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Mary Poppins

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Alexander the Great: Mallian Campaign 326 BC

Confederates Were Not Traitors


Confederate statue critics increasingly argue that the monuments should be torn down because they honor traitors. Among such advocates is Christy Coleman, CEO of the Richmond’s American Civil War Museum. While the most common response to her interpretation is to argue that secession was possibly legal, but a more compelling point is that President Andrew Johnson pardoned the soldiers no later than 1868. Moreover, four years later President Ulysses Grant signed a bill that conferred amnesty pertinent to 14th Amendment restrictions on all but about five hundred ex-Confederates thereby enabling them to be elected to Congress and other offices. Given the reconciling attitude of early post-war Northerners, the intolerance of today’s statue enemies seems deliberately invidious.


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Hong Kong: Prepare for Battle! "This place will be the burial of the Chinese regime!"

Nathan Bedford Forrest: The Hero in Fiction


A review of None Shall Look Back (J.S. Sanders, 1992) by Caroline Gordon

Thus far the War Between the States has failed to produce an epic like The Iliad, a narrative account of the four-year conflict that would include the exploits of all the heroes of both sides. In fact, few Southern novelists have written fictional accounts of Confederate warriors— possibly because not enough time has elapsed, possibly because there are many good histories and biographies that perform the chief function of the epic—to help a people remember their heroic past.

However, a few genuine literary talents have attempted to create epic portraits of Confederate heroes, and one of the best of these is Caroline Gordon, a novelist whose literary works are only now, after a half century, beginning to win the attention they’ve always deserved. Her portrayal of Nathan Bedford Forrest in None Shall Look Back, recently reissued by J.S. Sanders, Inc., should be read by every student of Confederate history, not merely because it accurately portrays the ebb and flow of battle, but also because it defines the crucial role of the military hero in a time when a nation and its people are in jeopardy.

I Want To Live To See Jane Fonda Die: Repost 2011

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 "I wouldn't walk across the street to watch her slit her wrist."
--Jim Webb
Unpublished Work © 2005 Mike Swagerty 1966-67 USMC

 There was a time I thought I’d live forever, I was too damn tough to die

But after all these years of abusing myself I’m damned if I know why

And it’s looking like my living days will soon be in my past

But there’s one thing, Lord, that I need from you, before I breathe my last.

I’ve probably asked for too much while I was taking up my space

But, I need to ask for one more thing, before I leave this place.

If you’ll grant me one last final wish, I’ll offer up my soul

Then take me any time you want, while they plant me in that hole.

Lord, please let me live , to see Jane Fonda die!

Then you can send me down to hell, and I’ll smile while I fry

I know you’ve let her live too long, but I'm damned if I know why,

So, please let me live, to see Jane Fonda die!

Some friends and I spent some time in a place called Viet Nam

Most of us left here young boys, but we all came back a man.

They didn’t let us make the rules, so we did what we were told

And almost sixty thousand men lost their chance at getting’ old.

Back home they marched against the war, and called us evil names

Like ‘baby killers’, and ‘war mongers’; and said we were insane

And, hell, we just ignored them, and let ‘em have their fun

We’ve forgotten almost all their names, but we won’t forget this ONE…..

While our friends were dying in the south, she flew up to Hanoi

And sat on anti-aircraft guns that were shooting down our boys

And the smile she wore while sitting there for all the world to see!

Is something that we won’t forgive for all eternity!

So, Lord, let me live to see Jane Fonda die!

Then you can send us both to hell, and I’ll smile while we fry!

I know you’ve let her live too long, but I'm damned if I know why.

But please, Lord, let me live to see Jane Fonda die!

Well, the traitor bitch went into hiding, for almost 40 years.

But that don’t mean a hill of beans to the mom’s who cried those tears

After losing sons who paid the price, so she could protest war

So you need to send her down to Hell; we don’t want her here no more!

OH, Please let me live to see Jane Fonda die!

I wanna piss and dance on her grave, and then I’ll gladly fry!

I know the price is condemnation, but this will be a celebration!

So, Lord! Please! Let me live, to see Jane Fonda die!