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For every Southern boy fourteen years old, not once but whenever he wants it, there is the instant when it’s still not yet two o’clock on that afternoon in July........

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Image result for For every Southern boy fourteen years old, not once but whenever he wants it, there is the instant when it’s still not yet two o’clock on that afternoon in July,

Though referred to as a Southern defeat below, the end of the third day at Gettysburg left 3155 Northern men and 3903 Southern men dead – the latter higher due to massed assaults. On the fourth day, the Northern commander remained behind his entrenchments, made no effort to attack, and ordered only his cavalry out to ascertain his adversary’s movements.

During his foray into Pennsylvania, Lee had drawn Northern troops away from Richmond, sent fear into the North with his invasion, resupplied his troops in a fertile region, and allowed the Shenandoah a peaceful respite.   The Great American Political Divide

The Absolute Edge of No Return

“Toward the end of his long life, the Confederate General James Longstreet is supposed to have visited the town of Oxford, Mississippi, where his sister lived and where his uncle, the Judge Longstreet of the “Georgia Scenes,” had once resided. It was after Longstreet’s extended dispute with other former Confederate leaders over the responsibility for the defeat at Gettysburg, and so when a small boy came up to the old man and asked him: “General, what happened to you at Gettysburg?” Longstreet almost suffered a stroke then and there. The name of the small boy, the story goes, was William Faulkner.

The episode almost certainly never took place. Longstreet’s biographer places it in 1898, when Faulkner was one year old, and not even William Faulkner would have displayed such precocity as that. It probably happened in Chicago, not Oxford, and if anyone asked such a question of Longstreet, it was Faulkner’s longtime friend, Phil Stone. The anecdote recalls a passage from Faulkner’s “Intruder in the Dust.” Lawyer Gavin Stevens is talking to his young nephew, Chick Mallison:

“It’s all now you see. Yesterday won’t be over until tomorrow and tomorrow began ten thousand years ago. For every Southern boy fourteen years old, not once but whenever he wants it, there is the instant when it’s still not yet two o’clock on that afternoon in July, the brigades are in position behind the rail fence, the guns are laid and ready in the woods and the furled flags are already loosened to break out, and Pickett himself with his long oiled ringlets and his hat in one hand probably, and his sword in the other looking up the hill looking for Longstreet to give the word and it’s all in the balance . . . And that moment doesn’t even need a fourteen year-old boy to think — This time. Maybe this time with all this much to lose and all this much to gain: Pennsylvania, Maryland, the world, the golden dome of Washington itself to crown with desperate and unbelievable victory the desperate gamble . . . This is it: the absolute edge of no return, to turn back now and make home or sail irrevocably on and either find land or plunge over the world’s roaring rim.”

(Regionalism and the Southern Literary Renascence, Louis D. Rubin, Jr.; The South and the Sectional Image: The Sectional Theme Since Reconstruction, Dewey W. Grantham, Jr., editor, Harper & Row, 1967, excerpts pp. 146-147)

WH Chief of Staff Says Mexico Did More Than Democrats to Stop Illegal Immigration

WH Chief of Staff Says Mexico Did More Than Democrats to Stop Illegal Immigration

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney told Bill Hemmer on “Fox News Sunday” that Mexico has done more to stop illegal immigration than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the rest of the Democrats.

“In the last week, Mexico really has stepped it up for the very first time,” Mulvaney said. “They’re preventing people from coming in on their own southern border down towards Guatemala and Honduras and they’re also accepting more of the folks that cross into the United States back into Mexico. In fact — and I know it’s hard to imagine — but again, Nancy Pelosi runs the Democrats in Congress. Mexico has done more in the last week to help our illegal immigration crisis than Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the House.”

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Thoughts On Reparations

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I have some thoughts about reparations.

First…..there should be no reparations without repatriation. Reparations are a statement that we, as a society, screwed up when we brought them to be slaves, and then kept them in a land of evil white racist devils. So, a necessary precondition of reparations should be reversing that act of evil – allowing them, even paying for them, to return home to their motherland where they can live without fear of racism anymore with their African brothers and sisters.

Second….it would be cheap, regardless. The ROI on getting rid of a black parasite class would be huge – a payout within 3 to 4 years max, and that’s just the financial cost. Never mind the benefits of living in a more pleasant society.

So, here’s my plan. We promise $100,000 in reparations to every African-American citizen of the United States, under three conditions.

They must agree to emigrate to Africa, in the country of their choice.

They must renounce American citizenship and all attendant claims thereto.

They must agree to never return. Such agreement would also cover their offspring.

Here are the logistics. The $100,000 would be paid in cash, in two installments. The first installment of $25,000 would be paid upon signing the papers agreeing to the above three conditions. They would have a maximum of two weeks to get their affairs in order, sell any property, etc., and prepare to move. The $25K would assist with this. The remaining $75,000 would be paid upon their arrival in Africa, again in American dollars. This amount of money would make them fabulously wealthy in African terms, and in fact would be nearly six times the average wealth of black families in the USA. There would be no inheritability on the $75K balance payment.

I should also point out that this would be a one-time offer. If they don’t take it, fine, but welfare is over, the NAACP and other civil rights organizations are disbanded, and Jim Crow laws are once again imposed throughout the land. No more racial preferences or pandering. We would literally be buying our way out.

We would send them over, not on military transports with cells, but on fine cruise ships with lots of Cristal. And, we would let them know that, upon embarkation, they would no longer be subject to the white man’s law and oppression. In fact, the only armed personnel would be there to protect (with extreme force if necessary) the ship’s crew and personnel. Free from the white man’s rule, they could live and enjoy the trip in the peace and harmony that unsupervised blacks are known for around the world.

Now, here’s the reality of the situation. First, much of the initial $25,000 would never leave the USA – it would be spent on foolishness here. Drugs, gambling, hookers, tasteless clothes, etc. So it would be an economic stimulus here. Then, once on board the ship, you could expect orgies of rape, robbery, murder, etc. unseen in the history of humanity, as they fought each other over the cash that was left over from the $25,000 per person stipend. Again, we’re only protecting the ship and its crew. I’d estimate the cross-Atlantic survival rate at no more than 25 to 50%, as the stronger killed the weaker. And remember, every dead Negro on the trip is one that we don’t have to pay the $75,000 to, so this would be a big money savings.

There would, of course, be costs associated with cleaning the ships and preparing them for enough journeys to get millions of Africans over, but again – worth it. We could also use the return trips to transport white South Africans over here, where they would be an asset to our society.

Excellent. Damn excellent.

Tacos Árabes Are the Answer to All Your Bad-Tortilla Woes

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Kamellos - Tacos Arabes

Two blocks away.


‘People go to Ajijic to retire and die, then they forget to die’ :)

Nothing is created in a vacuum...unless, of course, you consider that everything in the universe exists in the near-vacuum of space. So, maybe I should rephrase that: All things are created in a vacuum. But that's not really the point I'm trying to make today. Today, it's all about how one creation can inspire another. Let's start with tacos árabes.

Tacos árabes are, as the name suggests, "Arab" tacos, and they come from the city of Puebla in Mexico. It's hard to get a crystal-clear explanation of their origins, but the basic story is that Middle Eastern immigrants* arrived in Puebla sometime around or shortly after the First World War and brought with them the shawarma-making tradition of serving thinly sliced, spit-roasted marinated lamb in pita bread.

* Many sources say these were Lebanese immigrants, while others claim they were Iraqi.

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Donald Trump Designates Iranian Revolutionary Guard as Foreign Terror Organization

The Associated Press

President Donald Trump announced Monday his administration is designating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a foreign terrorist organization.
President Trump said in a statement issued Monday morning:

Today, I am formally announcing my Administration’s plan to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including its Qods Force, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  This unprecedented step, led by the Department of State, recognizes the reality that Iran is not only a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft.  The IRGC is the Iranian government’s primary means of directing and implementing its global terrorist campaign.

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Reparations For Slavery: Be Careful What You Wish For

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Last weekend, a large number of Democratic Party Presidential candidates attended the National Action Network convocation, hosted by the "Reverend" Al Sharpton. The major topic of discussion? Reparations for slavery. Specifically, the audience and leadership pressed the candidates on whether they would sign off on legislation to convene a separate commission to looking into reparations for those adversely impacted by the “peculiar institution." They all agreed to do so, even the more-hesitant (and formerly moderate) presidential candidate John Hickenlooper, the former Governor of Colorado.

Perhaps all this political pandering isn’t worthy of our attention. After all, these presidential candidates promised to sign a bill to convene a commission—nothing more, right? It’s not as though the bill will end up on their desk as long as divided government remains the norm in D.C. But still, the fact that this issue has come up for discussion in a major political party...Seriously?

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Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats?

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Ukrainian law enforcement officials believe they have evidence of wrongdoing by American Democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from 2016 election interference to obstructing criminal probes. But, they say, they’ve been thwarted in trying to get the Trump Justice Department to act.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department, told me he and other senior law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully since last year to get visas from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington.

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Brave vs. Chrome: Which Browser is Better? Brave supports Tor browsing, making it the first all-purpose browser to do so.

I've used Brave for 6 months so far. Below is a comparison between Brave and Google Chrome in terms of speed, privacy, and security.


Unlike Chrome, Brave blocks ads and trackers by default.

Tom Fitton: Our Republic on the Brink with the Border Crisis and the Effort to Overthrow Trump

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Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen To Step Down Amid 'Massive DHS Overhaul'

CBS News reports that Nielsen's possible resignation is just one of several expected in a "a massive DHS overhaul" designed to take the Department of Homeland Security in a "tougher direction," more in line with Trump's campaign rhetoric.

President Donald Trump confirmed Nielsen's departure —and Kevin McAleenan's appointment — on Twitter late Sunday.

"Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen will be leaving her position, and I would like to thank her for her service," Trump tweeted. "am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, will become Acting Secretary for @DHSgov. I have confidence that Kevin will do a great job!"

Is Mass Immigration More Destructive than World War II?

Cultural Marxism is contemporary globalism’s ideological foundation.

I: Western Europe’s Post-WWII Recovery

World War II is considered the most destructive conflict in history. No other conflict, not even the 13th century Mongol invasions, comes even close. An estimated 60 million to 80 million are believed to have been killed during WWII; in contrast, the Mongols only killed an estimated 30 million to 40 million. Huge swaths of territory in Europe were reduced to ruin by Allied bombing. Germany, Poland and Russia suffered the most devastation.

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Border Policies & Spying

President Donald Trump visits a new section of the border wall with Mexico in Calexico, Calif.

“The left won’t admit it, but Friday’s employment report is yet more proof that President Trump’s policies have achieved in a little more than one year something progressive politicians have been championing for nearly forever: a fairly significant increase in the federal minimum wage,” Charles Gasparino writes in the New York Post. “Trump hasn’t officially agreed to raise the federal minimum wage above its current level of $7.25 an hour, but then again, he doesn’t have to. His policies are doing it all for him — including restricting illegal immigration.



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Kris Kobach to Trump: End Remittances to Mexico to Stop Illegal Immigration, Boost U.S. Economy

Alfonsa Morales, left, counts money she and her son Hector Gonzalez are handing to Eteldina Romero to be sent to Mexico, at Popular Cash Express #2 in Los Angeles, Monday, Dec. 30, 2002. Morales and Gonzalez sent $650 to a friend in a small village in Oaxaca as a New …

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says President Trump can stop mass illegal immigration and asylum fraud, as well as boost the American economy, by unilaterally ending all remittances to Mexico.

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Kobach said Trump should replace his prolonged threat to Mexico — where he said he will wait a year before he puts pressure on the country — with an executive regulation that threatens to end all remittances by illegal aliens in the U.S. back to Mexico.

The threat to end remittances, Kobach detailed, can be used to force Mexico into an agreement with the U.S. that bans Central American nationals from passing through Mexico to get to the U.S. to claim asylum despite Mexico having a robust asylum system. The policy, Kobach said, would ensure that Central Americans claim asylum in the first eligible country they travel to.

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