaited him. I am further informed that Jackson then entertained an idea of uniting with Gen. D. H. Hill, his brother in law, in the effort to establish a military school at Charlotte – one that would rank with the academies at Lexington, Va., and Columbia and Charleston, S.C. But he finally gave up the idea, and returned to the Virginia Military Institute where he remained until the out breaking of the war.

The Institute was finished in 1859, and the company of citizens who owned it tendered the position of Superintendent to Gen. D. H. Hill, who was then a professor at Davidson College. General Hill accepted the position, and in ’59 opened the school, assisted by General Lane, Col. Charles Lee, and one or two others.

The “North Carolina Military Institute” became one of the most flourishing seats of learning in the Carolinas. The war found it so. The war broke it up. Its brave and patriotic Superintendent was called to a high station in the army. He was among the very first to buckle on the sword and march to the front to fight the battles of his country. Many gallant youths whom he had trained followed him to the field.

Several efforts were made, after the close of the war, to revive the institution, but none succeeded, mainly because of the unsettled and impoverished condition of the country. The buildings remained unoccupied and unused most of the time until the autumn of 1873, when the “Carolina Military Institute” was established by Colonel John P. Thomas, who had conceived the project of founding a school which would embrace within the scope of its aims and influence the youth of both North and South Carolina. Figuratively speaking, it was a union of the Pine and Palmetto. It was designed for both the Carolinas. Hence the change of the name of the Institution from the “North” Carolina Military Institute to “The Carolina” Military Institute – a name which is entirely appropriate.

That Col. Thomas met with many difficulties in the beginning of his enterprise, it is hardly necessary to mention, as it is a well-known and very lamentable fact that educational enterprises meet with little encouragement from the public, in this time of trouble, and distraction, and poverty and hardship. He persevered’ pressed boldly and unswervingly onward; overcame each obstacle in turn, and finally achieved the object at which he aimed.

His labors have been crowned with gratifying success. The first academic year which began October 1st, 1873, and ended October 1st, 1874, saw 102 cadets on the rolls of the Institute. And to-day, early in the second academic year, there are 104 names on the list of boys, now matriculated at the Institution. This exhibit indicates a remarkable degree of success. Few institutions of learning in either of the Carolinas can boast so large an attendance during any one academic year.

The Carolina Military Institute is now established beyond peradventure. It is a permanency – fixed upon a sure foundation, and capable of much larger growth and expansion. It has become the pride of Charlotte, and no doubt the time will come when the people of North Carolina generally will feel an abiding interest in its welfare and prosperity.

The object and scope of this enterprise deserves a more extended notice than I am able to give at this time, but I will briefly allude to its salient points.

The grand primary object is to educate the cadet, mentally, morally, and physically; to develop the body as well as the mind, and to train and cultivate the moral as well as the intellectual faculties. So that the boy should leave the walls of the college, an able-bodied, learned and virtuous young man, ready for the performance of all the duties of life. The curriculum of academic studies is an admirable one. It is full and comprehensive, logical in order, and harmonious as a whole. It is formed after the most advanced ideas regarding education; and is a decided improvement upon the course already pursued at military institutions.

The judicious combination of the scientific and the esthetic element is especially commendable. The purely military studies, those which relate solely to the art and science of war, are made to give way to the studies that relate to the civil and general pursuits of life. This military element is extensively used, but not unduly magnified; nor is it allowed to infringe upon the scholastic and more essential exercise of the Institute.

The relation of the military to the scholastic features of this Institute, is best explained in the language of the Proprietor himself. In one of his circulars, he tells us that the grand object of the discipline of the school is “to impress upon cadets the idea of duty and responsibility. The military arm is employed not so much to compel an unquestioning obedience to a rigid code as to strengthen appeals to the moral sense and to enforce ethical propositions. Whilst the military power is employed, the usual appeals are made to the moral sense and the whole discipline, though resolute, is considerate and discreet in character.” The military feature when thus properly subordinated and regulated, is always full of excellencies, and benefits.

The studies pursued and instruction given at the Carolina Military Institute are comprised under these heads: Mathematics, Physical Science, History, Belles Lettres and Ethics, Modern Languages, Ancient Languages, Commercial Department, Physical and Military Department. Instruction by lectures, in all the departments, is freely and systematically pursued.

Among the new and progressive features of the Institution are lectures upon all the matters of importance in connection with the history and spirit of the immediate present, and upon all the questions of ethics and duties; and also the practical illustration of the principles of Agricultural Chemistry. It is designed to have a farm in connection with the Institute, where these illustrations may be made, and where the cultivation of the leading products of the South may be scientifically carried out before the eyes of the cadets.

Altogether, the course of instruction is thorough, practical, and liberal in an eminent degree; and the aim of it all is to make the graduate both polished and practical, virtuous and manly, and vigorous in both body and mind.

Col. John Peyre Thomas, the founder of the “Carolina Military Institute,” and its present Superintendent, is a South Carolinian by birth. He was educated at the Arsenal and Citadel Academies of that State. He afterwards was appointed Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy, a position which he filled with credit to himself for many years. The Academy was destroyed by fire at the burning of Columbia, in 1864.

Subsequently to the war, Col. Thomas became prominent in the public affairs of South Carolina, as an editor and a leader of the Democratic party in that unfortunate State. He distinguished himself and won the gratitude of all true people in South Carolina by his zealous devotion to the State’s true interests, and his bold, persistent, and unflinching exposure of the corruption of the Radical party.

The short time he was editing the “South Carolinian” Col. Thomas made a proud record for himself. No man ever exhibited greater daring in journalism. It was not until the bankruptcy of his paper that he ceased his efforts to redeem the fallen fortunes of his State.

Col. Thomas has been an instructor of youth since early manhood. He was always connected with military institutions, during his career as teacher. He is a thoroughly educated man, a ripe scholar, and an enthusiast in the cause to which he has devoted so much of his life. He is an excellent teacher, possessing in a large degree those qualities of firmness, readiness, courtesy, sense of justice, and aptness for imparting knowledge which are necessary in a good instructor.

He is in the prime of his life; full of the spirit and energy and enterprise, and gifted with the fine powers of mind. He is withal an estimable gentleman and a true Christian. Col. Thomas is assisted by an able corps of Professors – Messrs. Lynes, Cain and Hutson. They are each thoroughly qualified for the positions which they occupy, are young men of high moral character and zealous in devotion to their profession.

Under its excellent management, the Carolina Military Institute is rapidly advancing to the front rank of military colleges in the South. Already it takes a high stand among the educational institutions of the country, though it has been in existence but sixteen months. Its brief career so far has been one of remarkable prosperity, and a bright future lies before it.

(The Carolina Military Institute, Johnstone Jones, Our Living and Our Dead, Volume I, Number 6, Official Organ, North Carolina Branch Southern Historical Society, February 1875. pp. 625-628)

"Nonsense, Man! They Couldn't Hit An Elephant At This Distance!"

-- The ironic last words of U.S. General John B. Sedgwick, as he sized up the Battle of Spotsylvania, May 9, 1864.

Operation Black Storm Candidates




Pay No Attention To The Communists Behind The Curtain

"This all should be very hot stuff, given Ayers' and Dohrn's long association with Barack Obama and their continuing activism, which includes, according to Kincaid, recent visits to Hugo Chávez's Venezuela and with radicals in Gaza. But the press is silent. They have spent far more time, personnel, and treasure searching Sarah Palin's garbage cans."

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Should Alaska Secede From The United States?

"Secession: a word which carries with it the hopes and dreams of men and women, the bitterness of frustrations, and the disgust with those that fail to share a grander vision for tomorrow."
Take the poll.

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Broder: War With Iran! Why? It Will Help Obama’s Campaign!

"Broder then placidly recommends that Obama consider an American attack on Iran as a winning tactic for his 2012 reelection campaign."
What a great idea! I assume Broder will lead the attack in person........

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The Southern Method Of Pumpkin Carving


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GOA Alert

Get Out and Vote on Tuesday!
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Monday, November 1, 2010

This is it. We're finally down to the last hours before Election Day.

Gun Owners of America urges all supporters of the Second Amendment to cast their votes for the most pro-gun candidate running in your district or state.

If you need to know how the candidates are rated in your district, then please go to the most comprehensive pro-gun Voter's Guide on the web at:

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Pre-election polls show that we are on the cusp of a bloodless revolution. But the polls won't get it done... that's your job.

So please don't forget to vote. And don't forget to get all of your pro-gun family and friends to vote as well

Sellouts At The NAACP

"........The NAACP is now a defender of a system of racial spoils, a champion of big government, and a promoter of progressive politics. In short, the organization has been transformed into an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. And that enforcement is achieved through the use of race as a weapon."

Charlotte NC Tea Party Forces Southern Flags And Confederate Soldiers Removed From Audience

View it HERE.

NC LS Chairman’s Chapter Report: November 1, 2010

This has been a productive year for our Chapter with three Conferences behind us—I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year, remind us all of why the are League members, and how we can prepare the future. Also, the LS National Conference in Atlanta is past and the message we hear loud and clear is that nothing has changed politically in this country.

The usual suspects are still in charge, and the other usual suspects are out of power and willing to say and do anything to get back in power. Nothing has changed. Here is a synopsis of how we can work toward the future from Dr. Michael Hill:

1) We believe any sort of "reform" of the regime to be impossible (barring a miracle from the Lord);

2) Reform being impossible in our view, we do not place any hope in "a return to the Constitution" as a panacea for our ills;

3) We believe in Southern independence simply because we have a God-given right to govern ourselves as a means to protecting our Southern interests--we do not believe in it as any sort of "last resort;"

4) The South belongs to we Southerners; thus we ought to start acting like it in all we do;

5) We seek no one's permission, consent, or approval to preserve and advance our own well being and independence;

6) We must learn to think and act "outside the box" and convince our fellow Southerners to do likewise--as a corollary to this, we must learn to be, as Ben Davis told us, "paradigm shifters" and to avoid our own "paradigm paralysis." To do this, we must begin to see the world, and act in it, in some radically different ways;

7) We do not compromise on any question of vital importance to the South and our cause for her independence--there must be no reconciliation with those who are our sworn enemies; and 8) we must work harder and smarter everyday in all we do.

The State of North Carolina: We still live in a State which will keep Socialist-Democrats in power and they control all State patronage and appointments to historical resource departments---hence the continued attacks upon the heritage of North Carolinians. Make note that many of the past State Democratic regime’s principals are being investigated for corruption, malfeasance and dishonorable conduct---we must work here at home to build support for some reasonable reform. In your own areas you can develop discussion and influence groups to push for this reform, and work for local candidates who will deliver.

Election 2010: Remember, all politics is local and we must work to control our own State. No matter what happens in DC, North Carolina is our focus. In tomorrow’s elections, vote for candidates who show promise from School Board to State representatives---demand accountability and let them know you are watching. Get to know your local representatives, and push North Carolina sovereignty issues and concerns. Support Tea Party candidates, vote only for incumbents who have earned your vote.

League of the South Impact in NC: The NC LS is only as effective as our membership will allow it to be. We all promote the NC LS in our own areas by being active politically and promoting State sovereignty, 10th Amendment issues, limitations on federal authority, and respect for our past. You are a spokesman for the NC LS where you live, be active in local political groups and let them know we are serious about our State’s (and our children’s) future. As always, be wary of the Republicans and their promises.

Let’s Be Realistic: The hoped for political self-determination of the American South may not happen tomorrow, but we must all agree that we are far closer today than we thought five or ten years ago. We must maintain the momentum, and expend our precious energy toward attainable goals every day. This can be as simple as joining local political groups and constantly speaking to and writing to city and county leaders. The NC LS is only as strong as the membership.

Please make an effort to attend our next State Conference, slated for Saturday, February 12th in Burlington. Be there to network with other members from around the State and get recharged for the battle to win back our State from the Socialist-Democrats. See you there!



Bernhard Thuersam, State Chair

North Carolina League of the South


Patriot Post

"Most people whom we elect to Congress are either ignorant of, have contempt for or are just plain stupid about the United States Constitution. ...

Here, in part, is the oath of office that each congressman takes:

'I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same....'

Here's my question to you: If one takes an oath to uphold and defend, and bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution, at the minimum, shouldn't he know what he's supposed to uphold, defend and be faithful to? If congressmen, judges, the president and other government officials were merely ignorant of our Constitution, there'd be hope -- ignorance is curable through education. These people in Washington see themselves as our betters and rulers. They have contempt for the limits our Constitution places on the federal government envisioned by James Madison, the father of our Constitution, who explained in the Federalist Paper 45:

'The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce. ... The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives and liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the State.'"

--economist Walter E. Williams

The Constitutionalist

Normally Liberty Legal Foundation’s attention is on our mission to reform America’s courts. Today is different because tomorrow is the election day we have all been waiting for.

You, a fellow Constitutionalist, are the well-informed American that must vote. But not only that, you must do everything you can to encourage other well-informed Constitutionalists to vote. Please spend your evening visiting your neighbors, calling your friends, and calling your family. Turn off your TV or cancel other plans if you must. Dedicate this one evening to contacting the people you know who believe what we believe. Remind them to vote tomorrow. Remind them of the soldiers that have died in dark and lonely places to preserve our freedom. Ask them to give our Republic one more chance. Then, get out and vote tomorrow.

You may have important state and local issues that will be decided tomorrow. Remember, our battle against overgrown government must be fought on every level. If you’re aware of a local issue that’s important to our freedom, remember to tell your friends and neighbors about that issue. If there’s a candidate that will fight for individual freedom, remind your contact list to support that candidate. Often local issues and compelling individual candidates motivate people to vote. Use these issues to get like-minded Americans out to the polls tomorrow.

I believe that one leader in the right place can turn the tide for America. Only God knows who that candidate is, or what office will give him or her the platform needed to make a difference. What we do know is that for the first time in a long time America has many patriots running for office on every level. Please get out and support the candidates that you think will make a difference.

In Liberty,
Van Irion
President, Lead Counsel, Co-Founder
Liberty Legal Foundation

Operation Black Storm

See the two minute introduction HERE.

November 1, 1949

Mao Zedong's Communist Red China

Declaring himself the new head of state, communist Mao Zedong officially formed the People's Republic of China. Forced labor camps and famine from Mao's new policies killed at least 20 million.

Ad For A Vietnamese Craftsman

Oleg Volk

Kimson Handicraft Co.