Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Of The Two Most-Liberating Words In The English Language Is "You."

"I'm sure you can figure out what the other one is."

Rand Paul Ad - Jack Conway False Witness

Congressman Ron Paul

Dear Supporter:

Statist Jack Conway has stooped to a new low. Desperate and shameful attacks. Gutter politics.

Conway is running what has been called "the ugliest attack of the year" in attempt to smear my son Rand in his senate race. The other side is desperate to stop Rand and his quest for balanced budgets, sound money and Constitutional government and are pulling out all the stops.

We must not let their character assassination stand!

Rand has a new ad going up today to tell the people of Kentucky exactly what Jack Conway has done. Conway is shaming himself and causing this race to become personal.

We did not start this fight, but we must fight back. We must not let Jack Conway insert the politics of personal destruction into this race and go unanswered.

Here's our response.

Will you help Rand run this ad across Kentucky over the next few days? He obviously was not planning on having to run an ad like this, but when one faces the most vile of attacks, one must respond, loud and clear...

It's just two weeks from election day, and every dollar counts.

So if you can, please click HERE to donate to run this ad across Kentucky, to let Jack Conway know we will not stand for this kind of smear.

Thank you,

Ron Paul


President Barack Obama said Monday he is appearing on "Mythbusters," a television series that uses science to separate fact from fiction.

Not to take the cheap shot, but...

What Are You Doing For Freedom?

Oleg Volk
What are you doing for freedom?

Stratfor Dispatch: Understanding The French Strikes

"Analyst Marko Papic examines the underpinnings of the current unrest in France and where it might head next."

Via Mike

Virginia AG Cuccinelli: Obamacare Is Unconstitutional

“This case ultimately isn’t about healthcare, it’s about protecting liberty, it’s about the outer reach of federal power,” he said. “Virginia is attempting to put the federal government back inside the constitutional fence that the founding fathers put in place.”

The Morrill Tariff

"The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has created 12 one minute TV ads that will be aired on the History Channel from October through December. This ad is on the Morrill Tariff - a massive increase in federal government taxation."

Today In History

Daily Events

October 19, 1781


On this day in history, the British forces of General Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington, concluding the siege of Yorktown, Virginia.

Ok Obama, Make Good On Your Promise

"Are you lying Mr. President?

Because if you are not, I fully expect that within the next 24 hours Eric Holder will issue a 102,000-count indictment.

If he doesn't, and you and I both know he won't, you will once again be shown to be a bald-faced LIAR."

Van Tran's Unlikely Insurgency In CA-47

Tran hasn’t run a single TV advertisement during the entire general election campaign, and according to Andrews, going up on air is still merely an aspiration at this point. Given the institutional obstacles facing his upstart campaign, it’s remarkable that Tran remains in the hunt. At its core, he says, the race will come down to whether CA-47’s voters share his core values: “Individual liberty, freedom, entrepreneurship, faith and family.” If they do, he predicts, “we will achieve a very exciting victory” in November.

The Forgotten Clauses Of The Magna Carta

"It is a typical example of what scholars call “historical revisionism”—re-writing history by historians, teachers, authors, and politicians to fit a specific modern agenda, or to comply with specific modern view of the history of mankind."

Magna Carta

CVN-Par 72

Patriot Post

"With French Like That, Who Needs Enemies?"

"There is little left for one to do in America, but watch televised coverage of the French protests and start stockpiling food and fuel. We are a moment away from that very existence, only when it starts here in America, the protesters won’t be trying to get more from the government. The way Obama has painted the world, they will be seeking goods from their fellow citizens, citizens who will not give it up without a fight. And that is how the outcome will be so massively different from France."

"We Lie Meekly In Self-Made Beds"

Oleg Volk

"We reflect in the comfort of warm, peaceful homes
That history's trails loop back on themselves
TV and newspapers debate the same topics
Contained in the pages on dusty bookshelves

The words like “empire”, “democracy”, “dire”
Have sounded thus even back in the day
When forefathers went to fight fire with fire
Their stiff armored ranks keeping neighbors at bay

At least we can savor our own Pax Romana
That legions enforce at no small cost
Watching with pride the victorious Triumphs
Forgetting of liberties recently lost

We promise ourselves that all will be well
Times have changed since 1848
Authoritarian hordes will retreat
Defeated by HTML barricades

Yet we know that sword stops the eloquent pen
Cannon censors the writers dead
And in pawn to the King's – or the President's men
We lie meekly in self-made beds

Some say: “Times have changed from the bad old days”
They may even believe those words
But we know the future is almost ablaze
With more encompassing wars

Girdling loins with arms in dead of the night
To stem fright and the enemy twain
Ready to flight by the first morning light
We still retreat again and again

While thugs we elect harm in our names
We like ourselves all the same
We vote with ballots instead of blades
Playing meekly the same fixed game."


Oleg Volk

A certain young lady posted a poem recently:

"Two things move under night sky
the thing that came to kill, and I

He, released from prison to roam
and I, peaceably headed to home

He carries a knife and drug addled sense
seeing just prey, without defense

I detect movement, intuitive fear
and put my hand to pistol near

Worried, alone in that gloomy blight
above the fear, I prepare to fight

He hears the click of a chambered round
fleeing quickly to hunt safer ground

No predator dares go hunting for me
for I am armed, that makes me free

I holster my pistol and slowly stand down
heading towards home in a dark, sleeping town

For there are two things that will not die
my right to carry, and this night, I

I thought about it and solicited a response from the perp:

In the deep of the night I savored a stroll
Out of prison, again, on parole
That fateful night, I chanced to meet
A bitch out alone, a nice piece of meat

She was petite and looked so fine
Deep in her thoughts, unaware of mine
I felt a nice warmth as my body prepared
To catch this new prey to be mine fair and square

I went after her like a true wild beast
Carry me, legs! Pummel her, fists!
She wouldn't look good once well tenderized
But I don't mind a bruise or black eyes

She was almost mine when she noticed and spun
And her little weak hands came up with a gun
Flash ruined my vision, pain spread through my chest
I went for her throat but the bullets were faster

Before I expire, I pray to my saints
to Schumer, Obama, Feinstein and Brady
Have pity on poor, unfortunate perps
Take guns away from bitches like her!"

Robbing The Unborn

Oleg Volk
March 25th, 2009

"Government usually get money three ways. The simplest and most traditional is taxation. Taxes are not popular and the amount available is limited by the resources of the taxpayers. Raising taxes is usually political suicide. Inflating the money supply or “printing new bills” is equally unpopular. It robs everyone of their savings and makes a currency worthless in short order. Hyper-inflation is also political suicide. The last option is deficit spending.

Deficit spending for an individual is borrowing money with a promise of repayment. Depending on the credit rating, a person may have to put up collateral against the loan or enjoy the benefit of a good reputation and future financial prospects. Intelligent deficit spending buys an education. Wanton spending buys a large TV. Either way, the person who benefits is the person who eventually repays.

Government spending is a little different. They borrow money against collateral. That collateral is mostly future tax revenues, your labor. However, borrowing against your future labor isn't enough. They borrow against the future taxes imposed on your children and on their children. Politically, it is safe. Your grandkids yet unborn can't vote. By the time they are old enough to comprehend the magnitude of debts made in their names, the politicians who authorized the spending will be long gone.

Your grandkids might not even realize that their labor and property were put up as collateral by some long-gone Congress. We don't often think of paying off spending sprees of past governments, but we are on the hook for that money also. Yet even a person ignorant of the details of the arrangement would feel the iron heel of the tax collectors.

Government debt must be sold: that's where they get the cash for operating. The buyers believe that some future government would pay them back. That belief is usually founded on the perceived ability of the tax collectors to squeeze the populace for increased taxes rates. They can't count on rising revenues from expanding tax base because an economy already regularly raped of its investment capital cannot expand.

Government deficit spending puts your kids in debt before they can even vote. It puts your grandkids in debt before they are even born. Those who spend their inheritance promise to pay it back someday by squeezing the future taxpayers. Today, all taxes combined average about 50% of our incomes. Your kids would have to cough up even more, getting fewer services and suffering more brutal tax collection. No wonder most government officials support gun control! It's hard to convince creditors that an armed population can be squeezed dry at payback time."

The Situation

Oleg Volk

"Many a thug is thriving
Who preys upon fellow man
Their victims, unable or cowed
Have not slayed them in self-defense

Many abusive officials, mobsters and other scum
Live comfortably and safely despite the evil they've done
Those whom they keep in fear pay tribute and not complain
As petty tyrants' replacements would act pretty much the same

Conscription and heavy taxes -- enslavement by other name
Are inflicted by bigger tyrants, federal and state
Their subjects just grin and bear without doing a thing
Though for such offences people used to depose kings

We rationalize surrender, pay Dane geld without complaint
Giving brigands drunken with power the fig leaf of our consent
They deserve altogether different, hemp rope and speedy lead
For ogres who've tasted man flesh won't quit until they are dead."

I'll Always Love A Dog Named Beau - Jimmy Stewart

On the Johnny Carson show.
All thought it would be funny, but........

Via Bill

Out Of The Ballpark!

"Muslims engage in terror, purport to pass sentence of death on mocking Westerners thousands of miles away, take school children hostage and kill them, behead passing Christian schoolgirls, riot in the streets when Egyptian Christians seeks to convert an existing building into a church, pull out the toenails of converts to Christianity, defile Christian churches and wipe themselves with pages from the Bible, defenestrate other Muslims who suggest that the Koran can be interpreted, inflict ghastly medieval punishments on criminals, subjugate women, enslave infidels, marry their cousins, wallow in obscurantism, flog themselves with knives and chains, dress their infant children in suicide bomber costumes, worship the AK and Semtex, systematically expel Christians and Jews from Muslim lands, dance in the streets when hijacked airliners are used to kill thousands of innocent Westerners, create impenetrable enclaves in Western lands, chivvy Western nations for shariah as a parallel legal system, imprison their servants, mutilate the genitals of their girls, engage on “honor” killings, and singlehandedly ramp up rates of violent crime in Western lands (including wholesale arson) but this, pilgrims, has not even a remote connection to Islam. No, Sir. None. Zip."


December 4 Was First Thanksgiving, In Virginia, Not Plymouth



December 4 was First Thanksgiving, in Virginia, not Plymouth

Sometimes we do not realize the extent to which our own history has been "revised". This month the entire country will celebrate Thanksgiving, a day set aside to Thank God for Our Many Blessings.

But this day of Thanksgiving is a day set aside, not the historical anniversary of the First Thanksgiving as many espouse. We have been taught that the First Thanksgiving was in Plymouth in 1621 and observed by the Pilgrims. This was a very commendable act by the Pilgrims, but it was not the first in our country.

Before the Pilgrims even began packing their bags for their trip the First Day of Thanksgiving had already been observed.

On December 4, 1619 the first Day of Thanksgiving was observed in Virginia.

Every day should be a day to give Thanks for Our Blessings, but Truth is still Truth and the First Thanksgiving was on December 4.

The First Thanksgiving Likely Occurred Here, & Not at Plymouth . . .

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Ross Mackenzie, Richmond Times-Dispatch

It is altogether fitting and proper to conclude that the first Thanksgiving was held here.

Berkeley Hundred

Now begins the season for giving thanks -- something that more of us could profit from doing more often. As an inevitable consequence, this also is the season for refueling the debate about where the first Thanksgiving occurred.

For centuries the New England version went practically unchallenged. Many children know the general story, even in this contemporary culture that so frequently reviles its past.

In 1621, at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, the Pilgrims held a harvest festival. The colonists were ever so thankful for their safe passage, for their survival of that first awful winter, and for the good offices of the remarkable Indians -- Samoset and Squanto.

As William Bradford, governor of the colony, described it: "For summer being done, all things [stood] upon them with a weather beaten face, and the whole country, full of woods and thickets, represented a wild and savage view." They were understandably thankful.

But at the risk of sounding chauvinistic, the truth is that the right to claim firstness, like so many other "firsts" attributed to New England, probably belongs to Virginia. Indeed, it is altogether fitting and proper to conclude that the first Thanksgiving was held here.

The Virginia version is not widely known -- particularly outside the South.

ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1619, a group of 38 English colonists headed by Captain John Woodlief sailed from England aboard the Margaret. They landed at Berkeley Hundred 10 weeks later. The settlers were sent by the London Company; it owned thousands of acres in the area, and settled and supported Berkeley Plantation.

Exhibit A in the Virginia claim to firstness is this sentence in the company's instructions to the settlers -- instructions to be opened upon reaching Virginia:

We ordaine that the day of our ships arrivall at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God.

These settlers held that Thanksgiving at Berkeley Hundred on December 4, 1619 -- a year before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth. Surely Woodlief and his followers were equally as grateful as the Pilgrims -- equally schooled in adversity, equally determined to renew themselves with roots in the land. Surely they were equally devout and equally thankful. To suggest that they were disobedient and did not give thanks requires a superabundance of credulity and moral pretension.

But lest we forget, there were numerous trips to Virginia prior to Woodlief's: the Raleigh expeditions of the 1580s, and the London Company's initial expeditions -- beginning with the one under Christopherr Newport that founded Jamestown in 1607.

The London Company's charter of May 23, 1609, was written principally by Sir Edward Sandys with the concurrence of Sir Francis Bacon, the early philosopher of natural right. It was probably the first document to say that government derives its authority from the consent of the governed. It was the closest thing to a constitution and bill of rights that colonists in Virginia had for three years, until refined in 1612. The Sandys charter was written 11 years before the first Pilgrim reached Plymouth.

On November 18, 1618, the London Company issued instructions to Sir George Yeardley upon his appointment as Governor of Virginia; those instructions provided for a liberal form of government. At Jamestown, in 1619, Yeardley convened the first legislative assembly in the New World. That was a year before the landing at Plymouth.

THOSE WERE firsts of considerable magnitude. They, and the events in Virginia during the 35 years prior to the Plymouth landing, tell us a good deal about the Virginia colonists.

They were God-fearing people. Just about every one of their existing documents speaks of their duties and obligations to a God almost always described as "almighty."

These also were people of discipline and self-will. Contrary to so many of us today, they were people determined not to tear down the old to make way for the ersatz old. They retained their umbilical ties to the past, as Virginians -- inhabitants of the most English of states -- tend to do still. Their past was England, and central to England were the church and God.

Even without the instructions to Woodlief, is it not logical to assume that the colonists in Virginia regularly prayed and gave thanks prior to 1621? Do we not have to overlook too much to believe they did not? In 1962, the evidence proved overwhelming to Harvard historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., then an adviser to President John Kennedy. In December of that year he repented of "an unconquerable New England bias" on the question, and acknowledged that Virginia's claim is "quite right." But despite the evidence, the bias persists.