Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hong Kong: Prepare for Battle! "This place will be the burial of the Chinese regime!"


  1. I'm not getting news on what level this revolt is at. Are they making ammo? What is a good source to follow the happenings in HK? Thanks.

  2. My Vietnamese nephew posts all the videos that he can find on Facebook: Follow Lê Bá Dzũng. The one above is his.

  3. Thanks. His FB page says a lot even wo some translations. China doesn't need to use their army because their police is their army. One America News story said that the leadership of the protesters is spit so talks with HK/China are nil.

    1. I'm amazed they have persevered so long and I wish Facebook had a decent translator. There are many personal stories from the ARVN which I would like to post but the translation is horrible. Thanks.