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The GOP will become extinct: Re: My Remarks On Jerry Falwell, Jr.

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Fine, as I have said many times before, we don't care if this election dooms the Republican Party. If Trump wins, we will transform the existing one, if not, we will never vote for a Republican again and start a 3rd party. The Neocons have bought it upon themselves,  good riddance to bad rubbish.  The Neocons better hope Trump wins.

Wikileaks: New York Times Caught Providing Bill Clinton Questions Before ‘Interview’

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DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 10:  A protester wears a shirt with an image of former U.S. president Bill Clinton and the word 'rape' as democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally at Wayne State University on October 10, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan. A day after the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Michigan and Ohio.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The New York Times provided questions to former President Bill Clinton before an interview with Nicholas Kristoff, the Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta emails has revealed.

In an email sent to Podesta and several others, the Clinton Foundation’s Director of Foreign Policy Ami Desai requests feedback on answers to “questions they sent that are related to international issues”:
[A]s you may know, WJC is doing Q+A with Nick Kristof on Wednesday (at the Foursquare Conference). It’s supposed to be closed press, but. Below are the questions they sent that are related to international issues – namely Israelis/Palestinians, China (trade/Tibet/Taiwan), and Greece/Euro. Are there any WJC Admin accomplishments that we should equip him to be able to highlight? [I put some initial ideas in CAPS below; and we also have requested input from the State Department.] We’d welcome any feedback by Sunday. Thanks, Ami
A quick review of recent columns by Kristof reveals a lot of Clinton water-carrying with headlines like “Donald Trump, Groper in Chief” and “How to Cover a Charlatan Like Trump” and “When a Crackpot Run For President” where he makes the case that “journalistic efforts at fairness may risk normalizing Donald Trump.”

In the email, Desai reveals four questions on international issues that Kristof planned to ask Clinton. The first question is framed by crediting Clinton with coming within a “whisker from a Middle East peace deal.” Three of the questions are followed by proposed answers in all CAPS from the Clinton Foundation.

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"....... the Supreme Court is the No. 1 reason that they want to vote for Donald Trump."

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Hillary Clinton's promise to use Supreme Court nominations to push a left-wing agenda did more than anything Donald Trump said during the debate to win back his supporters, conservative leaders said Wednesday. (Associated Press)
 A more repulsive individual, I cannot imagine.

Hillary Clinton ended up helping Donald Trump repair some of the damage from his lewd comments about women this weekend when she ran hard left on the Supreme Court — reinforcing the one overriding reason conservative Republicans have for voting for their flawed presidential nominee.

Her promise to use Supreme Court nominations to push a left-wing agenda did more than anything Mr. Trump said during the debate to win back his supporters, conservative leaders said Wednesday.

That included evangelical voters who were repulsed by a 2005 videotape that surfaced over the weekend showing the Republican nominee using vulgar language to boast of his sexual exploits.

“I believe it justifies overriding other concerns like those generated by this tape,” said the Rev. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life.

“Virtue exercised in our own personal choices is important, but policies contain or contradict virtues as well, and there is a corruption in our public policy right now,” he said. “So it is not only that it outweighs the personal failing, of which of course he is repudiated himself and is repenting of, but corruption and immoral outrageous are also incarnated in public policies.”

Leaked Emails Show Facebook Exec Shared Research With Clinton Campaign

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Sheryl Sandberg (Photo: Kimberly White/Getty Images for Fortune)

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shared research with key members of the Clinton campaign, newly released emails show.

Sandberg has endorsed Clinton, and just last month Politico reported that Clinton may tap Sandberg for Treasury secretary if elected.

Clinton aide Cheryl Mills set up a meeting in March, 2015 for Sandberg to share research with members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, including chief campaign strategist Joel Benenson and campaign manager John Podesta.

At the meeting, which took place a month before Clinton formally announced her candidacy for president, Sandberg shared research on “gender and leadership by women.”

Big Deals At Palmetto State Armory


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"Perhaps they should be more wary of whatever drugs they're pumping into her. Who doesn't swat or even shoo a fly?"

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TRUMP BREAKS RECORD in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (Amazing)

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Trump breaks record!

Secret Service told reporters at the debate not to use flash so that it won't trigger Hillary's seizure disorder.

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TRUMP IN PENNSYLVANIA: Supporters Chant "Lock Her Up" in Pennsylvania

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Jerry Falwell Jr. Has Evidence GOP Establishment Leaked the Trump Tape

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 Jerry Falwell Jr. Thinks the GOP Establishment Leaked the Trump Tape

Fine, as I have said many times before, we don't care if this election dooms the Republican Party. If Trump wins, we will transform the existing one, if not, we will never vote for a Republican again and start a 3rd party. The Neocons have bought it upon themselves,  good riddance to bad rubbish.  The Neocons better hope Trump wins.


Jerry Falwell Jr. told WABC Radio host Rita Cosby he has evidence that GOP establishment insiders leaked the now infamous “Trump tape” in a pre-arranged move to sabotage the Republican candidate’s campaign.

The tape, which emerged two days before Sunday night’s presidential debate, featured Trump making crude comments about women and was seized upon by some establishment Republicans as a reason to withdraw their lukewarm support for the Donald.

“I think this whole tape… video tape thing was planned, I think it was timed, I think it might have even been a conspiracy among establishment Republicans who have known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage to Donald Trump, and I just… I just think it just backfired on them,” said Falwell, son of the famous evangelical pastor.

More with audio @ Info Wars

Reestablishing the Family Economy: A Biblical Imperative Part 2

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Before the rise of modern industry… virtually the whole of humankind lived in family-centered economies. The family was the locus of the most productive activity, whether it be on largely self-sufficient farms or in small family shops… Husbands and wives relied on each other, shared with each other, so their small family enterprises might succeed. They specialized in their daily tasks, according to their respective skills. Marriage was still true to its historic definition: a union of the sexual and the economic.

—Allan C. Carlson, Ph.D.
 From the book, Love is Not Enough


Reprinted from The Deliberate Agrarian.

We are not called to be slaves.

In My Previous Blog Post I wrote about the family economy and posted Returning To The Family Economy, a chapter from a book I wrote in 2005. My premise is, as the title of this essay states, that a family economy is the biblical imperative. An “imperative” is an essential or urgent thing.
I happen to think that how and where we live our lives and raise our families can make an enormous difference in how strong and vibrant our families will be. That seems like a self-evident statement. What might not be self-evident is that God’s ideal plan for families is for them to live on a section of productive land, and to establish family economies.

I’m sure that a lot of Christians will disagree with that last sentence. That’s because, for one thing, so few modern Christians live that way. Besides that, I don’t suppose anyone has ever heard a sermon preached on the biblical imperative of establishing family economies on the land. Pretty much nobody is talking about this. It’s virtually unheard of. There is a much larger focus in the modern evangelical church on “cheap grace,” not multi-generational obedience to biblical imperatives.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time in history that a biblical imperative was lost and unknown to God’s people.


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The Clinton media spin machine is in overdrive trying to create the public impression that the 2016 Presidential race is a dead heat between businessman and Republican Nominee Donald Trump and criminal career politician Hillary (Bill) Clinton. But all of the visible indicators tell a very different story.

The election is mired in scandals, some quite real, some manufactured by the pro-Clinton media spin machine… 

On Trumps side, he faces accusations of…
colorful language in private conversations concerning women
hiding his personal tax returns
being anti-immigrant
being a business bully
having no prior political experience
On Clinton’s side, she is accused of…

Confederate cannonballs surface on Folly Beach, SC after Hurricane Matthew

Civil War cannonballs surfaced on the Lowcountry coast Sunday morning after Hurricane Matthew's trek through South Carolina. 

Charleston County Sheriff's Office officials said their bomb squad and the US Air Force Explosive Team responded to Folly Beach to evaluate the discovery of what appeared to be an "old Civil War ordnance."

Authorities announced Sunday night that a number of the cannonballs were detonated by the Air Force and a small amount of them would be transported to the Naval Base.

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Prepping 101: $35 Long Distance Ham Radio Sends Morse w/Android Ap

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There is nothing worse than being cut off from your family. But as we move further and further apart from each other, and rely more and more on a single technology to even speak, the chances of being cut off have become overwhelmingly probable. That is why I have contributed several articles, and now some video, on off-grid long distance communications. This is a not a simple or terribly inexpensive topic, but it is more possible than you would think to speak to someone across the country (and sometimes across the world) using a small radio from your home.

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Is America Ready For Hillary Clinton's 'Shariah Advisor' In The White House?

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Huma Abedin, above, is a key aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. But her close ties to Islamic fundamentalists has some questioning her role as Clinton's "shadow." (AP)

Some have expressed concern that Bill Clinton might be back in the White House, this time as the first gentleman.

But as worried as they might be, at least Bill isn't a supporter of Shariah law. We wonder if we can say the same thing about the person who will be one of Hillary's chief, if not top, advisor.

Huma Abedin has been called Hillary's "shadow" by Politico. Hillary has said if she had a second daughter, it would be Abedin. She has been with the Democratic presidential candidate since 1996, when Hillary was first lady.

Abedin has followed Clinton through her years as a U.S. senator from New York and was by her side when Hillary was wrecking America's foreign relations and making a mess in the Middle East as secretary of state. While deputy chief of staff to Clinton at State, Abedin also worked for the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a consulting firm that does business with international business titans.

Giuliani: Clinton Camp Complained to Debate Commission About Bill's Accusers at Debate!

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Kathleen Willey Destroys Clintons in Media Scrum After Debate!

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Ryan Needs To Go

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Speaker Paul Ryan told House Republicans on a conference call Monday morning he is done defending Donald Trump and will focus on keeping an increasingly imperiled House majority, according to sources on the call.

Ryan added that if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, a Republican Congress is needed to be a check on her. (What a joke as they'll cave just as they have for the last 8 years.)

The speaker, however, did not formally revoke his endorsement of Trump.

Ryan told members, “You all need to do what’s best for you in your district," said a source on the call, giving his members the political cover to disavow Trump if they feel they need to do so.

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USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times "Daybreak" poll 10/10 Trump Up 3 (Was 2 yesterday)

Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting for Republican to Beat Up the Clintons for 30 Years

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Donald Trump On Appointing 'Special Prosecutor' To Look Into Hillary Clinton

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