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CBM: Alabama - Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard

"Not White, Not Black, Both Colored"

Re-post NamSouth 2007

I remember in my mother's latter years, she was helped by a lovely lady that may have reminded her of her own mammy, Aunt Emily Johnson, who was her wet nurse beginning in 1907.

Once my mother and this sweet lady were discussing the rampant debates concerning race terminology such as African-American, black, Caucasian, colored, white ad infinitum.

My mother stated she thought this was all just silliness when her friend and companion held her arm next to my mothers and stated: "Miss Ellen D, you're not white and I'm not black, we're both colored."


My sister Anne to the rescue.

"Are you speaking of Annie Mae Johnson ? She always called mother, Miss Ellen D. Annie Mae died last year. She was truly a lady."


1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe 427/430 HP, Tank Sticker

 S120 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe 427/430 HP, Tank Sticker Photo 1

- Numbers matching 1969 L88
- Believed to be 15,480 original miles
- Documented with the tank sticker
- In show condition after the rotisserie restoration in 2004-2005
- Appraisal letter from Roy Sinor, NCRS Judging Chairman from October of 2005
- The letter states "Original Documented L88 that has the numbers matching correct engine, with an exceptional repaint, new interior and the original tank sheet, Corvette order copy, this vehicle has just completed a total restoration
- Rated in the following categories on a scale of 1-10
- Paint 9, chrome 9, paint type 9, chassis 9 and engine compartment 9
- Interior 9, interior type 9, brakes 9, original engine 7 and body panels 9
- This vehicle is exceptional in all areas
- 1 of 116 L88 Corvettes produced in 1969

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The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes

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1968 Shelby GT500KR Fastback 428 CI, 4-Speed

 S125 1968 Shelby GT500KR Fastback 428 CI, 4-Speed Photo 1

About two thirds of the way through the 1968 model year, Shelby introduced the GT500KR, which of course stood for King of the Road. The cars were equipped with the new 428 Cobra Jet, which utilized the 428 Police Interceptor block from the GT500, but with new Cobra Jet heads featuring larger valves and combustion chambers, plus a nodular crank, stronger connecting rods, dished pistons, high rise aluminum intake manifold, Holley 735cfm double pump carburetor, larger diameter high-flow exhaust system, and functional Ram Air induction routed directly from unique dual functional scoops on a revised fiberglass hood and front fascia.

The KR also received special engine compartment chassis bracing, uprated rear brakes and heavy duty wheel cylinders in addition to adjustable Koni shocks (with staggered rear layout arrangement on 4-speed equipped cars) for the suspension, which was already upgraded for 1968 with variable rate springs, and larger front sway bar.

And the KR was, indeed, an extremely competent package, out-handling all but purest sports cars, delivering want everyone knew to be well in excess of 400hp (even though it was comically rated at 335hp/440lb-ft for insurance purposes), and with an aggressive presence and brash red Cobra Jet badges that led the road test editors at Car Life magazine to observe, "The car is so impressive, so intimidating to challengers, that there are no challengers. The KR breeds confidence bordering on arrogance."

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MSNBC: All Apologies, All The Time

“Barack Obama is a clown” and the “biggest liar I know”


“We have a man in the White House who doesn’t have a clue,” said the billionaire real estate developer, who toyed with vying for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination.

Trump also noted it appears that Obama does not enjoy being president.

“It seems to me that Obama can’t wait to get out of the White House so he can go play golf. He doesn’t have the right instincts to be president. He isn’t tenacious and he isn’t tough,” he said.

Is Trump, then, the man with the instincts and tenacity needed to succeed in the Oval Office?

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U. S. Marine Veteran With Carry Permit Drops Armed Robber

Two armed robbers in attempted to hold up the wrong Gamestop video game store in Harris County, Texas:
It all happened shortly after noon on Wallisville Road near Beltway 8. According to investigators, the two men attempted to rob a Game Stop store when they were stopped by the 28-year-old U.S. Marine
The Marine was eating at a restaurant next door when he saw two men pull up to the Game Stop wearing hoodies and bandanas. He yelled for someone to dial 911, and then he grabbed his concealed weapon out of his truck.
According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, that’s when one of the suspects pointed a gun at him.
One of the suspects was fatally shot. The second suspect got away but was found later and taken into custody.
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Tarboro's The Daily Southerner Closes After 188 Years

Pippen/Pippin Family Reunion "Dixieland" 06/ 10/07 

 The Daily Southerner of Tarboro will publish its final edition on Friday,  May 30. The closing includes the Edgecombe Review and the paper’s website,

Nine employees are affected by the closing of the four-day publication. Subscribers to the paper who pre-paid beyond the final edition will be issued refunds.

Eleven Skills Your Great-Grandparents Had That You Don’t

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Speak for yourself.  I've sure got #1 down pat. :)

Reader Charlie sent me the latest blog post from entitled 11 Skills Your Great-Grandparents Had That You Don’t.

It starts by saying, "Our parents and grandparents may shake their heads every time we grab our smart phones to get turn-by-turn directions or calculate the tip. But when it comes to life skills, our great-grandparents have us all beat. Here are some skills our great-grandparents had 90 years ago that most of us don’t."

These skills were:

White Police Lieutenant Awarded $1.35 Million In Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

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(credit: CBS 2)

A Long Island police lieutenant has been awarded $1.35 million in his racial discrimination lawsuit against the village of Freeport.

Lt. Christopher Barrella, who is white, had accused the village of awarding the police chief’s job to a Hispanic officer with few qualifications and a lower test score.

Following the federal jury’s decision Wednesday, Barrella described the process as trying but said he always had faith in the jury system.

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Virginia lawmaker backs embattled Assad. Expresses thanks to Syrian leader for protecting Christians

As Syrians line up here at their embassy on a second day to vote for the next Syrian president, a Virginia state lawmaker is praising Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for “rescuing” Christians in his country and fighting jihadists affiliated with al-Qaida.

“I write to thank the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range,” Virginia state Sen. Richard Black, R-Loudon, wrote in a letter to Assad. “I am especially grateful for the spectacular victory in Yabroud.”

Black’s two-page letter was posted on Assad’s official Facebook page.

Black is a former military lawyer with a background in Middle East matter.

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Toddler Critically Injured By Flash Bang Grenade During Police Raid

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 File photo of a police officer's belt. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
 "The child’s parents have contacted the GBI but were told no further investigation was needed."
 A 19-month-old toddler was critically injured after a police flash bang was tossed into his bed during a police raid at a Habersham County home on Wednesday.

“It’s my baby. He’s my only baby. He didn’t deserve any of this,” said Alecia Phonesavanh, the mother of the child.

“It landed in his playpen and exploded right in his face,” said Phonesavanh.

The child is now being treated at Grady hospital and has a 50 percent chance of survival.

“He’s in the burn unit. We got to see him and his whole face is ripped open. He has a big cut on his chest,” said Phonesavanh. “He’s only 19 months old, he didn’t do anything.”

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Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'

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73 confirmed and highly probable illegal aliens representing 299 charges of rape against NC children in May 2014

We have posted the latest monthly issue of North Carolina Child Rapes on our website:
This report covers the month of May.  73 confirmed and highly probable illegal aliens representing 299 charges of rape against NC children!

All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child rape in May. Many of them with multiple charges, meaning, they raped more than one child or raped one child multiple times.

See the report here!
This is the 7th month in a row NCFIRE has compiled the monthly child rape cases.

Nov. 2013- 87 individuals, 350+ charges

Dec. 2013- 89 individuals, 350+ charges

Jan. 2014- 52 individuals, 250+ charges

Feb.2014- 34 individuals, 150+ charges

Mar. 2014- 82 individuals, 250+ charges

Apr. 2014- 93 individuals, 350+ charges

May 2014- 73 individuals, 299 charges

(They all can be found on our website under "Current NCFIRE Projects")
This ongoing illegal alien crime wave against our NC children has got to stop. Contact your NC House Representative and demand illegal immigration enforcement!  You can find yours here:

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter- @NCFIREJames

Although NCFIRE is active, informed and involved; achieving our mission of enacting and enforcing illegal immigration laws in North Carolina costs money. Currently, we are absorbing all the costs associated with this effort. (web servers, domain names, email accounts, travel expenses, participation in events, business cards, brochures, paper and ink). Your donation, however small, would greatly help us fight to protect you from the onslaught of criminal activity by illegal aliens in North Carolina. Please visit our website for ways to make a donation.

Thank you for your support!

Claymore Wall Plaque: Suggestions Requested

Ok here is the prototype. Inlays not cut in yet and no engraving which means a blank piece of paper.

I thought "point towards tyranny" with the I I I inlaid flush with curved surface.

If this interests You or have ideas  of what to engrave please email to or comment.