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A Southern Critique of Radical Chic


“The Southerner is usually tolerant of those weaknesses that proceed from innocence,” observed Southern Gothic author and native Georgian Flannery O’Connor. But what about those weaknesses that don’t? Well, then the offender may require rebuke, and, depending on the gravity of the offense, and the character of the offender, that might range somewhere between a polite reprimand to being run out of town on a rail.

Or, if you’re Tom Wolfe, it might be a many-thousand-word essay dripping with subtle (and not-so-subtle) mockery. Such was certainly the case with Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, the Virginia-born author’s stinging portrayal of wealthy white Americans who promoted the latest radical, racial causes, a book that last year enjoyed its fiftieth anniversary. Indeed, perhaps one might say that only a Southerner like Wolfe — and one with his literary talents — was capable of writing an essay like Radical Chic.

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Lt General Thomas McInerney Explains all in an Earlier Segment.

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A Sovereign and Independent Nation

 The civil war and reconstruction in Florida : Davis, William Watson,  1884-1960 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Florida, a territory acquired by the United States through an 1819 Treaty with Spain, began its move toward Statehood in the late 1830’s. The preamble to its 1838 Constitution agreed with the United States Congress of Florida being a free and independent State, and qualified to voluntarily become a State within the 1789 Constitution’s confederation of States. Florida’s legislature ratified the document and joined that confederation on March 3, 1845.

On January 10, 1861, the State of Florida withdrew from that confederation which it determined to be a threat to the peace and prosperity of the State. As the new Southern confederation of States did not yet exist, the legislature in Tallahassee declared Florida to be “a sovereign and independent and nation.”

In part, the withdrawal from the 1789 confederation is as follows:

“We, the people of the State of Florida in convention assembled, do solemnly ordain, publish and declare that the State of Florida hereby withdraws herself from the Confederacy of States existing under the name of the United States of America, and from the existing government of the said States; and that all political connection between her and the government of said States ought to be and the same is hereby totally annulled, and the said Union of States dissolved, and the State of Florida hereby declared a sovereign and independent nation . . .”

(The Civil War and Reconstruction in Florida, William W. Watson, Columbia University, 1913, pg. 64)

No, Trump Isn’t Guilty of Incitement: Inflaming emotions isn’t a crime. The president didn’t mention violence, much less provoke it.

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House Democrats have drafted an article of impeachment that accuses President Trump of “incitement to insurrection.” Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said Thursday that his office is “looking at all actors here and anyone that had a role” in the Capitol riot. Some reporters have construed that as including Mr. Trump.

The president didn’t commit incitement or any other crime. I should know. As a Washington prosecutor I earned the nickname “protester prosecutor” from the antiwar group CodePink. In one trial, I convicted 31 protesters who disrupted congressional traffic by obstructing the Capitol Crypt. In another, I convicted a CodePink activist who smeared her hands with fake blood, charged at then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a House hearing room, and incited the audience to seize the secretary of state physically. In other cases, I dropped charges when the facts fell short of the legal standard for incitement. One such defendant was the antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan.

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Facebook Suspends Ron Paul Following Column Criticizing Big Tech Censorship

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........ we must think back to the dissidents in the era of Soviet tyranny,” Paul wrote.

“They had no Internet. They had no social media. They had no ability to communicate with thousands and millions of like-minded, freedom lovers. Yet they used incredible creativity in the face of incredible adversity to continue pushing their ideas. Because no army – not even Big Tech partnered with Big Government - can stop an idea whose time has come. And Liberty is that idea. We must move forward with creativity and confidence!”

By suspending Ron Paul, it becomes clear that 'safety' may not be Big Tech's primary goal. 

On Monday, Facebook blocked former presidential candidate Ron Paul from his own page. The move came hours after the longtime congressman and libertarian hero shared an article he wrote criticizing Twitter and Facebook for banning President Donald Trump from their platforms.

“Last week’s massive social media purges – starting with President Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter and other outlets – was shocking and chilling, particularly to those of us who value free expression and the free exchange of ideas,” Paul wrote. “The justifications given for the silencing of wide swaths of public opinion made no sense and the process was anything but transparent. Nowhere in President Trump’s two ‘offending’ Tweets, for example, was a call for violence expressed explicitly or implicitly. It was a classic example of sentence first, verdict later.”

Paul shared the article on Facebook sometime around 10 a.m. EST. Hours later, on Twitter, Paul said he had been blocked by Facebook.

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The Stolen Election

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Widest possible sharing authorized and encouraged; share via copy and paste. Be sure to include my name, so the left can understand I am not afraid of them and perfectly willing, on my own ticket, to fight:

So why, after all this, do so many of us _still_ believe the election was stolen?

In the first place, there are two things we mean by “the election was stolen.” They’re mutually reinforcing, yes, but they’re not the same. The first of these is via the influence of media and social media. It was not illegal for them to have been Biden’s campaign, but they _were_ Biden’s campaign. What that means, in practice, is that they used their privileges under the first amendment to violate the intent of the first amendment. I say “privileges,” by the way, rather than “rights” because by their conduct they have undermined the first amendment to the point we can calmly consider killing it, as regards the media, as so many lefties want it to be killed for the common citizenry. It no longer serves its purpose.

The second factor is our belief that actual spurious ballots were introduced into the system by both mailing in and other means. And the numbers were not even that large; Trump “lost” by about twelve thousand in Georgia, eighty thousand in Pennsylvania, and under twenty-one thousand in Wisconsin. Let’s not pretend that those were particularly difficult numbers to have illegally come up with.

But there’s not a shred of evidence…the courts…

Look, friends, we live in the age of MiniTru and Comrade Ogilvy. We have precisely zero sources of reliable direct information. Don’t believe me?

Answer these questions:

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Wall Street Banks Freeze Political Donations After Capitol Hill Riots, Threaten Pro-Trump Politicians with Blacklisting

The headquarters of Goldman Sachs is pictured on April 17, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP) (Photo by JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

                                       Not political at all, just happenstance.....🙄

The reaction to the Capitol Hill riot by supporters of President Trump stands in stark contrast to the response of banks and corporations to the Black Lives Matter anti-police riots and protests of last year. In response to those events, corporations pledged over a billion in support of Black Lives Matter and related causes.

Wall Street is slamming the lid shut on the coffers of its corporate political action committees and threatening pro-Trump politicians on Capitol Hill with blacklisting.

Following a week in which major social media companies cut of President Donald Trump and began excluding some of his biggest advocates in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot, some of the nation’s largest financial institutions have announced that they are halting donations to their political action committees and considering permanently cutting off politicians accused of attempting to “overturn” the 2020 election.

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"Approximately 74,000,000 voters were denied their choice this past month, by fraud, malfeasance, and treason."

 Legendary Korean “Commie Killer” passes away at 99 

Legendary Korean “Commie Killer” passes away at 99

The American Republic and the founding Constitution are based on the concept that final authority, ultimate power resides in the people.  Not Congress, not some political party, not the media, not some Hollywood dopeshit,   T H E   P E O P L E.

Government exists at the pleasure of the people, who consent.  Obviously many Americans no longer consent.

John F Kennedy said "Those who suppress peaceful revolution, ensure violent revolution."  So it is.

Lincoln stated  "When government no longer serves the people, it is the RIGHT and DUTY of the people to establish a NEW  government more in line with their needs."   (Except when he happens to be that government)

The events in Washington, another fraud, were planned and executed by Antifa, an arm of the Democratic party.  They led the charge on the building, and they were admitted by the Capitol Police. 
 Their actors are recorded on video and identified.

The courts are suborned by infiltrators, and guilty of aiding and abetting treason. 

Approximately 74,000,000 voters were denied their choice this past month, by fraud, malfeasance, and treason.

Government has lost the consent of at least those people and it is time to consider alternatives.  It is time to separate peacefully.

Or not.  The idea that they may contain and control the dissident population by force is false and hopeless.  Blood is on their hands.

 "Äny law or ruling repugnant to the Constitution is no law and null and void"  Fully half of America wnats nothing to do with the other half.  It's time to go our separate ways.  Never mind secession, it's time for unilateral declarations of independence.  

Let's convene a new Congress, and adopt anew the Constitution and organize a new Independence Day, when twenty or thirty States may declare their sovereignty and form a new government in accord with their philosophies.

California Is Worse Than You Think


Progressivism is a utopian philosophy of governance that will never find nor create its utopia. If California voters and politicians do not understand the current crisis and how it came about, they probably never will understand. Instead, we will see the continuous march to perdition as California politicians refuse to acknowledge that they are killing the geese laying the golden eggs.

My colleague from the philosophy department was becoming increasingly angry. He was trying to be polite, but it was clear that he was raging inside. After a few minutes, he smiled a very strained smile and excused himself.

Our conversation was about California, or to be more specific, California governance. As readers can imagine, he was bullish on how the Democratic Party governs the state, California being perhaps the most one-party state in the USA. Every statewide election has gone to a Democrat in the last decade, and Democrats have a supermajority in the state legislature, which means that there is no meaningful Republican opposition and whatever the Democrats want, they get.

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Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, speaking from Voice of America today

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Dems continue 'selling out America' in new impeachment push

Nancy Pelosi (in mask) after Capitol siege

Trump (at the rally): "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

Christian pundits are saying the calls for Donald Trump to be removed from office for "inciting" last week's storming of the U.S. Capitol make no sense. One of them, in fact, blames Democrats for the uprising.

Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (pictured), Democrats in the U.S. House began filing articles of impeachment today, accusing President Donald Trump of inciting a riot with his rhetoric at last Wednesday's rally in the nation's capital. The president would face a single charge – "incitement of insurrection" – over the riot at the Capitol, according to a draft of the articles obtained by The Associated Press.

Media pundits have been wondering why the news networks haven't been constantly playing the president's alleged "offending call" since he made it – but perhaps it's because they would have to play what he actually said:

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The Horror of Socialism: Daily Mass - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Indian Land SC - January 7, 2021

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Bernie, Clinton, Trump and Biden


Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 for the nomination. 

Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in November. 

Until the Left & Right unite against the corruption of our elections (no matter how much you hate the candidate in question) — our elections will continue to be a sham

~~Candace Owens

Newt on 74 Million People

Newt Gingrich
The left has to learn that they can't suppress the voices and opinions of 74 million people. And I think it is an enormous mistake to go down this road, but it seems to be the road that the left has chosen.

Ross Rant Jan 11 -21 2021.

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The events of this week were a monumental and pivotal moment in American history, and the coming week will just add fuel to the fire. Not only has control of the government changed, but it has shifted far left in ways that will affect much of how the US is governed and functions, maybe for a generation. It will also lead to serious geopolitical crises with Iran, China, N Korea, and Russia.  Those leaders are already doing things to try to box in Biden since they know he is weak and his foreign policy team is the same failed group of globalists and appeasers that worked for Obama. Iran is already ramping up enrichment, and has said the inspectors will be thrown out unless sanctions are removed by Feb 21.  It will be a key test to see what Biden does by Feb 21. If he rolls over and cancels sanctions, Kim will see that, as will Xi, and the world will become extremely dangerous very fast. It will be like Obama’s red line in Syria. When Obama did not enforce what he threatened, the whole world knew he was weak and could be rolled. When he ended sanctions on Iran and signed that terrible deal with no approval from Congress, everyone knew Obama could be pushed around. Kim, China and Iran took advantage. Kim has just announced he will be planning to increase the nukes and other weapons unless the US acts nicer to him.  That is a direct challenge to Biden. Recall how Biden said “the Chinese are nice people and China is not competition.”   Kerry will make climate more important than US national security, and it will lead to bad agreements with China, similar to the terrible kind he agreed with Iran. Reality is the US has the least carbon per capita since the nineties, and it is declining more with the pandemic. China will never carry out whatever they agree to with Kerry. It has never met its obligations under any agreement.

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