Monday, January 11, 2021

The Horror of Socialism: Daily Mass - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Indian Land SC - January 7, 2021

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  1. I'm a Southern Baptist and up until I reached my 30s this was the type of Preaching I heard. What my pastors did was as they were instructed to do, teach about the enemies and dangers of those who are against the Church.
    None of the Churches I attended filed Tax exception.
    Today it's rare to see any Church Preaching about the dangers of Government.

    As critical as I am of the Catholic Church. I found this very hopeful in that our Churches return to this type of teaching.

    Thank you. Awesome!

    1. Thanks,I was impressed and believe I have read and/or posted one of his before.

    2. I sent it to my Pastor and said this is who we should be.
      The whole tax exempt thing was nothing more than for shutting down the pulpit.
      This just blew me away.
      Thank you Brock.

      Pray y'all are safe and doing well.

    3. Thank you, Sir and hope y'all are also!

  2. I loathe sermons and speeches.
    I quickly tire of a stationary camera on a stationary speaker.
    I always comment:
    * I read a couple-three hundred times faster than human speech. Notify me after the transcript is available.

    And I watched this video the full sixteen minutes.
    Thank you!

    1. You're welcome and I will. I thought extraordinary.